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Question 2 slide share part 2


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Question 2 slide share part 2

  1. 1. K A S H I F J O N E S Advertising & Promoting
  2. 2. Advertising & Promoting XXL Magazine The XXL magazine is an American hip hop magazine, published by Harris Publications founded in 1997. It famous for providing a platform for hip hop artist to connect with their fans through promotion provided through their magazine. Due to the stability of this magazine and the fact its lasted a long time, suggest it has a mass following which keep engaged with the magazines progress, therefore promoting our music video through this platform would be successful as this would engage a wider variety of hip hop fans.
  3. 3. Advertising & Promoting TV Platforms – MTV & Channel AKA Channel AKA is formerly known as channel U, which was the number 1 British digital satellite TV channel, which was show throughout England. This TV platform would allows us to target a British audience, which is important as our genre of music will be representing life from a London perspective. MTV, Internationally is music videos number one station therefore attracting a major audience would lead us to use this platform as its essential our abstract concepts of London life can be seen across the globe. Alternative British hip-hop is not commonly known for been presenting on such popular mainstream platforms
  4. 4. Advertising & Promoting Online Platforms SBTV& Link Up TV Online Platforms are generally the platforms we will use the most to advertise our music, as its free and in terms of gathering feedback from our audience, we can connect with our audience easier & faster to see their response. SBTV run my Jamal Edwards is the biggest media platform for the younger generation who streams a variety of music. I feel our music video will fit in well with the other genres of music as they show a range of UK talent Link Up TV is also a popular media outlet which the younger generation use, its similar to SBTV, both are streamed through YouTube which is the main stream due to its user friendly layout. The target audience of Link Up TV will be the same as SBTV.
  5. 5. Advertising & Promoting  Other Platforms I will also use twitter and Facebook to share my artist information as these social networking sites are popular amongst all generation giving us a wide audience and also giving out followers a chance to share our messages. Online Poster, Leafleting and Emails – will also be methods of disturbing. We will most likely be using virtual platforms are as they are dominated in targeting a mass audience with minimal expenses Advertising & Promoting