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  • * State then counties in drop down
  • * Search for assistance programs Search “small business” note code appears at left
  • * Search “otc” in search box A security traded in some context other than on a formal exchange such as the NYSE, TSX, AMEX, etc. The phrase "over-the-counter" can be used to refer to stocks that trade via a dealer network as opposed to on a centralized exchange. It also refers to debt securities and other financial instruments such as derivatives, which are traded through a dealer networ
  • * Search LNCGY by symbol Overview and History of the OTCBB The OTC Bulletin Board® (OTCBB) is a regulated quotation service that displays real-time quotes, last-sale prices, and volume information in over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities. An OTC equity security generally is any equity that is not listed or traded on NASDAQ or a national securities exchange. OTCBB securities include national, regional, and foreign equity issues, warrants, units, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), and Direct Participation Programs (DPPs). History In June 1990, the OTCBB began operation, on a pilot basis, as part of important market structure reforms to provide transparency in the OTC equities market. The Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990 mandated the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to establish an electronic system that met the requirements of Section 17B of the Exchange Act. The system was designed to facilitate the widespread publication of quotation and last-sale information. Since December 1993, firms have been required to report trades in all domestic OTC equity securities through the Automated Confirmation Transaction ServiceSM(ACTSM) within 90 seconds of the transaction.
  • * Search “delta”
  • * Search counter mortar radar
  • * this monthly compilation is prepared for the Joint Economic Committee by the Council of Economic Advisors and provides economic information on prices, wages, production, business activity, purchasing power, credit, money and Federal finance.
  • * Data and research>data>international comparison program generate pdf report
  • * Click on stats on left sidebar Choose broadband Show report “ socioeconomic barriers to web access narrows”
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  • 20 questions business resources2012)

    1. 1. Twenty Questions Business Resources
    2. 2. Using this Software•Microphone •Text chat•Raising your •Audiohand •Full Screen•Green ✓ / Red X •Exiting•Laughing /Clapping•Stepping out
    3. 3. QUESTION ONE•Question:• “Are these stock certificates from 1930 I found inmy attic worth anything?”•Resource: Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore),“What to do With an Old Stock Certificate”•http://www.prattlibrary.org/locations/bst/index.aspx?id=3030
    4. 4. QUESTION TWO•Question:• “What companies in Californiamanufacture computer chips?”• Resource: ThomasNet• http://www.thomasnet.com/
    5. 5. QUESTION THREE•Question:• “I’m considering starting a heavy equipment business inmy area. I’ve found great demographic data for my zipcode area, but now I wonder if you can help me find outwhat industries are here that I might be able to work with?”•Resource: U.S. Census Bureau, County Business Patterns• http://www.census.gov/econ/cbp/index.html
    6. 6. QUESTION FOUR•Question:• “I’m struggling to start a small business in tougheconomic times. I wonder--what types ofassistance might be out there?”•Resource: Catalog of Federal DomesticAssistance• https://www.cfda.gov/
    7. 7. QUESTION FIVE•Question:• “Can you help me find a one stop shop where Ican keep up with my stock portfolio, business andindustry news, and a running summary of dailyindustry sector summaries, currency info andmore?”•Resource:•Google Finance•http://finance.google.com
    8. 8. QUESTION SIX•Question:• “I’m trying to understand more about the investmentworld, but there’s so much alphabet soup! I want to knowmore about ‘OTC Stocks…’ whatever that means.”•Washington Post Business Glossary•http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/business/longterm/glossary/glossary.htm•Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictonary•http://www.theofficelife.com/business-jargon-dictionary-A.html
    9. 9. QUESTION SEVEN•Question:• “Now that I know what more about over the counter stocks, where canI find more information about securities like LINC Energy (LNCGY)--that are not traded on a more formal exchange?”•Resources:• Over the Counter Bulletin Board• http://www.otcbb.com/•Pink Sheets•http://www.otcmarkets.com/•Big Charts•http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/
    10. 10. QUESTION EIGHT•Question:• “I know that several airlines, including Delta, aremergering. Where would I find the most recentSEC filings for a company to see what might begoing on?”•Resource: U.S. Securities and ExchangeCommission, EDGAR database•http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html
    11. 11. QUESTION NINE•Question:• “I came up with this great idea working in myback yard-a counter mortar radar system--I wonderif the U.S. military might be interested in buying itfrom me?”•Resource: FedBizOpps (replaced “CommerceBusiness Daily”)•http://www.fbo.gov•States: http://www.naspo.org/
    12. 12. QUESTION 10•Question:• “Often, on the radio, I hear a report about thefederal report on economic indicators. Where can Ifind this?”•Resource: FRASER, St Louis Federal ReserveCommittee, Economic Indicators•http://fraser.stlouisfed.orgIncludes historical data!
