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Connected world speaker presentation kore kenconnorkore june2013


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The world's largest M2M global network provider [850+customers]
Award winning M2M platform: PrismPro; 600+devices certified;
24/7/365 tech support; Single source multiple technologies; 7 consecutive years of profitable growth

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Connected world speaker presentation kore kenconnorkore june2013

  1. 1. Navigating the 2G to 3G Transition KORE
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to KORE – KORE Network Overview – PRiSMPro Platform • M2M Market Trends – Global M2M Deployments – 2G-3G Transition
  3. 3. KORE Overview • 10+ Years as Pure Play MVNO • Multiple Carrier Interconnections with Tier 1 Carriers • Award Winning Management Platform • Single Source – One Connection – One Contract – One Call for Support – One Invoice
  4. 4. The World’s Largest M2M Global Network Provider - 850+ Customers Award winning M2M Platform: PRiSMPro 600+ Devices Certified 24/7/365 Tech Support Single Source Multiple Technologies Fastest Path to Market for Network Services 7 Consecutive Years of Profitable Growth Average annual growth rate exceeding 30% Over 1.6 million M2M devices activated The KORE Difference
  5. 5. KORE’s Position in the M2M Value Chain Customer’s Network Secure VPN Firewall Patient 1 TeleHealth Remote Monitoring Mobile Monitoring In-home Fixed Device Monitoring Remote Monitoring 108 120 08 KORE PRiSMPro (Portal & API) Carrier Network KORE Network
  6. 6. • Single connection for multiple network services and technologies • Powered by tech leaders, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware • Self-healing, fully redundant network with 100% availability • Minimum of 2 geographically dispersed connections to each carrier partner’s Network Operations Center • Device states [Radius] service for real-time troubleshooting session and connectivity information • Geo-dispersed operations in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Sydney and Melbourne Network Overview Features & Benefits
  7. 7. KORE PRiSMPro – Our Connected Device Platform Network Service Interface • Single Connection to Multiple Technologies & Network Providers USA GSM Carrier USA CDMA Carrier Satellite Robust Platform • Multiple Technologies • Connections Maintained • Easily Extensible API • One Integration into Corporate IT Systems • Specialized for M2M • Version 5.0 Service Intelligence Database Provisioning (SAG) Engine SID: Internal Management CRM Devices Support Account Tickets Rates CDR Storage Billing Engine Mediation Charging Aggregation Invoicing Rating Reporting CAN GSM Carrier Int’l GSM Carrier
  8. 8. Summary dashboard Summary snapshot for an operational manager displays everything on the KORE Network, including: Data usage, billing period to date Data usage violation summary Inventory snapshot Device plans summary Trouble ticket summary Single view of all relevant data allows user to drill-down, take action as needed. KORE Telematics PRiSMPro
  9. 9. KORE Telematics PRiSMPro Threshold Monitoring Full detail view of data usage, per device - daily or month-to-date basis Set alerts for daily or monthly device data usage Select personnel to be alerted when a device has reached its threshold Use data usage information to make adjustments to future data rate plans, per device, as needed Limit exposure caused by rogue devices on the network Control data costs and minimize unexpected overage charges
  10. 10. Market Trends-Going Global • Domestic customers are recognizing there is great value to extend their brands to other markets • A domestic carrier “roaming” plan is not likely to be optimized to provide best coverage and best pricing • Often you will only be provided a flat fixed price/MB outside of the US • Even if you have coverage in the desired region do you know and have any control over who that roaming partner might be? • Are you on the Tier 1 carrier or Tier 3? You can be sure that the footprint will vary by carrier. • Depending upon your requirements you might be best served by either a global or a regional solution.
  11. 11. KORE GLOBAL CONNECT • Featuring GSM-based, cellular M2M communications services available in over 180 countries throughout the world and optional low-Earth satellite services enabling 100% global coverage • GSM Services Optimized for Connectivity in 180+ Countries with 400+ Carriers • Provisioned Natively to Activate On-demand 24/7/365 • Real-time Device Visibility • KORE Owned and Managed Customer Support Centers in North America and Australia
  12. 12. Global Flexibility with Tier 1 Operator Partners • Select the best price/ coverage option based on business requirements • Control costs by selecting Service Areas on a per device basis • Flexibility allows changes on individual device Service Areas any time • Benefit is flexibility and control and lower total cost of ownership
  13. 13. Global IntelliRate: Pay-Per-Use Plans without Commitment 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 DataUsage Price per MB – Adjusts Automatically - the More Data Used, the Less You Pay • Price calculated based on actual usage per device with automatic volume discounts • No overage • No contract per device, no minimum commitment • Accommodates seasonal spikes and exception events • More control and lower total cost of service delivery 0 kb 250 MB 1 GB1 MB
  14. 14. Market Trends: Transition from 2G-3G • Spectrum is limited to what each Operator has licensed from the FCC. Reallocation becomes necessary for the Operators to migrate customers to newer, faster and more efficient technology standards • In the case of AT&T, this requires a transition from 2G to 3G as they deploy LTE throughout North America • AT&T has announced that M2M customers utilizing their 2G GSM network must be transitioned by January 1, 2017 • AT&T has stopped allowing any new 2G devices to be certified on its network • AT&T is limiting spectrum to its 2G network and moving it to LTE between now and January 1, 2017
  15. 15. Transition Options • KORE has the most comprehensive set of 2G alternatives of any wireless data services operator in North America • Multiple options available through single partnership with KORE – Transition to 3G US GSM / CDMA (2G or 3G) / Other 2G North American Carriers • KORE is taking a leadership position and offering consulting and financial incentives to assist with a smooth transition • KORE has a device certification program to assist with the transition – Full voting seat on the PTCRB – 100% certification success rate with our carrier partners – 8 years of multiple network, multiple technology certifications – Dedicated team of experts who have a 100% success record across hundreds of certification projects – KORE has 940 device types and over 400 M2M module types that have been activated by customers on KORE carrier partner networks