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Holistic Image Consulting Services on Appearance, Behaviour and Communication


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Optimize your appearance, behaviour and communication to achieve more of what is possible for yourself and for your life.

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Holistic Image Consulting Services on Appearance, Behaviour and Communication

  1. 1. empowering individuals for personal and professional development personal sessions . clinics . playshopskaren brunger, BHEc, AICI CIPinternational image consultant and trainer recipient of award of excellence past-president of Association of Image Consultants Internationalsystems and products in over 65 countriesco-author of Executive Image Power and Bushido Business tel: 905.303.8636 fax: 289.304.0558 toronto . canada
  2. 2. maximize your success quotient – enhance your appearance, behaviour and communicationInternational Image Institute,based in the Toronto area inCanada, was founded by personal sessionsPresident Karen Brunger, aninternationally renowned Image corporate playshopsConsultant and Trainer. career trainingWith an ongoing commitment tovalue and excellence, we at the & resourcesInternational Image Institutebring in-depth knowledge,broad experience and a holisticapproach to our services and Become who it’s possible for you to be,products. and create the life you want. We are happy to work with you!We create a safe environmentthat promotes and inspires youto be your absolute best.Whether it’s for an individual,organization or image www.imageinstitute.comprofessional, the result can be karenbrunger@imageinstitute.comstunning, resulting in a strongerpositioning in the marketplace, 34 rachelle courtan increase in opportunities, a vaughan . ontariodramatic increase in golden L4L 1A6 . canadaopportunities and a greatlyexpanded level of insight and tel 905.303.8636skills. fax 289.304.0558
  3. 3. welcome!Thank you for your interest in our personal sessions! We look forward to working withyou. Please let us know if you have any questions.Your consultation will be tailored for your needs based on your objectives. We willpresent consultation options to you based on your menu selections, your completedPersonal Image Assessment, and our telephone interview. We will develop strategiesand action plans to achieve your outcomes, and then work with you on theimplementation and follow-through.A consultation may take place in your home or office, our training center, or anotherplace that is mutually convenient. Gift Certificates are available.All the best,Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIPPresident contents Personal sessions 2 Personal session menu 3–4 Personal session packages and pricing 5 Playshops 6-8 Host a clinic 9 Specials 10 Client comments 11 - 12 About Karen 13 Products 14 - personal sessions page 1 of 15
  4. 4. personal sessions interview that can be conducted by our objective telephone or email.Many people are not being, doing, orhaving all that is possible. InternationalImage Institute empowers and enables step 2: program designpeople to move beyond limitations torecognize potential, embrace Your program is designed from a menupossibilities, and intensify personal of choices. You can set your ownpower. Whatever results you want to personal development agenda withaccomplish, we can help. timing and fees that work for you. You may choose from the Personal Sessions menu, or from the Playshops menu. We will also present our our sessions recommendations and plan of action based on your objectives and ourTogether with Karen, you will identify analysis.precisely what areas are priorities todevelop, and the tools and actionsrequired to facilitate change. As aholistic image consultant, she draws on step 3: program implementationa variety of models, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Energetic The program may involve analysis,Pattern Shifting. consulting, coaching, and referrals on Appearance, Behaviour, and Communications. step 1: needs analysis Relevant materials, such as colour swatches or workbooks may beYour consultation will be tailored to included as indicated in the programyour specific needs, and can involve menu, and are also available forAppearance, Behaviour, or purchase.Communications.Please ask us for the Personal Image For comprehensive and preimiumAssessment form. You are invited to sessions, a Personal Image Portfolio iscomplete this form and send it to us. included.This form is used in conjunction with personal sessions page 2 of 15
