Developing Self Confidence{Presentation}by Neha Dogra


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I made this Presentation for the topic 'Developing Self Confidence....!!
by Neha Dogra
MCA,Punjabi University,Patiala

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Developing Self Confidence{Presentation}by Neha Dogra

  1. 1. What is self-confidence?
  2. 2. TrueSelf-Confidence –is a realistic beliefor expectation ofachieving success
  3. 3. Not what you hope to do but what you realistically expect to doNot what you tell others but your innermost thoughts about your realistic capabilities,Not pride in past deeds but a realistic judgment about what you are able to do
  4. 4. Low Self ConfidenceOptimal Self ConfidenceOver Confidence
  5. 5. Staying in urs comfort zone,fearing failure and so avoid taking risks.Some Points are “I can’t find happiness.” This is the paradox that confuses even the smartest people. You need to learn how to set yourself up so that success and happiness find you. “Life has nothing more to offer me.” This statement is another mistake that people make. It is a mistake because the statement is inside- out, in reverse. Instead it should read: “What do I have to offer life?”
  6. 6.  Make Decisions with Absolute Confidence At Optimal Self-Trust you’ll learn how to: Release self-doubt and replace it with self-confidence Make crisis-time decisions with swift and total clarity. Stop beating yourself up about past choices. Listen to what you want instead of needing others’ approval. Take a leap of faith and let go ... you’ll discover you can fly
  7. 7.  Often we come across people who are self confident i.e. egotistic and stubborn.Generally these people have the so called ‘Superiority Complex’
  8. 8. The Greatestthing that aParent can giveto his Childrensare Roots
  9. 9. Parents with LowConfidence breedconfusion andLow Confidencein their Childrens
  10. 10. Being Ignorant isnot Shameful butbeing Unwilling tolearn is.
  11. 11. UnfairComparisonsmake aPerson feelinferior
  12. 12. People Start Lookingat Themselves asFailures,not realizingthat failing does notequal to ‘Failure’
  13. 13.  Readthe life histories of People who have turned a Negative into Positive.
  14. 14.  The one-second tip for when you’re feeling nervous and unconfident is simply to smile! You don’t just smile because you are happy and confident – you can smile to make yourself feel better. The act of smiling is so strongly associated with positive feelings that it’s almost impossible to feel bad while smiling.
  15. 15. If you believe in a higher power, whether God, or another spiritual force, it can be a real boost to self- confidence to say a silent prayer.“Dear God, thank you that you love and accept me as I am … please help me to do the same … and help me to grow to become the person you want me to be so that my God-confidence and self-confidence will increase greatly—all for the glory of your
  16. 16.  Accept Yourself as You Are….!! Undersatnd „Experience is what You get when You don‟t get what You want.
  17. 17. Remember Your Childhood:“You Never gave up to stand and walk.”
  18. 18. What You Say to Yourself Mattes the Most.Its all how You See Yourself.
  19. 19. The Process of giving without Expectations in returns raises one’s Self Confidence.
  20. 20. As well as smiling, meet the eyes of other people in the room. Give them your smile; you’ll almost certainly get one back, and being smiled at is a great self- confidence boost. Like smiling, eye contact shows people that you’re confident. Staring at your shoes or at the table reinforces your feelings of
  21. 21. We Should Accept OurResposibilies and Stop Blaming Others.
  22. 22. Associate Yourself with People of Good Quality.
  23. 23. Have Patience and Keep doing the good thing.Even though result may not be visible,Something is happening.
  24. 24.  A Small Boy-the fifth among seventh siblings was selling newspapers in small village to earn his living . He was not exceptionally smart at school but was facinated by Religion and Rockets. The first Rocket he built crashed. The missiles he built crashed multiple times. But his “Self Confidence” and get going sprit in him made him script the book “The Space Odyssey of India Single Handedly.”
  25. 25. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  26. 26. A School teacher scolded a boy for not paying attention in mathematics. For not solving a simple problem And said that he would not become anybody in life. But his mother’s confidence in him made her coach him mathematics. And the Boy went on to become
  27. 27. A Winner is notthe one who neverfails but…..the onewho neverquits…!!
  28. 28. Neha Dogra,PunjabiUniversity,Patiala{MCA}