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Repositories as Code


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Packages, Repositories , Pipelines, Promotions,
Managing Repositories in a MultiClient environmment
My talk for the 2018 #centosdojo @ Cern.

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Repositories as Code

  1. 1. Packages , Repositories,Packages , Repositories, Pipelines & PromotionsPipelines & Promotions Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  2. 2. Repositories as CodeRepositories as Code Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  3. 3. KrisKris BuytaertBuytaert ● I used to be a Dev,I used to be a Dev, ● Then Became an OpThen Became an Op ● Chief Trolling Officer and Open SourceChief Trolling Officer and Open Source Consultant @inuits.euConsultant ● Everything is an effing DNS ProblemEverything is an effing DNS Problem ● Organising too many confs , #devopsdays,Organising too many confs , #devopsdays, #loadays, ...#loadays, ... ● Evangelizing devopsEvangelizing devops
  4. 4. Why talk about RepositoryWhy talk about Repository management ?management ?
  5. 5. devops =~ clamsdevops =~ clams ● CultureCulture ● (Lean)(Lean) ● Automate all the things ...Automate all the things ... – Build AutomationBuild Automation – Package all the thingsPackage all the things – Test AutomationTest Automation – IACIAC ● Monitoring , Metrics ...Monitoring , Metrics ... ● SharingSharing
  6. 6. Let's talk about PackagingLet's talk about Packaging ● Do you package ?Do you package ? – Packaging software in a distro ?Packaging software in a distro ? – Packaging languages ?Packaging languages ? – Packaging in an enterprisePackaging in an enterprise
  7. 7. Software Delivery AdoptionSoftware Delivery Adoption ● Level 0Level 0 – curlcurl| sh| sh ● Level 1Level 1 – curl -sSL | bashcurl -sSL | bash
  8. 8. Solution :Solution : Package all the thingsPackage all the things
  9. 9. Why ops like to packageWhy ops like to package ● Packages give you featuresPackages give you features •Consistency, security, dependenciesConsistency, security, dependencies ● Uniquely identify where files come fromUniquely identify where files come from •Package or cfg-mgmtPackage or cfg-mgmt ● Source repo not always availableSource repo not always available •Firewall / Cloud etc ..Firewall / Cloud etc .. ● Weird deployment locations , no easy accessWeird deployment locations , no easy access ● Little overhead when you automateLittle overhead when you automate ● CONFIG does not belong in a packageCONFIG does not belong in a package
  10. 10. In Continuous DeliveryIn Continuous Delivery ● Unmodified , Tested artifacts go trough aUnmodified , Tested artifacts go trough a pipeline.pipeline. application code,application code, Infra codeInfra code metadatametadata teststests ● We need to package these so they becomeWe need to package these so they become immutableimmutable
  11. 11. #devopsdays 2010 Open#devopsdays 2010 Open Space ConclusionsSpace Conclusions ● Always package software YOU deployAlways package software YOU deploy – Exceptions: code that changes faster thanExceptions: code that changes faster than you can package it. (Very rare)you can package it. (Very rare) ● Do NOT package Config FILES ,Do NOT package Config FILES , – Use a cfgmgmt tool for thisUse a cfgmgmt tool for this ● Languages are still reinventing the wheel :(Languages are still reinventing the wheel :(
  12. 12. NotNot allall packagespackages areare equalequal
  13. 13. From #packagingsucks To I love fpm
  14. 14. So we 'solved' packaging, now how to shipSo we 'solved' packaging, now how to ship packages ?packages ?
  15. 15. Level 2: Random yumLevel 2: Random yum repo’srepo’s ● Enable repoEnable repo ● dnf/yum install packagednf/yum install package ● 3 weeks later package has been3 weeks later package has been – RenamedRenamed – UpgradedUpgraded – MovedMoved ● Random upgrades / Differend versionsRandom upgrades / Differend versions deployeddeployed ● Conflicting Dependencies from different repos.Conflicting Dependencies from different repos.
