Television series Conspiracy 365 Press Kit


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Television series Conspiracy 365 Press Kit

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 Contents... and 3. Series 4. Series Synopsis 5. Key Cast + Crew 10. Production Notes 11. Circa Mediapresent 12. Multiplatform Experience 13. Episode Synopses 19. What is the Ormond Singularity a 20. Cal’s World 23. Character Tree 24. Character Biographies 31. Contacts
  3. 3. 3SeriesConspiracy 365 tells the story of a year in the life of teen fugitive, Cal Ormond as he searches for the truthbehind his deadly family’s secret.dapted from the best-selling book series by award winning Australian author Gabrielle Lord, with over 1 millioncopies sold across more than 13 countries, Conspiracy 365 is an action thriller for the whole family.Filmed entirely on location in Victoria, Australia the series star AFI award winner Harrison Gilbertson asCal Ormond, Marny Kennedy (The Saddle Club), Taylor Glockner, Rob Carlton (Chandon Pictures, Underbelly),Julia Zemiro (Charlotte’s Web, The Wedge), Kate Kendall (Stingers), Ryan O’Kane (City Homicide)and David Whiteley.• 12 x 49 minute episodes• 12 x 3-4 minute prequel episodes
  4. 4. 4Series SynopsisShort Synopsis Long SynopsisCONSPIRACY 365 is the story of a year in the life At his father’s funeral, 15-year-old Cal Ormond is Cal, desperate, on the run, and dependent on theof teenager Cal Ormond, who is forced to go on the warned by a crazy stranger about a cryptic puzzle kindness of strangers, is following the trail of cluesrun and become a fugitive as he searches for the truth known as the ‘Ormond Singularity.’ Cal has 365 days leading to the Ormond Singularity. Those he meetsbehind a deadly family secret. Adapted from the to solve the mystery, or he’ll meet the same fate as his along the way will either help or hinder him. But willbest-selling novels by Australian author Gabrielle father. Immediately, events move forward at breakneck he solve the mystery before 31 December? Or will theLord, CONSPIRACY 365 is a multi-platform project pace. Before the week is out, Cal has been accused of family curse claim another victim?suited for the whole family. attempting to murder his uncle—his father’s identical twin brother—and his sister is in a coma. Who can Cal The story—full of gripping, compelling elements—is rely on? His old friend Boges, and now a new friend, huge! Gabrielle Lord’s book series, CONSPIRACY mysterious Winter. But Winter’s guardian, Vulkan 365, comprises 12 individual novels. How do you fit Sligo, turns out to be head of one of the two criminal this much plot, this much character development, and gangs after Cal. Then there’s the Ormond Jewel, the this much action, into a 12-part television series? Ormond Riddle, and the puzzle of what Cal’s father, Executive Producers Linda Klejus (Circa Media) charismatic Tom Ormond, was up to in Ireland before and Peter Jenetsky (Movie Network Channels) came he was mysteriously struck down. up with a groundbreaking approach: let parts of the story be told via different platforms. CONSPIRACY 365 harnesses the power of multiplatform to bring the many levels or layers of the story to viewers. Hoodlum Entertainment came on board with the goal of changing the way audiences relate to television as a storytelling medium. Webisodes and additional content with unique storylines were created to tell more of the story. These were shot with the same cinematic production values as the television episodes and will be available across a variety of platforms online and via mobile phone.
  5. 5. 5Key Cast + Crew Executive Producer Linda Klejus Network Executive Producer Peter Jenetsky Network Executive Producer Tony Forrest Director (Ep 1,2,3,4) Paul Goldman Network Executive Producer Paul Wylie Director (Ep 5,6,7,10) Pino Amenta Producer Linda Klejus Director (Ep 8,9,11,12) Steve Mann Producer Ann Darrouzet Director of Photography László Baranyai ACS, HSC Series Story Producer Michael Brindley Composer Richard Pleasance Series and Multiplatform Story Producer Mark Shirrefs Production Designer Otello Stolfo Network Script Producer Alan Hardy Costume Designer Jo Briscoe Network Supervising Producer Emma Moroney M ultiplatform Executive Producers Tracey Robertson Writer (Ep 1,6) Michelle Offen Nathan Mayfield Writer (Ep 2,9) Kristen Dunphy HOODLUM ENTERTAINMENT Writer (Ep 3) Michael Miller Writer (Ep 4,10,12) Shanti Gudgeon ultiplatform Performance Director M Nicholas Verso Writers (Ep 5) Kris Wyld, Michael Brindley & Mark Shirrefs Writer (Ep 7) Julie Lacy Based on the novels CONSPIRACY 365 by Gabrielle Lord. Writer (Ep 8) Sam Carroll Writer (Ep 11) Michael Miller, Michael Brindley & Mark Shirrefs Filmed entirely on location in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia. Webisode Writer Anthony Mullins
  6. 6. 6Key Cast + CrewLinda Klejus Peter Jenetsky Ann Darrouzet Michael Brindley(EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) (EXECUTIVE PRODUCER) (PRODUCER) (SERIES STORY PRODUCER)Circa Media is the brainchild of industry leader Linda Peter Jenetsky has worked with some of Australia’s Ann Darrouzet has worked in the Australian film Screenwriting since 1978, Michael Brindley graduatedKlejus. Linda has an extensive background in all largest media organisations, including senior roles and television industry for over 30 years. She has from the Australian Film, Television and Radioaspects of film and television drama, having worked at with Austereo and the Seven Network, and is now worked as a creator, executive producer and producer School (AFTRS), achieving theatrical release withthe ABC and the Seven Network, Southern Star, Artist General Manager of Content Strategy and Marketing across a range of productions including feature films, his graduation film, Apples. Michael then went on toServices, Granada and the Film Finance Corporation for Movie Network Channels. Working at the forefront documentaries and long form television. Her producing work on award-winning feature Shame, which wasin senior production and executive roles. Circa Media of pay-TV and digital media, Peter’s responsibilities work in television has seen her adapt the work of invited to show at New York’s MOMA New Directors/is focused on bold and distinctive prime