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Rhythm & linking in english group 5


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Rhythm & linking in english group 5

  1. 1. Shool of Foreign languages - TNUWelcomeGroup 05Vuong Van NgocHa Thu PhuongHoang Thi Thanh
  2. 2. ContentsRhythm :Consonant + VowelLinking : Vowel + VowelConsonant + ConsonantsStress – Time Rhythm TheoryUnit of Rhythm :‘Foot’Comparison Of Feet
  3. 3. Rhythms of English
  4. 4. …is a word that refers to thelength of time between eachmajor "beat", or accent, such asin a piece of music The firstbeat of a group of regular,evenly spaced beats feelsstronger than the othersRhythmI bought a blue car
  5. 5. English has RhythmLike the heart-beat, the flashing light or thepiece of music, English also has rhythm‘Walk ‘down the ‘path to the ‘end of the ca ‘nal
  6. 6. Stress – Time Rhythm TheoryThe Times from each stress syllable to thenext will tend to be the Same, irrespectiveof the number of intervening unstressedsyllables.‘Walk ‘down the ‘path to the ‘end of the ca ‘nal
  7. 7. Unit of Rhythm :‘Foot’A foot begins with astress syllable & includes allfollowing unstressed syllables up to( but not including ) the followingstress syllable.
  8. 8. nalWalk down the path to the end of the caF-1 F-2 F-3 F-4 F-5
  9. 9. Comparison Of FeetSome feet are stronger than others‘Twenty‘Places
  10. 10. …is the merging of multiple words togetheruntil they sound as if they are only one wordteam mate = teammateturn around = turnaroundSave it = Save It = savitLinking
  11. 11. Vowel + VowelWhen a word ends with a vowel and its following wordbegins with a vowel:add /y/ or /w/ sound between them.She is ---> She yizI’m ---> I/y/ amRule 1
  12. 12. If a word ends with the sound "hit," "heed,""hide," "hay," or "ahoy," and the next wordsbegins with any vowel sound, the wordsare linked with a "y".They areI AnswerEnjoy itThe- yarI -yansweredEnjoy-yit
  13. 13. Vowel + Vowel.Doing ---> Do wingWhen one word ending with U ,u: or O, ɔ: or aʊ andthe next word begin with other vowels , we add / W /Between two words when pronuce themRule 1To Atlanta = to watlanta
  14. 14. Go in Go-winHow old How -woddYou are You - yarHow ordinary How -wordinary
  15. 15. When the same consonant sound is found at theend of the first word and the beginning of thenext word: pronounce them as one long soundTeam m = teammateConsonants + Consonants.that time = thattimeRule 2
  16. 16. When the first word ends with a consonant andthe next word begins with a vowel, make theconsonant sound part of the second word.Look up = loo-kupRule 3Consonants + VowelTravel on = trave-lon
  17. 17. What up Wha-tupThink out Thin-koutBlock account Bloc-kaccount
  18. 18. Conclusion: 2 main partsLinkingRhythm
  19. 19. Thank you
  20. 20. Practice..
  21. 21. Ms : Thanh Mr: Ngoc Ms : Phuong