*SAMPLE* Conference Program


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Oversaw the execution of this conference for multiple years

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*SAMPLE* Conference Program

  1. 1. 2011 Presented  by: What’s  Art  Got  to  Do  With  It? The  value  of  arts  and  culture  in  our  economy  and  communities   September  20,  2011  –  11:45a.m.-­‐5:30p.m.     Eastern  Michigan  University  Student  Center                                                        TheArtsAlliance  -­‐  #ArtsConverge               The  Arts  Alliance
  2. 2. Thank  You  to  Our  Generous  Sponsors:     Gold               Silver         Bronze                Ann  Arbor  Women  Artists MEETING  WORKFORCE  DEVELOPMENT  NEEDS
  3. 3. Map   Gallery   Entrance Elevators Stairs  
  4. 4. Map   Student   Gallery Elevators Stairs  
  5. 5. Schedule   11:45  a.m.       Registration  &  Luncheon           Grand  Ballroom     Community  Artistry   Welcome  &  Opening  Remarks     Keynote  Address  –  Russell  Willis  Taylor           Resourcing  Your  Practice  as  an  Artist             12:25  p.m.           2:00-­‐3:00  p.m.     Breakout  Sessions  I                          200C     Exploring  the  Value  and  Use  of  the  Cultural  Data  Project                          Art  Gallery   Envisioning  a  Path  for  Your  Business:       Creative  Planning  for  Your  Artistic  Practice                                                    301         Engagement:  How  the  Heck  Do  I  Do  This  (With  Others)?                          320     Rethinking  the  Arts  Organization  Model:  Hybrid  Organizations                        330     Stay  Local  Market  Global  I  Panel  Discussion:  Detroit  Hustles  Smarter                 352       Arts  and  Healing:    The  Role  of  the  Arts  in  Healthcare                          350     3:00-­‐3:30  p.m.             3:30-­‐4:30  p.m.     Community  Networking,  Art  Viewing,  &  Poetry  Activity      Grand  Ballroom   Dessert,  snacks  and  light  refreshments  will  be  available   Breakout  Sessions  II                 The  Healing  Power  of  the  Arts:         An  Introduction  to  Creative  Arts  Therapies                            200C   Stay  Local  Market  Global  II:  Building  a  Real  Social  Network                          Art  Gallery     What  is  the  Value  of  Arts  &  Culture  in  Washtenaw  County?                          301   Top  10  How  To’s  as  an  Artist                                  320   Buy,  Rent,  Build  and/or  Renovate  Space                              330   ArtPrize  from  the  Artist's  Point  of  View                              352                          350           Crossing  Cultures  through  Cinema,  Poetry,  and  Travel     4:40  p.m.             Community  Artistry             Grand  Ballroom   Panel:  Changing  Landscape  of  Funding  in  Arts  &  Culture       Conference  Ends     Post-­‐Conference  Mix  &  Mingle  at  Corner  Brewery       5:30  p.m.       5:45p.m.                  720  Norris  St.  
  6. 6. Special  Conference  Notes   Community  Art  and  Poetry  Activity   Just   like   last   year,   we   have   art   presented   from   artists   across   Washtenaw   County.   These   artists   have   loaned   their   works   to   enhance   our   conference   experience.   You’ll   notice   time   has   been   set   aside  to  enjoy  their  work.  As  part  of  this,  we  encourage  you  to  interact  with  the  art  using  poetry.       I see strong lines that make me Please   take   a   few   minutes   to   observe   the   artwork   feel happy. presented   and   write   a   line   about   your   response   to   it.   No   Birds can be busy in the crisp praise   or   critiques.   There   is   no   right   or   wrong.   We   will   winter air. compile  your  lines  into  one  ekphrastic  poem.     Some  suggestions:  Use  language  that  takes  off  from  the  art,  describes  it,  or  talks  back  to  it.  Use   metaphor:  “The  snow  is  a  heavy  blanket  that  covers  the  city,”  or  simile:  “Fireflies  light  up  the  sky   like   sparks   from   a   campfire.”   Or   personification:   “The   swan   reads   bedtime   stories   to   its   young.”   Write  your  line  on  one  of  the  available  cards  next  to  the  works  and  drop  it  in  the  appropriate  box.       Post-­‐Conference  Mix  and  Mingle   Ever  feel  like  you  didn't  have  the  chance  to  catch  up   with   a   colleague,   catch   that   presenter   you   missed,   or   wanted   to   re-­‐cap   the   day's   learning   with   your   staff?   The   Arts   Alliance   has   reserved   space   at   the   Corner  Brewery  for  this  purpose  at  5:45  p.m.     Stay for   an   opportunity   to   share   your   impressions,   continue   conversations,  and  to  make  and  renew  acquaintances.  It’s  happy  hour   and  check  your  conference  packet  for  15%  off  menu  items.  The  Corner   Brewery   is   located   one   block   north   of   historic   Depot   Town   at   the   corner   of   Forest   and   Norris   (720   Norris   St.,   Ypsilanti).   You   can’t   miss   the  vintage  1969  Mercedes  Benz  Fire  Truck  out  front.     Just  5  minutes  east  of  campus,  turn  right  out  of  Student  Center  parking  on  to  Oakwood  St.,   another  right  onto  Huron  River  Dr.  at  the  stoplight,  follow  the  natural  curve  right  in  the  road,  and   turn  left  onto  Forest  Ave.  at  the  next  stoplight.  Note:  Map  below  is  NOT  to  scale. N  Huron  St Start N  Huron  St       ````````````````````````````````````     N  Adams  St     Oakwood  St. N  Huron  River  Dr E  Forest  Ave  