time drama include strategic brand and content direction for the children’s author Morris Gleitzman to produce the New Films festival, going on to achieve worldwideand is currently producing the $13 million flagship Network’s bouquet of channels which, under Peter’s international hits Blabber Mouth and Stickybeak, as distribution. Michael has worked as a televisiondrama series, CONSPIRACY 365, for Movie Network seven-year strategic leadership, have grown to include well as co-create and executive produce the long form series writer and co-producer on popular series AChannels. Circa Media is also financing a diverse a wide spectrum of channels including Movie One, series Holly’s Heroes and Snake Tales, both of which Country Practice, a writer and script editor on therange of projects including The Edge, a psychological Movie Two, Movie Extra, Movie Greats and more were commissioned by the Nine Network. Ann has award-winning Grass Roots, and was also involvedthriller set in an acute psychiatric ward, Dirk and recently, Starpics 1 and 2 and FMC – Family Movie also produced Horace & Tina and Thunderstone 1 for in top-rating telemovie One Way Ticket, and mini-Sammy’s Last Judgment, a post-apocalyptic comedy Channel. Jenetsky also oversees the marketing and the Ten Network. Ann has collected a raft of awards series Half a World Away. Michael’s other creditscreated by Kris Mrksa and Jason Gann (Wilfred), and advertising sales arm of the Network’s channels, for her many productions, including two AFIs, an include Associate Producer on MDA, which won ananother Gabrielle Lord adaptation, Gemma Lincoln services and broadcast programming. In recent International Emmy® Award, a Banff Rockie, and two AFI Award for Best Television Drama, and ScriptPI. Linda is currently Chapter Head of the Melbourne years, he has overseen the expansion of the channels’ A.TO.M. Awards, as well as winning the Sydney Film Consultant for Australian film funding bodies andScreen Producers Association of Australia. production ambitions, including the development Festival Dendy Award and the St. Kilda Film Festival the New Zealand Film Commission. Winner of the and commissioning of The Jesters (seasons 1 and 2), Best Film Award for her early short film work. Ann is Australian Writers’ Guild Award for Script Editing in Small Time Gangster and the award-winning comedy currently a board member of Film Victoria. 1996, Michael has conducted screenwriting courses Chandon Pictures. Peter has also been responsible for the AFTRS, RMIT, La Trobe University, and for entertainment formats such as the film-making Melbourne University Summer School. competition Project Greenlight as well as the live broadcast of the short film event, Movie Extra Tropfest.
  7. 7. 7Mark Shirrefs(SERIES AND MULTIPLATFORM Alan Hardy Emma Moroney Paul GoldmanSTORY PRODUCER) (NETWORK SCRIPT PRODUCER) (SUPERVISING PRODUCER) (DIRECTOR, EPISODES 1,2,3,4)In his 22-year career as a screenwriter, Mark has Born in Melbourne and educated in Sydney, Alan Emma Moroney literally grew up on a film set. Paul Goldman is one of Australia’s most successfulcreated, developed, supervised and written over 150 Hardy has been behind the cameras on a vast number Assisting producers from the age of 14 at one of feature film directors. His work includes critically-hours of television for series such as The Girl from of Australia’s favourite television productions since Australia’s most respected television and film lauded cinema classics like Suburban Mayhem, TheTomorrow, Spellbinder, Let the Blood Run Free, Pig’s 1976. Working in an array of roles including writer, production houses, Horizon Films, Moroney met and Night We Called It a Day and Australian Rules. HeBreakfast, The Sleepover Club and Classic Tales. script editor and producer, Alan’s credits are extensive started her career in film with an inspiring mentor, is also an acclaimed television writer and director.Mark has won three AWGIES and his short animated and include Crawford Productions’ The Sullivans Richard Franklin. Since that time, she has spent over In 2010, he made the high-rating Such Is Life: Thefilm The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of still Australia’s most respected television serial, All 16 years working in all manner of productions from Troubled Times of Ben Cousins for MushroomJasper Morello, was nominated for a BAFTA and an The Rivers Run, The Henderson Kids 1 and 2, and large scale ad campaigns to television series, including Pictures and the Seven Network. Paul is a graduate ofAcademy Award®. Something In The Air. He has worked extensively for the seminal The Secret Life of Us, and feature films both NIDA and Melbourne’s Swinburne Institute of the Seven Network, with credits such as Marshall such as Phillip Noyce’s The Quiet American, where Technology Film and Television School. While still Law, Headland, Home and Away, and has most she learnt much about the 18-hour day. In recent a student, Paul shot and directed his first of many recently worked as Script Department Head and Script years, Moroney has produced a number of series for music videos, including Shivers by Nick Cave’s first Producer of City Homicide. Alan has won multiple FOX8 and Movie Network Channels, including large- band The Boys Next Door. After graduating in 1980, AFI awards, received a BAFTA nomination and is one scale live events such as Movie Extra Tropfest and Paul established a specialist music video production of Australia’s most highly regarded producers. Henry Rollins: Live from Melbourne. Developing and company, The Rich Kids. He has directed over 200 producing successful comedy series Chandon Pictures, international music videos, notably the seminal Nick The Jesters (seasons 1 and 2), Small Time Gangster The Stripper video for Nick Cave’s band The Birthday and now CONSPIRACY 365 for Movie Network Party, and for artists including Elvis Costello, INXS, Channels, Moroney is always on the hunt for the next Silverchair, Kylie Minogue, Nick Cave, Crowded great script, featuring the next big thing. House, Hunters and Collectors, The Go-Betweens, Missy Higgins, The Drones, Paul Kelly, Jimmy Barnes and Kate Ceberano. Paul has also directed over 200 television commercials, winning many local and international awards for his work.