    13. 13. QUESTION 11•Question:• “I would like to compare the different regions ofthe world economically--where is a good place tofind international economics information?”•Resource: The World Bank, InternationalComparison Program• http://www.worldbank.org
    14. 14. QUESTION 12•Question:• “Can you help me find annual reports forthe retail giant Home Depot? I need data fora couple of years”•Resource:• http://www.annualreports.com•Google Advanced Search (.pdf)
    15. 15. QUESTION 13•Question:• “I’m thinking of opening a barber shop in my home town.Can you help me find a resource that will help me getstarted-- all the legal and licensing requirements, barberlicenses, etc.?”•Resource:•The Small Business Adminstration (SBA)•Search for Permits, Licenses & Registrations• http://www.sba.gov/content/business-licenses-and-permits
    16. 16. QUESTION 14•Question:• “I’d like to find general information on howAmericans spend their money. Any ideas?”•Resource: Bureau of Labor Statistics,Consumer Expenditure Survey•http://www.bls.gov/cex/
    17. 17. QUESTION 15•Question:•“I’m researching trends in howmarketing/advertising reaches consumers via theinternet--is there a source where I can find somegeneral statistics and information?”•Resource:• http://www.clickz.com/•http://www.marcommwise.com/
    18. 18. QUESTION 16•Question:• “I’m interested in knowing more about thewalgreens company; I’m especiallyinterested in knowing their majorcompetitors—can you help?!”•Resource: Hoover’s•http://www.hoovers.com
    19. 19. QUESTION 17•Question:• “I’m a new librarian, and I’ve never had any training inbusiness reference. Can you suggest a source to help meget up to speed quickly with business sources?”•Resource:• ALA Reference and User Services Association, CoreCompetencies for Business Reference•http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/rusa/sections/brass/brassprotools/corecompetencies/corecompetenciesbusiness.cfm
    20. 20. QUESTION 18•Question:• “I’m looking for a profile of Jeff Bezos,head of amazon.com. Are there any sourcesout there where I can find this quicklyonline? I’d rather not have a Wikipediaarticle.”•Resource: Reference for Business• http://www.referenceforbusiness.com
    21. 21. QUESTION 19•Question:• “I’m always hearing about the “Fed” andinterest rates. Where can I learn more?”•Resource:• Board of Governors, Federal ReserveSystem Statistical Releases•http://www.federalreserve.gov/
    22. 22. QUESTION 20•Question:•“I want to better understand SIC and NAICS codes. Wherecan I find an overview?•Resource:•http://www.osha.gov/pls/imis/sicsearch.html• http://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/
    23. 23. POST-CLASS ASSIGNMENT•Using the IPL Reference Pages (or feel free to share asource you have in mind already)--•http://www.ipl.org/IPLBrowse/GetSubject?vid=13&tid=6607&parent=0•Locate a Business Web Resource you would like to sharewith the class•Send an e-mail to me, including the web address for yourresource, and a short description, and I will organize theresponses and post them to the delicious page!
    24. 24. Thank You for Attending! Questions? •Professional Development •1.800.999.8558 •Web: lyrasis.org•Email: russell.palmer@lyrasis.org