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Culture has a tremendous impact on people and organisations, and it is up to you to make sure that this impact is positive. You simply cannot escape culture; it is a part of each and everyone of us. Every nation and every organization has its own unique culture. The members of itim help you optimise your operations in a diverse world.

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Itim International, The Expert in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture

  1. 1. Recommended Commercial Partner of Geert Hofstede ENABLING GLOBAL EFFECTIVENESS CulturalSolution provider
  2. 2. GLOBAL EFFECTIVENESS THROUGH CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION In our 29 years of business we have assisted over 5000 organisations and tens of thousands of individuals in incorporating cultural thinking into their management repertoire. Every year we assist over 200 organisations in using cultural know-how to: ++ Manage their workforce better, ++ Successfully select and enter new markets ++ Integrate acquired businesses and know-how ++ Prepare for change. We do this with our highly skilled and motivated network of accredited itim Consultants. In addition, due to our global presence, you can build on our ability to support you wherever you go with both our specialised in-depth knowledge of your business and local market and adaptation strategies. We enable you to go beyond national cultural awareness, measure the impact of organisational culture and visualise the role culture has in helping or hindering your business. For those of you who are interested in a global work field after corporate life, we offer an inspiring global network where you can utilise what you have learned as an accredited practitioner. Contact us today for a free introductory meeting or visit the and www. webpages for more information. With kind regards, Egbert Schram Managing Director itim International Performance depends on the fit between strategy and culture. First you need to know where you want to go, but where you want to go has to fit with your culture. Itim International is my preferred partner for enabling your organisation to use culture as a business enabler Professor Geert Hofstede “ “ Recommended Commercial Partner of Geert Hofstede
  3. 3. Is everything going well in your organisation? Recommended commercial partner of Professor Geert Hofstede
  4. 4. Organisational Culture Intercultural Management Are you truly capitalising on the cultural diversity in your organisation? 75% of mergers fail due to cultural differences. Do you want your acquisitions to work? TAKE CULTURE INTO CONSIDERATION
  5. 5. CULTURE AS A STRATEGIC ASSET Culturehasatremendousimpactonpeopleandorganisations,and it is up to you to make sure that this impact is positive.You simply cannot escape culture; it is a part of each and everyone of us. Every nationandeveryorganisation hasitsownuniqueculture. SOPHISTICATED TOOLS With our unique tools, the result of more than 29 years of ongoing researchandexperience,itimInternationalwillincreasetheefficacy of your organisation by giving its members the ability to adapt and effectivelydealwithchallenginginterculturalsituations. OUR NETWORK OF CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS The members of our network help you optimise your operations in a diverse world. Itim International Consultants are trained and certifiedbytheHofstedeCentreand areaccomplishedprofessionals in their respective fields, including, but not limited to: marketing, HR,communications,salesandmanagement. Wehelpcompaniesthroughchallenges,forexample,byoptimising offshoring, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and in dealing with intercultural management from legal, marketing and business perspectives. WHAT WE BELIEVE IN ITIM INTERNATIONAL Train the members of your organisation in recognising and understanding cultural situations and give them the tools to deal with them effectively. Towards an optimised organisation Apply Attune Integrate sensitise build competence align strategy Inventory of national culture, organisational culture and individual competence.