  8. 8. 8Pino Amenta Steve Mann László Baranyai ACS, HSC Richard Pleasance(DIRECTOR, EPISODES 5,6,7,10) (DIRECTOR, EPISODES 8,9,11,12) (DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY) (COMPOSER)Pino Amenta is one of Australia’s most experienced Steve’s career in television spans more than 30 László Baranyai was born in Budapest, Hungary and Richard Pleasance began his music career as a memberand distinguished television directors. His credits years and his directorial credits include some of started work as a camera assistant for the Hungarian of Boom Crash Opera. The band enjoyed nationalinclude the high-rating and Logie Award-winning Australia’s most popular programs, including Blue film production company Mafilm in 1970. In 1978, success: their first album achieved gold sales and theirPacked to the Rafters, Winners & Losers, City Heelers, McLeod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol and László was accepted into the internationally renowned second double platinum.Homicide, Always Greener and All Saints. In the Stingers. Cutting his teeth back in the late 1970s as Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art, Film1990s, Pino directed many of that decade’s television a cameraman on ground-breaking Australian drama and Television in Budapest. After graduating in Since then, Richard has released two solo albums andhits, including Blue Heelers; Good Guys, Bad Prisoner, Steve went on to direct more than 60 1982, he returned to Mafilm where, as Director of has produced, recorded, written for and played with aGuys and Acropolis Now. Pino was instrumental in episodes of the series through the early 1980s, before Photography, he shot feature films, documentaries diverse range of artists including Archie Roach, Paulcreating, producing and directing the hit sitcom All moving on to top-rating Australian dramas Blue and many short films, which garnered him numerous Kelly, Augie March, Jimmy Little, Deborah Conway,Together Now. From concept stage right through to its Heelers and Neighbours, where he directed more awards and established his reputation worldwide for Kate Ceberano and Suzanne Vega.successful four-year run on the Nine Network, Pino than 150 episodes.  Steve’s experience in directing excellence in cinematography.  In 1988, he relocated Richard has also composed for the television series.’directed 96 of the 100 episodes. He also directed the programs for a younger audience is evident in his work to Australia. Now based in Melbourne, László has Kenny’s World, SeaChange and the telemovie Emeraldaward-winning children’s television series Mortified, on The Saddle Club, Heartbreak High and Home and forged a body of work including television series, Falls, for which he won a 2008 APRA-AGSC Screenwhich won two AFI Awards. Marny Kennedy, who Away. His body of work also includes such diverse mini-series, documentaries, short dramas and multi- Music Award. He has recently completed work on thePino discovered and cast as Taylor, won the Young programs as Something in the Air, MDA, Paradise award-winning feature films. László worked as fourth series of City Homicide for the Seven Network.Actor’s Award for her breakout performance. Pino was Beach, Water Rats and City Homicide.  Director of Photography on Matt Saville’s Noise, andnominated for the AFI Best Direction in Television was recognised with the Film Critics Circle Award forAward for Mortified. Over his career, Pino has directed Best Cinematography and an AFI Award nomination.some of Australia’s all-time classic television series László’s work has also been lauded by the Australianlike The Flying Doctors, Sons and Daughters and The Cinematographers Society Awards, winning awardsSullivans. During the 1980s, Pino directed several for Red Water Red and Roy Hollsdotter Live. In 1996,hugely popular mini-series: Nancy Wake, All the Rivers the Hungarian government awarded László the TributeRun, Anzacs, My Brother Tom and Sword of Honour. to Excellence, a prize established for Hungarian filmmakers living abroad in recognition of their outstanding contribution to world cinema.  