  16. 16. Level 3: Local mirrorsLevel 3: Local mirrors ● FixesFixes – Upstream changesUpstream changes – Upstream dissapearingUpstream dissapearing ● Doesn’t fix duplicate / conflicting dependenciesDoesn’t fix duplicate / conflicting dependencies
  17. 17. The ChallengeThe Challenge ● 20 + customer platforms/stacks20 + customer platforms/stacks ● 1 distro1 distro ● 2 majrel2 majrel ● 3 fte3 fte ● 2-3 environments (dev/uat/prod/...) per2-3 environments (dev/uat/prod/...) per customer platformcustomer platform ● Evolving at different speedEvolving at different speed
  18. 18. Environment Based RepositoriesEnvironment Based Repositories ● Dedicated Set of repositories per EnvironmentDedicated Set of repositories per Environment ● {Stack/Customer} / uat /prod /dev{Stack/Customer} / uat /prod /dev – Consistent stable repositoriesConsistent stable repositories – Repoducable platformsRepoducable platforms – Different versions stacks per customerDifferent versions stacks per customer – Based on local mirrorsBased on local mirrors
  19. 19. 3 types of packages3 types of packages ● UpstreamUpstream – Standard ReposStandard Repos – Extended ReposExtended Repos – Community build reposCommunity build repos
  20. 20. 3 types of packages3 types of packages ● UpstreamUpstream ● Custom/Build SoftwareCustom/Build Software – Upstream Doesn’t packageUpstream Doesn’t package – Upstream has broken packagesUpstream has broken packages – Patched UpstreamPatched Upstream
  21. 21. 3 types of packages3 types of packages ● UpstreamUpstream ● Custom Build SoftwareCustom Build Software ● Own SoftwareOwn Software
  22. 22. Repository ManagementRepository Management
  23. 23. Early PulpEarly Pulp ● Redhat CommunityRedhat Community ● Redhat Emerging TechnologyRedhat Emerging Technology ● Part of Katello / Foreman .. EcosystemPart of Katello / Foreman .. Ecosystem
  24. 24. Pulp and puppetPulp and puppet ● Upstream katello-pulp moduleUpstream katello-pulp module ● To be pulp_apiTo be pulp_api – Includes types and providers for repositoriesIncludes types and providers for repositories ● Pulp repos now configured from hieraPulp repos now configured from hiera ●
  25. 25. Pulp hiera (mirrors)Pulp hiera (mirrors) • xx profile_pulp::purge_repos: true profile_pulp::mirrors: mirrors/centos/7/os/x86_64/: url: mirrors/centos/7/updates/x86_64/: url: mirrors/centos/7/extras/x86_64/: url: mirrors/centos/7/sclo/x86_64/rh/: url: mirrors/centos/7/sclo/x86_64/sclo/: url: mirrors/epel/7/x86_64/: url: mirrors/puppetlabs/el/7/products/x86_64/: url: mirrors/puppetlabs/el/7/dependencies/x86_64/: url: mirrors/puppetlabs/puppet/el/7/x86_64: url: mirrors/passenger/el/7/x86_64/: url: mirrors/theforeman/latest/el7/x86_64/: url: mirrors/theforeman/plugins/latest/el7/x86_64/: url: mirrors/pulp/stable/2/7/x86_64: url:
  26. 26. Pulp hiera (defaults)Pulp hiera (defaults) profile_pulp::promotion_defaults:profile_pulp::promotion_defaults: repositories:repositories: centos_base:centos_base: upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/os/x86_64/upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/os/x86_64/ centos_updates:centos_updates: upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/updates/x86_64/upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/updates/x86_64/ centos_extras:centos_extras: upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/extras/x86_64/upstream: /pub/mirrors/centos/7/extras/x86_64/ upstream:upstream: allow_upload_from: [jenkins]allow_upload_from: [jenkins] retain_old_count: 5retain_old_count: 5 internal:internal: allow_upload_from: [jenkins]allow_upload_from: [jenkins] retain_old_count: 10retain_old_count: 10 unpromotable: trueunpromotable: true custom_build:custom_build: allow_upload_from: [jenkins]allow_upload_from: [jenkins] retain_old_count: 10retain_old_count: 10
