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2018 Social/Digital Media Workshop


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Chamber/CVB CEO Leah Poole led a community workshop on digital, content strategies, and more!

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2018 Social/Digital Media Workshop

  1. 1. Social/Digital Media Digital, Content Strategies and more! Liberty County Chamber/CVB
  2. 2. Today O Facebook/Live O Instagram/Stories O Twitter/Periscope O If you’re easily offended this might not be the class for you….
  3. 3. Are we perfect?? O HECK NO. Have we done the following: O Increased Chamber FB fan base by 1,500 in less than a year; working on the next 1000 by Feb 28! O Increased CVB FB fan base by 582 from Jan 17-July 17 O Increased Twitter following by 126 O Increased Instagram following by 528 since January O What is our strategy in using social media and why do we have one? And what should yours be? O We want to create a relationship with people that will allow them to see us as the resource for accurate and timely information about our community. O We want to push as many people as possible to our website because then we can begin converting them into paying customers (i.e. Chamber members or visitors).
  4. 4. What else do you need to know? O Facebook (and now Instagram) is ALWAYS changing! O It’s ok to be frustrated O It’s ok to have bad posts O It’s impossible to keep up with….that’s why you have us! And we struggle too! O And consequently Twitter and other platforms are changing regularly as well just to try and keep up!
  5. 5. Marketing vs Advertising O What is the difference between the two? O Current statistics suggest that a majority of the people searching the web on their phones are looking for something local. According to a study 50% of people go to the store or business they searched for within a day of that search. Additionally, 60% of people have made use of the information they found on local online ads and on a business's website. O Realize that social media is about conversions & conversations. You’re working to build a relationship.
  6. 6. Content Marketing O REMEMBER the 80/20 content rule! O Tell me a story, don’t sell me a product. What is that doomaflatchy and how do you use it? SHOW ME O This strategy revolves around giving a prospective customer information about your product or service, as well as information in general. Everyone is trying to sell, but those that can inform are more likely to get sales. People will attribute a certain level of expertise to a company, and this instills confidence in the consumer. O What pages do you like? Adopt that strategy.
  7. 7. Instagram O Don’t O Post pics of yourself every day O Post pics of you working every day O Show us everything on your story O Take and post crappy pictures O Not have a “look” on IG, everything should have the same feel O Forget you can pay to boost O Not be consistent O Not tell people who is currently “curating” the page
  8. 8. Instagram O Do O Post consistently, that doesn’t mean several times a day O Include a link in your bio to your website (trackable link- Google URL Shortener) O Tag the location of your photo O Realize IG is a platform that wants artistic shots O They prefer no filters O The most popular filter if you use one is Mayfair O Learn how to tag O Learn how to do your “story” & Live O Realize people like motivational quotes O People like: animals, flowers, nature, sun, water, sky, children O Use # (that’s not the pound sign!) O Follow users in your niche & comment on their posts
  9. 9. Twitter O Don’t O Keep your account if you don’t tweet O Keep your account if you don’t like & share O Not switch out your cover photo
  10. 10. Twitter O Do: O Schedule tweets (ain’t nobody got time for that) O Look a relevant & trending # O Use # O Use trackable links back to your website O Make sure your profile is complete O Realize you can do up to 4 pics now, do them! O Realize the life a tweet is insanely short, tweet that info often O Tweet video!
  11. 11. Tips/Tricks O Stop sharing EVERYTHING, make posts your own O In doing this use original links and/or trackable links, don’t give your traffic away! O Use an editorial calendar O Don’t have platforms that you don’t use/post on. Just get rid of them O Don’t think you can ever take one class and be done learning about social media. It changes all the time!
  12. 12. Facebook’s New Algorithm O Facebook is prioritizing posts from friends and family and deprioritizing posts from brands/pages. Stay tuned for more info on what this will mean, but suffice it to say your reach and engagement on Facebook will likely take a hit in 2018. O Page posts that generate conversations will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook. Using “engagement-bait” to goad people into commenting on posts is not a meaningful interaction and will be demoted in the News Feed. O Events will play a key role in increasing engagement and reach because they will show in the newsfeed when a friend shows interest or attendance. Prioritize creating and optimizing your events, if you don't already.
  13. 13. Facebook’s New Algorithm O Encourage users to opt into seeing posts at the top of their feed. On any post a follower can click the “See First” option to ensure they see posts from your page in their feed. Make sure you're not spamming followers and that you're providing high quality content, otherwise you risk receiving negative feedback that can hurt you long-term.
  14. 14. Facebook’s New Algorithm O Use your audience and post insights to optimize your content and posting schedule O Use rich, high resolution images and video O Respond to commenters O Tag other Pages when relevant
  15. 15. Facebook’s New Algorithm O Facebook says users will see more content from friends and family, and less from brands and publishers. The new algorithm also will favor content that draws a lot of comments over posts that are popular, but don’t elicit comments. O From Facebook programmer: “Value meaningful social interactions between people. We want newsfeed to be a place where people have conversations, where they connect with people. So we're going to focus more on that, and less on how much time people spend on Facebook and on newsfeed, and less on even how much they share directly.” O why-youll-see-less-video-more-from- friends/?utm_content=buffer324cd&utm_medium=social&