  7. 7. Conference  Program   Registration  &  Luncheon:                              11:45  a.m.           Grand  Ballroom                        12:25  p.m.     Grand  Ballroom     Welcome  &  Opening  Remarks:       Wendy  Wright,  Emcee,  WEMU             Poems  by  local  writer  Chelsea  Lonsdale       Susan  Froelich,  President,  Arts  Alliance       Ashley  Huff,  President,  AMPlifying  the  Arts,  EMU  Student  Organization   Lynne  Friman,  Board  Chair,  Arts  Alliance   Ken  Fischer,  President,  University  Musical  Society       Keynote  Address  –  Russell  Willis  Taylor:         This   keynote   by   Mrs.   Taylor,   President   and   CEO   of   National   Arts   Strategies,  will  talk  about  how  we  create  and  communicate  value  in   the  arts.              Providing  unique  or  highly  differentiated  value  is  a  powerful  market   strategy,   but   even   more   importantly   for   cultural   organizations   and   artists  it  is  our  reason  for  being.     If  we  do  not  provide  something  for   someone   that   no   one   else   can,   then   we   have   no   reason   to   exist.     This   is  not  to  say  that  there  will  be  no  duplication  in  our  efforts,  but  rather  to  assert  that  we  are  already   linked   to   our   communities   in   our   founding   and   that   strengthening   that   link   is   the   key   to   our   future.    We  are  in  the  business  of  relationships,  not  transactions.     “ .“   ” Russell   Willis   Taylor,   President   and   CEO   of   National   Arts   Strategies   since   January   2001,   has   extensive  senior  experience  in  strategic  business  planning,  financial  analysis  and  planning,  and  all   areas   of   operational   management.   Educated   in   England   and   America,   she   served   as   director   of   development  for  the  Chicago  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art  before  returning  to  England  in  1984  at   the   invitation   of   the   English   National   Opera   (ENO)   to   establish   the   Company's   first   fund-­‐raising   department.   During   this   time,   she   also   lectured   extensively   at   graduate   programs   of   arts   and   business  management  throughout  Britain.  From  1997  to  2001,  she  rejoined  the  ENO  as  executive   director.       Mrs.  Taylor  has  held  a  wide  range  of  managerial  and  board  posts  in  the  commercial  and  nonprofit   sectors  including  the  advertising  agency  DMBB;  head  of  corporate  relations  at  Stoll  Moss;  director   of  The  Arts  Foundation;  special  advisor  to  the  Heritage  Board,  Singapore;  chief  executive  of  Year  of   Opera  and  Music  Theatre  (1997);  judge  for  Creative  Britons;  and  lecturer  on  business  issues  and   arts  administration.  She  received  the  Garrett  Award  for  an  outstanding  contribution  to  the  arts  in   Britain,  the  only  American  to  be  recognized  in  this  way,  and  served  on  the  boards  of  A&B  (Arts  and   Business),  Cambridge  Arts  Theatre,  Arts  Research  Digest,  and  the  Society  of  London  Theatre.   Currently  serving  on  the  advisory  boards  of  The  University  Musical  Society  of  the  University  of   Michigan,  Salzburg  Global  Seminar  and  the  Center  for  Nonprofit  Excellence  in  Charlottesville,  Mrs.   Taylor  is  a  Fellow  of  the  Royal  Society  of  Arts.    
  8. 8. Conference  Program   Breakout  Sessions  I                   2:00-­‐3:00  p.m.   These  sessions  are  offered  concurrently  in  separate  rooms  &  are  selected  freely,  space  allowing.     Session  A  –  Resourcing  Your  Practice  as  an  Artist                              Room  200C   Presenter  –  Cézanne  J.  Charles,  Director  of  Creative  Industries,  ArtServe  Michigan   We  touch  on  the  variety  of  ways  to  fund  your  practice,  from  proposal  and  grant  writing,  to   donations/fiscal  sponsorships,  corporate  sponsorships,  professional  fees  for  services  (workshops,   presentations,  design,  teaching),  as  well  as  exhibition/commission  fees,  and  in-­‐kind  donations   (goods,  services,  barter).         So  what?  Explore  revenue  sources  and  learn  how  diversifying  them  can  keep  your  creative   practice  alive  and  healthy.   Session  B  –  Exploring  the  Value  and  Use  of  the  Cultural  Data  Project                    Student  Art  Gallery   Presenter  –  Jennifer  Hill,  Director  of  Special  Projects,  ArtServe  Michigan   The   CDP   is   an   emerging   national   model   for   data   collection   for   the   arts   and   cultural   sector.  It   provides  free  tools  to  easily  track  trends  over  time  and  compare  against  others.  Learn  what  it  has   revealed  about  the  impact  of  the  arts  in  other  communities  and  how  it  will  be  used  in  Michigan  to   demonstrate  the  value  of  arts  in  our  state.     So  what?  You  can  use  the  Cultural  Data  Project  to  help  make  the  case  for  the  value  of  your   arts  and  cultural  organization's  work.     Session  C  –  Envisioning  a  Path  for  Your  Business:             Room  301                  Creative  Planning  for  Your  Artistic  Practice   Presenter  –  Shannon  Beeman,  Intake  Business  Counselor,  MI  Small  Business  &  Technology   Development  Center   Join   us   to   discover   how   to   creatively   map   and   envision   your   artistic   practice   to   meet   its   full   potential.  In  this  session  we  will  discuss  the  five  elements  to  help  guide  your  practice  on  the  path   to   success.   One   of   the   cornerstones   of   a   successful   creative   practice   is   constant   learning   and   growth.     In   this   roundtable   discussion   we   will   focus   on   the   route   you   can   create   for   your   craft   through  envisioning,  planning,  and  executing  obtainable  goals  for  your  creative  practice.       So  what?  Learn  to  master  your  creative  practice  and  create  balance  between  the  business   world  and  the  artistic  world.       Session  D  –  Engagement:  How  the  Heck  Do  I  Do  This  (With  Others)?       Room  320   Presenter  –  Shoshana  Hurand,  LMSW,  Freelance  Community  Arts  Organizer   Though   new   terrain   can   be   scary,   this   session   will   explore   skills   and   opportunities   to   consider   when   reaching   out   to   new   communities,   audiences,   mentors   and   colleagues.   Whether   you   are   looking   to   promote   your   artwork,   engage   new   people   in   your   organization's   programing,   or   advocate   for   policy   change,   we   will   look   at   valuable   tools   for  and   explore   examples   of   engaging   new  networks.     So  what?  Get  tips,  ideas,  and  examples  for  engaging  new  audiences  and  communities.    
