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Virtual Reality for Non Profits With Leena Minifie


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Presentation from NetSquared Vancouver's #Tech4Good Trends event for nonprofits in 2018.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Virtual Reality for Non Profits With Leena Minifie

  1. 1. VR for Non-Profits
  2. 2. Experience the aftermath of a diesel spill near the First Nations community of Bella Bella, B.C.
  3. 3. Impossible to Contain On October 13, 2016, the tug boat Nathan E. Stewart, pushing an empty American fuel barge from Alaska to Seattle, ran aground near the First Nations community of Bella Bella. Narrator and filmmaker Zoe Hopkins brings us to Bella Bella, the site of the spill and her home community, to experience the aftermath of the spill firsthand. Published on CBC Docs
  4. 4. Feeding the fight at Standing Rock
  5. 5. Feeding the fight at Standing Rock Step into a kitchen at Oceti Sakowin camp where Winona Kasto prepares daily meals for hundreds of Native Americans and supporters who have mobilized to block the Dakota Access pipeline. by Benjamin Norman, Niko Koppel and Kaitlyn Mullin
  6. 6. Black Snake
  7. 7. Black Snake Interviews and views of Standing Rock, North Dakota By Blurred Media
  8. 8. combined media
  9. 9. combined media combined media from Dublin, Ireland, has been working with World Vision Ireland, touring VR movies to communities, allowing people to experience an African child's world. The use of Virtual Reality by non-profit organizations is one of the new frontiers of fundraising, allowing donors to experience realities that are often far away and difficult to imagine. In turn, these experiences increase awareness, evoke empathy and are likely to prompt action.
  10. 10. BY LINE Pencils of Promise
  11. 11. Pencils of Promise 250 million children worldwide lack basic reading, writing and math skills. International education nonprofit Pencils of Promise is committed to changing that. Pencils of Promise builds schools and provides educational programming in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. RYOT traveled to Toklokpo, Ghana with Pencils of Promise to step inside a classroom before and after a school is built, getting a firsthand look at how a quality education can change a child’s life.
  12. 12. The Source - Water
  13. 13. The Source - Water Charity Water worked in a small village in Ethiopia, documenting in VR, a week in the life of a 13-year-old girl, Selam, and her community as they receive clean and safe water for the first time. The amount donated after exhibiting the work greatly exceeded Charity Water’s expectations.
  14. 14. How long can we survive without a safe place to call home? Four Walls
  15. 15. Four Walls The International Rescue Committee used Virtual Reality to enable guests at their event experience the world of a refugee camp in Lebanon. The multimedia news organization NPR reported that Gordon Meyer, director of marketing for YouVisit, which created the VR experience for the IRC, said: “The goal ultimately is that when you take the headset off, you have the inspiration to act in real life”
  16. 16. Clouds Over Sidra
  17. 17. Clouds Over Sidra UN’s VR documentary Clouds over Sidra, about a 12-year-old Syrian refugee, was presented at a 2015 fundraising conference, helping raise $3.8 billion, over 70 percent more than projected. The documentary also helped UN understand how VR encourages people to take action.
  18. 18. Look Ahead SF Visualizing sea-level rise and climate solutions
  19. 19. Look Ahead SF Explore potential sea-level rise and responses, and help San Francisco meet its climate action goals. Climate Access teamed up with Owl VR to install a series of 3D location based 360 binoculars that give viewers a look at the potential impact of climate change on the location that they are in.
  20. 20. UTurn Being in Two Worlds at Once: Parallel Stories & Quad Binaural Audio Mix
  21. 21. UTurn A 360-degree video utilizing quad binaural audio that seamlessly blends together two 180-degree hemisphere worlds containing parallel storylines of two different perspectives at a tech start up.
  22. 22. You won’t solve the problem with an air freshener - Dominique Pétrin
  23. 23. LINKS Impossible to Contain Feeding the fight at Standing Rock Black Snake Pencils of Promise Charity Water Evelyn's Story Oxfam Austalia Rashida Jones - Four Walls International Rescue Committee ones-four-walls-vr-teaser Clouds Over Sidra UNVR ited-nations-vr-social-change/ Look Ahead SF