French Project


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French Project

  1. 1. Fr ench Ar t ist s By: Kristofer Harris
  2. 2. Claude Monet Claude Monet was born on November 14th 1840. He is perhaps best known for his breathtaking impressionistic paintings.
  3. 3. Women in the Garden Painted in 1866 by Claude Monet (he was 26 at the time). The painting was applauded as being one of the first users of “light shadows”, which gave it more of a human feel.
  4. 4. La Grenouillère Painted in 1869 by Claude Monet Depicted a class resort, consisting of a spa, and a boating establishment. Currently hangs in the New York Metropolitan Museum.
  5. 5. Impression, soleil levant Painted in 1872 by Claude Monet. Translates to “Impression, Sunrise” The painting gave rise to the modern impressionist movement.
  6. 6. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse Born on December 31 1869 Helped develop what we consider to be “modern art”. Worked in a variety of art mediums during his long, and far- reaching career.
  7. 7. Women Reading Painted by Henri Matisse in 1849. One of his earlier works. Had a sense of realism, and focused more on the mediocre rather than the extreme.
  8. 8. Still Life with Geraniums Painted in 1910, on an oil canvas by Henri Matisse. One of the first Matisse paintings to enter a public collection.
  9. 9. The Sorrows of the King A cut out paper collage by Henri Matisse in 1952. Dont ask, because I dont get it either. One of Matisses greatest contributions to the medium of “modern art”.
  10. 10. La Bateu A cut-out by Matisse in 1953. Translate to, “the boat”. Looks nothing like a boat. One of Matisses last pieces of work before his death that same year.
  11. 11. Olivier Messiaen French composer, born on December 10th 1908. He mostly focused on organ music. Used ancient Greek, and Hindi music to blend a complex rhythm.
  12. 12. Quatuor pour la fin du temps Composed in 1941. Translates to “Quartet for the end of time”. Made liberal use of piano, and clarinet music. Often labeled in the “chamber song” genre.
  13. 13. François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire Born on November 21st 1694. Best known as a French Enlightenment writer. His writing encompassed philosophy, wit, and firm advocacy for civil libertiers
  14. 14. Candide, ou lOptimisme French satire published in 1759 by Voltaire. Translates to, “Candide, or the Optimist” Made infamous for its searing comments against the Catholic church.
  15. 15. Victor Hugo French novelist born on February 26th 1802. Known for being a human rights activist. Was a major exponent of the Romantic movement in France.
  16. 16. Les Misérables A novel penned by Victor Hugo in 1862. Translates to, “The Miserable”. Takes place between 1815 and 1832, ending with the June rebellion in France.
  17. 17. Albert Camus French author, and journalist, born in 1913. Proponent of nihilism, and personal freedom. A major player in the existentialist movement.
  18. 18. L’Étranger A novel by Albert Camus. Published in 1942. Focuses on the philosophy of nihilism. Translates to, “The Stranger”. Focuses on the main characters slaying of an Arab man.
  19. 19. Jean-Pierre Jeunet French film director born on September 1953. Famous for his depictions of characters Has gained mass foreign approval from critics and non- complaining people alike.
  20. 20. Amélie Directed by, Jean- Pierre Jeunet. Filmed in 2001, the movie tells a sort of whimsical tale about Parisian life. Labeled as a romantic comedy. Met critical acclaim upon its release.
  21. 21. So, what else is there?France is a place of beauty, both naturally and in the sense that it had produced some of the greatest minds ever to grace this Earth. All of the preceding artists, authors, musicians, and directors have had a major impact, not just on France, but on the world as a whole. So, in order to truly understand France, we need to respect those who have accomplished so much from France.Then again, they did elect a socialist, so theres that, but hey, at least they didnt elect 21 Neo- Nazis like Greece.