  9. 9. Conference  Program   Session  E  –  Rethinking  the  Arts  Organization  Model  for  Change  and  Advocacy:                       Room  330                  Hybrid  Organizations   Presenter  –  Philip  Lauri,  DETROIT  LIVES!,  L3C   For-­‐profit   entities   often   don't   value   or   pursue   community   organizing,   while   nonprofits   typically   rely   on   grant   and   foundation   money   which   can   be   unsustainable.   What   about   a   socially   driven   entity   that   is   itself   a   brand   and   enterprise?   This   discussion   will   talk   about   innovative   business   practices   through   such   an   organization-­‐-­‐   DETROIT   LIVES!,   L3C-­‐-­‐   that   can   help   you   to   realize   the   benefits  of  pursuing  that  middle  ground,  and  why  it  could  be  the  business  of  the  future.     So   what?   A   discussion   about   leveraging   the   flexibility   of   being   a   hybrid   organization   to   blend  practices  from  the  nonprofit  and  for-­‐profit  world  to  create  innovative  enterprise.       Session  F  –  Stay  Local  Market  Global  I  Panel  Discussion:  Detroit  Hustles  Smarter     Room  352   Moderator  –  Shawn  Neal,  Co-­‐Creator/Producer,  Groovebox  Studios,  GBS  Detroit   Presented  by  AMPlifying  the  Arts,  an  Eastern  Michigan  University  arts  management  student  group     This   panel   of   Detroit   based   creatives   will   explore   the   use   of   technology,   social   networking,   crowd-­‐ funding  and  real  life  personal  networking  to  sustain  their  projects  and  overcome  obstacles.       Douglas  Akers,  Film  Maker,  The  Legendary  Cobo     Jane  Fader,  Believe  in  the  G  (Also:  Director  of  TEDxDetroit  Studio)     Bruce  Giffin,  Freelance  Photographer,  2011  Kresge  Artist  Fellow  for,  "The  Face  of  Detroit”       Jerry  Paffendorf,  Founder,  Loveland  Technologies     Session  G  –  Arts  and  Healing:    The  Role  of  the  Arts  in  Healthcare         Room  350   Presenter  –  Elaine  Sims,  Director,  Gifts  of  Art  Program,  University  of  Michigan  Health  System   Learn   how   one   institution   has   been   incorporating   the   arts   in   the   experience   of   hospital   care   for   over   25   years,   and   how   the   arts   are   changing   the   look   and   feel   of   healthcare   around   the   world.   UM   Gifts   of   Art   has   been   recognized   as   a   Model   Program   by   the   National   Endowment   for   the   Arts   and   Director   Elaine   Sims   has   been   named   a   Distinguished   Fellow   by   the   Society   for   the   Arts   in   Healthcare,  an  organization  of  which  Gifts  of  Art  is  one  of  the  founding  members  and  Ms.  Sims  is   past  president.         So   what?   Attendees   will   leave   having   “seen”   and   “heard”   why   the   arts   can   be   such   a   powerful  experience  in  healthcare.      
  10. 10. Conference  Program   Community  Networking,  Art  Viewing  and  Poetry  Activity:     Dessert,  fruit  and  beverages  are  available.                           3:00-­‐3:30  p.m.      Grand  Ballroom   Use   this   time   to   connect   with   each   other,   presenters,   and   learn   more   about   our   sponsors.   Also,   please   take   a   few   minutes   to   observe   the   artwork   presented   and   write   a   line   about   your   response   to   it.   A   listing   of   the   artwork   and   artists   on   display   is   at   the   end   of   your   program.   No   praise   or   critiques.  There  is  also  no  right  or  wrong.  Some  questions  to  ask  yourself  to  help  you  out:     •  What  are  the  first  words  that  come  to  mind  when  you  look  at  this  artwork?   •  What  is  happening  in  this  artwork?  What  story  is  being  told?   •  Who  or  what  is  the  subject  of  the  artwork?  How  would  you  describe  them?   •  What  is  the  mood  of  the  artwork?  How  does  this  artwork  connect  with  you  personally?   •  What  sounds,  smells,  feelings,  or  tastes  could  you  associate  with  it?     Breakout  Sessions  II                 3:30-­‐4:30  p.m.   These  sessions  are  offered  concurrently  in  separate  rooms  &  are  selected  freely,  space  allowing.     Session  A  –  The  Healing  Power  of  the  Arts:                                  Room  200C   An  Introduction  to  Creative  Arts  Therapies   Presenter  –  Kristi  Davis,  Founder,  Creative  Spirit  Healing,  LLC   The  creative  arts  (drama,  art,  dance,  music,  writing,  poetry)  have  tremendous  value  in  the  realm  of   holistic   healing,   personal   growth,   and   positive   life   transformation.   By   accessing   the   right   brain   world   of   symbolism,   imagery,   emotions,   and   patterns,   the   arts   offer   powerful   methods   for   uncovering,  expressing,  and  transforming  beliefs,  memories,  thoughts,  and  emotions  that  may  be   hindering   our   lives.   The   mere   act   of   creating   has   been   shown   to   be   a   healing   force   in   and   of   itself.   Hear  inspiring  examples  of  healing  and  change,  experience  a  small  taste  for  yourself,  and  witness   one  drama  therapist’s  story  of  how  the  arts  have  changed  her  life  and  helped  her  help  others.       So  what?  People  will  takeaway  a  sense  of  the  extreme  power,  value,  and  importance  of  the   arts   in   helping   people   and   communities   to   heal   mentally,   emotionally,   physically,   and   spiritually.   Session  B  –  Stay  Local  Market  Global  II:  Building  a  Real  Social  Network                    Student  Art  Gallery   Presenter  –  Shawn  Neal,  Co-­‐Creator/Producer,  Groovebox  Studios,  GBS  Detroit   Presenter  –  Jeff  "fuzzy"  Wenzel,  Co-­‐Owner/Producer,  Groovebox  Studios,  GBS  Detroit   Most   creative   entrepreneurs   are   told   about   the   value   of   using   social   networking   to   build   a   base   of   support  for  their  project,  however  more  often  than  not  this  results  in  excessive  amounts  energy   being   spent   generating   "likes"   and   "follows",   but   very   little,   if   any   real   world   buy-­‐in   from   your   online   audience.   In   our   presentation   titled   "Building   a   REAL   Social   Network"   Shawn   Neal   will   be   discussing   how   GBS   Detroit   identified   and   built   a   massive,   real   world   network   of   musicians   and   their   fans   in   just   1   year,   and   how   it's   fostering   a   new   kind   of   Detroit   music   scene   by   becoming   the   match-­‐maker  between  artists  and  their  financial  backers.     So   what?   In   this   session,   you'll   learn   how   to   turn   your   online   support   group   into   a   wide   base  of  engaged,  paying  patrons  of  your  art.    