  16. 16. Facebook O Don’t O Post too frequently (but what does that mean?) O Ignore comments & questions O Write a novel as your post. That’s boring, this isn’t the newspaper or a magazine. Be brief, have picture(s). And size things correctly. O Continue to share every event you run across on Facebook on your page. O Have an About section that is not filled out correctly & accurately O Like your own posts as yourself O Not create albums & just post a zillion pics in your feed!
  17. 17. Facebook O Do O Learn how to create an event O Promote posts (meaning spend money) O If you create an event, invite people O Change COVER photos more than once every two years. O Be visual O Be diverse O Invite people to like your page & have your co-workers/staff do the same O Learn how to “invite” those who like your posts to follow your page O Make sure you’re liking other posts as your business page O Learn how to tag a photo and a post, posts without tags are like swimmers without life vests! O Learn how to add events to your page without sharing 900 things O Verify your page
  18. 18. Hinesville Housing Authority O Verify page O Reviews O Build fan base O Tell your story O Learn to tag O Learn to add events O Look at your post times…8am and 11pm? O Learn to schedule/check your insights
  19. 19. Hinesville Downtown Development Authority O Reviews O Tell your story O Learn to schedule/check your insights O Don’t share every single post, make your own content! O Content calendar O Frequency, either very regular or very irregular
  20. 20. Rawls Realty O Don’t just post your own content O You can make other people’s content your own O Learn how to add events O Page isn’t verified O Tag people O You have no reviews O realtors-on-facebook/
  21. 21. Diversity Health Center O There are 2 pages? you need to claim the other one O Profile pic & cover photo are the same  O Your page tells me nothing about you O You have only a handful of reviews O Posts are vague and not personal-who are you? O Page isn’t verified O Need more fans O Health Center Week event says nothing O Same post two days in a row done 2 different ways?
  22. 22. All American Storage O Too long between posts O Make content your own O Use trackable links O Fans O Reviews O Too long between posts O PEOPLE!! As in you need some, those propane tank posts are killer!
  23. 23. A Plus Realty Group O Too long between posts O Make content your own O Use trackable links O Consider a change of cover photo or profile pic (one was July 2017, the other Dec 2016) O Respond to reviews (positive or negative) O Build fan base O Need more reviews O Can you really find any of these style elements in a home in Liberty County? O marketplace-lets-real-estate-agents-post-property- listings/
  24. 24. Hinesville Area Board of Realtors O Page isn’t verified O You need more reviews O Who are you? O Who is your board? O Who are your partners? O Learn how to tag O Post more frequently O Don’t forget tell Congress…tell them what, when, why and how?
  25. 25. Hinesville Police Department O Need more reviews O Learn how to share events without posting O Everything doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t just be about you O Use trackable links to gauge success O You have good likes & shares, they are all employee/affiliated O Learn how to tag O Learn how to add events O Who ARE YOU?? Community policing O Snowman post..GENIUS!
  26. 26. Molly Maxine O Verify page/fan page O Need reviews…which you have to do on a fan page O Look at which posts do best….your posts with people in them get on average 3-4x more likes O Posting frequency (consider an album instead or a LIVESTREAM! Even if you hate it)
  27. 27. Coldwell Banker O Verify page O Something you have in the settings doesn’t allow you to be tagged O Tag agents in posts (tag Fort Stewart, City of Hinesville, etc.)
  28. 28. Importance of Reviews O What is the #1 form of marketing, even in 2018 and how do reviews help you ? O How do you get reviews: O Ask for the review. Do you ask for reviews? You can ask for a review via your website, email, telephone or even use a more traditional approach by sending them a postcard or comment card asking them for a review. I'm amazed at how many companies don't even ask customers for a review or endorsement. O Educate them on how to leave a review. You'd be amazed at how many customers don't realize how important reviews are for businesses today. Create a one-sheet or how to tutorial that educates them on how to leave feedback and where it can be posted. O Personal touch. Don't automate the process if it's not necessary, why not send a personal email asking for a review. Many customers today miss that personal touch, especially when it comes to doing business online.
  29. 29. Importance of Reviews O How do you get reviews: O Create a review station. Do you have a brick and mortar location? Why not set up a review station that contains a laptop where people can submit their review when they visit? O Quick Reminder. Add a review instruction sheet in your orders. What better time to get feedback than when you have surpassed expectations by getting an order to a customer sooner than they expected? O Offer an incentive. Use this as the last resort, most customers will leave a review without an incentive, but sometimes an incentive can motivate them to act quickly and get that review posted. O Respond to reviews. When you get a negative review, respond in public, solve the problem. This shows that you are listening and engaged which will often encourage more feedback. When you get a positive review be sure to say thank you. O Email signature. How many emails do you send out a day? How many emails does your company send out a day? Include a review link in your standard email signature, you'll be surprised at how many will use it.
  30. 30. Other things to know O Google will change things this summer speed-update-page-speed-will-become- ranking-factor-mobile-search-289904 O Instagram launches scheduling /2018/01/30/instagram-graph-api- updates/?hc_location=ufi
  31. 31. Fun & Useful Apps O O Google URL shortener O Photofy O Letstag O Instafollow O Hootesuite O VSCO O Desygner
  32. 32. Social Media is never enough on its own You need a marketing plan, even if you don’t want to write it, that includes more than just social media.