Selling to Millennials: 3 Must-Have Conversion Tactics


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Having trouble selling to millennials? Read this millennial's insight on what they're looking for and how you can easily earn their business for life.

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Selling to Millennials: 3 Must-Have Conversion Tactics

  1. 1. Selling to Millennials 3 Must-Have Conversion Tactics for Today’s Marketer The Daily Egg
  2. 2. Millennials…  Relentlessly critical  Wear flip-flops to work  Aspire to change the world  Narcissistic  Prefer cat videos to news Selling to Millennials
  3. 3. But can you connect with them?  Awkward stock photos? Take a hike!  Boring newsletters? Yawn…  Antique websites (um, 1997 is sooo yesterday) Selling to Millennials
  4. 4. Why you need to connect with Millennials:  Their purchasing power is on the rise  1 in 10 earn 6 figures (plus) Selling to Millennials
  5. 5. How do you reach this hyper-critical, impossible-to-please, unbearably casual demographic? Selling to Millennials
  6. 6. 1. Understand what motivates them Selling to Millennials They’re a product of their sociology…
  7. 7. Understand… They’re the generation with the highest education rate – which means they're obsessed with doing their research. Selling to Millennials
  8. 8. Understand… They grew up with technology and believe in its power to improve the world – they've witnessed this change first-hand. Selling to Millennials
  9. 9. Understand… Connectivity is their lifeblood – Facebook helps them stay in touch with everybody. Selling to Millennials
  10. 10. Understand… They entered the workforce in an incredibly weak economy — and fear for their futures — so they manage our money carefully. Selling to Millennials
  11. 11. Understand… They are relentlessly committed to results and efficiency – and they like recognition for our contributions. Selling to Millennials
  12. 12. Understand… They love to laugh. Selling to Millennials
  13. 13. Tips  Marketers need to speak to Millennials in terms of their values.  Don't stereotype them.  Speak to them in a language they understand and they'll listen— they really are paying attention. Selling to Millennials
  14. 14. A tag line that connects: ―Do great things‖ Selling to Millennials
  15. 15. 2. Make them Laugh Millennials need a laugh.  They are struggling to find meaningful work and high-paying salaries.  Higher education? Grad school is a 6-figure expense.  Many are stuck with unmanageable student debt loads. Selling to Millennials
  16. 16. 2. Make them Laugh  Did I mention they're highly educated? In other words, they're well-versed in the art of satire.  Humor reminds them of how beautiful life is… that the world will never crush them. Selling to Millennials
  17. 17. Tip: Make your CTAs fun, e.g., ―Procrastinate better.‖ Selling to Millennials
  18. 18. 3. Get to the Point  At any given time, we have 100 different things on our mind.  We are notorious multi-taskers who are glued to our mobile phones.  Keep your marketing message as short and sweet as possible. Selling to Millennials
  19. 19. 3. Get to the Point Think usability: Tell us  exactly what to do,  what to expect, and  what we should expect to get Selling to Millennials
  20. 20. Tip: Use a clear & compelling value proposition, like: ―Expert conversations…‖ Selling to Millennials
  21. 21. Final Thoughts…  Successful conversion optimization strategists know nurturing relationships is invaluable to the customer acquisition and retention process. Selling to Millennials
  22. 22. Final Thoughts…  It means embracing psychology and building bonds for the long term...  Even if those customers think and act differently than you expect.
  23. 23. In short… Embrace Millenials as they are. You'll reap the benefits in future sales. Selling to Millennials
  24. 24. Get your free trial
  25. 25. Selling to Millennials  Written by Ritika Puri  Designed by Kathryn Aragon  Produced by Crazy Egg