  11. 11. Conference  Program   Session  C  –  What  is  the  Value  of  Arts  &  Culture  in  Washtenaw  County?       Room  301   Presenter  –  Lynne  Friman,  Board  Chair,  Arts  Alliance;  Manager  of  Community  Relations  and   Marketing  Alliances,  Cultural  Alliance  of  Southeastern  Michigan   Share  your  insights,  ideas  and  experiences  on  how  arts  and  culture  plays  a  role  in  your  life  and   work.  What  do  you  need  to  enhance  your  experiences?  How  can  and  does  the  Arts  Alliance  play  a   role?  Join  the  Arts  Alliance  in  reflecting  on  Washtenaw  County’s  Cultural  Plan  and  discuss  next   steps.  (The  Cultural  Plan  was  a  collaborative  effort  of  local  leaders  and  thousands  of  grassroots   individuals  that  identified  challenges  and  the  actions  to  address  them.)     So  what?  Your  ideas  will  become  part  of  immediate  actions  to  be  taken  by  the  Arts  Alliance   and  contribute  to  our  ongoing  strategic  plans.     Session  D  –  Top  10  How  To’s  as  an  Artist               Room  320   Presenter  –  Rick  DeTroyer,  Metal  Sculpture,  Rick’s  Iron  Art   Presenter  –  Paul  Hickman,  Paul  M  Hickman  +  Urban  Ashes     10   steps   that   are   very   helpful   in   establishing   yourself   as   an   artist   and   your   creative   practice.   Through   sharing   lessons   learned   and   open   discussion,   join   us   to   discover   something   new   about   being  a  working  artist.     So  what?  What  YOU  can  do  today  to  make  yourself  an  artist?     Session  E  –  Buy,  Rent,  Build  and/or  Renovate  Space           Room  330   Presenter  –  David  Esau,  AIA,  LEED  AP,  Cornerstone  Design   Whether   you're   completing   a   painting,   presenting   a   drama,   or   researching   a   grant   opportunity,   one   thing   you   or   your   cultural   organization   needs   is   space   to   do   your   work.    For   most   people,   that   means   a   rare   foray   into   the   world   of   commercial   realty   and/or   construction.     We'll   help   you   understand  how  this  world  works,  what  some  of  the  potential  pitfalls  are,  how  long  it  might  take,   and  what  it  might  cost.         So  what?  Learn  how  to  obtain  the  space  you  need  so  you  can  fulfill  your  mission  and  create   your  art.   Session  F  –  ArtPrize  from  the  Artist's  Point  of  View             Room  352   Presenter  –  Margaret  Parker,  Margaret  Parker  Studio   Following  three  projects  of  mine  through  the  ArtPrize  experience,  I'll  talk  about  how  the  last  two   years   of   showing   there   have   affected   my   work.   Because   the   internet   is   a   central   thread   to   this   exhibition,   I'll   demonstrate   the   submission   process   as   well   as   my   Kickstarter   fundraising   project,   another  internet  driven  support  system,  that  was  needed  to  pay  for  last  year's  entry.  The  3  week   event  has  a  life  of  it's  own  and  I  stayed  for  1  week  with  a  Grand  Rapids  family  to  meet  other  artists   and  see  art  work,  observe  public  reaction  to  my  piece,  and  get  to  know  the  people  of  Grand  Rapids   who   put   on   this   amazing   event.   Exhibiting   in   this   major   show   in   our   state   has   helped   my   work   grow  in  scope,  quality  and  professionalism.     So  what?  ArtPrize  has  brought  national  and  international  attention  to  Michigan  as  an  art   destination  and  brings  tremendous  rewards  to  artists,  communities  and  the  state.    
  12. 12. Conference  Program   Session  G  –  Crossing  Cultures  through  Cinema,  Poetry,  and  Travel       Room  350   Presenter  –  Saleem  Peeradina,  Local  Poet     Presenter  –  Jen  Letherer,  MFA,  Assistant  Professor,  The  Department  of  Communication  and  Media,   Spring  Arbor  University   Travel  is  one  means  of  immersing  oneself  in  other  spaces  and  experiences.  Additionally,  literature,   music,   food,   movies,   theatre,   provide   ways   of   encountering   new   worlds   and   learning   about   things   unfamiliar  to  us.     So  what?  To  learn  how  to  become  a  "world  citizen."     Travel  Time:                       4:30-­‐4:40  p.m.                                  4:40  p.m.    Grand  Ballroom     Community  Artistry:     Laszlo  Slomovits,  Local  Musician               Chris  Lord,  Local  Poet   Laszlo   will   perform   poems   related   to   the   conference   theme.   Additionally,   we’ll   hear   some   lines   from  the  community  poetry  activity  earlier  in  the  day,  read  by  local  poet  Chris  Lord.     The  Changing  Landscape  of  Funding  in  Arts  and  Culture:         Panel  Discussion     Moderator  –  Deb  Polich,  President/CEO  of  Artrain,  Inc.       Casey  Granton,  Director  of  Development,  Purple  Rose  Theatre     Neel   Hajra,   Chief   Operating   Officer   &   VP   for   Community   Investment,   Ann   Arbor   Area   Community  Foundation     Jennifer  Hill,  Director  of  Special  Projects,  ArtServe  Michigan     Maud  Lyon,  Executive  Director,  Cultural  Alliance  of  Southeastern  Michigan       Conference  Ends                                      5:30  p.m.   Post-­‐Conference  Mix  &  Mingle  at  Corner  Brewery                            5:45  p.m.     Space   has   been   set-­‐aside   at   this   local   watering   hole   so   conference   attendees   have   an   opportunity   to   continue   networking   in   an   informal   setting.   Corner   Brewery   is   located   at   720   Norris   St.,   Ypsilanti,   just   five   minutes   away.   They   have   a   full   menu   and   drinks   at   happy   hour   prices.   See   directions   at   the   beginning   of   this   program.   You   can   find   a   coupon   for   15%   food   items   in   your   conference  packet.    
