Asbestos Removal Case Study -Construction


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Deconstruct UK Limited has launched a series of Slideshare Presentations to demonstrate their asbestos removal capabilities in the London and surrounding areas.

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Asbestos Removal Case Study -Construction

  1. 1. Deconstruct UK LimitedDeconstruct is a specialist provider of site enablement services, using the latest innovation and processes to transform and prepare sites for development. With a commitment to delivering excellence we offer an unparalleled level of service. Construction Case StudyRemoval of asbestos containing materials from former recording studios, prior to conversion into a hotel. Client: Blenheim House Construction Location: St Anne’s Court, London W1 Contractor: Deconstruct UK Ltd Completion Date: September 2011 Sector: Construction ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  2. 2. About the Project:Deconstruct were contracted to demolish the adjoining office building at Carlisle Street and strip the St Anne’s Court building back to shell and core. Asbestos was present throughout both properties and had to be completely removed prior to demolition and strip out. The majority of the asbestos was asbestos insulation board (AIB) located behind the acoustic panelling within the basement recording studios. ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  3. 3. Project Challenges:With the asbestos insulation board being located behind the acoustic panelling, it wasnecessary to incorporate the removal of the panelling within the asbestos removaloperation.Deconstruct asbestos removal teams had to deconstruct 6 layers of acoustic boardingand panelling to access and remove the asbestos.The fixings and fittings that secured the acoustic panelling, passed through the asbestosand had to be carefully removed, to avoid uncontrolled damage to the asbestos.A considerable amount of contaminated waste was generated from these works. Thewaste needed to be carefully transferred from the basement working area, to groundfloor level, for collection on a ‘wait and load’ basis.The waste transfer process was was a very labour intensive operation. ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  4. 4. List of Services: Services provided by Deconstruct UK Ltd: Deconstruction Services ✓ Demolition Services ✓ Enabling Works ✓ Asbestos Removal Services ✓ Asbestos Surveying Services ✓ Ground Works Services ✓ Piling Services Steelwork Installations ✓ Builders Works ✓ Emergency Dangerous Structures Temporary Works ✓ “All of the services above are provided by Deconstruct UK Limited.” ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE