Brighten up your work desk


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Brighten up your day at the office and give your desk the attention it deserves! It can improve your mood, motivation and productivity. A little TLC goes a long way...

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Brighten up your work desk

  1. 1. Brighten upyour DeskYour desk should be areflection of yourpersonality! Get someinspiration today.
  2. 2. We spend most of ourday at our desk! A large majority of your day is spent sitting ata desk and let’s be honest, it can get prettydull. Of course a clutter free environment isimportant so that you can focus better, but itdoesn’t hurt to customise your space. Hereare some great ideas to brighten up yourworking space…
  3. 3. Colourful Files@Nina Campbell Go out and buy some new, bright andcolourful box files that really reflect yourpersonality. This is a fab way to jazz upyour desk and add colour to your workenvironment. You could even make yourown: Simply take your old files and paperover them. Perhaps you could stickphotos of your friends and family overthem for an extra personal touch?
  4. 4. Keyboard Calling all slow typists! These fun quirkykeyboard stickers will encourage you to speedup! Available from stationary and computershops, these stickers work by covering theindividual keys to create a quirky design that issure to catch peoples eye. These designs arealso great for people with dyslexia.
  5. 5. Mouse Mat Often overlooked, the humble mouse matcan give your work environment the breatheof fresh air it has been asking for. Manybusinesses offer to personalise your mousemats with images: you could opt for a familyphoto or maybe even your favouritepainting?
  6. 6. Stapler@Tommy Fox I know I know its just a stapler! But there’ssome very cool staplers available and theyreally do add character to your desk. Checkout this variety of angry looking animals.Invest in this lion and your stapling device willdouble up as an ornament!
  7. 7. Desktop Games@Aliex Press A game of desktop basketball would spiceup your break time: Keep a variety ofgames in your desk drawer for thosemoments when you need a little fun in yourlife to break up the day. Why not startFriday tournaments with your colleagues?
  8. 8. Plants@Office Playground Forget potted plants, what you really need isyour very own desktop Zen garden. Staring atthis haven of peace all day, every day will aidyour spirituality and bring you inner peace.Not only that, it makes a great motivationaltool for your next holiday. So get your headdown and work towards that cheeky bonus!
  9. 9. Framed Photographs@ZifZif Fun photos of your family, friends or belovedpet really do personalise your desk. Thinkoutside the box though, nobody wants to seea snotty nosed toddler cramming ice creaminto his mouth every time they walk past yourdesk. Arrange around your zen garden for acool and quirky look.
  10. 10. Inspirational Quotes For some daily inspiration why not stick a fewquotes around your desk that really motivateyou? Whenever the workload gets too muchor you feel a little overwhelmed they will actas a reminder of how awesome you are andthe potential within. Amen.