  13. 13. Biographies   Session  Presenters  &  Panelists       Douglas  Akers’  mother  was  a  Bluegrass  musician  who  taught  him  guitar  at  a   young  age  and  helped  spur  his  passion  to  write  and  perform.  By  his  teenage   years,  he  began  a  long  involvement  in  the  Detroit  music  scene  that  has  lasted   ever  since.  As  a  member  of  his  high  school  yearbook  staff,  he  developed  a   lifelong  love  of  photography  and  continues  to  apply  those  skills  today  as  a   filmmaker.  Possessing  a  wide  range  of  technical  and  artistic  skills  in  both  music   and  visual  arts,  Doug  has  worn  the  hat  of  nearly  every  position  involved  with   film  production.  Website:  thelegendarycobo.com  |  Twitter:  @thedouglasakers     Shannon  Beeman  is  a  Business  Consultant  with  the  Michigan  Small  Business  &   Technology  Development  Center  of  Washtenaw  Community  College  where  she   provides   consulting   services   on   all   aspects   of   business.     In   2004   Shannon   graduated   Cum   Laude   from   Kendall   College   of   Art   &   Design.     Currently   she   is   working  to  complete  her  MBA  through  Walsh  College.       Cézanne  J.  Charles  is  Director  of  Creative  Industries  at  ArtServe  Michigan,   directing  the  policies  and  programs  that  support  individual  creative   practitioners.  Aimed  at  demonstrating  the  innovative  capacities  of  individual   artists  and  creative  practitioners,  programs  reach  statewide  to  promote,   connect  and  support  the  many  artists,  designers,  and  designer-­‐makers  working   at  the  forefront  of  their  respective  disciplines  within  the  state.  Charles,  an  artist   and  curator,  joined  ArtServe  Michigan  in  2008.     Kristi   Davis   founded   Creative   Spirit   Healing,   LLC   which   utilizes   creative   arts   therapies  and  holistic  health  education,  holds  an  M.A.  in  Transpersonal  Drama   Therapy  Studies  and  Psychoneuroimmunology,  is  a  Registered  Drama  Therapist   candidate,  and  a  member  of  both  the  National  Association  for  Drama  Therapy   and  the  Society  for  the  Arts  in  Healthcare.     Rick  DeTroyer  –  Growing  up  on  a  farm,  I  learned  to  create  using  what  materials   I   had   available   to   me.     As   an   adult,   I   taught   others   the   skills   needed   to   help   them   find   their   own   careers.     Now,   I   make   what   I   like,   sometimes   using   things   I   find   that   others   have   left   behind.     This   gives   me   the   freedom   and   power   to   change  my  surroundings  as  I  experience  new  ideas.    Nature  has  always  been  my   playground.    From  the  childhood  forts  in  our  woods,  to  walks  with  my  girls  at   our  camp,  an  idea  can  linger  in  my  mind  for  years  or  jump  right  into  my  studio   as  emotions  and  objects  coach  each  other  for  a  position  in  a  piece  of  my  work.      
  14. 14. Biographies   David   Esau,   AIA,   LEED   AP,   is   a   principal   in   Ann   Arbor   architecture   firm   Cornerstone   Design,   and   a   founding   board   member   of   the   Arts   Alliance.    His   extensive   nonprofit   client   list   includes   the   Ann   Arbor   Hands-­‐On   Museum,   Avalon  Housing,  the  Shelter  Association,  and  the  Washtenaw  County  Chapter  of   the  American  Red  Cross.       Jane   Fader   works,   through   critical   writing   and   performances   in   video   and   photography,   to   expose   and   unburden   the   details   and   rituals   of   sexual   interaction  that  have  no  name.  For  reasons  between  passion  and  desperation,   she   devotes   the   remaining   hours   to   providing   communication   and   marketing   services   to   artists,   art   organizations   and   adult   novelty   distributors   around   the   Metro   Detroit   area.   Jane   Fader   holds   an   MA   in   communication   from   Wayne   State   University   where   she   wrote   her   thesis   on   visibility   and   female   sexual   pleasure,   and   directed   an   internationally   screened   and   awarded   documentary   about   female   ejaculation   and   the   way   that   knowledge   of   this   sexual   response   is     produced.    Website:  janefader.com  |  Twitter:  @janefader   .   Lynne   Friman   has   spent   30   years   in   the   cultural   field   focusing   on   project   development,   project   management,   strategic   planning,   design   of   museum   exhibitions   and   working   with   community   arts   organizations;   the   past   10   years   through   her   business   Envisions   Design,   Ltd.   located   in   Pittsfield   Township.     Active  in  the  region,  she  is  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  the  Arts  Alliance,  chaired   Pittsfield   Township’s   first   Cultural   Planning   Process   and   sits   on   the   board   of   the   Saline   Arts   &   Culture   Committee.   Currently   Lynne   consults   with   the   Cultural   Alliance   of   Southeastern   Michigan   as   Manager   of   Community   Relations   and   Strategic   Alliances.   She   is   leading   Grand  Valley  State  University’s  Gallery  Program  through  a  strategic  planning  process  and  designed   the   recently   opened   Monroe   Labor   History   Museum.   Lynne   was   project   Manager   for   the   high   profile   reinstallation   of   the   Detroit   Institute   of   Arts   and   University   of   Michigan’s   Installation   Projects.  She  is  the  former  Director  of  Facility  Development  and  Experience  Design  at  the  Henry   Ford,  President  of  the  National  Association  of  Museum  Exhibition  (NAME)  and  Board  Member  of   the  American  Association  of  Museums  (AAM).     Bruce   Giffin   –   Painfully   self   taught   freelance   photographer   with   25   years   experience   in   the   Detroit   area   with   an   all   consuming   passion   for   still   photography.  I  recently  won  the  Kresge  Artist  Fellowship  for  2011  for  my  “The   Face   of   Detroit”   project   which   is   represented   by   the   website   below.   I   love   what   I  do.  I’m  rich  in  ways  money  can’t  buy!                              thefaceofdetroit.com            
