Kevin abdulrahman interview transcript


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Kevin abdulrahman interview transcript

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Kevin abdulrahman interview transcript

  1. 1. My World- Kevin Abdulrahman ‘The Man Inspiring Millions- Best MotivationalSpeaker Middle EastYour Job is to Inspire people, to get them Excited about their Passions and helpthem Unlock their Potential- but What Inspires You?I’m blessed and fortunate to rub shoulders with Successful and Amazing People frommany walks of life. Witnessing these people make the most of their life, living it fullyeveryday, all whilst wearing a smile further Inspires me to be The Best that I can be.In doing so, it helps me in my quest to Bring Out the Best in Others.What did you want to become as a child?I remember as early as four years of age, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. But Ihad other plans. I want to be a Super Hero. Not a Celebrity, but a Super Hero. Thatwas as real for me at four as it still is Today.Would you say that Facing Adversity in life, you can become a Stronger andBetter person?Absolutely! Adversities Stretch You. Adversities are great because it helps Remindyou of what you might have forgotten when things are going good. It gives you timeto Reflect, and it makes you ask the important questions you would normally fail toask yourself because you’re comfortable.I have had my fair share of adversities, as have many others. In fact everyoneexperiences adversities in different shapes and forms. No one is immune to them.What Differentiates Successful People from Everyone else is in how They Choose ToLook at the adverse events.I sincerely believe that you have been Given the Power to Deal with the adversitiesyou face in your life.Adversity in life can break you or Make you.You Hold the Choice of what the outcome will be.What was the Best Piece of Advice anyone ever gave you?Find out what you are Passionate about and are Good at (or can be good at), thenPut your Whole Heart and Soul into it. Thankfully I didn’t pick singing as a career;otherwise I would have made for good laugh stock on American idol. Today I amwho I am because of my choice to live that Timeless Winning Truth.
  2. 2. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?I have many Idols and Role Models, ranging from a two year old kid to a friend in hisnineties. However, the biggest influence in my life has been a lady. The lady of mylife, the person who Motivates the Motivator, the one who always searched to findand point out the Best in me when I couldn’t do it on my own- My Mother.If you have one motto in life, what would it be?You can laugh at your past failures, but you can’t laugh at your past regrets. This isone of my own personal quotes that came from a realisation many years ago afterspeaking with a successful friend. Living this motto has allowed me to be Fearless inwhat I have Chosen to do in Life.What Qualities are Common in Successful people and how do you go aboutCultivating these qualities in yourself and others?Well, I have written a few books on this and am regularly asked to Speak and Trainmany groups on Cultivating Winning Qualities to create Breakthrough Results.In my talks, I always say that you can spot a successful person amongst a group ofindividuals by simply hearing the Way they Speak and their Perspective on Things.You can Pick them with Absolute Ease, without them having to “Show Off” but moreso from their Way of ThinkingWhat you will find common amongst all Successful people is the Quality of theirMind.It may seem that they live in a different world. And indeed they do. They are in adifferent world Mentally. They View events differently, Ask different questions, haveWinning Beliefs, make Decisions and Dedicate themselves to their Cause, have theCourage to Take Action, and much more.However it all Starts with the Quality of their Mind.Your Mind is the gold mine, your most Valuable Asset. The Quality of your Resultsis a Reflection of the Quality of your Mind. In order to continually CreateBreakthrough Results, you need to Actively and Constantly Nourish your Mind. Indoing so, you develop the fertile soil for your plants to grow and the bear the fruit youdesire.
  3. 3. What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?Ahh, the famous quote by Robert Schuller. I love it- one of my favourite quotes that Ichallenge my audience to think about. In some of my trainings and workshops, I do afew exercises that revolve around this concept. Many come to realise the potentialthey are leaving on the table due to their Limiting Beliefs and Fear of Failure.If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would say that, “I have a Vision of helping 1 Billion peopleGet Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going”.For those that know me already, they know that this is exactly the vision I have put inplace and made public, to Reach and Inspire over 1 billion people through my Talks,Books, Training Programs, Coaching Sessions and Media Appearances.Here’s the reality- many shy away from failure, but it’s a Must. I’ve had to fail timeand time again to get to where I am today, and understand that I have many morefailures to face in order to keep growing to new heights. It’s in the failures that allwinners succeed. In the eyes of a winner, someone with a Winning Mind, failuredoesn’t constitute the meaning most people have associated with it.There are a vast amount of personalities in the ever-growing field of ‘self help’that make huge amounts of money in the name of altruism, they claim personalfulfilment for helping improve the lives of others. But do you think there arecharlatans in the industry. Could the lucrative incomes of these personalitiescast doubt on the integrity of their motives?Indeed Public Speaking (including the self help category) is known to be one of thehighest paying professions.Everyone needs to make a living. Whether we like it or not money plays a significantrole in the world. Charity starts at home. Money is not the be all or end all, but I cantell you that I have lived life with money, and also without a penny. Let’s just saythat you can deal with problems a lot easier with money. It’s a vehicle- one withwhich you can also do great things depending on your Values and Vision.Like any industry, there are people who are in this profession for a variety of reasons;it’s not my place to comment on anyone’s motives. My belief is that, what’simportant is you obtain the value you seek and everything is conducted from a placeof High Integrity.No intention is stronger than the Intention of the Heart- that of giving back andmaking a difference. I’m a firm believer that as an individual, when you listen to aperson speak or read their books, you know if their words are coming from the heartor if it’s staged.
  4. 4. I have been gifted with the ability to Inspire others. To Inspire is to breathe life intoanother, to stimulate to action. It gives me great energy to be a recipient of so manyemails and calls for so many people around the world telling me how a talk I did totheir group helped increase Leadership from Within, and therefore their overallProductivity. Others contact us to say that they got my Books as a Corporate Giftfrom their organisation and it Woke them up to realise how much more then can do,how much more they can be, and how much more they can give to their lives bothpersonally and professionally.I don’t have the need to say that, I do what I do from the heart.In your work as a motivational speaker, do you think you have found yourcalling?I love what I do and had to make some tough calls to be true to myself.We Lost Everything in the crisis. At that point, the easiest option would have been forme to take a great job offer with remarkable salary package working for a privatecompany doing something completely different. But I was clear that it wasn’t in linewith where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. So I chose to remain Hungry,Homeless and Penniless to Pursue my Desire of making a lasting difference in Societyand be True to my Vision.Some of my friends quizzed me if it was a tough decision to make, considering ourfamily had lost everything (and I mean Everything). In reality the decision wasn’tdifficult. In life, I have always been an All or Nothing guy.I said, “I’m All In” and that’s exactly where I am today with what I do - “All In”.I made a Decision and Backed it with my Dedication as any winner would. I teachthis Winning principle in my workshops- that of Deciding and Dedicating.I love what I do, and am good at it. It is the sweet spot that Brings out the Best in meto help Bring Out the Best in Others.Which three people, alive or dead, real or fictional, would you like to invite for adinner party?My Ideal Dinner Party would be a list of a few hundred people. But the first threethat come to mind in no particular order are Barack Obama, Sheikh Mohammad BinRashid Al Maktoum and Will Smith.