Greening Your Congregation - 40 ideas


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Greening Your Congregation - 40 ideas

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Greening Your Congregation - 40 ideas

  1. 1. Greening Your Congregation – 40 ideas Green Building, Grounds and Operations Ideas for CongregationsLighting Office Operations1. Form MN Energy Challenge Team! 8. Turn off computers & monitors when not in use- See _management2. Sign up for a Free Lighting Audit with the One-Stop Efficiency Shop to have a complete assessment of where 9. Buy recycled toner cartridges - Preferred Cartridges, Koto Amagashie, Preferred Cartridges 763-424-9280 , your congregation can save money and energy with more , efficient lighting, specific recommendations, referrals to contractors, low cost financing and follow up inspections. 10. Recycle office paper & bulletins Most congregations can pay for the improvements with 1 year’s worth of energy savings. call Kristen Funk 612-335- 11. Buy 100% Recycled Office Paper through group 3487. or Erik J. Ennen, 612-335-5823 purchasing each Spring and Fall with Eureka Recycling 651-222-7678 , Web site. 12. Stop receiving Junk Mail and faxes www.reduce.org3. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact 13. Ensure proper recycling of used computers and fluorescent bulbs. Bulk purchase of of Energy Star electronics. , CFLs available at Whole Energy & Hardware Rick Parris, 952-448-7488 Cleaning4. Switch your exit signs to LED lights. Available 14. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products– through and Alice’s Wonder Spray, Restore Products, 612.331.5979;5. Install motion sensors for lights in bathrooms H2 Orange 2 –disinfecting Call Eric Hagen 608-345-8827. Fundraising www.ourhouseworks.com6. Monitor your electricity use with the SenseDat Meter 608-251-4355 or the Kill A Watt Recycling/ Zero Waste/ Composting Meter Hennepin County Environmental Services Angie Timmons, 612-348-2477 (waste audits) Eureka! Recycling (waste audits) 651-222-7678 www.eurekarecycling.orgHeating and Cooling Kitchen7. Sign up for a comprehensive energy audit for your 15. Discontinue using Styrofoam and Plastic by building’s heating and cooling systems through Xcel using China, recycled paper or biodegradable, cups, ConservationWise For $200 a certified Xcel energy auditor plates, utensils, paper towels, toilet paper, & would visit your congregation and assess areas for potential garbage bags. energy savings both in terms of lighting and heating and cooling. , Low cost financing for energy improvement projects is also available. Call Xcel Business Solutions 1-800-481-4700 x 5 16. Compost food waste & grounds Email Web - and www.greenguardian.org8. Minnesota Retired Engineer Technical Assistance 17. Use non-phosphorus Dishwasher Soap - 802-658- Program (MN RETAP) provides free energy and waste audits 3773 for congregations using retired engineers 612-624-1300 18. Purchase Fair Trade Food and Coffee - , ,9. Centerpoint Energy energy audits mation/natural_energy_audit.asp 19. Replace old Refrigerators and Appliances -10. Recommissioning Program, for larger buildings, Martha Hewett determine pay back, financing and schedule for 612-335-5865 replacing old coolers and appliances with energy- star approved appliances Implement your building efficiency plans. index.cfm?c=small_business.sb_congregations Resources Compiled by the Alliance for Sustainability, Sean Gosiewski,. 612-331-1099 x 1 , , p.1
