Self Build Zone Home Improvement show 2012


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Avoiding costly Extension, Home Improvement and Renovation project insurance pitfalls.

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  • OK I’m just going to give you a few tips here on stuff that causes problems for people all the time.Party Wall Liability! This has nothing to do with a good house party, Its all to do with a useful but sometimes onerous piece of legislation called the Party Wall Act.Now Party Wall doesn't just mean the wall between two adjoining or semi detached properties. If you are likely to be within 3 meters of a party wall or at 6m distance may still undermine you neighbours foundations or be placing beams in the party wall, then Party Wall Act will apply.Nice bit of underpinning of the neighbour here – shame about this bit though Fingers crossed it all stays put eh?Be aware that some Site Insurance policies exclude this completely making you purchase an additional insurance policy called JCT 21.2.1. instead. Self-Build Zone include your contractual liability under the Party Wall Act if you inform them. Which can save you hundereds in additional premiums!Lots of information is available at the communities and local government website in a clear to read downloadable booklet.
  • Self Build Zone Home Improvement show 2012

    1. 1. Avoiding costly Extension, Home Improvement and Renovation project insurance pitfalls•Extension•Renovation•Conversion•Improvement•Self Build
    2. 2. Whether it’s a barn or a house renovation it’sdefinitely not a home yet - so don’t rely on home insurance! Renovation Insurance
    3. 3. Home Insurance EXCLUDES this!Extension Insurance
    4. 4. Home Insurance Exclusions
    5. 5. Remember, the projectyou are embarking on isunique, so deal with anexpert that understands that. Self-Build Insurance
    6. 6. £270,000£561 premium
    7. 7. New Build Site Insurance Legal ExpensesStructural Warranty
    8. 8. Conversion Extension Renovation Flat Conversion Site Insurance Existing Structure Legal ExpensesPossibly a Structural Warranty
    9. 9. Site Insurance Site Insurance covers Extensions, Renovations, Conversions and New Build projects and should be purchased when you exchange contracts on the plot or building you wish to extend.
    10. 10. Site Insurance New Works Public Liability Employers Liability Plant & Equipment Caravan & ContentsPersonal Possessions Personal Accident & Broken Bones Legal Expenses Has work started?
    11. 11. Structural Warranty Arrange this PRIOR to submitting a Building Regulation Application to SAVE money. We can cover properties that have been completed and require a warranty retrospectively to sell on.
    12. 12. Some general tips... Party Wall Liability You are contractually responsible for damage to the Party Wall so make sure it’s covered.
    13. 13. Some general tips... Claims
    14. 14. Some general tips... Security ID Visitors/Delivery Drivers Out of Sight out of Mind
    15. 15. Some general tips... Health & SafetyYou will have duties underworkplace health and safety law if:a) you intend to sell the property on completion, in which case they would be considered to be a developerb) you directly employs (even if only temporarily), workers to build the propertyc) you choose to manage the project taking on contractors to do the work
    16. 16. Some general tips... Health & Safety Your Involvement Application of Health & Safety at Work LegislationLevel 1 Entirely DIY – not selling on completionLevel 2Self-managed with own labour & Subcontractors Level 3Self-managed with own subcontractors Level 4Kit Home with self-managed trades  at the point the kit supplier hands over.Level 5Watertight Shell with self-managed finishes  at the point the contractor hands over.Level 6 Turnkey project with active clientLevel 7 Custom Homebuilding
    17. 17. FAQ My contractor has Insurance already, do I need Site Insurance?
    18. 18. FAQ Do I have to have Site Insurance or a Structural Warranty?
    19. 19. Thanks for listening, are there any questions? We are on stand D65