Toledo Museum of Art Annual Place 2013-2014


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Toledo Museum of Art Annual Place 2013-2014

  1. 1. Toledo Museum of Art Annual Plan July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014
  2. 2. Center for Visual Arts Glenwood Church Glass Pavilion
  3. 3. Toledo Museum of Art Our purpose: Art Education Through our collection and facilities we provide access to works of art and information about them 5
  4. 4. Basic Principles       Art must be connected to all that we do Always seek to add value Plan, implement, evaluate Our people are our greatest asset Integrate art into people‟s lives Money follows good ideas 6
  5. 5. Background Overview In 2010 the museum finalized an overarching Strategic Plan, to begin in July 2011 and run through June 2015. The plan was presented to the Board of Directors and the Staff in February 2011. In the intervening two years the museum has taken a number of key steps to move forward on the Strategic Plan. 7
  6. 6. Background Overview Those steps include: – Organizing our budget around our core objectives, rather than traditional departments (FY12, FY13) – Re-organizing the staff to better align with the Strategic Plan (FY13) – Formulating a 2020 Vision for TMA that will be realized through each of the strategic objectives (FY13) 8
  7. 7. Staff Restructure: Executive Team Associate Director COO Head of Visitor Engagement Chief Information Officer Senior Curator Chief Curator CFO Director of Education Facilities Director
  8. 8. Organizational Chart Board of Directors Director Resources/ COO Content/ Engagement Assoc Director Fellows/ Assistants 2 PST assistants for area Finance Human Resources Development 2 PST assistants for area Facilities Assistant Controller Management /Training Dev Coordinator Maintenance Special Events HRIS/Payroll Asst Director Grounds Retail Protective Services Membership /Visitor Services Utility Tech/AV Equip Volunteers Asst Manager/ Capital Projects Information Chief Curator Visual Literacy Asst Systems Officer Curators Docents Systems Analyst Conservator Outreach/ Family Center Asst Network /Software Management Head Librarian Assistant Director Visitor Engagement Communications Exhibitions/ Publications Social Media Glass Studio PR & PI Interpretation & Editing Design Studio TSO 10
  9. 9. Five Strategic Objectives 2011-2015 • • • • • Expanding Access to the Collections Teaching Visual Literacy Increasing Visibility Developing Museum Assets Working with Artists
  10. 10. Expanding Access to the Collection 12
  11. 11. Expanding Access to the Collections Continue to expand access to the museum‟s collection through by integrating new media technologies, and art interpretation materials into our permanent displays and exhibitions. Key Action Items for FY14 • New production of „My Guides‟ that will focus on Visual Literacy content • Digitizing the museum‟s archives • Adding the Bareiss Artist‟s Book collection and European works on paper to eMuseum • Adding content to the Museum‟s app that will include information on: the Classic Court, Plensa sculpture, Netsuke collection, and architectural information about the museum campus • Continuing to integrate the use of library books throughout permanent gallery spaces 13
  12. 12. Teaching Visual Literacy
  13. 13. Teaching Visual Literacy All of our current strategic objectives aim toward this goal. Teaching Visual Literacy is fundamental for shaping today's youth into tomorrow‟s leaders. Key Action Items for FY14  Beta test Visual Literacy curriculum  Expand Baby Tours to include Toddler Tours  Train current teachers in visual literacy methods to incorporate in TMA classes  Create interactive Visual Literacy learning area in TMA classrooms  Partner with “Read for Literacy” program for Visual Literacy component  Finalize 2012 Docent Class training and train all current docents on Visual Literacy touring techniques  Create Visual Literacy on-line curriculum for grades K-6  Develop content and publish ibook on Visual Literacy  Expand Art After School program and Visiting Artist program in Family Center  Complete acquisition agreement to convert neighboring Glenwood Lutheran church into an Elementary School for the Toledo School for the Arts. 15
  14. 14. Increasing Visibility
  15. 15. Increasing Visibility To increase awareness of the Toledo Museum of Art locally, nationally and internationally, we have increased our use of social media, promoted the museum‟s membership program, and utilized focused marketing efforts around exhibitions and high profile events. Key Action Items for FY14 • Use change made in July 2013 to museum hours as opportunity to update branding on signage and check for consistency • Create crisis communications plan for museum • Create and implement a digital communications strategic plan • Create and implement communications plan for each exhibition • Launch communications plan for Visual Literacy initiative 17
  16. 16. Developing Museum Assets
  17. 17. Solar Canopy allows Toledo Museum of Art to go off the grid (first time was May 21, 2013)
  18. 18. Developing Museum Assets To promote the knowledge and expertise of our staff and foster improvements to our physical plant and environment. Key Action Items for FY14 • Continue program to install LED lighting in all offices and galleries • Develop Circle 2445 Brand and increase membership and involvement with the young adult group • Create new membership retention protocol and launch membership campaign • Finalize rollout of Human Resources Information System (HRIS) • Continue refurbishment of galleries and facilities to improve visitor experience • Develop Business Council new branding and membership levels 20
  19. 19. Working with Artists
  20. 20. Working With Artists In our continuous effort to expand and cultivate the museum‟s relationships with artists we have devised programs that work specifically with artists through artist-in-residence programs, masters series lectures, and exhibitions featuring onsite instillations. Key Action Items for FY14 • Finalize plans for Summer 2015 Outdoor Sculpture exhibition • Expand Artist-in Residence (GAPP) program to include media other than glass • Leverage guest artist opportunities to a greater degree with our public • Finalize FY15 Exhibition schedule and begin FY16 planning 22