  9. 9. 9 Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield – HOODLUM ENTERTAINMENTOtello Stolfo Jo Briscoe (MULTIPLATFORM EXECUTIVE Gabrielle Lord(PRODUCTION DESIGNER) (COSTUME DESIGNER) PRODUCERS) (AUTHOR – CONSPIRACY 365 NOVELS)In 1972, when Otello Stolfo graduated from the Royal Jo Briscoe is a production and costume designer Hoodlum Entertainment was formed by entrepreneurs Gabrielle Lord survived being ‘razed’ by the nuns,Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Fellowship who has recently worked as Production Designer on and filmmakers Tracey Robertson and Nathan acquiring an education in the process, and afterDiploma in Interior Design, he had no idea that 30 series one of Woodley for the ABC, and The Late Mayfield in 1999 and has become a groundbreaking working in many different areas—sales, teaching,years into the future, he would be one of Australia’s Session for SBS; Art Director for series three of The Emmy® Award-winning multiplatform production brick-cleaning, peach-picking and packing, and inmost sought-after production designers, working in Librarians; and Costume Designer on the short film company.  Hoodlum specialises in creating high- the Public Service as an employment officer—startedboth film and television. Tel has headed production Polly and Me, as well as on numerous short films, quality entertainment content designed to engage fans writing seriously aged for some of Australia’s best-known television music videos and commercials.  Jo holds a Master across television, film, online, mobile and emergingdrama series over the past four decades, from Bell of Fine Arts in Costume Design from Pennsylvania media platforms for worldwide distribution. Her first two manuscripts ended up composting theBird, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, All the Rivers Run, State University.  She has also designed extensively tomatoes at her market garden—another attempt toThe Flying Doctors, Neighbours, Halifax F.P and for live performance companies, including Sydney Hoodlum has built an impressive portfolio of work for make a living—but the third one, Fortress, was pickedGood Guys, Bad Guys, to the more recent City Theatre Company, Company B Belvoir, Griffin, today’s leading broadcast networks in North America, up internationally and made into a feature film starringHomicide, The Librarians, Small Time Gangster and Oz Opera, Legs on the Wall and ATYP (Australian the U.K. and Australia, creating award-winning work Rachel Ward. A later novel, Whipping Boy, was madeStephen King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes, to name Theatre for Young People), with shows that have for Lost, Spooks, Salt and many more. They have over into a telemovie starring Sigrid Thornton. The film-a few. Tel’s work can be seen in both Australian and toured both nationally and internationally. 25 major projects under their belt including innovative rights money, along with her daughter leaving school,international feature films, including Spike Jonze’s work with brands and advertisers. allowed Gabrielle to resign. Instead of getting up atWhere the Wild Things Are, Jackie Chan’s The Nice 4.30 a.m. and writing for several hours before heading Hoodlum has garnered a number of the industry’s top off for work, she could write full-time and lead a moreGuy and the soon to be released 6 Plots, directed awards including a Primetime Emmy® for Lost and ‘normal’ writer’s life—hanging around with scientistsby Leigh Sheehan. Outside film and television, an International Emmy® for Primeval, as well as two and detectives, badgering forensic anthropologists andTel’s career has featured projects as diverse as BAFTA Awards, a Global Media Award, and the doing work experience with a busy private securitydesigning the Mascots Pavilion for the Sydney 2000 Broadcast Digital Channel Award. They have been business—and, of course, writing.Olympics to redesigning interior spaces for a range of nominated for three International Digital Emmy®organisations. Awards and two more BAFTA Awards. Gabrielle has now written 15 adult novels, with Death by Beauty coming out in 2012, and 14 novels for Hoodlum’s current success story is SLiDE—a ground- young adults. Following this mammoth endeavour, she breaking multiplatform series created for FOX8. already has plans for another two adult novels and two Hoodlum has capitalised on its skills in television more for young adults. storytelling, expertise in multiplatform, and its evolution into technology to create a business that is primed to produce compelling experiences, regardless of how audiences choose to watch, play and share.
  10. 10. 10Production NotesIn 2010, Scholastic Australia published the first in a When she heard that the CONSPIRACY 365 series The stroke of genius, story-wise, is the centering of As writer Mark Shirrefs explains, the online contentseries of young adult novels written by award-winning was to be made for television, Gabrielle was ecstatic. this modern-day narrative around an ancient puzzle: is much more than rehashing information that viewersauthor Gabrielle Lord—‘Australia’s first lady of A feature film, she says, “would not have done justice the Ormond Singularity. The concept is based, are perfectly capable of working out themselves.crime’—based around a year in the life of 15-year-old to it. Whereas this way it is faithfully reproducing incredibly, on an old secret from within Gabrielle’s “One of the really nice things about it is that youCallum Ormond. In the series, CONSPIRACY 365, the episodic structure of what I’ve written, so I’m own family. Gabrielle tells the tale: “I was looking get a chance to deal with characters in unexpectedCal’s father has just died in strange circumstances and absolutely delighted. From what I’ve seen, it’s just for a big secret, because I knew Cal would have to be ways, like with Winter. She’s the main young femaleCal is warned that he will meet a similar fate unless terrific.” chasing something amazing to sustain 12 books over character and she has a very interesting story of herhe is able to solve a puzzling mystery dating back to a whole year. I lucked onto a rumour about Elizabeth own, and we don’t really get a chance to develop thatElizabethan times. I and a relative of mine: Black Tom Butler, the Tenth on screen, but we actually get a chance to do much Earl of Ormond. So I went to Ireland and enquired more with her via her vlogs.” And unlike traditionalThe books, released in monthly instalments, went on to further about this rumour, and found that it was quite television ‘add-on’ material, CONSPIRACY 365sell in excess of 500,000 copies in Australia and New widely believed in certain parts of Ireland. I went features broadcast-quality online content, with uniqueZealand. The fast-paced action, the relatable young to see the Keeper of Rare Books at Trinity College, storylines.protagonist, the thrilling puzzle to be solved and the Dublin… and I can’t really say more because it willcliff-hanger at the end of each book kept young readers give the story away to those who haven’t read it, but Awesome story, compelling characters, dedicatedcoming back for more. it’s about Good Queen Bess, and she was obviously producers, $13 million budget, multiplatform very, very fond of Black Tom.” technology—all the ingredients were in place toLinda Klejus, Executive Producer of CONSPIRACY brew up a heady television experience. The adaptation365, recognised the potential of Gabrielle’s concept The next phase of bringing CONSPIRACY 365 to process was ready to begin. Producer Ann Darrouzetfor television. “When Gabrielle started describing the small screen was to find a network that would be says, “Television is a fast and furious medium, andthe books to me, I immediately knew that it would supportive of the level of innovation that Linda Klejus one element you’ve got to have is a great script. Themake a fantastic TV series. So I’d already commenced knew would be necessary to do the story justice. As process of scripting on CONSPIRACY 365 has beenoptioning the books before they were published. it turned out, Movie Network Channels was looking huge!”Gabrielle sent me the synopses of the stories and I for a television event, targeted at a family audience.could see they were exciting—lots of life-threatening It was after a big-budget, action-oriented show withjeopardy and action.” high production values and innovative storytelling that could comfortably sit alongside its predominate movieGabrielle Lord has published more than 20 books, to schedule.great critical acclaim and commercial success. Over along career, Gabrielle has honed her talent for telling Next on board were Emmy® Award-winningcompelling mysteries, and has seen several of her multiplatform production company Hoodlumbooks adapted for film or television—most memorably, Entertainment, whose brief was to bring a level ofthe terrifying 1982 big-screen release of Fortress. ‘active storytelling’ to the audience across multiple platforms. Viewers can experience the story on television, and they can enrich that experience by engaging with the story online, in the form of webisodes, vlogs, behind-the-scenes material and additional character information.
