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  1. 1. trends Olay Espresso: China’s Rare Generation
  2. 2. trends Olay Espresso: Context
  3. 3. Context [China’s Rare Generation] China’s new Rare Generation fits the same age range astrends Millenials or Gen-Y in the U.S. The Rare Generation is so-called because their striking, never- before-seen attitude is more optimistic, energetic, and modern than any generation prior. By 2015, the Rare Generation will be 500,000,000 strong, equivalent to the entire projected population of the EU and close to double the U.S. population
  4. 4. Context [China’s Rare Generation] Proud of their nation and culture, they depart from traditiontrends toward modernity but remain respectful at the same time. Carrying the expectations of their family as the only child, this generation is competitive, ambitious, and individualistic. Parents tend to indulge their whims and support their creative interests in fashion. Consumption of modern products and name brands connects them to their peers and reinforces their new generational values. More discerning than their predecessors, they prefer to cultivate a more unique style less defined by status symbols.
  5. 5. Context [South Korean Inspiration] Chinese youth like American culture, but have difficultytrends accepting it directly because it is often unrelatable. Chinese parents disapprove of their children liking Japanese culture because of the history between the two nations. South Korean culture filters American culture in a way that makes it relevant and understandable to the Chinese youth. South Korean hip-hop bands and television shows take inspiration from American culture, but adapt it to their own, in the process making it more appealing for Chinese audiences.
  6. 6. Context [Television] The Rare Generation loves television but watches it less thantrends peers in other countries, instead reading books and magazines. South Korean TV shows Three Guys and Three Girls and Three Friends are the American version of Friends. The Marrying Type is the South Korean twin of Sex and the City, featuring three single professional women in their 30s looking for love in Seoul. So popular in China that it was illegally downloaded and sold on pirated DVDs.
  7. 7. Context [“Super Voice Girl” Contest] The American Idol-like singing competition in China earnedtrends 210 million viewers, with 22.5 million watching the finale. Viewers text message their votes, giving them a glimpse of the democratic process and elections. 2005 Winner Li Yuchun’s attitude was more impressive than her voice to voters, who appreciated her baggy and androgynous clothing, short haircut, and lack of makeup. Defying the judges’ preference for traditional Chinese songs, Li received an outpouring of support from her fans for selecting modern, Western music.
  8. 8. Context [Music] Top American acts are more frequently adding tour stops intrends China. The Ministry of Culture censors large acts, but small bands playing at the club level can escape its notice. – Clean and inoffensive music from Taiwan and Hong Kong dominates the airwaves. Chinese-style hip-hop and indie rock are entering the music landscape. Youth frequently re-compose popular songs, write their own lyrics, and perform them as karaoke.
  9. 9. Context [Designers] Anna Suitrends New York based Chinese American designer Known for mixing vintage styles with her current cultural obsessions, (ex. Victorian cowboy, Warhol superstars or Finnish textile prints)
  10. 10. Context [Designers] Yoji Yamamoto and Y3 for Adidastrends Creates designs far removed from current trends Lines characterized by oversized silhouettes, draping, glossy textures, movement, a singular color (usually black)
  11. 11. Context [Designers] Sneaker culturetrends Classic Converse Chuck Taylors remade with modern busy prints and patterns
  12. 12. trends Style Trends: Pop punk Gothic Lolita Baidaihe Beach Fusion: Traditional meets modern Toy Story Childish Royalty CosPlay
  13. 13. trends Trend: Pop Punk
  14. 14. Pop Punk [Trend]trends Night time rock-stars Indie underground concert tees Masculine details Loose fit, oversized proportions Vintage photographic techniques
  15. 15. Pop Punk [Trend] hand-sketch over photography Blackstrends and greys Black and white stripes e y but nicNaught Dark girls
  16. 16. trends Trend: Gothic Lolita
  17. 17. Gothic Lolita [Trend]trends Dramatic elegance Influenced by Victorian childrens clothing and English new wave goth Blouses, petticoats and rocking horse heels Bats, coffins and crucifixes as accessories
  18. 18. Gothic Lolita [Trend]trends
  19. 19. trends Trend: Beidaihe Beach
  20. 20. Beidaihe Beach [Trend]trends China’s X-games: Alternative sports references Tie-dyed and dip-dyed Island girls, surfer theme Eclectic and sweet
  21. 21. Beidaihe Beach [Trend] Tie-dyed Sparklestrends Island themes Dip-dyed
  22. 22. trends Trend: Fusion: Traditional meets modern
  23. 23. Fusion: Traditional meets modern [Trend]trends Traditional Chinese zodiac signs Poppy red with black and white References to the history of China’s government, performance arts and martial arts
  24. 24. Fusion: Traditional meets modern [Trend]trends Pandas Reference to martial arts Historical architecture on shoes
  25. 25. trends Trend: Toy Story
  26. 26. Toy Story [Trend]trends Infantile display of fashion styles Dolls Plastic toy inspired Rounded shapes and color blocking Characters in their original form
  27. 27. Toy Story [Trend] Stuffed toys Plastitrends c toy s Nostalgic American Bearbrick art cartoon characters
  28. 28. Toy Story [Trend]trends Classic Buddy Lee with a modern twist Monsters
  29. 29. Toy Story [Trend]trends Blyth
  30. 30. trends Trend: Childish Innocence
  31. 31. Childish Innocence [Trend]trends Feminine bows and girly kitsch Mini florals and garden themes Angelic dollhouse Indie schoolgirl
  32. 32. Childish Innocence [Trend]trends School girl trompe l’oeil Neck ties Ribbons and Bows
  33. 33. trends Trend: Royalty
  34. 34. Royalty [Trend]trends Princesses Crowns and tiaras Pink and purple accents on black Cute but not sexy
  35. 35. Royalty [Trend]trends
  36. 36. trends Trend: CosPlay
  37. 37. CosPlay [Trend]trends Costume play, imitation of characters Subculture centered on dressing up as characters from manga, anime, video games and sci-fi fantasy figures Inspired by comic books like Nana and Sailor Moon
  38. 38. CosPlay [Trend]trends
  39. 39. CosPlay [Trend]trends
  40. 40. trends Olay Espresso: Products and Packaging
  41. 41. Product Packaging [Trend] Intelligent soft capsulestrends Compact powder Scented cleansing towelettes
  42. 42. Product Packaging [Trend] Wii remote knock-offs trends Lip gloss cell phone charm Mood-activated lip glossFresh cleansing foam Fresh tomato mask