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Can we fix dev-oops ?


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My #devopsdays Kiev 2019 Keynote

Published in: Technology
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Can we fix dev-oops ?

  1. 1. Can we Fix Dev-Oops ?? Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  2. 2. And Oops .. Devs ?? Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  3. 3. Kris BuytaertKris Buytaert ● I used to be a Dev,I used to be a Dev, ● Then Became an OpThen Became an Op ● CTO and Open Source Consultant @CTO and Open Source Consultant ● Everything is a freaking DNS ProblemEverything is a freaking DNS Problem ● Evangelizing devopsEvangelizing devops ● Organiser of #devopsdays, #cfgmgmtcamp,Organiser of #devopsdays, #cfgmgmtcamp, #loadays, ….#loadays, ….
  4. 4. A global movement to improve the quality ofA global movement to improve the quality of software delivery leveraging Open Sourcesoftware delivery leveraging Open Source experience, started in Gent in 2009experience, started in Gent in 2009
  5. 5. 10 years of10 years of World DominationWorld Domination ● 2009 Ghent2009 Ghent ● 2010 Sydney , MountainView, Hamburg, Sao2010 Sydney , MountainView, Hamburg, Sao PauloPaulo ● 2011 Boston, MountainView, Goteborg,2011 Boston, MountainView, Goteborg, ● 2012 Austin, Tokyo , MountainView, Rome2012 Austin, Tokyo , MountainView, Rome ● 2013 London (2x) Paris, Amsterdam2013 London (2x) Paris, Amsterdam
  6. 6. Future #devopsdaysFuture #devopsdays ● 250 events and counting250 events and counting ● 700+ organisers700+ organisers ● 40+ events in 201940+ events in 2019 ● 10th year aniversay10th year aniversay ● Other eventsOther events with #devopswith #devops tracktrack
  7. 7. Why we study history ?Why we study history ? ● BecauseBecause I`m a grumpy old frustrated developerI`m a grumpy old frustrated developer sysadminsysadmin ● Because IBecause I`m an old opiniated guy`m an old opiniated guy ● Because history repeatsBecause history repeats ● We need to learn from our mistakesWe need to learn from our mistakes
  8. 8. Topic Evolution : CultureTopic Evolution : Culture ● Agile, Kanban, LeanAgile, Kanban, Lean ● Startups as examplesStartups as examples ● Success StoriesSuccess Stories ● UnicornsUnicorns ● Poster ChildsPoster Childs ● Agile, Fake Agile, Less, Safe,Agile, Fake Agile, Less, Safe, ● Enterprises as examples =>Enterprises as examples => No examplesNo examples ● Popular AntipatternsPopular Antipatterns ● How to include managementHow to include management ● FailureFailure ● BurnoutBurnout
  9. 9. Topic Evolution : AutomationTopic Evolution : Automation ● Cfengine, Puppet, ChefCfengine, Puppet, Chef ● Mcollective, Noah, RundeckMcollective, Noah, Rundeck ● Hudson, JenkinsHudson, Jenkins ● EC2, OpenStack, Cloudstack,EC2, OpenStack, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus,OpenNebula,Eucalyptus,OpenNebula, openQRMopenQRM ● Bash in Yaml “Basic”Bash in Yaml “Basic” ● Ansible, Rundeck, Choria,BoltAnsible, Rundeck, Choria,Bolt ● Jenkins, GitlabCI, CircleCI,Jenkins, GitlabCI, CircleCI, TravisCITravisCI • Pipeline As CodePipeline As Code ● EC2, GCE, Azure, OpenStack,EC2, GCE, Azure, OpenStack,
  10. 10. Topic Evolution : AutomationTopic Evolution : Automation ● Xen, KVM, openVZ, lxcXen, KVM, openVZ, lxc ● VagrantVagrant ● Linux-HA, CoroSyncLinux-HA, CoroSync ● Ceph, Gluster, DRBD,Ceph, Gluster, DRBD, ● Docker , Docker, Docker,Docker , Docker, Docker, Moby, Rkt, lxc, cri-o,podmanMoby, Rkt, lxc, cri-o,podman ● Docker , Docker, DockerDocker , Docker, Docker ● Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes,Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes, NomadNomad ● NFSNFS
  11. 11. Topic Evolution : AutomationTopic Evolution : Automation ● Rspec, Cucumber, SeleniumRspec, Cucumber, Selenium ● TDDTDD ● cvs, svn, gitcvs, svn, git ● Using BranchesUsing Branches ● Release mgmtRelease mgmt ● Rspec, ftnesseRspec, ftnesse ● Security TestingSecurity Testing ● GitGit ● Stop BranchingStop Branching ● Trunk Based DevelopmentTrunk Based Development
