California Friendly Landscape Makeover - Encinitas, California


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California Friendly Landscape Makeover - Encinitas, California

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California Friendly Landscape Makeover - Encinitas, California

  1. 1. Makeover Partners California Friendly Resources (760) 744-5240 • If you are considering a land- (760) 944-5777 • scape design, the following re- sources may assist you: California Friendly - Tips on Landscape Makeover 1-866-RENT-ECR • plant identification, watering, conservation and a new native plant hotline. Water Calculator at http:// 800-774-5296 • Site in to April determine the right watering schedule for 2005 your yard. Quail Botanical Gardens - Encinitas Demonstration Garden that offers landscape workshops. Contact (760) 436- 3036 or Water Conservation Garden - A (760) 436-6062 • huge demonstration garden with various J.M.D. Landscape, Inc. trails that educate on the use of mulch,(760)942-6496 • design concepts, drip irrigation, drought- tolerant plants and much more. Master Gardener Association - Visit Special Thanks to District or call Customers: Jack Krauss the hotline at (858) 694-2860 M-F from Evelyn Alemanni 9AM to 3 PM for free advice on plants, Dr. Madeliene Cosman pest control and maintenance. District Contact Information Gardening Periodicals, Newsletters Makeover Project Coordinator: Teresa Chase and Websites. (760) 632-4641 or Phase I—Demolition Completed May 2005 District Main Line (760) 753-6466 The Sunset Western Garden Book and other new and used books. Find information on landscape design, plant Visit our website for more information on the identification, irrigation systems, watering schedules makeover and the partners involved, as well as other and much more at : District projects, services and programs available to District customers.
  2. 2. Main Inside Heading California FriendlyThe Olivenhain Municipal Water District Board of Secondary Heading The project is being documented to provide guidance to Many peopleeros et accumsan et iusto at vero believe that a colorful, lush, and vibrantDirectors envisioned this project as a others who are ipsum dolor sit amet, consec- yard. Lorem designing or redesigning their garden needs lots of water. In praesent same ends odio dignissim qui blandit reality, theconservation demonstration to its constituents on tetuer adipiscing elit, sed diem Materials will be developed that will detail the steps can be achieved through the application of California luptatum zzril delenit au gue duishow to create a water-wise landscape. Since up to involved nonummy nibh euismodas functional and in a makeover, as well tincidunt ut friendly gardening principles, resulting in a 35- to 70- dolore te feugat nulla facilisi. Ut60% of residential water use occurs outdoors, the aestheticlacreet dolore magnashould not bevo- considerations that aliguam erat overlooked. percent enim ad savings. You can have almost any wisi water minim veniam, quisBoard changed the focus of conservation from lutpat. Ut wisis enim ad minim veniam, garden style you like and ullamcorper nostrud exerci taion still save water. Your garden The winner was selected in March and demolition of the consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat can be a beautiful oasis and significantly increase the suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex eninside the home to outside in 2004. original yard began inat vero North Coast Arborists, nulla facilisis April. eros et accumsan value of your home while savingte feugi- commodo consequat. Duis you money on yourBeginning in February, the District accepted Inc. removed a diseased Carrot Wood tree and et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit prae- water bill. per suscipit lobortis nisl ut facilisiapplications from customers interested in having surrounding brush, saving selected flowers the owner sent luptatum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit aliquip ex en commodo consequat.their yard transformed into a beautiful water-wise wished to transplant. District There are seven principles that have been used in amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con-retreat. The winning yard was within the staff assisted with the nibh euismod tincidunt traditional landscaping for years as separate or diem nonummy sectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diem pic- Caption describingparameters set by the District including being less removal ut lacreet dolore magna aliguam erat utilizing a backhoe partially combined principles. Xeriscape (pronounced ture or graphic. nonummy nibh euismod tinciduntthan 1500 sq ft, having a mixture of irrigation and dump truck provided by zeer-eh-scape) incorporates all of them into one volutpat. Ut wisis enim ad minim ve- ut lacreet dolore magna aliguamcomponents and a traditional design and also El Camino Rental. holistic method resulting in a unique landscaping niam, consequat, vel illum dolore eu erat volutpat.centrally located to act as a community approach that combines all the necessary elements to feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et ac- The patio, decorative wall achieve water conservation. When all sevendemonstration garden. cumsan. and walkway were not originally part of the makeover principles (planning and design, practical turf areas,District partners donated their time, resources and the owner hired a contractor separately. The hard mulches, efficient irrigation and hydrozones, soil Secondary Headingand specialized talents to educate the public on scape was completed June 7th. Next, the trees purchased analysis, appropriate plants and maintenance) are Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consec-the importance of designing an attractive yard that by Montgomery Watson Harza were planted by implemented correctly, the result is a significant tetuer adipiscing elit, sed diemwill meet a family’s North Coast Arborists, Inc. The irrigation system reduction in water consumption without the loss of nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt utneeds without donated by Hunter Industries, Inc. and Grangetto’s the beauty that landscapes provide. lacreet dolore magna aliguam erat vo-using a lot of Farm & Garden Supply will be installed by JMD lutpat. Ut wisis enim ad minim veniam, Inefficient irrigation is one of the most common areaswater, saving them Landscape, Inc on June 13th. Heaviland quis nostrud exerci tution ullamcorper of water waste. Over-watering can lead to nutrientmoney. Enterprises, Inc. will then install the plant material, the suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea depletion, stormwater pollution and slope damage. sod donated by Grangetto’s, and the amendments District Contact Information commodo consequat. Duis te feugi- Please see listProject Coordinator: Makeover on the back provided by Kellogg Garden Products. facilisi. Duis autem dolor in hendrerit in Teresa Chase of this brochure for 632-4641 or New porch, walkway and decorative (760) irriga- wall reduce the amount of turf in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, The San Diego County Water Agency and tion assistance re- the yard, add aesthetic appeal and welcome visitors. Best of all, they vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis Metropolitan Water District are supporting the pro- sources. use no water and require less maintenance than plant material. ject financially and MW Peltz & Associates provided the design for the project.