What is outside your window?


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Windows can lead to beautiful sights, while framing a perfect scenic shot. We got together some pretty window shots.

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What is outside your window?

  1. 1. What’s Outside Your Window?
  2. 2. When you are cooped up in an office and shut away in akitchen, it is easy to forget to look outside. Windows are theportals to other worlds, they allow you the freedom to escape thefour walls and let your imagination run wild.Take a look at these incredible views and ask yourself, when wasthe last time I looked outside?
  3. 3. Hong Kong Central City HallFrom Hong Kong Central City Hall, a man surveys the landscape of themountain juxtaposed with sky rises and tower blocks.
  4. 4. Mountain Ranges From her window, a woman documents the incredible landscape from her house, situated in a remote mountain range in eastern Europe.
  5. 5. Wan Chai Glass WallA mother and son look out across Wan Chai, a metropolitan areasituated on the north shore of Hong Kong.
  6. 6. PyreneesFrom his bathroom window, aman can see the curves of thePyrenees, a famous mountainrange in southwest Europe thatforms the diving border betweenFrance and Spain.
  7. 7. VancouverIt’s cold outside in Vancouver as the snow falls on a Saturday morning.A thick blanket of white settles on the ground and icicles hang fromthe trees.