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11 sales tools to improve your business


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Discover 11 amazing web tools to improve your sales strategies and grow your business.

This is a visual presentation based on Guilherme Junqueira's post called Startup Sales Setup:

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  • Thanks for sharing. Outbound prospecting is so important for a more predictable sales process. We're currently using a sales prospecting tool called which grabs us the professional email address of our prospects in real-time, and also allows us to reach out to them using the internally built email automation tool. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else uses this system?
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  • Great list! I'd like add some other great tools: 1- (Paid) and (Free) - Send follow-ups emails; 2- (Paid) - Identify unknown B2B website visitors; 3- (Paid - It's us) - Sales prospecting tool on LinkedIn; 4- (Paid) - Viewer engagement analytics for presentations.
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  • Thank you guys for all the kind comments. Write down your tools and soon we can create a V2.0 made by you all. :)
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  • Wow - Thanks fro sharing this . I also use Signals by Hubspot , Canned responses in Gmail to boost sales productivity
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  • Thanks @amurepinho ... indeed a great deck! This would for sure help a lot of startups! By the way our organisation also helps businesses with lead generation, email marketing and strategic client management. Hopefully we could also add value to their respective business.
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11 sales tools to improve your business

  2. Guilherme Junqueira COO ABStartups @gui_junqueira Amure Pinho CEO Blogo @amurepinho
  3. How many leads, opportunities and leads we lost because we didn’t had enough time, metrics, vision or necessary tools to make it happen?
  4. Startups should focus on customers, product and traction. ! We decided to help sharing the tools that helped us doing that.
  5. Pipedrive 30 days trial | Plans start at $ 14,00/month
  6. Why we use it • • • • • • • We need visual metrics Email Integration Customization and multiple pipes Mobile app Easy integration with other services Import/Export Feature Google Agenda Integration (call for example) Tips • Use Email Drop Box
  7. Unbounce Freemium | Plans start at $ 49,00/month
  8. Why we use it • • • • • A/B tests made easy You dont need to be a developer Perfect for lead generation Precises landing pages improves your SEO Adwords cost reduced Tips • • Don’t waste too much time with design. Focus on conversion and A/B tests
  9. Many Contacts Beta Free | Plans start at $ 0,00/month
  10. Why we use it • • • Works like magic for mailing building Good for quick visitors Integrates with MailChimp Tips • • Segment this leads from the qualified ones. Automated response emails works very well
  11. Yesware Freemium | Plans start at $ 5,00/month
  12. Why we use it • • • • To know if VIPs opened our emails Email templates for each pipeline stage Email Reminders Pipedrive email integration Tips • • Go for the pro version Track the VIPs
  13. Ecquire 14 days trial | Plans start at $ 9,00/month
  14. Why we use it • • • • • To add leads/vips that came from email Easily add people to CRM/Mailling Works with gmail, twitter, linked in Never lost a contact again Pipedrive integration Tips • USE IT!
  15. Rapportive Free | Plans start at $ 0,00/month
  16. Why we use it • • • • Know your leads before they know you Interact in social channels if you want Check his position in company Integrates with Gmail Tips • A must have for sales people
  17. Mailchimp Free to 5000 email address | Plans start at $ 10,00/month
  18. Why we use it • • • • Free email marketing tool Fast, easy and intuitive Integrates with everything Segments your lists Tips • All text emails conversion is better
  19. Zapier Freemium | Plans start at $ 15,00/month
  20. Why we use it • • • • • To welcome users automatically To connect Typeform with Mailchimp Integrate and automate everything! Saves a lot of time Lets you create powerful workflows Tips • Very easy to get 450 tasks/month for free
  21. QuoteRoller 14 days trial | Plans start at $ 9,90/month
  22. Why we use it • • • • Save time with templates Know your proposal's friction Adds a professional looking Pipedrive integration Tips • Use it if you write more than
 5 proposals/month
  23. Blogo 14 days trial | Buy from Mac Appstore $ 29,90
  24. Why we use it • • • Content marketing is king All you need to start blogging You don't need to be a pro to blog Tips • • Use the evernote integration Good for managing multiple blogs at the same time
  25. QuickSprout Free | Plans start at $ 0,00/month
  26. Why we use it • • • • SEO will help you getting leads Test your site speed, backlinks, errors Competidors comparission Step by step changes Tips • • Start with the easy changes that doesn't require and then the code ones Compare yourself with competidors
  27. Geckoboard 30 days trial | Plans start at $ 9,50/month
  28. Why we use it • • • • • You just improve what you measure We share it with stakeholders Use it to motivate you and your team Integrate with a lot of services Very fast deploy Tips • Use it if you write more than
 5 proposals/month
  29. Books Predictable Revenue ! Spin Selling 0070511136/ ! B2B Playbook ! The Challenger Sale ! História do Sales Force
  30. E-Books SaaS Strategy %20a%20Service%20Pricing%20Strategies.pdf ! KPI’s para BizDev’s ! Landing Pages A to Z %20Pages%20de%20A%20a%20Z.pdf ! Pitch Workbook %20Pitch%20Workbook.pdf
  31. Courses Free Sales Course ! Lean Marketing for Startups ! User Acquisition for Startups ! Growth Hacking for Everyone
  32. Blogs to follow KissMetrics ! Pipedrive ! Business Balls ! ! Startup B2B
  33. Productivity Tools ! Email newsletter unsubscribe ! Email overload solution ! Aprovação de layout/wireframes colaborativo ! Tracking de usuários ! Vender qualquer coisa rápidamente !
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