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Listen Up - Approaches for engaging young people at the National Portrait Gallery de Londres

Presentació de Justine McLisky en el marc de les 19 Jornades de Museus i Educació: Joves, target impossible?

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Listen Up - Approaches for engaging young people at the National Portrait Gallery de Londres

  1. 1. Listen Up! - Approaches for engaging young people with portraiture Justine McLisky, Head of Young People National Portrait Gallery London XIX Jornades de Museusi Educació de l’MMB Joves: Target Impossible?
  2. 2. Youth-led Practice at the Gallery Actividades Por y Para Jóvenes
  3. 3. • to display portraits of the men and women who have made and are making British history and culture • to act as a national focus for the study and understanding of portraits and portraiture Purpose
  4. 4. Collection • Primary Collection 11,000 portraits • Reference Collection 80,000 drawings, prints, medallions, miniatures • Photographs Collection 250,000 portraits
  5. 5. Youth Forum Foro Juvenil
  6. 6. Ongoing programming for 14-21s Programación continua para jóvenes 14-21
  7. 7. Skills development Desarrollo de aptitudes artísticas I definitely want to paint more, particularly portraits. Before it seemed a very difficult and unobtainable goal but now I see that breaking it down into steps makes everything a lot simpler.
  8. 8. New focus of provision Nuevas áreas de desarrollo Supported self-led learning experiences – Galleries Staff-led learning experiences – Galleries Learning environments – workshop spaces New focus of development Previous area of focus
  9. 9. Widening roles - the potential of Young People as: El potencial de los Jóvenes como: • Consumers/Participants/viewers/audience/ spectators/joiners • Content creators, co-curators, producers • Active collaborators/active voice • Advocates/consultants/ambassadors • Critics/reviewers • Distributors/marketers/communicators/ • Leaders/deliverers/facilitators/organisers
  10. 10. Integration model Modelo de integración Audiences Learning / Learning Projects/Youth Forum Institution Consultation / collaboration / co-creation / co-curation
  11. 11. Ownership and consultation Empoderamiento y consulta
  12. 12. Co-creation Creación conjunta Increasing youth presence: Youth Crew, Talking Points, Pick up a Pencil
  13. 13. Youth-dedicated social media channels Redes sociales dedicadas a los Jóvenes
  14. 14. Youth-led Gallery talks Increasing a ‘youth voice’ Visitas guiadas por jóvenes
  15. 15. Skills development and removing barriers Desarrollando de aptitudes y superando barreras Domino Effect: NEET Photography Project
  16. 16. Engagement - A Case Study Participación – caso concreto
  17. 17. ‘Picasso Portraits’ Youth Films Cine Juvenil Supported by Goldman Sachs
  18. 18. BP Next Generation Young People’s Private View Estreno por y para jóvenes
  19. 19. Why after-hours youth-led events? ¿Por qué organizar eventos fuera de horario público?
  20. 20. Young People’s Private View - Approaches Estreno por y para jóvenes - Perspectivas • Peer-led and youth-generated • Takeover and safe space • No parents, no teachers • Options (and opt-outs) • Encouraging critical discussion and engagement around painted portraiture • Award-winning artists at the centre - skills development and role-modelling • Audience development for 14-21s • Increasing role of Youth Forum • Progression routes
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