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Key strategies that lead to job success in India


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On October 20th, I have delivered this presentation to the Indian students who will be graduating from Manchester Business School in January 2017 and will be looking for career opportunities in India.

The webinar consisted of an hour wherein at the end of the presentation another 15 minutes were given to the audience for question and answer which ended with some interesting perspectives.

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Key strategies that lead to job success in India

  1. 1. Key strategies every Indian student should know Presented by Joydeb Chakraborty Thursday 20th October 2016
  2. 2. • Introduction • What are the steps you need to take in order to find a suitable job • Where do you find the information you need?
  3. 3. • Joydeb Chakraborty chakraborty-151ba712 • Studied Master’s degree in Leeds • Work experience at Halifax Bank of Scotland (UK) • Currently National Relationship Manager at Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd (Mumbai)
  4. 4. • Building on an excellent international education • Practical advice about returning to work in the Indian market • The current trends in jobs and industry in the Indian market • Tips and helpful information sources
  5. 5. Unrealistic salary expectations Constant job hopping Status quo issue
  6. 6. • The cultural difference • The salary structure • Long working hours
  7. 7. Practical experience often includes specialised modules Home of English – communication skills with practical experience International lifestyle / culture with a platform to make friends from other countries Technical knowledge, managerial ability, cross-cultural- experience and strategic international understanding It helps to broaden your horizon in terms of critical thinking- (Evolve, confidence, creative)
  8. 8.  Strong communication & presentation skills  Excellent team player  Organisational skills  An ability to cope under pressure
  9. 9. Heavy UK accent ( Unless it is the job requirement) Less attentive, un-excited, stressed Don't make superficial answers but must give the genuine reasons if asked about the choice of UK and return to India. Unrealistic expectations about the role, salary. Comparing the lifestyle of UK with India / Criticism
  10. 10. Visual element to your social media profile LinkedIn content- keep the goal and target in mind Customised profile with updated contact details Profile summary – interesting, compelling & short title
  11. 11. • The CV structure (Customisation with every job application) • Covering Letter (Keywords from the JD, and matching with skills)
  12. 12. • Save the job description (clear understanding of the job role is a must) • Be prepared to wait for 3-4 weeks • Follow up
  13. 13. “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” - Albert Einstein
  14. 14. Summary • The job market is hot and there is a war of talent in the current market. • International degree- What it brings to the table • If your profile visibility is interesting, you will get a call.
  15. 15. Questions?