  12. 12. Topic Evolution : MonitoringTopic Evolution : Monitoring ● NagiosNagios ● CactiCacti ● MuninMunin ● RRDRRD ● Zenoss, ZabbixZenoss, Zabbix ● #monitoringsucks#monitoringsucks ● IcingaIcinga ● ELKELK ● Graphite + GrafanaGraphite + Grafana ● CollectdCollectd ● PrometheusPrometheus ● #monitoringlove#monitoringlove
  13. 13. DockerDocker DockerDocker DockerDocker DockerDocker DockerDocker DockerDocker
  14. 14. Tools will not fx your broken cultureTools will not fx your broken culture Tooling hype is not helpingTooling hype is not helping
  15. 15. KubernetesKubernetes DockerDocker KubernetesKubernetes KubernetesKubernetes KubeKube KubernetesKubernetes
  16. 16. Culture vs ToolsCulture vs Tools
  17. 17. The vendors struggleThe vendors struggle Selling “devops”Selling “devops” ● Is hardIs hard ● Is selling CultureIs selling Culture ● Is selling changeIs selling change ● Doesn't scaleDoesn't scale ● Doesn't get renewalsDoesn't get renewals You can't buy DevOps,You can't buy DevOps, but you may need tobut you may need to sell it.sell it. Ken MugrageKen Mugrage
  18. 18. Why won’t we be able tofWhy won’t we be able tof fx it ?fx it ?
  19. 19. Because the IT industry isBecause the IT industry is awesome at breaking thingsawesome at breaking things
  20. 20. Is ITIL dead ?Is ITIL dead ? ● The last mileThe last mile ● The men who say noThe men who say no ● Guardians ofGuardians of ProductionProduction ● Friday at 10 amFriday at 10 am ● Reducing risk upfrontReducing risk upfront ● Machines makeMachines make decisionsdecisions ● Lower downtimeLower downtime ● ConstantlyConstantly ● Learn the LanguageLearn the Language ● Automate the stepsAutomate the steps ● Speed up 1000xSpeed up 1000x
  21. 21. Agile is dead ?Agile is dead ? ● WaterfallWaterfall ● WatermillWatermill ● Jira & StandupsJira & Standups ● SAFESAFE
  22. 22. Agile is dead ?Agile is dead ? ● People over ProcessPeople over Process ● Empowering TeamsEmpowering Teams ● LessLess ● ScrumScrum ● KanbanKanban
  23. 23. Is Open Source dead ?Is Open Source dead ? ● Open vs OpenOpen vs Open ● Open CoreOpen Core ● OpenStack (Money and Politics)OpenStack (Money and Politics) ● Marketing ScamsMarketing Scams
  24. 24. Who killed #devops ?Who killed #devops ?
  25. 25. We DidWe Did ● 7 tools for your devops stack7 tools for your devops stack ● Puppet vs Chef vs AnsiblePuppet vs Chef vs Ansible ● Docker , the Ultimate “Devops” ToolDocker , the Ultimate “Devops” Tool ● Implement all the tools ..Implement all the tools ..
  26. 26. Recruiters Killed #devopsRecruiters Killed #devops ● It's not a job title.It's not a job title. ● Is it a developer ?Is it a developer ? ● Is it an ops engineer ?Is it an ops engineer ? ● Is it a system engineer writing code ?Is it a system engineer writing code ? ● Is it a developer running operations ?Is it a developer running operations ? ● My “Pimp” tells me I`m a #devops EngineerMy “Pimp” tells me I`m a #devops Engineer
  27. 27. #devopsteam#devopsteam ● It's not the team running toolingIt's not the team running tooling ● It's not the team in charge of deliveryIt's not the team in charge of delivery ● It's not yet another silo between devs and opsIt's not yet another silo between devs and ops
  28. 28. There is no such thingThere is no such thing ● Who is certifed ?Who is certifed ? ● By who ?By who ?
  29. 29. Certifcation killed everythingCertifcation killed everything ● ITIL => misses the goalITIL => misses the goal ● Scrum => makes it a procedureScrum => makes it a procedure ● Devops => the biggest scam of them allDevops => the biggest scam of them all • For the cause of education ?For the cause of education ? • Devops “insert your tool here”Devops “insert your tool here” Certifcation ?Certifcation ? ● Certifcation = Vendors milking usersCertifcation = Vendors milking users ● You can’t standardise it either !!You can’t standardise it either !!
  30. 30. Sales/Marketing peopleSales/Marketing people broke devopsbroke devops ● Devops ToolsDevops Tools ● Devops Certifed ToolsDevops Certifed Tools ● The Ultimate Devops ToolThe Ultimate Devops Tool ● Lots of people trying to make dishonest moneyLots of people trying to make dishonest money on a grass root movementon a grass root movement
  31. 31. #enterprise devops#enterprise devops ● ““You can only change small organisations”You can only change small organisations” ● ““You can't change a large organisation”You can't change a large organisation” ● ““You need to do things diferent“You need to do things diferent“ ● There is much more to changeThere is much more to change ● It takes longerIt takes longer ● The resistance is biggerThe resistance is bigger ● ““The antibodies kick in”The antibodies kick in”
  32. 32. Most Large Enterprises are not even close toMost Large Enterprises are not even close to #devops, #agile#devops, #agile Their culture is so broken they keep lying toTheir culture is so broken they keep lying to themselves they arethemselves they are While pushing people closer to BurnOut :(While pushing people closer to BurnOut :(
  33. 33. #enterprise devops#enterprise devops ● Naming things is hardNaming things is hard • Naming things confused peopleNaming things confused people • Vendors have ruined the termVendors have ruined the term • Huge efort to explain realityHuge efort to explain reality ● Set your goals and name themSet your goals and name them • Common nameCommon name ● Don’t call it {Spotify Model/SRE} eitherDon’t call it {Spotify Model/SRE} either
  34. 34. YOLO EngineeringYOLO Engineering ● StartupStartup ● VCVC ● Exit StrategyExit Strategy ● Actual BusinessActual Business ● Real CustomersReal Customers ● SurvivalSurvival
  35. 35. 9.5 years later9.5 years later
  36. 36. Dev OoopsDev Ooops #container edition#container edition ● ““Put this Code Live, here's a DockerPut this Code Live, here's a Docker Image ”Image ” ● No machines available ?No machines available ? ● What database ? Where to store theWhat database ? Where to store the data ?data ? ● Security ? What distro is this even ?Security ? What distro is this even ? Bad Cows ?Bad Cows ? ● How do we monitor his ?How do we monitor his ? ● Backups ?Backups ? ● How did you build this ?How did you build this ?
  37. 37. Yes, we can fx it ..Yes, we can fx it ..
  38. 38. But it’s not easy ...But it’s not easy ...
  39. 39. Teaching peopleTeaching people
  40. 40. A long JourneyA long Journey ● We are nowhere close to being fnished..We are nowhere close to being fnished.. • 2-5 year journeys are not uncommon for large2-5 year journeys are not uncommon for large orgsorgs • 2-3 waves of people are not uncommon2-3 waves of people are not uncommon • Burnout & Being fred is not uncommonBurnout & Being fred is not uncommon
  41. 41. The journey continuesThe journey continues ● Young organisations become oldYoung organisations become old ● New people onboardNew people onboard ● New technologies need to be embracedNew technologies need to be embraced
  42. 42. Our roleOur role tomorrowtomorrow todaytoday ● Teacher (for both collegues and suppliers)Teacher (for both collegues and suppliers) ● StudentStudent ● Math ExpertMath Expert ● DeveloperDeveloper ● TroubleshooterTroubleshooter ● EvangelistEvangelist ● ShrinkShrink ● Bridge BuilderBridge Builder
  43. 43. Every 18 months, automate yourselve out of yourEvery 18 months, automate yourselve out of your jobjob Someone at Google, longtime agoSomeone at Google, longtime ago
  44. 44. It's not about the toolsIt's not about the tools It's about changeIt's about change It's about the peopleIt's about the people
  45. 45. Time to stand up againstTime to stand up against ● Hype Driven DevelopmentHype Driven Development ● Resume Driven DevelopmentResume Driven Development ● Awesome but not ftting toolsAwesome but not ftting tools ● People abusing #devopsPeople abusing #devops
  46. 46. Devops is here to stay,Devops is here to stay, New tools and technologies will appearNew tools and technologies will appear But collaboration will remain aBut collaboration will remain a requirementrequirement
  47. 47. We can still fx this !We can still fx this !
  48. 48. Devopsdays Gent 2019Devopsdays Gent 2019 29-30 october 201929-30 october 2019 Vooruit GhentVooruit Ghent events/2019-ghent/events/2019-ghent/ Early Bird = OPENEarly Bird = OPEN CFP = OPENCFP = OPEN
  49. 49. ContactContact Kris BuytaertKris Buytaert Further ReadingFurther Reading @krisbuytaert@krisbuytaert InuitsInuits Essensteenweg 31Essensteenweg 31 BrasschaatBrasschaat BelgiumBelgium 891.514.231891.514.231 +32 475 961221+32 475 961221