Corporate Training & HR Solutions


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Corporate Training & HR Solutions

  1. 1. TRAINING PROFILE Corporate Training, Coaching, Open House, Assessment Centre, HR Solutions, Experiential-Learning Solutions & more. Metamorphosis In- Corporate ______________________
  2. 2. Metamorphosis – Introduction: The dictionary defines Metamorphosis as a transformation, or a marked change in appearance, character, condition, or function and also, the emerging of an adult as in a butterfly from a caterpillar. Metamorphosis philosophy is taken ahead with the help of some seasoned Industry specialists. W h i li We have bbeen successfully conceptualizing and d li i f ll li i d delivering people & O l Organization i i development solutions. TRAINING TEAM: We have a team of NIS SPARTA Certified Trainers who are competent and have the skill to conduct a wide range of Behavioral & Soft Skills Training Program. They represent expertise from across industries and academic fields & are focused in developing solutions catering to diverse training needs. For every program, trainers work closely with our content developers to deliver the practical & measurable training solutions. Therefore, we work in partnership with your organization to enhance your training support system and improve the organizational processes. Our Training intervention does not end with the delivery of the module; we believe reorientation of any training intervention is the key to a long term association with our Clients.
  3. 3. OUR 6 STEP SOLUTIONING PHILOSOPHY  Step 1 Training Need Analysis Whenever our client approaches us for a solution we begin with validating the highlighted concerns solution, concerns. A research is conducted which could be by means of meeting the sample size of internal/ external customers or understanding the existing system. A detailed TNA report is then prepared which forms the core of the training/ HR Solutioning.  Step 2 Designing the Solution We then W th move t th stage of d i i th solution and ascertaining th f to the t f designing the l ti d t i i then from our b k t of basket f services to see what could meet the client expectations the best. After choosing the mode of solution a detailed step wise program/ solution outline is prepared and presented.  Step 3 Designing Customized Content Our Industry specialists then spend some time with the client and use their experience of years together to customize the content. This would mean d h h h ld designing specific HR solutions/ systems, role f l / l plays for class room training, simulations for experiential learning and more. Specific Learning aids like trainer presentations, participant workbooks / handouts, facilitator handbook, participant job-aids, session delivery outline and other material are created.
  4. 4.  Step 4 Trainer Certification Our trainers are then put through certifications where they are made to understand about the industry the client operates in, the concerns based on which solution is designed, the audience who are to attend the training and finally also allows that consistency is maintained throughout in case of a mass roll out out.  Step 5 Solution Delivery Our trainers and Consultants are then put on the task of delivery where learning by experience is initiated.  Step 6 Post Training Analysis In case desired, we are equipped to conduct post training analysis and even take on the coaching or train the trainer solutioning, to take the impact of the training program conducted, f h d h l k h f h d d further deep into the system.
  5. 5. Our Solution Basket: o The Class Room Erudition o O tb Outbound / Experiential Learning d E i ti l L i o Employee Engagement o Assessment / Development Centre o Others - Coaching Mentoring/ HR Solutions Coaching,
  6. 6. The Class Room Erudition Soft skills, Behavioral, Skill Based.  Complete Organizational Development / People Development Vertical Management  Annual Training Need Outsourcing g g  Training Need Analysis  Boot Camps  MDP – Management Development Programs  Open House Programs  Train the Trainer  Presentation Skills  Customer Orientation  Supervisory Skills  Superior Subordinate Relationship  Finance for Non Finance  Selling Skills  Campus to Corporate
  7. 7.  Village to Factory  Maintenance tools – 5S, Kaizen, Lean Management etc.  Wastage Management  WDP - Worker Development Program  Induction P f Performance M Management t  Coaching & Mentoring  The Art of Feedback  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People  Effective Communication  Voice & Accent Training  Accent Neutralization  Business Communication  Work Life Balance  Understanding Self & Others
  8. 8.  Psychometric Profiling  Competency Mapping  Self Rejuvenation through Introspection  Women Empowerment  Goal Setting  D i i Making Decision M ki  Stress Management  Time Management  Visual Merchandising  Self Promotion & Networking  Self Development  Personality Plus  Effective Business Writing  Rejuvenation through Yog j g g
  9. 9. Outbound / Experiential Learning Behavioral, Skill based at an inbound as well as outbound locations. We create simulations based on the learning to be extracted. This essentially entails usage of live props like walkie-talkies, maps, compass, Jungle locations, desert ambush, water bound activities like rafting, slithering, bridge dunking, mountain led terrains that initiate rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing and more.  Team Building  Leadership  Stretch Goals  Positive Attitude  Taking on Challenges  Superior Subordinate Relationship  Communication  Exceeding Self  The Desert escapade @ Dubai
  10. 10. Employee Engagement Services  TAB Profile attached or Just visit Assessment & Development Centre We are well equipped to handle Assessment and Development centre needs. Be it designing Simulations and Assessment matrix providing with Psychologists Assessors or matrix, Psychologists, HR Specialists. We could be a single window for solutions. Coaching & Mentoring  Performance Development Coaching  Attitudinal shift through One to One Coaching  Emotional Balance  Parenting  One to One coaching for relief for the employees’ family members on issues like: smoking, teenage issues, goal setting for children, managing mindsets.
  11. 11. HR Solutions  Under the HR Solutions category we offer:  Compensation and Benefits structure  Employee Benefits assessment  HR policy and processes formulation  Employee data management  HR Audits  Recruitment process outsourcing  Exit management  IR Issues  Benchmarking  Best Practices
  12. 12. THANK YOU & Phone: 9999997762 , 9999003719, 9999883719 Metamorphosis In- Corporate ______________________