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gamification from gamasutra

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  1. 1. Gamification into ‘REAL LIFE’ 082140 Jinhee Lee
  2. 2. Gamification Elements Mission,Goal Point/ ScoreCompetition, Badge,Level, Challenge Ranking Gamification Elements Reward Leader Board Team Community
  3. 3. Ex1: restaurant loyalty program • Object : user who sign up with MOGL • Benefit 1: cash prizes • Benefit 2: jackpot ( customers who dine at a restaurant the most during each month) • How do they use gamificaion: by giving cash prizes and jackpot Point/ Score Rewarding
  4. 4. Ex2: helping soldiers find employment • Object : soldiers • Program : Kickstart • How : Teach and coach • What: ways to begin a successful career • How do they use gamification : by using Social tool(compete and earn points) Competition/ Challenge
  5. 5. Ex3 : Visual Studio with achievements • Object : developers • What did they do ? : Enabled developers to unlock achievements and compete on LEADERBOARDS • How do they use gamificaion? : by giving users awards with badges Rewarding Leader Board
  6. 6. Conclusion•Gamification can bring a ‘gaming layer’ to everything we do
  7. 7. Reference• en_Gamification_Can_Bring_A_Gaming_Layer_To_Eve rything_We_Do.php (main news)• (ex1)• a_National_Guard_uses_gamification_to_help_soldier s_find_employment.php (ex2)• soft_gamifies_Visual_Studio_with_achievements.php (ex3)