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devops is a reorg


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#devopsdays Oslo devops is a reorg

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devops is a reorg

  1. 1. devops is a reorg Kris Buytaert @krisbuytaert
  2. 2. Kris BuytaertKris Buytaert ● I used to be a Dev,I used to be a Dev, ● Then Became an OpThen Became an Op ● CTO and Open Source Consultant @CTO and Open Source Consultant ● Everything is a freaking DNS ProblemEverything is a freaking DNS Problem ● Evangelizing devopsEvangelizing devops ● Organiser of #devopsdays, #cfgmgmtcamp,Organiser of #devopsdays, #cfgmgmtcamp, #loadays, ….#loadays, ….
  3. 3. What's this devopsWhat's this devops thing anyhow ?thing anyhow ?
  4. 4. C(L)AMSC(L)AMS ● CultureCulture ● (Lean)(Lean) ● AutomationAutomation ● MeasurementMeasurement ● SharingSharing Damon Edwards and John WillisDamon Edwards and John Willis Gene KimGene Kim
  5. 5. Historical Organisations 101Historical Organisations 101
  6. 6. The walls of ConfusionThe walls of Confusion
  7. 7. Opposing GoalsOpposing Goals DevelopmentDevelopment ● New releasesNew releases ● New FeaturesNew Features ● New platformsNew platforms ● New architecturesNew architectures ● Functional ReqFunctional Req OperationsOperations ● Stable PlatformStable Platform ● No DowntimeNo Downtime ● Scalable PlatformScalable Platform ● Non Functional ReqNon Functional Req
  8. 8. Traditional OrganisationTraditional Organisation ● BureacracyBureacracy ● RulesRules ● TraditionsTraditions ● Lack of FreedomLack of Freedom ● Lots of ManagersLots of Managers ● Exodus of EngineersExodus of Engineers
  9. 9. Careers in TechCareers in Tech • People trying to make themselves relevantPeople trying to make themselves relevant • Peter principlePeter principle Promoted beyond their competencePromoted beyond their competence • Tech folks are forced into management, notTech folks are forced into management, not supported to grow technicalysupported to grow technicaly • ““Architects”Architects”
  10. 10. Adopting a Devops:Adopting a Devops: • MindsetMindset • LifestyleLifestyle • VisionVision
  11. 11. SpoilerSpoiler Your real problem is most probably not technicalYour real problem is most probably not technical
  12. 12. Change Management &Change Management & ResistanceResistance ● 20 – 60 – 2020 – 60 – 20 ● 20% Early adopters , find your peers20% Early adopters , find your peers ● 60% Will wait , but adopt slowly60% Will wait , but adopt slowly ● 20%20%
  13. 13. Wild project plans !Wild project plans ! Can you make your change journey a traditionalCan you make your change journey a traditional project with milestones andproject with milestones and • We are a new org on may 1st.We are a new org on may 1st. (2013)(2013) • Bold move, or Just luck ?Bold move, or Just luck ? • Old Management Style to install a new CultureOld Management Style to install a new Culture
  14. 14. Do not call it aDo not call it a #devopsteam#devopsteam ● It's not the team running toolingIt's not the team running tooling ● It's not the team in charge of deliveryIt's not the team in charge of delivery ● It's not yet another silo between devs and opsIt's not yet another silo between devs and ops
  15. 15. Do not call themDo not call them #devops engineers#devops engineers ● It's not a job title.It's not a job title. ● Is it a developer ?Is it a developer ? ● Is it an ops engineer ?Is it an ops engineer ? ● Is it a system engineer writing code ?Is it a system engineer writing code ? ● Is it a developer running operations ?Is it a developer running operations ?
  16. 16. Crossfunctional TeamCrossfunctional Team ● Build a project team with skills from all overBuild a project team with skills from all over • DevelopmentDevelopment • Continuous IntegrationContinuous Integration • TestingTesting • Infrastructure (HA/ Scale/ Performance)Infrastructure (HA/ Scale/ Performance) • DeploymentDeployment • MeasurementMeasurement ● Seat them together !Seat them together !
  17. 17. Agile ?Agile ? ● WaterfallWaterfall ● WatermillWatermill ● SAFESAFE ● ScrumScrum ● KanbanKanban
  18. 18. Sprint 0Sprint 0 ● Daily Ops does KanBan ● Development does Scrum ● Ops 1 is helping Team 1 ● Ops 2 is helping team 2 ● Ops 3 is helping team 3 ● Ops 4-7 are running daily operations
  19. 19. Sprint 1Sprint 1 •Ops 1 has finished working with team 1, moves to ops work •Ops 4 moves from ops work to helping out team 4
  20. 20. Sprint 2Sprint 2 ● Ops 5 swaps places with Ops 2 as Team 2 needs some other skills (e.g dba vs high availability skills)
  21. 21. Sprint 3Sprint 3 ● Ops 1 moves back to team 1 , after 2 sprints he has a backlog of improvements for that team ● Ops 4 brings newly build functionality to the ops team
  22. 22. Is your organisation agile,Is your organisation agile, or just your silo ?or just your silo ?
  23. 23. The BusinesThe Busines ● Doesn't care how weDoesn't care how we run ITrun IT ● Can't adapt theirCan't adapt their processesprocesses ● Isn't involved inIsn't involved in building softwarebuilding software ● Doesnt survive if weDoesnt survive if we don't deliverdon't deliver ● Is waiting for theirIs waiting for their featuresfeatures ● Is based on softwareIs based on software
  24. 24. Pitfalls Merging TeamsPitfalls Merging Teams ● Don't keep their managersDon't keep their managers • Failed scrumFailed scrum • 6 months later 1 less manager6 months later 1 less manager ● Management needs to go Agile tooManagement needs to go Agile too • Side Management of Senior managementSide Management of Senior management ● Don't try this on EOL teamsDon't try this on EOL teams
  25. 25. Does your Finance Department Know ?Does your Finance Department Know ?
  26. 26. The people in charge of software acquisition isThe people in charge of software acquisition is notnot your purchasing or legal team, it's youryour purchasing or legal team, it's your engineers.engineers. And they probably don't need a budget, or aAnd they probably don't need a budget, or a different onedifferent one
  27. 27. You Outsourced what ?You Outsourced what ? ● SLASLA ● How can they take responsible ?How can they take responsible ? ● Who is going to point at who ?Who is going to point at who ?
  28. 28. ““Side Projects”Side Projects” ● Such asSuch as • Datacenter Migration , Network Upgrade,Datacenter Migration , Network Upgrade, Distribution UpgradeDistribution Upgrade ● Shared BacklogShared Backlog
  29. 29. ITIL : correct ideas,ITIL : correct ideas, wrong placewrong place ● The last mileThe last mile ● The men who say noThe men who say no ● Guardians of ProductionGuardians of Production ● Friday at 10 amFriday at 10 am
  30. 30. Who has Security as partWho has Security as part of their Job ?of their Job ?
  31. 31. Earlier in the processEarlier in the process ● Start as a teamStart as a team • Security Build inSecurity Build in • No upfront architectsNo upfront architects • No change managers afterwardsNo change managers afterwards ● Get Involved people from day0Get Involved people from day0
  32. 32. Fire your ArchitectsFire your Architects ● If they haven't writtenIf they haven't written a line of code in thea line of code in the past 3 monthspast 3 months
  33. 33. Enterprise DevopsEnterprise Devops ● ““You can only change small organisations”You can only change small organisations” ● ““You can't change a large organisation”You can't change a large organisation” ● It dependsIt depends ● There is much more to changeThere is much more to change ● It takes longerIt takes longer ● Change does happen !Change does happen !
  34. 34. ContactContact Kris BuytaertKris Buytaert Further ReadingFurther Reading @krisbuytaert@krisbuytaert InuitsInuits Essensteenweg 31Essensteenweg 31 BrasschaatBrasschaat BelgiumBelgium 891.514.231891.514.231 +32 475 961221+32 475 961221