  15. 15. Biographies   Casey   Granton   –   After   teaching   at   Wayne   State   University,   Casey   went   on   to   MCACA   as   a   grantsmaker   working   in   education,   programs,   capital   projects,   economic   development,   strategic   planning,   and   operational   support.   On   the   other   side   of   the   “philanthropic   table,”   she   was   Director   of   Development   at   the   Detroit   Zoological   Society   and   the   Henry   Ford   Estate.   For   the   last   five   years,   she   has   been   happily   ensconced   as   Development   Director   of   the   Purple   Rose   Theatre.         Neel   Hajra   is   the   Chief   Operating   Officer   and   Vice   President   for   Community   Investment   at   the   Ann   Arbor   Area   Community   Foundation.   Prior   to   joining   AAACF,   he   was   the   CEO   at   Nonprofit   Enterprise   at   Work.   He   also   teaches   a   graduate   course   on   nonprofit   policy   and   management   at   the   University   of   Michigan’s  Ford  School  of  Public  Policy.           Paul  Hickman  has  a  broad  31  year  career  in  the  decorative,  scenic  and  graphic   arts.  Beginning  at  15  as  a  billboard  painter,  he  now  draws  on  every  skill  he  has   ever   learned   as   an   artist,   designer,   painter,   fabricator   and   sales   person   to   continually  expand  his  art  +  design  services  company,  Paul  M  Hickman  Inc.  His   latest   ventures   include   Urban   Ashes   –   fine   furniture   and   picture   frames   made   from  urban  salvaged  wood  as  well  as  his  bi-­‐monthly  salon  fundraiser,  featuring   his  work  along  with  a  guest  artist  and  live  music.   Jennifer  Hill  serves  as  Director  of  Special  Projects  for  ArtServe  Michigan.    At  the   Ruth  Mott  Foundation  (2005-­‐2009)  in  Flint,  she  managed  grants  with  30+   organizations  for  placemaking,  health  promotion  and  the  arts.    Before  moving   to  Michigan,  she  helped  to  start  three  nonprofits  in  Massachusetts.    Ms.  Hill  has   a  master’s  from  the  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology  and  BA  from   Barnard  College.     Shoshana  Hurand   –   Trained   as   a   community   organizer,   Shoshana   has   spent   the   better   part   of   the   last   decade   on   film   sets,   in   art   studios,   and   on   laptops   in   coffee  shops.  She  was  the  Co-­‐Founder  and  Co-­‐Director  of  FestiFools  with  Mark   Tucker,   the   Associate   Director   of   Project   Community   (one   of   the   nation’s   oldest   service-­‐learning  programs),  and  a  Producer  on  the  2010  Sundance-­‐selected  film,   “Bilal’s   Stand.”   Shoshana   received   her   Bachelor   of   Arts   and   Master   of   Social   Work   degrees   from   the   University   of   Michigan.   She   currently   freelances   as   a   community   arts   organizer,  with  projects  including  coordination  of  the  2011  Art  Walk  of  Washtenaw  County.      
  16. 16. Biographies   Philip  Lauri  is  the  founder  and  director  of  the  social  brand  Detroit  Lives!,  L3C.     While   honing   his   craft   in   creative   marketing   in   Chicago   and   Portland,   Detroit   kept   calling   from   afar.     Established   in   2009,   DL!   combines   multimedia   development   and   entrepreneurship   to   construct   a   more   positive   image   of   Detroit.    The  company’s  work  includes  an  iconic  clothing  line,  filmmaking,  public   art  and  editorial  content  via  their  website  detroitlives.org.         Jen   Letherer   is   a   filmmaker,   director   and   teacher   from   Hudson,   Michigan.    At   Spring   Arbor   University,   she   teaches   film   studies,   writing,   and   drama,   and   is   involved  in  the  University’s  Cross  Cultural  Program.  She  has  recently  completed   a   short   film   called   Derelicts   and   is   planning   to   take   18   students   to   India   for   a   Cross  Cultural  Experience  in  January  2012.     Maud   Lyon   leads   the   Cultural   Alliance   of   Southeastern   Michigan   (CASM),   a   regional   professional   association   of   nonprofit   arts   and   culture   organizations   covering  seven  counties  in  southeastern  Michigan.    The  Cultural  Alliance  helps   more   than   120   member   organizations   to   thrive   and   to   be   sustainable   community   assets   -­‐   providing   professional   development   opportunities   for   staff,   connecting   the   arts   sector   to   funding   opportunities   and   regional   initiatives,   marketing   arts   and   culture   to   diverse   audiences   and   fostering   innovative   collaborations   to   increase   capacity.     Maud   has   been   a   leader   in   the   Detroit   region   since   1990,   as   Director   of   the   Detroit   Historical   Museum,   Executive   Director  of  The  City  of  Detroit’s  300th  anniversary,  Senior  Vice  President  of  the  Detroit  Symphony   Orchestra,   and   as   a   private   consultant,   serving   the   Arab   American   National   Museum,   Detroit   Riverfront   Conservancy,   The   Kresge   Foundation   and   other   clients.   Prior   to   coming   to   Detroit   in   1987,  Maud  was  a  curator  in  history  museums  in  Michigan,  Louisiana,  Iowa,  and  New  York.    She   holds   a   bachelor’s   degree   in   history   from   Cornell   University   and   a   masters   in   historical   museum   administration  from  the  State  University  of  New  York.  She  is  married  to  David  Tarrant,  with  one   son.       Shawn   Neal   is   the   co-­‐creator   and   producer   of   Groovebox   Studios   and   GBS   Detroit,   a   new   music   and   media   platform   designed   to   serve   the   needs   of   the   areas   independent   musicians   in   this   ever   changing   music   business.  Shawn  has  also  been  a  performer  in  various  independent  music   projects   including   "The   Sugar   People"   and   most   recently   worked   as   a   Solutions  Consultant  at  Apple,  inc.      
