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Recent Educational Initiatives at the Toledo Museum of Art


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Recent Educational Initiatives at the Toledo Museum of Art

  1. 1. Toledo Museum of Art Recent Educational Initiatives 2011-2013
  2. 2. Center for Visual Arts Glenwood Church Glass Pavilion
  3. 3. Toledo Museum of Art Our purpose: Art Education Through our collection and facilities we provide access to works of art and information about them 5
  4. 4. Basic Principles       Art must be connected to all that we do Always seek to add value Plan, implement, evaluate Our people are our greatest asset Integrate art into people’s lives Money follows good ideas 6
  5. 5. Key Steps – Organizing our budget around our core objectives, rather than traditional departments – Re-organizing the staff to better align with the Strategic Plan (FY13) – Formulating a 2020 Vision for TMA that will be realized through each of the strategic objectives (FY13) 7
  6. 6. Staff Restructure: Executive Team Associate Director COO Head of Visitor Engagement Chief Information Officer Senior Curator Chief Curator CFO Director of Education Facilities Director
  7. 7. Organizational Chart Board of Directors Director Resources/ COO Content/ Engagement Assoc Director Fellows/ Assistants 2 PST assistants for area Finance Human Resources Development 2 PST assistants for area Facilities Assistant Controller Management /Training Dev Coordinator Maintenance Special Events HRIS/Payroll Asst Director Grounds Retail Protective Services Membership /Visitor Services Utility Tech/AV Equip Volunteers Asst Manager/ Capital Projects Information Chief Curator Visual Literacy Asst Systems Officer Curators Docents Systems Analyst Conservator Outreach/ Family Center Asst Network /Software Management Head Librarian Assistant Director Visitor Engagement Communications Exhibitions/ Publications Social Media Glass Studio PR & PI Interpretation & Editing Design Studio TSO 9
  8. 8. Five Strategic Objectives 2011-2015 • • • • • Expanding Access to the Collections Teaching Visual Literacy Increasing Visibility Developing Museum Assets Working with Artists
  9. 9. Teaching Visual Literacy The ability to construct meaning from everything you see. Teaching Visual Literacy is fundamental for shaping today's youth into tomorrow’s leaders, and to living a fully sensed life. 11
  10. 10. Teaching Visual Literacy School Tours Baby Tours
  11. 11. 90% of our information is received by our eyes.
  12. 12. For infants, the neurons in the brain are developing at a rapid pace during this time.
  13. 13. There are many more neuron connections in an infant’s brain in comparison to an adult (Klugar, 2009). This suggests that infants are quite capable of learning from a stimulating environment.
  14. 14. If the brain is not provided with stimulating experiences during this time, these neuron connectors die off. It is difficult to get them back!
  15. 15. Early Development The visual system and the limbic system develop very rapidly over the first few weeks (Dodwell, Humphrey, & Muir, 1987).
  16. 16. After extensive research with babies around the world…
  17. 17. Baby Introductions
  18. 18. What we learned • Babies like both abstract and representational works of art, they prefer bright colors, portraits of babies, and portraits with big eyes. • The tour can be no longer than 30 minutes. • You can only spend a brief time in front of each work. • Parents need some coaching so that they know how to interact with their child. • Babies are great at selecting their own paintings that they like. • Our ‘research’ supports the findings in previous research – babies like bright, bold and colorful works of art.
  19. 19. TMA is producing a suite of publications about Visual Literacy
  20. 20. Toddler Time Tours Starting in February 2014, toddlers will get the chance to experience Docent-led tours designed specifically for them.
  21. 21. TMA has redesigned its docent program and prepared a new curriculum, including brain science, vision and perception studies, and Visual Literacy methodologies. TMA Docent Program 2012 Curriculum Human Visual Perception and the Brain
  22. 22. The Toledo Museum of Art is preparing an iBook for use within its docent curriculum and in online training courses
  23. 23. Training Programs Training Programs in Visual Literacy and its methodologies are being offered to TMA staff, gallery guards, volunteers, board members, donors, sponsors, educational and health service providers. 27
  24. 24. The Toledo Museum of Art has launched a new website, dedicated to Visual Literacy
  25. 25. THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL VISUAL LITERACY CONFERENCE The Art of Seeing: From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Toledo Museum of Art November 5 to 8, 2014