  5. 5. personal session menu image • Analysis and recommendations colour analysis: complete • Analysis of best colours, including undertone, season, and flow • Analysis and demonstration of “wow” colours • Colour swatch wallet of 36 fabric swatches colour analysis: basic • Analysis of best colours, including undertone, season, and flow style analysis • Analysis of best styles for body type, personality, lifestyle • Assessment of 3 outfits • Personal Image Workbook wardrobe analysis • Wardrobe audit and assessment • Wardrobe plan and strategies hair consultation • Hair Consultation with Master stylist Francesco Fontana. Fee is paid directly to salon and depends on work that is done makeup lesson $250 • Makeup lesson with Daniela, makeup artist for International Image Institute • The home visit includes an assessment of your current makeup situation • A makeup chart, instructions, and makeup purchase recommendations are left with you personal personal sessions page 3 of 15
  6. 6. • We help you acquire your wardrobe based on a wardrobe plan • You will take away strategies for how to shop on your own • Wardrobe workbook ‘energy shifting’ for personal change • Identify and transform life issues • Personal Development workbook dining & conversation tutorial • Host lunch in restaurant • Etiquette workbook etiquette tutorial • Coaching in manners, social interaction presentations coaching • Coaching on verbal and non-verbal communications for presentations, job interviews, meetings, interpersonal communications, etc. • Human Relations workbook or Power Presentations workbook personal presence & power coaching • Coaching and systems to increase self-awareness, personal growth, self- esteem, confidence, and leadership nutrition and wellness coaching 10 sessions $650 • Simona Stepancic, RNCP, RHN, will assess your requirements and be your coach for optimal wellness and vitality body work • A variety of body work specialists may be referred, including massage therapy, rolfing, reiki, etc. Fees vary cosmetic dentistry assessment: $50 • Dr. Susie Ang will assess your “optimal smile” requirements • The $50 assessment fee will be applied to any work personal sessions page 4 of 15
  7. 7. personal session packages and pricing Karen or another Intermediate Beginner Package Advanced Consultant Consultant Consultant Executive $495 $345 $195 90 minutes Fundamental $995 $695 $396 2 – 3 hours Comprehensive 4 – 6 hours $1995 $1,395 $795 host lunch, if required Premium Timing is arranged based on objectives. Special pricing Special pricing Special pricing Lunches or dinners are as requiredFees include materials; hst is not included.The fee is due 24 hours prior to the consultation. If a cancellation within 24 hours isnecessary, the fee can be applied to the re-booked consultation. Payment is bycheque, cash, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.Each package is bespoke, and designed to meet your specific personal sessions page 5 of 15
  8. 8. playshops Our playshops are enlightening, empowering, experiential, and outcome- based, and are conducted in an informal, relaxed setting. Enrolment is limited for maximum participation and coaching. You will be learning along with Image International Image Institute invites Consultants who are developing their skills you to play while you grow. and practicing their techniques. Playshops are typically conducted during October and November. Pre-registration is required. personal change to personal power Tap into your potential to create extraordinary results. Release blocks to increase energy and effectiveness. Achieve higher levels of productivity, success, satisfaction and well-being. 1 Day Fee: $355 + hst Personal Development Workbook included communications & interpersonal management Have you ever missed out on getting the outcome you require? Discover and develop your leadership for enhanced power, and use verbal and non-verbal communication to manage conflict and challenging situations. 1 Day Fee: $355 + hst Human Relations Workbook personal sessions page 6 of 15
  9. 9. power presentations Find out the secrets of great speakers and get the tools that will heighten your performance, increase your personal power and absolutely transform you into an unforgettable and riveting speaker. 2 Day Fee: $720 + hst Power Presentations book included social & business etiquette Are you minding your manners? Acquire the polish you need to increase your credibility and personal effectiveness as well as garner the respect you deserve in both professional and social situations. 1 Day Fee: $355 + hst Etiquette Workbook included dining etiquette If you have ever felt uncomfortable or wondered what was appropriate in a dining situation, this day is for you. Get tips to competently and confidently navigate the most complicated table setting and host or guest a power lunch. 1 Day Fee: $375 + hst Lunch included & optional personal sessions page 7 of 15