  17. 17. Biographies   Jerry  Paffendorf  is  an  American  mutt  living  and  working  in  lovely  and  inspiring   Detroit,   Michigan.   He's   also   an   artist,   futurist,   entrepreneur,   and   swell   guy   pouring  love  into  LOVELAND  Technologies  (makeloveland.com),  the  Imagination   Station  (facethestation.com),  and  related  efforts  to  connect  the  internets,  maps,   fundraising,   and   storytelling   to   the   making   of   good,   new,   and   often   surprising   things.   After   dropping   out   of   high   school   and   earning   a   BFA   in   New   Jersey,   Jerry   Paffendorf   moved   to   Portland   to   make   art,   and   then   followed   his   emerging   interest  in  emerging  technology  to  the  University  of  Houston-­‐Clear  Lake  where   he  earned  a  Masters  of  Science  in  Studies  of  the  Future.  From  there  he  got  busy  as  a  futurist  and   internet   creative,   first   working   with   the   nonprofit   Acceleration   Studies   Foundation   in   LA,   and   then   joining   a   startup   based   in   DC   called   the   Electric   Sheep   Company   where   he   began   making   and   studying  new  experiences  in  3D  virtual  worlds.  Next  he  co-­‐founded  Wello  Horld  in  Brooklyn  where   he  helped  invent  the  coolest  realtime  social  internet  software  you've  never  heard  of.  That  venture   capital-­‐fueled   adventure   ended,   appropriately,   in   San   Francisco.   Always   building   on   past   experience,   lifelong   passions,   and   a   sense   of   where   the   web   is   going,   in   early   2009   Jerry   moved   to   Detroit  because  his  "spider  senses  were  tingling"  with  the  opportunity  to  help  weave  a  collective   internet  experience  into  the  fabric  and  regrowth  of  a  great  American  city.     Margaret  Parker's  work  explores  the  role  of  individuals  in  contemporary  issues   through  large  woven  installations.  Shown  nationally  and  internationally,  it  is  in   the   collections   of   the   United   States   Capitol,   the   State   Department   Art   Bank,   the   Maine   Maritime   Academy,   University   of   Michigan   Rackham   Graduate   School   and  many  private  collections.         Saleem   Peeradina   is   the   author   of   First   Offence   (Newground,   1980),   Group   Portrait   (OUP,   1992),   Meditations   on   Desire   (Ridgeway   Press,   2003),   and   Slow   Dance  (Ridgeway  Press,  2010).  He  edited  Contemporary  Indian  Poetry  in  English   (Macmillan,   1972),   one   of   the   most   widely   used   texts   in   courses   on   South   Asian   literature.  The  Ocean  in  My  Yard,  his  prose  memoir,  was  published  by  Penguin   Books,  in  2005.  Peeradina  has  given  readings  all  over  the  world.  He  was  writer-­‐ in-­‐residence  at  American  College,  Madurai,  India;  Lenoir-­‐Rhyne  College,  NC;  and   the   Chelsea   Public   Library,   MI.   He   is   Associate   Professor   of   English   at   Siena   …….Heights  University,  Adrian,  Michigan.     Elaine  Sims  is  the  Director  of  the  University  of  Michigan  Health  System’s   Gifts  of  Art  program  and  past  president  of  the  Society  for  the  Arts  in   Healthcare.    She  is  a  member  of  the  Ann  Arbor  Commission  for  Art  in  Public   Places.          
  18. 18. Biographies   Jeff   "fuzzy"   Wenzel   likes   to   make   records.   Website:  fuzzywenzel.com  |   gbsdetroit.com  |  Twitter:  @fuzzywenzel  @gbsdetroit                                                              Performers     Chelsea   Lonsdale   is   an   undergraduate   student   in   the   English   Department  at   Eastern   Michigan   University   and   is   fairly  new   to  the   local   poetry   scene.   She   recently   self-­‐published   a   chapbook   titled   "From   the   Mouth  of  a  Mother,"  and  keeps  a  blog  under  the  same  name.  She  has   also   been   featured   on  indieink.org,   and   been   published   in   Washtenaw   Community  College's  "Blood  Orange"  and  the  Huron  River  Review.  She  is   a   managing   editor   for   EM_Journal,   an   online   journal   that   highlights   student   writing   across   the   curriculum.  Chelsea  is  heavily  involved  with  the  Women's  Resource  Center  at  EMU  as  the  Family   Resource   Coordinator   and   has   a   4   year   old   daughter.   She   aims   to   study   how   the   literary   arts   preserve  sociocultural  values.  You  can  follow  her  writing  at  nashifeet.blogspot.com.   Chris   Lord’s   poetry   has   appeared   in   numerous   publications   and   won   places   in   several  competitions.  She  founded  Word’n  Woman  Press  in  March  of  2007  and   edited  and  published  the  Writers  Reading  at  Sweetwaters  anthology.  Chris  was   also   editor   of   the   four   on-­‐line   issues   of   Bear   River   Review,   and   is   honored   to   be   chief   editor   and   publisher   of   Bear   River   Writers   Respond   to   War,   and   the   newly   released   2008-­‐2009   Bear   River   Review.   Her   chapbook   Field   Guide   to   Luck   was   published   by   Pudding   House   Publications   in   2007.   Chris   co-­‐hosted   the   popular   monthly  series  “Writers  Reading  at  Sweetwaters”  from  October  of  2006  to  June  of  2010  and  has   recorded  poetry  readings  for  internet  radio.  She  read  her  poem  “O  Art”  advocating  funding  for  the   arts  to  legislators  in  Lansing  and  artists  at  the  first  Arts  Alliance  conference  in  2009.   Laszlo  ("Laz")  Slomovits  is  one  of  the  twin  brothers  in  Ann  Arbor's  nationally   known   children's   music   duo   Gemini.   Laz   tours   throughout   North   America   with  his  brother,  playing  folk  music  for  children  and  families,  in  concert  halls,   festivals,   community   centers   and   elementary   schools.   A   fine   singer   and   multi-­‐instrumentalist,   he's   also   an   award-­‐winning   songwriter;   a   number   of   his   songs   are   featured   in   songbooks   music   teachers   use   throughout   the   country.   For   more   information   about   this   music   for   children,   please   visit  GeminiChildrensMusic.com.  In  addition  to  his  music  for  children,  Laz  has  also  set  to  music  the   poetry   of   many   American   poets,   from   Emily   Dickinson   to   Robert   Frost,   as   well   as   contemporary   poets  such  as  Naomi  Shihab  Nye,  and  Michigan  poets  Nancy  Baker  Faith  Heers,  Jennifer  Burd  and   Linda  Nemec  Foster.  In  his  work  with  poetry  Laz  is  best  known  for  the  five  CDs  he's  recorded  of  the   poetry  of  Rumi  and  Hafiz,  13th  and  14th  Century  Sufi  Mystics  in  translations  by  Coleman  Barks  and   Daniel   Ladinsky.   For   more   information   about   these   recordings,   please   visit  PoetryIntoSong.com.  