  6. 6. itim International, Experts in National and Organisational Culture Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and more to come Cultural Dimensions: Hofstede 6-D Model Cultural Dimensions represent independent preferences for one state of affairs over others that distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other. Culture Clusters and Diagrams Descriptive combination of the relative values across the first four dimensions. Cultural Compass Survey assessing your cultural preferences based on Hofstede’s 6-D Model. Makes you aware of potential cultural pitfalls and increases your effectiveness in dealing with people from a chosen country. Available as a web-survey or mobile application. Our fully integrated tool helps you achieve your organisationaltargetsbyaligningyourorganisational culturewithyourstrategy,basedonHofstede’sModel on Organisational Culture and Change, it consists of: Quick Scan Measures your organisational culture with an online survey from a selection of members of your organisation. Levers for Change Provides concrete suggestions for indirect organisational change to help you move from your current culture to your optimal culture. Executive Match 360 Assessesthemanagementteamofyourorganisation to make sure the culture of the management team supports your strategy. Hofstede Multi-focus Model INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT TOOLSORGANISATIONAL CULTURE TOOLS LOCALOFFICESIN: ITIM INTERNATIONAL TOOLS CULTURAL SERVICE IN ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE AND INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT From who you are towards who you want to be
  7. 7. “ “Utilise cultural competence to turn your organisation’s increased diversityintoastrategicadvantage. ITIM NETWORK Itim Consultants are people who believe in the necessity of creating cultural competence. We are highly selective so that we can ensure that each member will fulfil the needs of our clients by having the best consultants for your organisation. The people who join us all have outstanding cultural knowledge, a wide variety of experience of both working and living internationally and a strong record of consulting experiences and skills. ITIM INTERNATIONAL: A WORLDWIDE NETWORK OF EXPERT CONSULTANTS THE ITIM NETWORK ITIM CONSULTANTS: ++ Have high standards of professionalism and intercultural empathy ++ Possess strong didactical skills and are able to generate creative, innovative and practical ideas ++ Are fluent in several languages, both written and verbally ++ Have lived and worked in at least two countries outside of their home country ++ Have strong commercial skills In addition to these basic requirements, we also value personal attributes such as integrity, openness, sensitivity and a strong sense of initiative. Itim Consultants are a unique blend of consultant, trainer, coach and sales professional. Get to know itim International Consultants Consult their profiles on our website
  8. 8. ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: ALIGN YOUR CULTURE WITH YOUR STRATEGY INCREASE PRODUCTIVITYTHROUGH CULTURE ALIGN YOUR ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE WITH YOUR STRATEGY Organisational Culture is defined as “the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one organisation from others.” The Organisational Cultural Model (further developed by Bob Waisfisz in collaboration with Geert Hofstede) consists of six autonomous dimensions or variables and two semi-autonomous dimensions: ++ Means-oriented vs. Goal-oriented ++ Internally driven vs. Externally driven ++ Easygoing work discipline vs. Strict work discipline ++ Local vs. Professional ++ Open system vs. Closed system ++ Employee-oriented vs.Work-oriented ++ Degree of acceptance of leadership style ++ Degree of identification with your organisation The Dimensions enable a tangible alignment of Organisational Culture and Strategy. HOFSTEDEMULTI-FOCUSMODEL Intake Data Collection Workshop 1 Define Optimal Scores Workshop 2 Discussion Report Workshop 3 & Executive Match Indirect Change Direct change Decision Change or not ? Change Strategy Report Adaptation? The Multi-focus Model was developed by the Hofstede Centre and itim International ITIM‘S PROCESS TO ANALYSE YOUR ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: ++ Measures the current culture of your organisation, based on Hofstede‘s Model on Organisational Culture, through an online scan and/or in-depth interviews ++ Defines your optimal culture with the help of your itim consultants ++ Implements change by using a selection of highly sophisticated tools to verify the results ++ Allows you to see your achievements by remeasuring the culture TARGET With itim International make your organisation: ++ More innovative ++ Cost-efficient ++ Trusted ++ Secure ++ Professional ++ Responsible ++ ..and 200 other targets You can use culture and cultural differences as your strategic advantage. NEW! Learn more about the Organisational Culture Model with our application
