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Current Landscape of Connected Car APIs


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This presentation was last updated May 11, 2014 for Apps World North America.

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Current Landscape of Connected Car APIs

  1. 1. Connected Car APIs and Connectivity AppsWorld North America 2015 San Francisco May 12, 2015 Liz Slocum Jensen CEO, Road Rules
  2. 2. Agenda • About Me • 5 Styles of Connectivity and API Integration • Data Points • Current Status of APIs
  3. 3. About Me
  4. 4. Liz Slocum Jensen CEO, Road Rules @WhatLizTweets If This Then That for Cars
  5. 5. Connectivity
  6. 6. • Vehicle Embedded Modem • Tethered Mobile Phone • After Market Device Modem @WhatLizTweets • Cloud • Mobile Phone SDK • Head Unit Connectivity API Integrations
  7. 7. Connectivity: Embedded Modem API: Cloud @WhatLizTweets Remote API Web App
  8. 8. Connectivity: Embedded Modem API: Head Unit API @WhatLizTweets Web App API IVI App Infotainment
  9. 9. Connectivity: Tethered Mobile Phone API: Mobile Phone SDK @WhatLizTweets Web App SDK
  10. 10. Connectivity: API: Cloud @WhatLizTweets API Web App OBDII After Market Modem + OBD-II
  11. 11. Connectivity: API: Cloud @WhatLizTweets API Web App OBDII Tethered Phone + OBD-II
  12. 12. Data Points
  13. 13. Vehicle Status Automaker After Market Ambient Light/Temp Brake Door Engine EV Charging Headlights Internal Component Temp Speed Steering Wheel Transmission Tires Wipers Acceleration Battery Info Diagnostic Codes Engine Fuel GPS Heading Odometer Speed Trip Info Vehicle Info Events @WhatLizTweets
  14. 14. Commands After Market Climate Control Doors Honk Start Vehicle Automaker @WhatLizTweets
  15. 15. Current Status of APIs
  16. 16. API Availability Not Publicly Available Research & Hackathons Ready for Developers @WhatLizTweets
  17. 17. API Adoption 32 1 23 @WhatLizTweets 11 ≥16 11
  18. 18. Needs Improvement @WhatLizTweets What’s Working Support for Developers More access to car data More affordable data bandwidth
  19. 19. @WhatLizTweets @RoadRulesApp Sign up for our beta at