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Airbnb - Braavos - Whered My Money Go


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Airbnb - Braavos - Whered My Money Go

  1. 1. Hey, where'd my money go? Building Airbnb's Financial Data Pipeline in Spark
  2. 2. Mike Lewis Jiang-Ming Yang
  3. 3. 191 72 29 Countries Currencies Languages
  4. 4. Receipts Payables VAT Revenue TOT Financial Data
  5. 5. Alexandria ____________________________ Ruby on Rails dashboard app Nightly Cron job Dynamically create MySQL queries to ETL data
  6. 6. The good Served us faithfully from 2012-2015 SQL queries are very easy to hand-test and share Simple data can be handled with simple queries but... doesn't stay simple forever Each product is handled in a different way Unscalable performance as data grew Difficult to refactor complex SQL The bad Ever maintained a 1,000 line SQL query?
  7. 7. We needed: ____________________________ An actual programming language A pipelined architecture Distributed computing capabilities
  8. 8. Goals • Handle all products using a common flow (ie. business trip or cleaning) • Infer events from data or consume in realtime from production • Easily query-able subledger output
  9. 9. Braavos ____________________________ Home of the Iron Bank —Game of Thrones Our next generation event-based financial data processing system
  10. 10. Sub-ledger entries • General accounts: receivable / payable / revenue / tax / etc. • Debit/credit operation against a given account. • Double-entry accounting rule
  11. 11. Sub-ledger entries • A reservation for $100 comes in • Platform events generated • Debit/credit to appropriate subledgers Debit Credit Receivable (Guest) 100 Deferred Revenue 10 Deferred Payable 90 Debit Credit Cash 100 Receivable (Guest) 100 PaymentBook Debit Credit Deferred Revenue 10 Revenue (Guest) 10 Deferred Payable 90 Payable (Host) 90 Revenue Recognition 1 2 3 • Payment call made to processor • Payment broken into payment events • Appropriate subledger entries made • Finance policy determines revenue recognition date • Events generated to debit/credit appropriate subledgers
  12. 12. Accounting entries Booking entries based on financial policy Reports Simpler summary queries on subledgers. Event generation Normalized platform events Normalized payment events
  13. 13. Braavos pipeline
  14. 14. Platform Events Product Type Product Id Datetime Guest Info Host Info Funding Sources Itemized Pricing Taxes (currency / amount / remittance currency) Product Type Product Id Datetime Transaction Id Payment Info Currency Amount Effective currency rate Reconciled rate Payment Events
  15. 15. Build in Spark / Scala Finance system is an offline component and don’t need to worry about the latency; Developer can focus on the business logic and don’t need to worry about the scalability; Performance (throughput): 7M events / min --conf spark.default.parallelism=200 --num-executors 50 --executor-cores 8
  16. 16. Reports Guest Receivable Future Host Payout SELECT sum(IF(Operation = `Debit`, amount, -amount)) FROM subledger_entries WHERE account = ‘ReceivableAccount’ AND meta[‘Guest’] IS NOT NULL AND event_date < ‘2015-01-01’; SELECT sum(IF(Operation = `credit`, amount, -amount)) FROM subledger_entries WHERE account = ‘PayableAccount’ AND meta[‘Host’] IS NOT NULL AND event_date < ‘2015-01-01’; SELECT sum(IF(Operation = `credit`, amount, -amount)) FROM subledger_entries WHERE account = ‘DeferredRevenueAccount’ AND event_date < ‘2015-01-01’; Deferred Revenue
  17. 17. Migration Process 1. Generate all the platform events and payment events based on existing database account audit records; 2. Build reports based on Braavos to match up the existing reports; 3. Changing the upstream components to generate real events and compare with existing results; 4. Switch to use the real upstream events;
  18. 18. Intercompany report Airbnb transactions involve four entities: Airbnb Inc. / Airbnb Payment Inc. / Airbnb UK / Airbnb Ireland and the number is increasing. Guest / Host may belong to the different entities and their payment entities might be different as well. We need to report intercompany money movement across entities.
  19. 19. Entity A Entity B Intercompany Inbound Outbound Operation: Debit Amount: $150 Operation: Credit Amount: $200 Entity C Operation: Credit Amount: $120 Entity D Operation: Debit Amount: $170
  20. 20. Future Work Cash Reconciliation Tie out internal data with processor data Automate Treasury Rebalancing Robo-trade currency and hedge against market fluctuation Automate Everything Build out financial back-office tools to give better insight into our business Improve Monitoring/Alerting We should catch data issues in minutes, not days Stream-Based Processing Consume events in realtime from our production apps
  21. 21. Questions?