  2. 2. Landscaping for air & water Transportationquality 30. Organize a walk, bike, carpool to worship day and participate in the Team Challenge for the Metro Commuter20. Replace power mower w electric or reel to reel Challenge in May/June ww.metrotransit.org21. Avoid use of gas powered leaf blowers or edgers, 31. Organize an alternative commuter fair for church especially on ozone alert days members to consider alternative ways to get to work.22. Avoid using phosphorus & pesticides on lawns www.metrocommuterservices.org23. Convert some or all of the lawn to rain gardens 32. Get involved with neighborhood planning efforts for or native plantings bike and pedestrian friendly, transit oriented development24. Replace exotic plants (buckthorn) with natives Point down spouts away from paved surfaces 33. Encourage members of your congregation to pledge to26. Sweep sidewalks and parking lots buy a more efficient vehicle when they buy their next car27. Consider installing on-site storm water retention , Your congregation will receive a system, rain garden, native prairie $100 donation if a member of your congregation buys aMetro Blooms - Becky Rice, (651) 699-2426 high-quality, used hybrid-electric car through the Rain garden Workshops and , www.idealauto.orgtechnical assistance for Churches doing rain gardens Practice Eco Driving 34. Encourage members of your congregation to shop andMN Green Roofs Council Corrie Zoll, 612-423-2048 dine at local, sustainable independent businesses Blue Sky Guide is a wonderful coupon book andCity of Minneapolis Storm Water Management Paul fundraising idea for youth groups – they sell for $20 andChellsen, 612-673-2406 your cause earns $10 - Each fall enjoy Dine Fresh Dine Local - www.dinefreshdinelocal.comClean Air MN Metro Independent Businesses http://metroiba.orgMetro Watershed Partners www.cleanwatermn.orgRenewable Energy Capital Improvement Projects28. Sign up to purchase renewable wind power 35. When starting a capital improvement project use from your local utility. State wide programs see architects who know sustainable design Metro AIA MN www.aia- Congregations can participate in Xcel Energy’s Windsource Program call 1-800-481-4700 x 5 US Green Building Council –Accreditation with Center for Resource Solutions See Cuningham Group Architecture Brian Tempas, LEED Certified, 612-379-5543 Install solar panel on your building or assist with Center for Sustainable Building Research/ U of MN a neighborhood solar project. See Viragita Singh 612-625-3447 , , MN Sustainable Energy Info Center Building Guide Power Systems (did the PV solar systems LHB Rick Carter (612) 338-2029 x 6923 www.lhbcorp.comat St. Joan’s and Temple Israel) Ralph Jacobson, 612- Fair Trade Purchasing623-3246 www.ips-solar.comFreeNeRG (Solar Panel Lease) Gerardo Ruiz, 612- 36. Purchase, use and re-sell fair trade products including605-5228 Offers the first-of- coffee, palm branches, etc. , , www.lcppm.orgits-kind solar electricity leasing opportunity initiallylaunched to Minneapolis and St. Paul 37. Encourage use of local/ organic/ sustainable food, & vegetarian menus for congregational events.39. Buy Carbon Offsets - 38. Encourage members to support local sustainable farmers- arrange a food drop off Resources Compiled by the Alliance for Sustainability, Sean Gosiewski,. 612-331-1099 x 1 , , p.2
  3. 3. Worship & Ritual Shape Wise Public PoliciesPraying with Creation – Lectionary Prayers Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy in MN Pastor MarkDennis Ormseth, (651) 646-4096 Peters, 651-224-5499 State Policy – www.fresh-energy.orgcreation.htm , ,A Season of Creation www.cleanenergyminnesota.orgFor four Sundays in September we celebrate A Midwest Cap & Trade- www.gpisd.netSeason of Creation with Christ. National Policy – , , Support Members to Take Action at Home and at WorkForm an Energy Challenge Team Support families in your congregation to save money and energy and track theresults for your whole congregation. A free organizing tool kit is available on line fromNeely Crane Smith, 612-335-5852 & Toxicity Reduction Tool Kit for Congregations Gosiewski, 612-331-1099 x 1 This resource was created by Congregations Caringfor Creation (C3) and the Alliance for Sustainability. Information regarding waste and toxicity reduction was provided byHennepin County Environmental Services and Community POWER. This resource was created to assist congregationswith implementing a waste