  11. 11. 11Circa MediaCirca Media is the brainchild of industry leader Linda Klejus.Linda Klejus has an extensive background in all aspects of film and television drama having worked at the ABCand the Seven Network, Southern Star, Artist Services, Granada and the Film Finance Corporation in seniorproduction and executive roles.Circa Media is focused on bold and distinctive prime time drama. Our $13 million dollar flagship drama seriesConspiracy 365 has screened throughout 2012 on the Movie Network Channels. Alongside the series, Circa Mediahas undertaken a $1 million multi-platform strategy to reward the dedicated fans for their commitment with a deepand immersive viewing experience.Circa Media is currently financing a diverse range of projects including another Gabrielle Lord adaptation Phoenixabout a female private investigator, Winter (the sequel to Conspiracy 365); The Edge, a 12 x 1 hour medical thrillerset in an acute psychiatric ward about a psychiatrist, his patients, and their demons;The Murder Book, a 13 x 1 hour prime time cold crime drama series, The Facemaker, a 4 x 1 hour mini seriesset during WW1 about iconic Australian artist Tim Roberts, and Dirk and Sammy’s Last Judgement – a post-apocalyptic narrative comedy created by Kris Mrksa (Wilfred, The Slap, Devil’s Dust, Underbelly).
  12. 12. 12MultiplatformExperienceThe Conspiracy 365 website along with the official Casefile 365series Facebook page and YouTube channel comprise thekey components of the series substantial multiplatform A 12 part webseries supporting the on air storyline,initiative. CaseFile 365 speaks to audiences directly to provide necessary background information. Hosted by a bigDesigned to complement and deepen the on air Conspiracy 365 fan – Bardy McKinnon dissects eachexperience, exclusive video content, images, gameplay episode, delving into the characters, clues and scenariosand social activities are available to complement each of the show. Bardy is a passionate eccentric devoted toepisode premiere. Fans are encouraged to engage helping Cal and communicating with other C365 activities to unlock the rewards, which consist ofexclusive preview content and prizes. Multiplatform Experience includes:All video content has been written by the series writers • Conspiracy 365 iPhone and iPad Appand shot by main unit, representing a significant • Conspiracy 365 central destination websiteinvestment in content made exclusively for online. www.conspiracy365.tvContent includes; video logs from the series centralcharacter Cal Ormond; Case File 365, preview content; • Conspiracy 365 Social Pagesuser generated content and character dossiers. (posts GEO locked to individual destinations)The multiplatform initiative also includes an iPhone, • Conspiracy 365 Social CopyiPad and iTouch application, which replicates a fans (pre-written posts – no community management)experience on the website and allows them to interactwith other fans through chat and the ability to ‘check in’ • Conspiracy 365 multi-platform video content:whilst watching the series. o Winter’s Dossier - 12 x 1-2 o Cal’s VLOG - 12 x 1-2 o Behind The Scenes - 2 x 4 - 5 minutes o News Reports - 12 x 1 - 2 minutes o Prequel webseries - 12 x 3 - 4 minutes
  13. 13. 13Episode JANUARY FEBRUARY SHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:Synopses At his father’s funeral, 15-year-old Cal Ormond is Cal is living on the streets, wanted for a crime he Boges warns Cal to stay away from Winter. Her warned about the Ormond Singularity, a deadly family didn’t commit. As he continues to work on the clues guardian is Vulkan Sligo, after all. But when Winter mystery that kills those who seek it. Can Cal survive to the Ormond Singularity, a mysterious girl, Winter, recognises the Angel from one of Tom’s cryptic the next 365 days and solve the mystery? saves him from certain death. But can Cal trust her? drawings, Cal is forced to take a chance and follow her lead. LONG SYNOPSIS: LONG SYNOPSIS: After catching sight of a boy who looks exactly like him, Cal starts to wonder if being on the run is making At his father’s funeral, 15-year-old Cal Ormond is Cal Ormond is living on the streets, wanted for a crime him lose the plot. But what if it’s not? Could Cal have warned about the Ormond Singularity, a deadly family he didn’t commit. As he continues to work on the clues to a double out there? mystery that kills those who seek it. Can Cal survive the Ormond Singularity, a mysterious girl, Winter, saves the next 365 days and solve the mystery? him from certain death. But can Cal really trust her? 306 days to go… After returning from Tom’s funeral, the Ormond family discovers their home has been burgled. Is it simply bad luck or something more? Cal soon realises nothing is coincidental after his uncle Rafe is shot and his younger sister Gabbi is knocked unconscious in a home attack. What is the Ormond Singularity? Why is it worth killing for? With the police believing Cal assaulted his uncle and sister, he has no choice but to run. He needs to clear his name and find out what the Singularity is. 334 days to go…
  14. 14. 14MARCH APRILSHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:Cal enlists the help of safe-cracking recluse, Repro, Cal battles to outrun Jake and Kelvin as they pursue Cal needs to get back to the city and fast. An unusualto break into Oriana’s house and steal the Ormond him over rough terrain. His mission to get to Uncle opportunity presents itself when retiree Melba SnipeRiddle. But his moment of triumph is short-lived when Bart’s is sidelined after he discovers Gabbi’s life spies Cal and offers him a lift in her boot. Will Calhe realises a key piece of the Riddle is missing. support is about to be switched off. take the risk and trust her? Desperate not to lose his sister, Cal sneaks into theLONG SYNOPSIS: LONG SYNOPSIS: hospital and pleads with Gabbi to wake up. But McGrath is on the move and Cal doesn’t have muchCal enlists the help of safe-cracking recluse, Repro, Cal battles to outrun Jake and Kelvin as they pursue time before he catches up with break into Oriana’s house and steal the Ormond him over rough terrain. Cal’s mission to get to UncleRiddle. But his moment of glory is short-lived when he Bart’s is sidelined after he discovers Gabbi’s life 245 days to go…realises a key piece of the Riddle is missing. support is about to be switched off.Sligo and Oriana aren’t the only people on Cal’strail. Detective McGrath is using all his resources tocatch the ‘psycho kid’. When one of McGrath’s menstumbles upon Cal’s hideout, Cal resorts to desperatemeasures to escape.Boges’s suspicion of Winter increases, and Cal isforced to try and ease the tension between them. ButCal knows Boges has a point: how do Oriana and Sligoseem to find Cal at every turn? Could Winter be adouble agent?275 days to go…
  15. 15. 15MAY JUNESHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:Cal wakes up imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. In the mental institution, Cal is told his name is Ben The stakes are raised when small-town cops hunt down Every cop within a 50 km radius is looking for Cal.Boges and Winter put their differences aside in a bid Galloway. Cal is disorientated and confused–maybe Cal after his narrow escape in Uncle Bart’s plane. Can he get back to the city undetected? A look at ato bust Cal out and get him to his great-uncle Bart’s. he isn’t who he thinks he is. If Winter and Boges are Cracks start to appear in Cal and Boges’s friendship as picture of the Ormond Jewel delivers a surprisingDoes Bart hold the key to the Singularity? going to get Cal out, they’ll have to snap him out of his Cal pushes on with a plan to steal the Ormond Jewel. revelation for Winter—she’s seen it before and she medicated haze. knows who has it.LONG SYNOPSIS: Cal finds his great-uncle Bart, an old timer who is LONG SYNOPSIS: Boges continues to struggle with Cal’s risk-taking, sceptical about the Singularity and Cal. However, especially after Cal contacts a fellow street kid, Griff,Cal wakes up imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. when Cal and Bart discover a shared passion for The stakes are raised when small-town cops hunt down in a bid to get fast cash. Meanwhile, Winter reveals theBoges and Winter put their differences aside in a bid planes, Cal warms to a man he barely knows and Bart Cal after his narrow escape in Uncle Bart’s plane. tragic truth behind why her birthday will never be ato bust Cal out and get him to his great-uncle Bart’s. reveals key information to solving the Singularity. Cracks start to appear in Cal and Boges’s friendship as celebration.Does Bart hold the key to the Singularity? But with Oriana’s and Sligo’s men in pursuit, these Cal pushes on with a plan to steal the Ormond Jewel. Ormonds may not have as much time as they think. 184 days to go… 214 days to go…
  16. 16. 16JULY AUGUSTSHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:The double key code still stumps Cal. He travels to a Cal, in police custody, is confronted by an unforgiving Cal, no longer a naïve teen, gets past the police andsecluded convent to ask his aunt Millicent what she Detective McGrath. Gabbi wakes from her coma and breaks out of hospital. He’s helped by a stranger,knows about the mystery. Can Cal get a woman who Oriana uses her as leverage to get Cal. But even the Nelson Sharkey, a private investigator in the right placehasn’t spoken in 14 years to reveal her secrets? best laid plans can go wrong. at the right time. Cal is given a dream 16th birthday present: he learnsLONG SYNOPSIS: LONG SYNOPSIS: that Gabbi has woken up from her coma. But just as he gets his sister back, she is taken away again, this timeThe double key code still stumps Cal. He travels to a Cal, in police custody, is confronted by an unforgiving by Oriana. Cal loves Gabbi and will do anything to getsecluded convent to ask his great-aunt Millicent what McGrath. Gabbi wakes from her coma and Oriana her back, even sacrifice himself.she knows about the mystery. Can Cal get a woman uses her as leverage to get Cal and his resources. Butwho hasn’t spoken in 14 years to reveal her secrets? even the best laid plans can go wrong. 122 days to go…Cal looks through Millicent’s belongings and discoversletters from Piers Ormond, his great-great-grandfather.The letters reveal what Cal suspected: the two missinglines of the Riddle are the key to the Singularity.Cal chases down the Ormond family solicitor,Sheldrake Rathbone, in a bid to get Piers Ormond’swill. But not all legal eagles are honest and upstanding.Cal’s desperation for answers may be his undoing. Isthis the end for the ‘psycho kid’?153 days to go…