  19. 19. Art  Exhibit     Jane  Coates  (jacoart@svcglobal.net)   Laces,  40”x30”,  oil,  $700   Lighthouse,  Manistee,  Michigan,  48”x24”,   oil,  $700     Larry  Cressman  (larrycre@umich.edu)   Floater,  33”x33”,  2D  mixed  media,  NFS     Gail  Dapogny,  (gdapogny@umich.edu)   Platter,  16”  in  diameter,  stoneware,  $65     Rick  DeTroyer,  (rick@ricksironart.com)   Wind  Machine,  metal  and  old  cylinder   cap,  3’x12”x11”,  $200   Spiral  Ring,  metal  and  old  oxygen  cylinder,   6’x28”x23”,  $2,800     Carol  Furtado  (cfurtado2@gmail.com)     Poncho,  fiber-­‐black  silk  seersucker  ,  one   size    $160   Kimona  Jacket,  fiber-­‐blue  “fans”  silk,  one   size,  $240   Purple  Silk  Chiffon  Shawl,  nuno  felt,  25"x   90",  $190   Black  Silk  "Ribbon"  Scarf,  nuno  felt  13"x   65",  $145     Helga  Haller  (helgahaller35@gmail.com)     Land  Shapes  I,  acrylic,  23”x29”,  $1,000   Land  Shapes  III,  acrylic,  18”x20”,  $800     Sahba  La’al  (sahla@umich.edu)   Pomegranate,  22"x21.5",  mixed  media,   $275   Untitled,  30"x24",  mixed  media,  $300     Edith  Maynard  (734-­‐662-­‐9856)   What  Now?,  watercolor,  33”x19”,  $400.     Robin  Mendenhall  (RSVisuals@aol.com)   Bugs,  mixed  media,  21"x25",  NFS     Janice  Milhem,  (janice@milhemimages.com)   Ramadan,  digital  print,  20”x30”  framed,   $375   Milt,  digital  print,  20”x30”  framed,  $375     I.B.  Remsen,  (iremsen@wccnet.edu)   Vase,  stoneware,  NFS   Serving  Bowl,  stoneware,  NFS     Tom  Rosenbaum,  (rosenbaum@provide.net)   White  Tara  I,  acrylic/collage  print,   17"x24",  $120   White  Tara  II,  acrylic/collage  print,   17"x24",  $120     Anne  Rubin  (arubinag@wccnet.org)   Song  of  the  Whee-­‐ooo  Bird,  8”x4”x5”,   bronze,  $1,000     Katie  Rubin  (kt_rubin@yahoo.com)   Putting  Together  Memory,  multiple   intaglio  prints,  48”x22”,  $850   Working  It’s  Way  Into  Consciousness,   multiple  intaglio  prints,  38”x22”,  $550     Marty  Walker  (martywalk@aol.com)   Blue  Bowl  with  Flowers,  20”x25”,  pastel,   $325   Hayrolls  II,  17”x20”,  pastel,  $275     Ellen  Wilt,  (ellenwilt@aol.com)     Underneath,  30"x40",  graphite,  cold   press  illustration  board,  watercolor,  NFS      
  20. 20. Conference  Volunteers   If  you  see  these  individuals,  thank  them  for  their  contribution  to  this  event!     AMPlifying  the  Arts,  EMU  Student  Organization  Planning  Team   Ashley  Huff,  President   Alexander  Marr,  Vice  President   Heather  Mapstone,  Event  Planner   Susan  B.  Booth,  Advisor,  Professor  of  Arts  Administration         Arts  Experience  Committee   Chris  Lord,  Writer   Rachel  Parke   Katherine  Willson,  President,  Ann  Arbor  Women  Artists     Board  Program  Committee   Greta  Brunschwyler,  Executive  Director,  Leslie  Science  and  Nature  Center   Lynne  Friman,  Manager  of  Community  Relations  and  Marketing  Alliances,  Cultural  Alliance  of   Southeastern  Michigan   Donald  Harrison,  Executive  Director,  Ann  Arbor  Film  Festival     Theresa  Reid,  Executive  Director,  Arts  Engine   Leslie  Sobel,  Milan  Arts  Center/Independent  Artist     Hospitality  and  Networking  Committee   Daniel  Madaj,  Administrative  Specialist,  University  of  Michigan  Exhibit  Museum  of  Natural  History   Omari  Rush,  Education  Manager,  University  Musical  Society     Program  Committee   Shary  Brown,  Cultural  Citizen   Barbara  Melnik  Carson,  AAWA  exhibits  chair  and  WCA  membership  chair   Mark  Ducker,  Producer/Director,  Wild  Rose  Pictures,  LLC   Shoshana  Hurand,  LMSW,  Freelance  Community  Arts  Organizer     Promotion  Committee   Janice  Milhem,  Janice  Milhem  Images,  Inc.   David  Wolber,  Artistic  Director,  Performance  Network  Theatre   Event  Volunteers   Julie   Brewer   (AMP),   Debra   Dykeman   (AMP),   Helga   Haller,   Richard   Ingram,     Claire   McLaughlin,   Ali   Miller   (AMP),   Janice   Milhem,   Armeka   Nelson   (AMP),     Katherine  Oppermann  (AMP),  Tom  Rosenbaum,  Loreta  Schafer,  &  Derrich  Weber  (AMP).        
  21. 21. The  Arts  Alliance   The   Arts   Alliance   provides   and   promotes   leadership   that   creates   opportunities   for   artists   and   cultural  organizations  to  stimulate  economic  development  and  build  strong  vibrant  communities   in  our  region.   Board  of  Directors     Lynne  Friman,  Chair   Manager  of  Community  Relations  and     Marketing  Alliances,  Cultural  Alliance  of     Southeastern  Michigan     Britany  Affolter-­‐Caine,  Ph.  D.   Ann  Arbor  SPARK     Donald  Harrison   Ann  Arbor  Film  Festival     Mary  Kerr   Ann  Arbor  Area  Convention  &  Visitors  Bureau     Theresa  Reid   Arts  Engine     Leslie  Sobel   Milan  Arts  Center/Independent  Artist   Debra  Polich,  Vice-­‐Chair   Artrain,  Inc.     David  Esau,  Secretary   Cornerstone  Design     Roxana  Overdier,  CPA,  Treasurer   Weidmayer,  Schneider,  &  Raham,  P.C.     Melissa  Milton-­‐Pung,  Immediate  Past  Chair   Washtenaw  County  Office  of  Economic   Development  &  Energy       Staff   Susan  Froelich,  President   Justin  Fenwick,  Community  Outreach  Manager   John  W.  Hill,  Ph.D.,  Website  Assistant   Cindy  Johnson,  Operations,  Finance,  and  Grants  Coordinator   Shoshana  Hurand,  Art  Walk  Coordinator   Sandra  Xenakis,  Art  Meets  Business  Director     Special  Thanks  to:                                   Arts  Management  and  Administration  Program             202  East  Huron  Street   Suite  202   Ann  Arbor,  MI  48104   734.213.2733   info@a3arts.org   www.a3arts.org     Ypsilanti  Convention  and  Visitors  Bureau…