and toxicity reduction campaign. The tool kit includes: Introduction: Getting StartedCalendar of Activity Ideas Activity Ideas for Congregations, Adults, Teens and Children Special Event Ideas Trackingand Evaluation Tools Waste Reduction for Internal OperationsHealthy Homes, Healthy Congregations - Lynne Holman at (612) 230-3211, Healthy Legacy, Local Support NetworksCongregations Caring for Creation (C3) Down Town Cluster, Metro Clean Energy Resource Teams, ClarenceChapin 651-695-0982 cachaplin@mac.comAlliance for Sustainability/ Sustainable Community Action Network Sean Gosiewski,Program Director, 612-331-1099 Terry Gips, President 612-374-4765 terrr@afor.orgMetro Clean Energy Resource Team- Diana McKeown Metro CERTs NetworkCoordinator, The Green Institute 612-278-7125 dmckeown@greeninstitute.orgLutheran Earth keeping Network – Rev. Dennis Ormseth (651) 646-4096 dhotao@mninter.net Coalition for Public Policy in MN, Pastor Mark Peters, Pat Benson, Creation Care 612-224-5499 www.lcppm.orgCatholic Global Warming Action Team. Pat Benson, 612-224-5499 Resources Congregations Caring for Creation –• Natural Step Framework Trainings –• Interfaith Power and Light ,• Minnesota Environmental Partnership, MN – Fresh Energy• Web of Creation , Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life• EPAs energy guide for congregations• Earth Ministries – Greening Congregations handbook -• Union of Concerned Scientists- Center for a New American Dream –• Living Green Expo – , Sustainable Communities Network,• Eco Experience Permaculture Collaborative more information please contact:Alliance for Sustainability Terry Gips, President, 612-374-4765 terry@afors.orgSean Gosiewski, Program Dir. 612-331-1099 x 1 In the Hillel Center at the U of MN 1521 University Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 Resources Compiled by the Alliance for Sustainability, Sean Gosiewski,. 612-331-1099 x 1 , , p.3
  4. 4. Networking Opportunities Educational ResourcesC3 Fall Networking Gathering for Congregations Natural Step Framework SeminarsSunday. Sept 21 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm - Regularly scheduled seminars - www.afors.orgFirst Universalist Church,3400 Dupont Ave. So. Living Green Expo, May www.livinggreen.orgMinneapolis, MN 55408 (everyone welcome!)Come learn what other communities of faith are doing to care Eco Experience, State Fair www.ecoexperience.orgfor God’s Creation Poster Study CoursesDown Town Congregations Cluster - Low Carbon DietMetro Clean Energy Resource Teams Chapin 651-695-0982 - North West Earth Institute - Earth Ministries www.earthministry.orgNeighborhood Sustainability Conferences Educational FilmsFebruary, 2009 Sean Gosiewski, 612-331-1099 • An Inconvenient Truth • Kilowat Ours • The Great Warming • The End of Suburbia Opportunities- Alliance/ C3/ Hennepin County Waste Reduction Pilot Projects 612-331-1099 x 1 Community Power – Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Hennepin County – $1,000 Native Plant Grants for Restoration and Rain Garden Projects – contact Metro Blooms Free Recycling Bins Climate and Energy Partnerships a Creation Care Team in your Congregation• Many congregations in Minnesota have formed teams to sustain their environmental efforts from year to year. Visit and• Inform your congregation’s leaders of your interest and commitment, and encourage their involvement.• Develop a Congregational Action Plan in the area of: o Worship o Education – children, youth, adults o Buildings and Grounds o Discipleship at Home and Work o Public Ministry• Work with the appropriate committees to carry out the Plan.• Promote your identity as a congregation that cares for creation.• Meet regularly to follow the Action Plan and to develop new projects.• Consider a project to benefit the larger community.• Work to keep the life and activities of the Green Team active Resources Compiled by the Alliance for Sustainability, Sean Gosiewski,. 612-331-1099 x 1 , , p.4