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Dangerous structures case study - Emergency


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Deconstruct UK Limited has launched a series of Slideshare Presentations to demonstrate their asbestos removal capabilities in the London and surrounding areas.

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Dangerous structures case study - Emergency

  1. 1. Deconstruct UK LimitedDeconstruct is a specialist provider of site enablement services, using the latest innovation and processes to transform and prepare sites for development. With a commitment to delivering excellence we offer an unparalleled level of service. Dangerous Structures Case Study Deconstruct to make safe structures in Croydon following devastating riots. Client: Linbrooks Location: London Road, Croydon Contractor: Deconstruct UK Ltd Completion Date: August 2011 Sector: Dangerous Structures ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  2. 2. About the Project:The project involved eleven structures affected by fires following street riots in August2011. Numerous structures were left un-safe as a result of the fires and un-controlledcollapses.There was significant risk of contamination from asbestos debris and also live gas andelectrical services located in the footpaths and alleys.Around 30 families were made homeless as a result of these fires and a number ofothers faced a wait to re-enter their adjoining premises.Deconstruct were required to retain as much of the adjoining structures as possible andavoid collateral damage following the making safe of buildings clearly in need of planneddemolition.The clear objective was to retain and return safe access to adjoining structures whileopening this key road into and out of Croydon. ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  3. 3. Project Challenges:Working with the emergency services to ensure structures and the general publicremain safe throughout.Ensuring un-controlled collapses are sufficiently cordoned to not present risk.Ensure all in pavement services are terminated/isolated during the works to ensurethey are not effected by controlled collapses. ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE
  4. 4. List of Services: Services provided by Deconstruct UK Ltd: Deconstruction Services ✓ Demolition Services ✓ Enabling Works ✓ Asbestos Removal Services ✓ Asbestos Surveying Services Ground Works Services Piling Services Steelwork Installations Builders Works Emergency Dangerous Structures ✓ Temporary Works ✓ “All of the services above are provided by Deconstruct UK Limited.” ZERO HARM THROUGH ZERO TOLERANCE