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Kevin abdulrahman qatar 2022 fifa world cup


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Kevin abdulrahman, qatar 2022 fifa world cup

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Kevin abdulrahman qatar 2022 fifa world cup

  1. 1. 1 column Here’s what I believe were Moza and the Prime four winning lessons that Minister Sheikh Hamad bin built Qatar up to being the Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani winning host nation. had all flown to Zurich to show their commitment Winning Qatar exhibited, that you can dream, and be audacious enough to Dream Big. They and support. Qatar has done more than Lessons dreamt with no boundaries, one where Nothing was Impossible. Yes it would just win a hosting nation. The smallest Host Nation to date exhibited winning from Qatar, be a hot summer to host qualities and lessons for us 3 the games. Yes it is a small all to learn -the Audacity to Winner and nation of only 1.6 million Dream Big, Belief in what people. Yes it only has a they went in for, Planning to few stadiums and would Win from the word go and Hosting Nation need to build nine more air conditioned stadiums before 2022. Yes, it would need to the Commitment of What ever it takes. They have lead from within, lead from of the FIFA ramp up its infrastructure to support the influx of people. The list goes on. Impos- sible many said. Yet Qatar had a dream Qatar planned. They didn’t plan to be in the running. They planned to win. They worked relentlessly on a plan to the front, lead by example and opened the window for everyone to see endless possibilities. Congratulations to Qatar 2022 Soccer to be the first Middle Eastern Nation to host the largest Sporting Event on the Globe. They thought about everything make sure they would come on top. They acknowledged their challenges, such as the summer heat, by getting for being the Fifa 2022 World Cup Host Nation, a win that inspires their people for doing what many around the world World Cup that was unfavourable to them, and yet didn’t see the word impossible in their quest. Their bidding team must have the best minds and finding through solutions. They knew that they would have an over supply of stadiums after deemed to be impossible. Their result serves as an inspiration to other nations, organisations, teams and individuals to known what I teach many organisations the World Cup so chose turn the over Dream the Impossible, Believe in their 4 that the word Impossible really means supply to their advantage-dismantling cause, Plan to Win and Commit relent- “I’m Possible”. And so they did. They their stadiums and creating a lasting lessly in its pursuit of a Dream. made that impossible dream a reality. legacy for the sport by developing the potential of player in third world Just as I have been, I hope that you countries. Qatar planned to win. And too get inspired by Qatar’s Bid and The smallest host nation to they executed their plans accordingly. achievement to date. “They dreamT wiTh date- the largest sporting event no boundaries, Qatar Exhibited Commitment. It is Have a Winning Month easy to say we want to host the 2022 on the globe. one where noThing 2 World Cup. It is easy to put up a bid and bring in big gun names. Qatar’s was impossible” Bid exhibited Absolute Commitment and Attitude of doing what ever it takes. They did not allow for a way B out. If there was a challenge, they would resolve it. They were committed Qatar believed that you could be and nothing was going to get in their Host. They believed that the World way. As in life, many will want success, orn in 1971, a peninsula in the Cup needed to be hosted in the Middle but fail to exhibit the commitment Middle East with a population of over East. They Dared to Say it, and when to see through the journey. No one 1.6 million people, and one whose they didn’t, you could sense it. They ever says that the journey to achieve national team has yet to appear at dared to step up. They believed in your goals and dreams will be easy the World Cup, Qatar did what most expanding into a new horizon. They in what ever you choose to do. There people around the world thought was believed in their capabilities. They are plenty of talkers, and often very unthinkable, if not, impossible. Today, believed in Change. They believed few walkers. Achieving a goal requires the world is sending their Congratu- in the good it will bring Qatar, the commitment. Travelling through the (Athletes, Celebrities, CEOs, Executives, lations to Qatar, the winning host surrounding nations of the Middle Middle East consulting and coaching Government Entities Models, Musicians, , nation for the much coveted, FIFA East, and the good it would do clients on a regular basis, I would hear ,Private Companies, Public Organisations for the sport, something the Emir and Sports Teams call for Kevin Abdulrahman 2022 Soccer World Cup. I believe that about Qatar’s bid for the World Cup. when it comes to wanting an International Qatar ’s journey in achieving what himself, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Their campaigns and commitment was Figure to Consult, Coach and Train them in the they set out to do has many winning Al Thani confirmed, when thanking undeniable. You simply couldn’t escape areas of Peak Performance, Self Improvement, lessons not only for other nations, the committee after Qatar was chosen it. Their commitment wasn’t coming Motivation, Leadership, Team building and Public Speaking. You can visit his website on but also for organisations, teams and as the host nation. They believed that from a small group. Their commitment www.BestMotivationalSpeaker.Me or contact individuals to learn from (both in they had a chance at winning, and was from the top down. The Emir of Kevin Abdulrahman’s Management Team on business and in life). ended coming on top. Qatar along with his wife Sheikha DEcEmbEr 2010 DEcEmbEr 2010 23