  9. 9. HOFSTEDE MULTI-FOCUS MODEL PROJECT START Meet and set a target (week 1) Meet your itim Consultant to discuss your project: ++ How many subcultures does your organisation have? ++ Has there been a major change in the organisation (M&As, layoffs, reorganisations, financial difficulties)? ++ Define who will take part in the culture scan and the upcoming workshop. Quick Scan Survey (week 2-3) Over a period of two weeks selected managers and employees will be asked to fill out an online survey which takes about half an hour. Some of the managers will fill out another survey about the background of the organisation. FIRST WORKSHOP Educate (week 4) In half-day workshops your itim Consultant will present the model to your managementteamandletyoudefineyouroptimalscores.Theworkshopcanbe repeated for different subcultures, such as departments or different locations. SECOND WORKSHOP Gap analysis (week 5) See whether your culture enables or hinders your strategy.Your itimConsultant explains the consequences of your culture in this workshop. Choose what, how and if you want to change. CHANGING Implement change (1-2 years) If you decide to implement change, your itim Consultant can assist you by: ++ Fostering indirect change through Levers for Changetm ++ Encouraging direct change through the Executive Match 360tm REASSESS Measure (After 2 years) After approximately two years, repeat the culture scan and see if you have achieved your optimal culture. Consider whether the defined optimal culture still supports your strategy. Repeat the process if needed. STEP1(2 Months) ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT STEP 2(Over 2 years)
  10. 10. CULTURE INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES ITIM INTERNATIONAL PROVIDES COMPANIESWITHTHE COMPETENCE NEEDEDTO OPTIMISE PERFORMANCESWORLDWIDE MAKE CULTURE A STRATEGIC ASSET Due to increasing internationalisation, businesses realise that intercultural competence is a key factor in getting things done when crossing cultural borders. Itim International gives you the know-how and competence to optimise these differences. Our approach is based on extensive research into national values and practices worldwide at the core of which lies the work of Professor Geert Hofstede. He has developed a 6-dimensional model which maps cultural differences in a unique and powerful manner. ITIM INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS With their years of diverse professional experience, itim International Consultants provide a unique blend of competencies to help your organisation. With their vast range of knowledge and experience, itim consultants provide services such as: ++ Management consulting ++ Tailor-made company programs ++ Workshops ++ Country specific management briefings ++ Cultural diagnostics ++ E-learning ++ Open seminars PROFESSOR GEERT HOFSTEDE Geert Hofstede is one of the most cited scholars in the world and is listed in the Wall Street Journal Ranking of theTop 20 most influential management thinkers. The work of itim International is rooted in and carries on the research of Geert Hofstede. We are the commercially endorsed partner of Prof. Hofstede. THE DIMENSIONS OF NATIONAL CULTURE Cultural Dimensions represent independent preferences for one state of affairs over others that distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other. ++ Power Distance (PDI) ++ Individualism (IDV) ++ Masculinity (MAS) ++ Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) ++ Pragmatism (PRA) ++ Indulgence (IVR) 1 FOSTER Build awareness of the cultural dynamics in business 2 EVALUATE Investigate systems and processes to identify where culture blocks and enables 4 ADAPT & BUILD Culturally appropriate systems 3 INCORPORATE New behaviour and processes that are culturally adaptable Consulting Process CONSULTANCY PROCESS: FROM AWARENESS TO BUILDING SYSTEMS THAT WORK FOR YOUR ORGANISATION Recognise cultural situations, understand them and use our tools to deal with them effectively.
  11. 11. INTERCULTURAL MANAGEMENT SEMINARS UTILISE CULTURAL COMPETENCETOTURNYOUR ORGANISATION’S INCREASED DIVERSITY INTO A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Cultural competence and global effectiveness (2 days) Recognise the implications of cultural differences in a your daily operations in order to anticipate cultural issues, manage difficult situations, recognise the impact and influence of culture on your organisation and develop strategies to benefit from cultural differences. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness seminar gives you the tools to recognise situations in which culture is involved and increase your effectiveness when working in or with different cultures.This seminar will help you optimise your daily work practices in intercultural con- texts. During the seminar you will learn how to use a practical ‘tool’, the Hofstede Model of National Culture, also called the 6-D model. Using the 6-D model you will be able to anticipate and develop strategies to cope with cultural differences. Cultural Competence and Global Effectiveness builds intercultural competence through addressing practical subjects such as negotiations, meetings, communication, planning, managementandleadership.Thisseminarcombinesyourownexperiencesandchallenges with the Hofstede Model of National Culture. These relevant case studies and examples make the seminar very practical and immediately applicable to your workplace to ensure a lasting impact. Each participant will assess their own individual intercultural skills in order to build upon this new knowledge. The seminar further develops participants’ cultural competencies. Culture specific and targeted (2 -5 days) seminars can focus on different topics. For