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Horror trailers


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Horror trailers

  1. 1. -Resident Evil: Retribution.-Wolf Creek.-Inside.-Fertile Ground.
  2. 2. • The first trailer that caught my attention was Resident evil: Retribution Action. Horror. Sci-fi.•• The trailer appears to be a theatrical one in aspects of time but not the style of the clips and editing. Trailer information: 2 minutes 32 seconds in length. Short shots. References made to the producing company and quotes made between cuts. Less narrative used.
  3. 3. I particularly like this trailers as ituses its best scenes without telling the story or giving too much information on the character. It allows you to be familiar with the roles of the characters but not there storyline or motive. In myopinion the best bit of the trailer is at the beginning with the element of surprise when the zombie enters into what was a normal situation putting the audience into suspense. I would like to incorporate this into my own trailer on the basis of thrill and surprise. Not much character information is given to theaudience and it is unclear what the storyline is or if there is anyconclusion. I personally do not likethis type of trailer as it doesnt grip my attention.
  4. 4. • Horror. Thriller.• Wolf creek appears to be a more of a teaser trailer due to the following. 1 minute 49 seconds in length. Short clips and flashing images. Only the bests scenes shown with quotes used to interchange each cut. No character information given. No reference to producers or any other companys.
  5. 5. This film is very different from resident evil,this is due to the lighting and effects. Inaddition to this I prefer the lighting and effectswith this film compared to resident evil,however in wolf creek I do not like the conceptof the film. A convention that seems consistentbetween the two trailers is the use of quotesand narratives between cuts. This is somethingI would like to incorporate within my horrortrailer which would be following the standardconventions expected within horror films. Iparticularly like the poster for wolf creek, inthe regards of the pictures. The use of 3 facesto make up on image is something that reallyappeals to me as it showcases differentcharacters within one picture. I also helps toshow the different emotions expressed in thefilm. This poster therefore is a good reflectionof the trailer. I do not think the quality of thistrailer is high as it doesnt flow through eachclip and only focuses on one part (the middle)no character information is given. However thegeneral idea of the film is evident.
  6. 6. •• Horror. ThrillerInside appears to be a teaser trailer.Inside lasts 32 seconds in length.Lots of cuts and scenes.No storyline given or information on characters.No speech used or quotes.
  7. 7. This trailer has no narrative or speechwithin the clips, I personally think thismakes the trailer less interesting. HoweverI have chosen this trailer for inspiration, asthe sound effects and editing are effectivein making it look and sound more like ahorror. In my opinion the colour effectsused are appropriate for the genre and theloud noises are important for the shockfactor. I would like to incorporate thesound effects with my trailer and Iparticularly like the animal sound at theend of the trailer. I would also like to takeinspiration from the editing cuts betweenscenes in the aspect of editing and effects.In contrast to this I dislike this trailers forits lack of speech and narrative, this issomething I will learn from and use speechin my trailer as it helps to target anaudience. However this could also bepositive as if I dont use speech it couldtarget a wider range of people. Theredoesnt seem to be any plot to this film andminimal characters are shown. Therefore iwould like to include all of my maincharacters within my trailer to inform theaudience better.
  8. 8.  Horror. Theatrical trailer2 minutes and 16 seconds in length.Aims to sell the release date and producers.Storyline evident and main characterinformation shown.
  9. 9. This trailer in my opinion is the bestfor showcasing the storyline,characters and producers. It includeshorror sound effects and appropriateediting. The storyline of the trailer islike the horror trailer I would like tocreate. In the aspects of a romantichorror. I like the factor of using acouple that eventually turn againsteach other because of evil andparanormal happenings. I will takemost inspiration from this trailer inthe aspects of quotes characters,editing and the storyline. Howeverthe poster doesnt reflect the contentin the trailer and this is something iwould like to work together to reflectthe story and target the appropriateaudience.
  10. 10. The End.