  27. 27. Pulp hiera (promotions)Pulp hiera (promotions) profile_pulp::yum_promotion_trees:profile_pulp::yum_promotion_trees: hakka:hakka: first_target:first_target: - hakkadev- hakkadev targets:targets: hakkadev:hakkadev: next_targets:next_targets: - hakkauat- hakkauat hakkauat:hakkauat: next_targets:next_targets: - hakkaprod- hakkaprod hakkaprod:hakkaprod: archive: truearchive: true Generates all repositories andGenerates all repositories and promotion scripts :promotion scripts : promote-hakka-hakkadevpromote-hakka-hakkadev promote-hakka-hakkaprodpromote-hakka-hakkaprod promote-hakka-hakkaprod-archivepromote-hakka-hakkaprod-archive promote-hakka-hakkauatpromote-hakka-hakkauat
  28. 28. Build the Upstream repoBuild the Upstream repo ● Initially :Initially : – Manually pulp-admin upload filesManually pulp-admin upload files – Pulp-admin copy files to other repoPulp-admin copy files to other repo
  29. 29. Build the Upstream repoBuild the Upstream repo ● Step 1Step 1 – Manually pulp-admin upload filesManually pulp-admin upload files – Pulp-admin copy files to other repoPulp-admin copy files to other repo
  30. 30. Build the Upstream repoBuild the Upstream repo ● Yaml file that list files (+Yaml file that list files (+ versions) from sourceversions) from source ● Jenkins builds repo onJenkins builds repo on commitcommit - desc: epel tools + certbot (Let's Encrypt)- desc: epel tools + certbot (Let's Encrypt) from: mirrors/epel/7/x86_64from: mirrors/epel/7/x86_64 pkgs:pkgs: - htop- htop - iftop- iftop - mytop- mytop - jq- jq - ncdu- ncdu - rkhunter- rkhunter - certbot- certbot - ngrep- ngrep - desc: gluster- desc: gluster from:from: - mirrors/gluster41/- mirrors/gluster41/ pkgs:pkgs: - glusterfs- glusterfs - glusterfs-api- glusterfs-api - glusterfs-cli- glusterfs-cli - glusterfs-client-xlators- glusterfs-client-xlators - glusterfs-fuse- glusterfs-fuse - glusterfs-libs- glusterfs-libs - glusterfs-server- glusterfs-server - userspace-rcu- userspace-rcu
  31. 31. Promoting your own packagesPromoting your own packages ● Application specific Jenkins Pipeline uploadsApplication specific Jenkins Pipeline uploads promoted individual package to $environmentpromoted individual package to $environment repositoryrepository ● Deploy & upload 2 repoDeploy & upload 2 repo ● (rebootstrappable but no delay in deployment)(rebootstrappable but no delay in deployment)
  32. 32. ConclusionConclusion ● Scalable approach to managing mirrorsScalable approach to managing mirrors ● Scalable approach to managing upstreamScalable approach to managing upstream packagespackages ● Reproducable repositoriesReproducable repositories ● We’re all Yaml engineers now.We’re all Yaml engineers now.
  33. 33. One more thingOne more thing Config Management Camp 2019Config Management Camp 2019 4-6 february 20194-6 february 2019 Gent , BelgiumGent , Belgium
  34. 34. ContactContact Kris Buytaert kris.buytaert@inuits.euKris Buytaert Further ReadingFurther Reading @krisbuytaert@krisbuytaert Find Inuits inFind Inuits in Antwerpen,Ghent,Antwerpen,Ghent, Rotterdam,Prague,KieRotterdam,Prague,Kie vv