  10. 10. style & wardrobe for men Develop confidence in assessing menswear construction, styles and wardrobe. Dress men appropriately for body type, personality and lifestyle. Men can bring an outfit for assessment! 1 Day Fee: $349 + hst Grooming, makeup and wellness Get tips on grooming, aesthetics, and choosing products. Apply techniques to enhance facial shapes, features, and colouring. 1 Day Fee: $315 + hst Grooming & Wellness Workbook included business for the entrepreneur We focus on your needs for the day. Develop your identity package and promotional materials. Set marketing strategies to generate leads and turn prospects into clients. Get tips to set fees and create prosperity. 1 Day Fee: $419 + hst Business Workbook personal sessions page 8 of 15
  11. 11. host a clinic Personalize your own playshop! Invite 4 – 7 of your friends to a playshop in your place. The $595 fee is divided among the people attending, and the host is free. Each playshop is about 2 – 2.5 hours. Here are some ideas for playshops. You can also refer to the previous list for ideas. colour analysis Booklet. Optional: Wardrobe Workbook Discover your best colours for dining & conversation tutorial wardrobe, hair and makeup. Navigate even the most complicated Included: table setting with ease. Establish goodpersonal colour strip. table mannersOptional: personal colour swatch and get thewallet secrets of power dining. Practice style the art of conversation and Find your best styles for spoken courtesies. your body type, Included: Dining & Wining Booklet. personality, and Optional: Etiquette Workbook lifestyle. Included: Winning Image Booklet. shopping tutorial Optional: PersonalImage Workbook Get a hands-on results-oriented consultation with Karen. You will meet wardrobe at a mall, and Karen will guide you to the best Save time, money, and colours, styles, and energy with proven value. strategies for an effective, Limited to a total of 5 efficient, and dynamic people. wardrobe. Included: Winning personal sessions page 9 of 15
  12. 12. specials king or queen for a day colour analysis special Our group of image consultants-in- training, along with Karen, will spend for Women & Men the day empowering your image. consultation & swatches: $99 + hst As the King or Queen you will...• Meet at your home or in the training area of Karen’s centre• Experience the best colours and styles for your physical characteristics, personality & lifestyle.• Receive a wardrobe audit and be Call for your 1 hour appointment shown what is working and what is not. October, 2013• Get the tools and professional 9:30 – 4:30 advice to develop your personalized wardrobe plan and Location: Holiday Inn Yorkdale, strategies. Dufferin & #401, Toronto• Have a personal shopping session You will be analyzed during a Colour with Karen and her associates. Analysis Training• Have a lot of fun. • Makeup may not be worn. This is a personal consultation! • Tinted contact lenses may need to There is only 1 Queen or be removed. King per day • You will be invoiced prior to your Fee: $595 + hst consultation. A full day with Karen is regularly $1995 • Payment is required in personal sessions page 10 of 15
  13. 13. some words from our personal clients … “ “I cannot begin to tell youhow my life has changed as a result ofour consultation. I am getting morerespect personally and professionally, Tamara – Toronto, Ontario “Thank you for helping me through the growth I have experienced through [your sessions].” Laura – Toronto, Ontariomy sales volume has more thandoubled, and I have more confidence “There are no words to express myand joy.” gratitude for the most valuable and Norbert – Hamilton, Ontario healing session. It was wonderful and humbling! You are so special. God"Karen is warm, authentic and bless you!”powerful. She empowers me to be Angie – Virginiame." Lois Ferguson, President, “The session with you was most Malibu Consulting International productive. Thanks for introducing me Toronto, Ontario to this most effective source of personal growth/ enhancement.”"Open your mind to Karens unlimited Patty – Michiganinsight." Bridget Blake – Toronto, Ontario “Your lessons brought into fruition the purpose of my life! …Karen, thank you“You really changed the way I look at for creating such a wonderfulmyself! … You truly did save me! I will program.”be forever grateful.” Christine – Toronto, Ontario Francesca– Toronto, Ontario “I am inspired by your energy and“You have made me look at life in a enthusiasm… You were able to helptotally different perspective ….It has me overcome my fear of publicchanged me and made me work to speaking.”become the best person I can be. I Denise – Toronto, Ontarioam very grateful to have had thechance to meet you…. You have “I am encouraging my mother to givemade an impact on my life and for this you a call. You really helped me.I will never forget you. Thank you for Thank you!”everything.” Paul – Toronto, personal sessions page 11 of 15
  14. 14. “Thank you very much for the session “Thanks for all your care and attentionand all your help…. During my to details this past year! I have hadauditions I felt more sure of myself than many compliments. The funniest cameI have in years – thank you for from two students. ‘Wow!’, theybreaking the old pattern!” exclaimed. ‘The old bag could look Miho – Toronto, Ontario good!’ After shopping today, I decided your way was easier!”“I learned a great deal from my Janet – Toronto, Ontariosessions with you and feel lucky tohave found you.” “Thank you so much for helping me Marilyn – Toronto, Ontario out on the inside and the outside!” Janice – Toronto, Ontario“Thanks and thanks and thanks!” Barb – Toronto, Ontario “I actually spent less money this year shopping with you, than I did last year “I feel much more confident now that I shopping on my own. Yet last year Iknow my power colours, and I can’t tell had nothing to wear. This year I haveyou how much easier it is to shop, or high quality clothes that I never want toturn down cast-offs from friends.” take off, and something for every Liz – Toronto, Ontario need. Getting dressed is now a pleasure, rather than a chore.”“Thank you very much for sharing your Helen – Toronto, Ontariowarmth and providing clarity in my life.The awareness I now have has given “I got the job as a direct result of yourme comfort and strength to step on the interview coaching!”stepping stones I come across and to Peter – Toronto, Ontario“BE” the best person I can be.” ” Josephine – Toronto, Ontario “You really know your stuff! George – Toronto, personal sessions page 12 of 15
  15. 15. karen brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP recognize potential, embrace possibilities, and intensify your personal power ~ karen brungerKaren Brunger is Founder and President industry, and her systems and productsof the International Image Institute and are in 68 countries. As well as acrossPast-President of the Association of Canada and the USA, Karen has doneImage Consultants International (AICI). presentations in Mexico, DominicanShe is a recipient of the international Republic, United Kingdom, Japan,Award of Excellence and is Who’s Who Korea, China, Singapore and Australia.Canadian of the Year for 2009. Karenserved as AICI’s international VP Karen’s corporate clients include manyEducation for four years, where she was of Canada’s Fortune 500. Her privateresponsible for the standards of image clients have included executives,training worldwide. She is also a Past- entertainers, and politicians. She hasPresident of the Toronto chapter of AICI. collaborated with renowned leaders on image programs.Media-trained, and a regular guestexpert, Karen has appeared in most Karen is responsible for the Imagemajor print and broadcast media in Consulting Program at George BrownCanada, as well as in international College in Toronto, and has taught formedia. She is co-author of Executive numerous colleges. Karen is a graduatePower Image and Bushido Business and of the University of Manitoba, the Fashionis a contributing writer to Active Institute of Technology, and the Seasons’Magazine. Academy of Colour Analysis.A pioneer in the industry, Karen’s in- Karen is known for her holistic,depth knowledge and broad transformational, inspirational approach,experience spans more than 26 years. her dynamic, entertaining, funAs an image trainer, she has coached presentation style, and her open,some of the top consultants in the sharing, encouraging personal sessions page 13 of 14
  16. 16. productsHave a handy reminder of your ‘wow’ colours with any of the following personalizedpalettes. colour swatch wallet colour strip colour flag $34.00 $2.25 $75.00Each of these10 page bookletsis $6.00. 20 “I love my body” book co-authored book co-authored affirmation cards by Karen by Karen $4.00 $30.00 $ personal sessions page 14 of 15
  17. 17. You are invited to visit our webstore and download our Product List for completedescriptions. The following workbooks are used in our consultations, and are alsoavailable for purchase. self-assessment on 11 grooming, colour, style social, business &areas of image. $15.30 wardrobe. $20.50 dining. $28.80 what to expect in lifestyle and energy relationships &the world’s regions. $19.35 management. $18.25 communication. $24.10 preparing & delivering evaluate, plan, shop looking and feeling a presentation. $25.40 – women & men. $26.55 your best. $ personal sessions page 15 of 15