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connected car is mobile, social, big data, cloud


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from my 5 star rated session at the IOD `13 Big Data convention. Aso demo'd QNX's show car with MQTT, MessageSight, Worklight, Big Data Streams, Predictive Maintenance PMQ, Node-RED on Softlayer cloud.
Recent webinar where I discuss most of these topics

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connected car is mobile, social, big data, cloud

  1. 1. CONNECTED CAR IS MOBILE, SOCIAL, BIG DATA, CLOUD Joe Speed @mobilebit on twitter For more: “MessageSight for Developers” free download YouTube demos & tutorials
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  3. 3. CONNECTED CAR AT IOD So0layer  cloud   Predic've  Maintenance  
  4. 4. CONNECTED CAR IS MOBILE for reducing driver distraction and improving safety “Latency is a driver distraction issue” – @rogermud ! ! ! !         Terrible response times are the norm, 15+ seconds Lack “always connected,” low-latency communications Slow, unreliable communications Unnecessary overhead drives up mobile data costs
  5. 5. HTTP IS NOT THE CAR’S FRIEND •  •  •  •  •  No QoS, no reliable messaging Heavy, hundreds of bytes of overhead Not designed for wireless, high latency Not pub/sub 1:many, many:1, etc in summary, for connected car HTTP is .. Slow, heavy, unreliable
  6. 6. MOBILE MESSAGING W MQTT Faster M2M and User Experience !   MQTT pub/sub with QoS - engineered for wireless !   MQTT vs HTTPS on Android 3G –  93x faster throughput – 13,000 msg/sec on my iPad –  1/8th network overhead – faster, cheaper –  1/170th as much battery to receive, 1/11th to send !   Open standard, open source, very fast & reliable !   IBM, Intel, Cisco, SAP, VMware, NIST, Eclipse, Apache, Red Hat, Software AG, Telit, TIBCO (even Oracle) !   adopted by many automakers and tier-1 suppliers ! C, Java, HTML5 JavaScript
  7. 7. FACEBOOK MESSENGER ! 725M mobile users, popular, highly rated, very fast ! Speed of user experience is big competitive advantage Verizon Wireless Overall Facebook Messenger FACEBOOK (1,052,572) Source: https:/ Source: source:
  8. 8. FACEBOOK MESSENGER “.. performance improvements designed to make your messaging experience even better. To do this without killing battery life, we used a protocol called MQTT … designed to use bandwidth and batteries sparingly… phone-to-phone in hundreds of milliseconds, rather than multiple seconds.” - Lucy Zhang, Facebook Engineer
  9. 9. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF Facebook Messenger MQTT vs Google Hangouts MQTT
  10. 10. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF Most 1 star complaints revolve around slowness and presence services (who’s online) not working correctly Google Hangouts MQTT
  12. 12. IBM MESSAGESIGHT FOR FASTER MOBILE High-speed secure M2M & Mobile Messaging for MQTT, HTML5 WebSocket, JMS, MQ +  Mobile +  Secure +  Easy +  Open – MQTT, WebSocket, JMS +  Speed – µs, millions/second +  Scale – millions of cars
  13. 13. CONNECTED CAR !  20x faster UX Insurer !  5x faster dev !  10x cheaper My Mobile IBM MessageSight Content My Car My Home
  14. 14. CONNECTED CAR IS BIG DATA •  cars produce 2GB sensor data every 90 min •  60M cars manufactured each year •  If driven 4 hours a day .. 103 exabytes
  15. 15. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE Improving owner experience •  real-time using sensor data, time-series •  proactive service, i.e. brake issue •  driving better customer service
  16. 16. BIG DATA DRIVES AUTONOMOUS car2cloud2car improves safety & experience assisted & autonomous driving with real-time big data autonomous isn’t just about an individual car ! ! ! ! ! ! !               µs decisioning millions/second geospatial correlation filtering time-series trending
  17. 17. CONNECTED CAR IS CLOUD •  Cloud is critical to better driver experience •  •  •  •  •  Softlayer has given my Connected Car 2x faster web app load times 3x faster M2M & mobile communications 50ms pub/sub round trip from my home 4x faster Big Data Streams decisioning
  18. 18. CAR2CAR VIA CLOUD Speed saves lives •  For driver safety and autonomous driving •  Low-latency pub/sub and decisioning •  geofence, proximity, etc.
  19. 19. CONNECTED CAR IS SOCIAL •  Engaging your customer •  What do people think about you? •  Using social chatter to flag defects •
  20. 20. WHO IS DOING WHAT .. that I can talk about - Connected Car Provider !   mobile2cloud2car w/ “key fob response time” !   demo: !   Press: NYT, WSJ, Fortune, etc. - 2nd largest OE supplier !   CEO announced Sept 10 at Frankfurt Motor Show !   IBM Connected Car cloud for “autonomous driving” !   Press: NYT, Bloomberg, CNET, Reuters, etc. !   Can’t yet talk about the others
  21. 21. M2M.DEMOS.IBM.COM IOD live demo, videos and source code
  22. 22. CONNECTED CAR IS MOBILE, SOCIAL, BIG DATA, CLOUD Joe Speed @mobilebit on twitter For more: “MessageSight for Developers” free download YouTube demos & tutorials
  23. 23. CAR REMOTE “key fob response time” •  •  •  •  •  •  lock / unlock start / stop adjust air horn, alarm preferences “find my car” (more on that later)
  24. 24. FIND MY CAR “you always know where your car is” •  •  •  •  sub second vs other apps 2 minutes “retained message” for last location in parallel, ping confirming current location mobile app subscribes to car location
  25. 25. CAR SHARE Reserve, Drive, Return
  26. 26. USER PREFERENCES Home and work usage