  17. 17. 17SEPTEMBER OCTOBERSHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:Boges, struggling with Gabbi’s near death at the river, After Gabbi’s kidnapping and near drowning, Boges Cal wakes in the forest very much alive. Why did Cal makes his way back to Winter’s place. Withpulls out of the game. Gabbi notices Emily acting decides he’s had enough. Cal is dismayed, but is side- Kelvin spare his life? And what are the numbers Boges back on board, they now have a chance to getstrangely. Cal pushes to steal back what Oriana took tracked by seeing the boy who looks exactly like him. written on Cal’s arm? Cal, Boges and Winter hatch a back everything Oriana took. Meanwhile, Sligo getsfrom him. Is his lucky streak about to end? Cal follows him home with startling results.  plan to get rid of one of their foes for good. in touch with Oriana and asks her join him in going after Cal. But they have no idea that a little birdy is Cal and Winter unlock the mystery behind the listening to their conversation. Will Oriana’s ego beLONG SYNOPSIS: Singularity. This is bigger than Cal could have ever LONG SYNOPSIS: her undoing? imagined. They need Boges’s help to bug Oriana’sBoges, struggling with Gabbi’s near death at the river, house and find where she’s keeping the clues. But Cal Cal wakes in the forest very much alive. Why did Cal, Winter and Boges are on a mission to exposepulls out of the game. Gabbi notices Emily is acting gets caught and Oriana orders her boys to dispose of Kelvin spare his life? And what are the numbers their enemies. But sometimes the truth can be asstrangely. Cal pushes to steal back what Oriana took Cal permanently. written on Cal’s arm? Cal, Boges and Winter hatch a unfavourable as a lie. When Winter finds her father’sfrom him. Is his lucky streak about to end? plan to get rid of one of their foes for good. will, she gets closer to uncovering what happened 92 days to go… between Sligo and her parents. And it isn’t what she expects. 61 days to go…
  18. 18. 18NOVEMBER DECEMBERSHORT SYNOPSIS: SHORT SYNOPSIS:A dying man confesses that he kidnapped Cal and his With only days left before the Singularity runs out,twin Ryan 15 years ago and Cal finally gets Ryan to Cal, Boges, Winter and Nelson fly to Ireland. Canaccept the difficult truth. Winter confronts Sligo and they crack the code and find the treasure? Will Caldiscovers the truth about her parents’ death. complete his father’s legacy before the clock strikes 12?LONG SYNOPSIS: LONG SYNOPSIS:A dying man confesses he kidnapped Cal and histwin Ryan 15 years ago and Cal finally gets Ryan to With only days left before the Singularity runs out,accept the difficult truth. Winter confronts Sligo and Cal, Boges, Winter and Nelson fly to Ireland. Candiscovers what really happened to her parents. they crack the code and find the treasure? Will Cal complete his father’s legacy before the clock strikesAfter narrowly evading the police yet again, Cal asks 12?Nelson for help. He wants a meeting with Murray ‘ToeCutter’ Durham, a hardened criminal who he suspects Professor Brinsley helps Cal and the team uncover theknows something about the Ormond Singularity. But last two lines of the Riddle. This is it. They know whatToe Cutter’s connection to Cal is more personal than the next step is—and hopefully it will lead them to thehe can possibly imagine.  Singularity! Sligo, Bruno and Rafe have also hit Irish soil. The clock is ticking. Will they catch up with Cal?Ryan finally accepts that he and Cal are brothers. And Will Cal claim the Singularity in time?while Rafe confesses the reason behind his rift withTom, Winter shows Sligo her true colours. What will a As true intentions and buried secrets rise to thehard man like Vulkan Sligo do after his heart has been surface, Cal, Boges and Winter will soon discoverbroken? what they’re made of. Who will be the last one standing?31 days to go…
  19. 19. 19What isthe OrmondSingularity?Queen Elizabeth I’s last will and testament contained acodicil known as the ‘Ormond Singularity’ granting the heirsof the Tenth Earl of Ormond a royal inheritance.The inheritance is made up of two parts.The first is a right to lands and a title—the Earl of Ormond.The second part is a fortune in gold and jewels.Only the first-born male of each generation has theopportunity to inherit the lands and title but anyone can stealthe fortune… if they can find it! The gold and jewels havebeen hidden for centuries; the Ormond Jewel and Riddlehold the clues to their location. Together they form a doublekey code; however, the curse of the Singularity has defeatedeveryone who has ever tried to solve the mystery.
