Project Moken final presentation


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Concept presentation for transmedia project from Crossover Labs OZ/EU

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Project Moken final presentation

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  2. 2. Synopsis<br />This is the story oftheMoken, an indigenouscommunityofseanomadslivingoffthecoastof Burma and Thailand. <br />They’vebeendivingoffand living in theirtraditionalboats for over 3500 years, so theirmaritime knowledgeis unique.<br />Theyactuallypredictedthe2004 tsunami. <br />If we’dknownthat, thousandsof lives could have beensaved. <br />But, thesepeoplearecitizenless and, like all indigenouspeople, they’re fighting for survival.<br />ProjectMoken has a documentary at itsheart, butalso an online campaign, a Facebookcommunity and a mobile game app.<br />Weaim to engagepeople to contribute to thesurvival and futureoftheMokens.<br />To putthethemonthemap, enablethem to create a sustainablefuture and empowerallofus to make a difference.<br />
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  6. 6. Online campaign<br />Facebookcommunity<br />TV Documentary<br />Mobile game app<br />Project webpage<br />
  7. 7. The Documentary Story<br />Hook is a youngMokenseanomadwhoseindigenousculture is under threat. <br />How canhe live in themodernworldwhileretaining his traditionalidentity?  <br /> <br />To live as a seanomad, heneeds a traditionalboat, buthedoesn’tknowhow to buildone.  In fact, there’squite a bit hedoesn’tknowabout his ownculture.  <br />ThereareotherMoken, whocling to theiroldways in thenorthoffthecoastof Burma.   Hook thinksthatifhecanget to Burma hecanseekout his cousins, learnhow to build his boat, and be at onewiththesea.<br />The journey to Burma is long and treacherous. On thewayhe must avoid arrest by Burmesemilitarywhopatroltheseas. <br /> <br />The Burmesearedirectlyresponsible for Hook’sfather’sdivingsickness  resulting from his exploitation by the blast fishingindustry.  TheyroutinelyimprisonMokenfishermen for arbitraryreasons.<br /> <br />Can Hook reach his relatives in the North and learn more about his culture?<br /> <br />Canhegetpermission to remove a tree from the Thai national park to build a traditionalboat?<br />Will his father live longenough to see his son settled and able to continue his culturallegacy, or willtheuniqueknowledgeoftheMoken be lost to usforever?<br />
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  14. 14. The online campaign<br />Starts 6-8 monthsbefore film is finished<br />To raiseawarenessabouttheproject and create support<br />for the felling of ONE tree to be used in thebuildingof a newKabangboat.<br />
  15. 15. Press kit<br />”Canonetree save a culture?<br />Go to<br />to growtheworldstallest<br />virtualtree and make a<br />difference”<br />
  16. 16. Intro text / loader<br />Join us building the world’s largest virtual tree to help the last sea nomads of Asia save their home. The ancient Kabang Boat.<br />Neither the Thai nor Burmese government will allow them access to the trees that have been at the heart of their boat building culture for 1000s of years<br />In 6 months a film crew will present this petition to UNESCO and the Thai government. We want to demonstrate the world is watching.<br />
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  19. 19. Sign up for newsletter<br />Your email adress<br />JoinourFacebookgroup<br />
  20. 20. Support the<br />statelessMoken<br />people and followthe story by becoming a<br />Virtual Citizen<br />Mobile App/fundraiser<br />
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  22. 22. Weeklytweets and Facebookupdates<br />Monthlynewsletter<br />
  23. 23. After 2 months<br />
  24. 24. Hold yourbreath and raisefunds for theMoken<br />Time yourselfwhilewatching Hook dive<br />Challenge friends<br />Link to facebook to joincommunity (ifyouare not signedin)<br />
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  26. 26. and become a citizen<br />
  27. 27. Weare setting up the Online MokenEmbassy<br />Apply for the most importantjob in theworld<br />Becometheambassador for theMokenpeople<br />and make sure theirstoriesareheard in theworld<br />Community.<br />Nextstep?<br />
  28. 28. Funding<br />
  29. 29. Budget<br />Total budget EUR 720.000<br />Documentary total EUR 550.000<br />Digital total EUR 170.000<br />Online campaign EUR 70.000<br />Project/film homepage EUR 70.000<br />Mobile App / Game EUR 30.000<br />
  30. 30. Financing plan<br />Total budget EUR 720.000<br />Norwegian Filmfund EUR 75.000<br />Producers investments EUR 30.000<br />Realisticextrafunding<br /> from Norwegian Filmfund EUR 195.000<br />Total raised EUR 300.000<br />Financingneeded EUR 420.000<br />
  31. 31. Help usfindout!<br />
  32. 32. Creative Team<br />Director Runar J. Wiik<br />An established Norwegian director /D.O.P (cinematographer). The two latest films as a cinematographeronindigenousissues have won awards. Runar has exclusiveaccess to themokencommunity and has spent the last 5 yearsdevelopingthedocumentary.<br /> <br />Co-Producer Barbara Orton<br />Is an award-winning producer from true-tv in Scotland producing for the UK and internationalmarkets. She has produced “Bruce goesdancing”, 2x60’ docs for BBC1 and recently a film as part of a co-produced series 5x45’ for ZDF/Arte “Gardens ofDelight”. <br />Co-Producer Sarah Barton<br />Has more thanfifteenyearsexperience as an awardwinningdocumentarywriter, director and producer. She has worked in remoteaboriginalcommunities in Australia, and produced more than 40 hoursoftelevisionaboutdisabilityrights.<br />Interactive Producer Kristian Bye<br />Has worked for15 years as a consultant/partner in major advertising agencies (Bates, D’Arcy, DDB) with a wide mix ofcross media. For the last twoyearshe has beenmanagingdirector in Apt, theleading digital agency in Norway withawards from Cannes Cyberlions, Eurobest, INMA New York and Gulltaggen in Norway. <br /> <br />Producer Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas<br />Works as a producer and editor onindependentdocumentary films. Mette has beendevelopingthisproject for the last 2 years. Her workincludesproducing “Kabang – Nordic Origins”, editing and co-directing “Maritime Women” and “Sailorsofwar” for NRK, and editingthetheatricaldoc “Kings of Oslo”.<br /> <br />Producer Christian Lien Jensen<br />Is a producer and founderofHallum & Jensen A/S, established to pursuestories best made as independentproductions. He has previouslyproducedseveral shorts as well as producedcommercials and corporates. His recentmockumentaryproduction has just won a best short film award in Krakow.<br />