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Virtual Encounters Presentation


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Just a presentation I did before the Oculus Rift was announced, just had an interest in virtual reality and the professor asked us to sell a product we invented, and act as if we had infinite resources. This was before the dawn of VR started so now I would have added more information. Two of my classmates and I presented this for our second year English class in college.

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Virtual Encounters Presentation

  1. 1. Virtual Encounters
  2. 2. What is “Virtual Reality”?  Virtual reality is an artificial environment created with an advanced software simulating the real world or imaginary worlds.  It is presented to the user through the manipulation of the body’s senses, so that the user suspends belief and accepts the virtual surroundings as a real life environment.  A common term used is “Synthetic World”
  3. 3. What is “Virtual Reality”? Engineered for your body’s basic senses:  Vision  Sound  Touch  Smell  Taste • “Immersion”
  4. 4. Ask Yourselves:  Have you ever had a dream so great that you wish it were real?  Do you have fantasies that are impossible to become true?  Have you ever asked yourself if this world has anything more to offer?
  5. 5. “Virtual Encounters Company” Presents to You…
  6. 6. “VE-Immersion Package” !
  7. 7. What does the package contain:  High-tech electronic contact lenses.  For your visual sense…  State-of-the-art “Nerve Necklace”  For your touch, smell and hearing senses…  The VRT-1:  An advanced tablet with a super flexible screen and body that serves as a controller.  The “Virtual Encounters” operating system for the VRT-1, containing virtual simulations.
  8. 8. Electronic Contact Lenses:  The most innovative display for your vision.  Designed carefully for the eye’s comfort and sensitivity.  Produces real-life video directly into your eyes.
  9. 9. Contacts are customizable in every way…  Clear or with augmentation prescription.  “VE-Immersion” package is not available If you have no vision or missing one or both eyes.  You can choose them in any color, shape or style you like the most.
  10. 10. “The Pentacle”
  11. 11. “The Tigress”
  12. 12. “The Triplets”
  13. 13. And many other designs…
  14. 14. Extra Features:  You will be able to use the electronic eye contacts as a walking Global Positioning System or “GPS”, whenever you get lost in the real world.
  15. 15. The “Nerve Necklace”  Patented breakthrough technology.  Controls the body’s sound, smell and touch nerve impulses.  *Taste*  Made from the most comfortable, fresh and elastic material in the world.
  16. 16. “Nerve Necklace” and the nervous system:  The “Nerve Necklace” will manipulate the nervous system to prevent the body’s natural movements when you are connected and will interpret them virtually.  As you can see, the nerve signals sent from the brain first passes through the “Nerve Necklace” where it will be intercepted.  Then it will convert the sensations from the virtual world into your body by electrical nerve impulses sent to the brain.
  17. 17. Extra Features:  It will come in a variety of colors and patterns you can choose from, to match your Electronic Contact Lenses.  When used, this technology will miraculously give people back their arms, legs and smell if they have ever lost them, due to the virtual recreation of the body and the senses.
  18. 18. The VRT-1: Adv. Flexible Tablet.  It can bend in any way you want it to, without shattering.  It is shock, scratch, dust, glare, frost, fire and water proof.  It will come in 250 and 500 Terabyte models.  Contains the “Virtual Encounters” Operating System (“VE-OS”)
  19. 19. Extra Features:  The VRT-1 will also come in different colors and patterns for you to choose from to match your electronic contacts and “Nerve-Necklace”.  The VRT-1 could also be used as a regular tablet to browse the web, listen to music or watch videos.  It allows 30-days/720-hours of constant use, and it’s turbo-connector charges the battery in an hour.  It will also have a 10-megapixel 3D camera so you can take pictures or videos and upload them into the virtual world.
  20. 20. All work as one: Using the internet and it’s “VE-OS”.
  21. 21. VE OS or “Virtual Encounters Operating System”:  Will contain different simulations or worlds for:  Virtual Games  Videos  Music  Social Network
  22. 22. 2. Strap on “Nerve Necklace” 3. Activate “Sync” in VRT-1 4. Wait for pupil membership recognition. 5. Enter “VE” and enjoy the different simulations 1. Put on Electronic Contact Lenses How to use the technology and enter the “VE” world:
  23. 23. What are “Simulations” ?  Simulations are programs or applications which contain the different type of worlds you may enter:  The Music World: which can simulate concerts of your favorite artists and play your favorite music stations.  The Video World: Containing your favorite movies and making you their main character.  The Social World: A new type of virtual society, shared with your “VE-Friends” where you can meet with them on any desired location provided by the virtual world.
  24. 24. What are “Simulations” ?  The Game World:  Which simulates single-player and multiplayer games of all kinds.  Working with James Cameron(Movie Director)  The “Avatar World”
  25. 25. Be a hired army soldier.
  26. 26. Or one of Pandora’s Na’vi
  27. 27. Planet “Pandora”
  28. 28. Another “Game World” simulation:  “God Simulation”  Where the users will have the possibilities to create and maintain different virtual worlds however they want, with simulated societies.  Other “VE” users will be able to visit your world as regular civilians and be able enjoy from your unique creations.  There will be weekly competitions and ratings of the user created worlds.
  29. 29. The “Chaotic ” World
  30. 30. The “Puzzle” World
  31. 31. Another example is the “Virtual Combat Simulation”: Queue Video.
  32. 32. Security Department:  In charge of cyber security and safety measures for “VE” users.  The department is designed for kicking out any hacker who wants to take advantage of any “VE” user or wreck their experience.  In charge of cleaning the system of any software virus created by hackers.
  33. 33. Security Measures:  Use the “VE-Immersion” Package at the comfort of your home, any other place could jeopardize the user’s safety.  The electronic eye contacts will have an advanced motion detector by which it will send a “visual feedback” of what is happening in the real world into the VE-user inside the virtual world.  In any case of emergency, the users could say the voice command “VE Exit” to force shut down any simulation the user was running and get back to the real world.
  34. 34. Target Market:  Must be 16 years or older.  So it does not damage children’s perception of reality.  “VE” is aimed for the people who love:  Videogames  Music  Movies  Socialization
  35. 35. VE Package:  The two VRT-1 models will include the electronic contact lenses and the “Nerve Necklace” VRT-1 Storage Capacity: VRT-1 Costs: 250 Terabytes $900 500 Terabytes $1,200  To customize the product: Equipment: Shape and color costs: Electronic Contact Lenses $100 “Nerve Necklace” $200
  36. 36. Membership Services:  The user’s membership is activated when you first use the “VE-Immersion Package”.  The contact eye lenses scans the users pupil, which are unique to every person, and saves the users password and any setting they have set on their “VE” profile.  The membership will enable the use of the “Virtual Encounters Software Store” to download any “World Simulations” they like.
  37. 37. Membership Services: “VE” Membership: Costs: Monthly: $25 Annually: $200
  38. 38. Where to get it ?  Via the “Virtual Encounters” official website:  or   Or in our exclusive worldwide stores located on the red dots:
  39. 39. Give yourself the opportunity ! Enter “VE” and make your dreams !
  40. 40. Jingle: Why dream when you can enter “VE” Why dream when you can enter “VE” And you could live your dreams… With “VE” you’ll make your own DREAMS !