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6 Foodie Vacations You Should Take In 2016



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Will you fly for food? The best way to explore a new city is to eat your way through it! BayAreaEats shares the best spots to indulge in your love for food- from New York, Austin, Seattle, Chicago and more. Hotel tips and restaurant recommendations included!

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6 Foodie Vacations You Should Take In 2016

  1. 1. W I L L F L Y F O R F O O D @BayAreaEats 6 F O O D I E V A C A T I O N S Y O U S H O U L D T A K E I N 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. Eat Well, Travel Often The best way to explore a new city is through food. I'm sharing six of my favorite U.S. cities, the best places to stay, and three spots you can't miss. For more recommendations and adventures, follow along on Instagram @BayAreaEats. @BayAreaEats
  3. 3. Levain Bakery Booker and Dax Gansevoort Market 01 New York Ace Hotel
  4. 4. Au Cheval Longman and Eagle The Publican 02 Chicago Hotel Allegro
  5. 5. Casino el Camino Franklin BBQ Royal Blue Grocery 03 Austin Hotel Van Zandt
  6. 6. Needle and Thread Revel Sitka and Spruce 04 Seattle The Palladian
  7. 7. Juniper and Ivy Hodad's Ironside & Little Italy Farmers' Market 05 San Diego Hotel Solamar
  8. 8. Gjusta Bakery Egg Slut NOBU Malibu 06 Los Angeles Chateau Marmont
  9. 9. What are you waiting for? Share your travels with #lifeoncoffee Adventure is out there! @BayAreaEats