example, they will prepare the participants to cooperate and get the most out of interactions with people from a specific country or region. Furthermore, these seminars will allow them to get the most out of international activities by addressing specific topics such as culture and project management, marketing, sales, education and virtual teams. Examples of specialised courses: ++ Leading and Managing Across Cultures ++ GlobalVirtual Management ++ Leading and Managing in Russia ++ HR Manager in China, Russia... Culture specific and targeted (2 -5 days) “ I still consider your seminar one of the best ones I ever participated in. You gave excellent insight on how your home and company culture influence your leadership style and how this results in a match between your-self and the company, or a mismatch. “ Cultural sensitivity and awareness (1 day)
  12. 12. PDI IDV MAS UAI PRA IND Find your way across cultures AN INSIGHT INTO CULTURE The purpose of the survey is to make you aware of potential cultural difficulties and to increase your effectiveness when dealing with people from your country of interest. MOST ACCURATE ADVICE This survey will measure your personal score on Hofstede’s model in order to give you the most accurate advice possible. Your personal score will then be compared to your country of interest and your home country. ANTICIPATE Anticipate, identify and understand cultural challenges to get the most out of international assignments. Culture Compass was developed by itim International in collaboration withThe Hofstede Centre, itim International’s certifying partner. A VALUABLE TOOL After submitting your survey you will receive a report containing: ++ Personalised recommendations based on your answers and the your chosen capacity (whether you are a subordinate/superior/ negotiator/person transferring know-how/ long term visitor or exchange student) in comparison to your country of interest ++ Your own score on Hofstede’s 6-D Model, to be seen in comparison to your country of interest and your home country ++ Scores of the 5 countries scoring most similar to you ++ Scores of the 3 countries scoring most different to you TREVOR’S PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS There is a big chance that: ++ You may demotivate many people around you if you are praising them and their country ++ You may either become impressed and/or annoyed by the fact that most people seem to downplay their successes ++ You may wonder why status seems to be less important than at home ++ You experience the people around you as cold and aloof. They literally try to keep you at a distance EXAMPLEREPORT Helps employees get the most out of social, educational and professional situations by empowering them with cross-cultural competence specific to their experience abroad CULTURE COMPASS Cultural survey Your Score Country of interest Country of origin
  13. 13. NEW! Online courses, more interaction, more content! ITIM INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL LEARNING We provide you with the opportunity to obtain the essential and advanced skills needed for successful intercultural interactions where and when you want. Our online programmes are designed to allow you to gain these practical and valuable skills while minimising your time commitment. Multiple options enable you to increase your cultural competence without needing to change your busy schedule. E-LEARNING: INSIGHT INTO GLOBAL DIVERSITY Thisonlineprogrammeexplainshowculturaldifferences may affect the work environment in major cultural groups around the world. It addresses vital and practical matters such as communication, information exchange, decision-making practices, information control and hierarchy. Participants will learn how to manage global diversity by understanding different types of cultures and how to relate to them. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE , DON’T LET LOCATION GET IN YOUR WAY! WEBINARS, E-LEARNING AND ONLINE COURSES WEBINARS: ++ Whenallthemembersofyourteamcannotattendatraining, a webinar is a great solution to make sure that everybody can be involved in creating a better and more understanding workplace. ONLINE COURSES ++ Sign up for an online course and benefit from the experience of our consultants. Watch the videos, read the articles provided and complete the tasks given to you every week. Interact with your consultant and the other participants throughout the course and gain valuable and readily applicable knowledge. DID YOU KNOW THAT ITIM INTERNATIONAL CAN TAILOR A COURSE FOR YOUR ORGANISATION? ++ Do you need an online course on a very specific topic ? ++ Do you need a course in a particular language? ++ Do you want a course integrated to your LMS environment? ++ Do you want into fit your schedule? ++ Do you need it on a private platform for confidentiality reasons? All this and more is possible due to our worldwide network of consultants and sophisticated technology team. Contact us for a quote.
  14. 14. Itim International has provided global services to more than 5000 organisations and is the only service provider of consulting, training and assessment that combines both Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture. WORLDWIDE REFERENCES OUR CLIENTS
  15. 15. Contact tel. +358 923163043 More information at The Expert in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture