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Fish Sticks by Stephen C Lundin, John Christensen and Harry Paul


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Book review of Fish! Sticks

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Fish Sticks by Stephen C Lundin, John Christensen and Harry Paul

  1. 1.  Shahrukh Arfreen  Vandana Gupta  Paromita Mondal  Manoj Kumar Shaw  Krishna Kishore Deoghoria Book Review of Fish ! Sticks Presented by :
  2. 2. About the Author Filmmaker Professional Speaker Some books under his Name: Top Performer Fish Tales Fish Sticks Cats Fish For Life
  3. 3. Harry Paul About the Author Senior Writer at Chart House Learning. He lives in California. Some books under his name: Good to be Great Fish Tales Fish For Life Fish Sticks
  4. 4. John Christensen About the Author Filmmaker CEO of Chart House Some book sunder his Name: Boyhood of Faith Can I be Successful Fish Sticks Fish Tales Fish for Life
  5. 5. Approach to the subject : • The author projects how a Sushi Restaurant’s working influences the working of a hospital. • The minute a new way of working is initiated, The gravity pull of old habits begins. • IT starts with real conversations. • The idea of vision moment is intriguing.  External energy is necessary at the beginning of any  Attrition is a fact of life. But turnover is preventable.  A vision is made manifest in real time by identifying and bringing to life possibilities that are always present.
  6. 6. “A stand alone business parable that shows you how to come up with a vision for your business and how to keep it alive, vital, and renewed through tough times, such as turnover in management and staff or a troubled economy.”
  7. 7. Story Line  Rhonda Bullock works in Good Samaritan she has been promoted.  She feels it is not working the way it used to  She talks about it to a friend Margo Carter  They plan for a meet at a Sushi Restaurant in…..  There is a long queue in front of the restaurant Takara Too  The service provided there was an inspiration to Rhonda  She was awestruck to see how they provided for glasses to her friend as she had forgotten and how they provided Diet Dr. Pepper when she had just told Margo about her taste.
  8. 8. Contd..  The little discussion with Ishy about the problem and the core principle inspired her a lot  When she goes back to her work place she tries to talk to her colleagues.  A new vice president of nursing Miss Scallpell joins in and she asks Rhonda to ditch the Fish! Theory which they used to follow earlier  The other people on the sixth floor when come to know about the ditch of the Fish! Concept they plan to revolt against it  They hide the fish badges and continue doing there work.  One day Rhonda takes the team to Takara Too and they discuss more about IT.
  9. 9. Contd…  In the meanwhile Rhonda’s step daughter Anne dies in a car accident and she is unable to join back in hospital.  Miss Scallpell with the help of other staff members helps Rhonda for the funeral ceremony.  While back in the hospital the sixth floor starts with their plan on Find IT, Live IT, Coach IT.  When Rhonda joins back they started with their FISH!STICKS project.  They organize for a Live IT contest.  And this model was soon established all around.
  10. 10.  FISH! STICKS illustrates three major principles for continued success and provides concrete advice for immediate improvements in employee morale, customer satisfaction and productivity.  FISH! STICKS shows how to keep work vital, alive and fresh, while maintaining those innovations that really works .
  11. 11.  Find IT  Live IT  Coach IT
  12. 12.  The most basic ingredient of any vision is the individual IT.  IT is our personalization of the vision.  Vision-sustaining energy is released as we seek to find our IT through conversation.  The only way to find out IT inside the vision is to talk about work with the coworkers.  These conversations must be both real and fierce.  Real because they require an authenticity that belies pretense and posturing.  Fierce because the amount of time we spend at work makes these conversations vital to a satisfying life.
  13. 13.  Once we are clear about our IT, opportunities to Live IT are more obvious.  We call these opportunities vision moments.  Vision-sustaining energy builds as we live as many vision moments as we can.  Once we have found our IT we must commit to living IT by living fully the naturally occurring vision moments.
  14. 14.  Coaching is gift we give to each other and to our vision to keep IT strong.  Whether it’s about the way we do our work or the way we work together, the feedback needs to flow in all directions.  Coaching can’t be an ego trip. We only do it for the Vision. We Coach It.
  15. 15. This book helps in boosting the morale of :  Fresher's as when they enter in any organization they know their path.  Individuals prompting them to take a step forward.  Organizations to achieve their overall goals. In all this book creates a great impact on the reader be it of any age group and at any level.
  16. 16. Contd… Thousands of organizations are using the philosophy to bring more energy and passion to their work.Some examples of the philosophy being applied to and their success :  The philosophy has spread across our organization like an electric shock, leaving people tingling with the energy it leaves behind.-William Hope , Arrow Electronics UK Ltd.  Southwest Airlines  Ford  Harley Davidson  WH Smith
  17. 17.  Love your work  Don’t underestimate others potential  Be innovative  Positive attitude towards job  Make choices of your own  Find your vision  Live your vision  Coach it
  18. 18. o Helps to change the attitude. o Learning from anything. o Nothing is impossible. o Motivate people to take pride in what they do. o Constant flow of positive feeling.