  20. 20. 20Cal’s World... Callum / Ryan Ormond Tom Ormond Uncle Rafe Harrison Gilbertson David Whiteley David Whiteley Bogdan “Boges” Michalko Taylor Glockner Gabbi Ormond Emily Ormond Winter Frey Mietta White Kate Kendall Marny Kennedy CAL & FRIENDS CAL’S FAMILY
  21. 21. 21Chasing Cal... ORIANA’SSLIGO’S GANG GANG Vulkan Sligo Rob Carlton Oriana de la Force Julia Zemiro Yuri Aaron Jakubenko Kelvin Bruno Jake Sachin Joab Andrew Curry James Sorensen
  22. 22. 22 Chasing Cal... Cal Meets... Repro Syd Brisbane Eric Blair Dion Mills Jennifer Smith Tanya Burne Melba Snipe Julia Blake Lachlan Bryce Hardy Belinda Scott Pia Miller Griff Justin Holborow Uncle Bart Gerard Kennedy Great Aunt Millicent Beverly Dunn Sister Jerome Penne Hackforth-Jones Spike Josh Futcher Dr Glasser Shane Nagle Gilda Laura PikeDetective McGrath Detective Ferrara Ryan O’Kane Dr Theophilus Brinsley Lawrence Mooney Debbie Zukerman Rathbone Nicholas Bell Vernon Fletcher Humphrys Barry Rick Tonna THE POLICE Mrs Fitzgerald Joan Sydney Nurse Lisa Hemsworth Murray ‘Toe Cutter’ Durham Vince Gill
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24Cal Ormond Boges MichalkoCal had always been a happy-go-lucky kid—likeable and attractive, Boges (Bogdan Michalko) is Cal’s best friend. He’s tall andwith lots of friends, male and female alike. Until recently he was just an good-looking, but unlike Cal, is shy and self-effacing. Heordinary teenager juggling school and friends, but when we meet Cal his lacks Cal’s easy confidence. At school, Boges isn’t popularfather has just died in mysterious circumstances. When his uncle and and is even a bit of a joke, something that isn’t helped bylittle sister are attacked, Cal becomes the prime suspect. Cal’s quest is being a ‘brain’.not just to complete the task his father began and solve the mystery of theOrmond Singularity, but also to redeem himself in his father’s eyes and But Boges is much stronger and braver than he realises, andbring the family back together again. for Cal, Boges’s help is invaluable to his survival.Harrison Gilbertson is CAL ORMOND Taylor Glockner is BOGESOne of Australia’s most sought-after young actors, Harrison Gilbertson Even though Taylor is a relative newcomer, he is beingmade his stage debut at age six, playing Sorrow in the opera Madama touted as one of Australia’s most promising young actors.Butterfly with the State Opera of South Australia.  In 2000 he appeared After graduating from Brisbane’s Film & Televisionin the Adelaide Festival Opera production of Writing to Vermeer, under Studio International, Taylor scored the role to play Bogesthe direction of Peter Greenaway. in the television series CONSPIRACY 365. Thanks to his performances in short films Invade and Loco, TaylorHarrison, whose mature screen presence belies his years, has played has been dubbed one of Australia’s hottest new talents,pivotal roles in several Australian films. He played Greggy in Paul particularly in the eyes of teenage girls.Goldman’s highly acclaimed Australian Rules, which premiered at theSundance Film Festival in 2002. In Ana Kokkinos’s Blessed he playedtroubled teenager Daniel alongside Miranda Otto, Deborra-Lee Furnessand Frances O’Connor. His moving performance as young sapper FrankTiffin in Jeremy Sims’s World War I drama Beneath Hill 60 won him the2010 AFI Young Actor Award. In 2008, he played the lead role, alongsideAcademy Award® winner Geena Davis, in the critically acclaimedcoming-of-age comedy/drama Accidents Happen.Harrison’s performance as Billy Conway in Accidents Happen broughthim to the attention of agents in Los Angeles. In 2009, he filmed the leadrole of Emmett alongside Academy Award® winner Jennifer Connellyand Academy Award® nominee Ed Harris in What’s Wrong withVirginia, produced by Gus Van Sant and directed by Academy Award®winner Dustin Lance Black. The film is slated for release in late 2011.
  25. 25. 25Winter Frey Vulkan SligoWinter was orphaned on her 10th birthday, when her wealthy parents Sligo, aged around 40 is a colourful criminal identity who is now trying towere killed in a car ‘accident’. After their death, she became the ward add a veneer of respectability, culture and philanthropy to his public persona.of criminal hard-man Vulkan Sligo. Winter’s tough but enigmatic He grew up poor on a Housing Commission estate with Oriana and Kelvin,manner hides the fact that she’s desperately lonely and intensely self- and started out with nothing but fists and muscle. After a stretch in jail, heprotective, striving to maintain her sense of identity. Winter is highly realised he was more than just a bully and standover man—he had cunningintelligent, curious and well-read—she’s far more sophisticated than Cal and street smarts. His sights are set high and his murky past paradoxicallyand Boges. She lives in relative luxury with Sligo, but she despises him, adds a frisson of glamour to his image. Sligo is Winter’s guardian. Aftersuspecting him of having murdered her parents and cheated her out of stealing her parents’ money by arranging for their deaths, he decided toher inheritance. adopt 10-year-old Winter, for whom he always had a genuinely caring attachment. Winter’s humanising influence has made Sligo want to be a better man. Marny Kennedy is WINTER Marny Kennedy won her first AFI Award at the age of 13, for Rob Carlton is SLIGO her standout lead performance as Taylor Fry in internationally acclaimed 2006 television series Mortified. She went on to star as Rob Carlton, one of Australia’s most respected film and television actors, has Veronica DiAngelo in the top-rating children’s series The Saddle appeared in many of Australia’s best-known television shows, portraying Club, which aired in the U.S., Canada, and across Europe, as real life figures Kerry Packer in the Southern Star/ABC production well as in Australia. Marny, a trained singer and dancer, also Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, and crooked cop Neville ‘Scully’ featured on the soundtrack for the series. Scullion in Underbelly III – The Golden Mile. He starred in the Working Dog comedy series The Hollowmen, with Rob Sitch and In 2010, Marny played one of three lead roles in the teen Santo Cilauro, made a guest appearance on Thank God You’re series A gURL’s wURLd, an Australia-Germany-Singapore Here and has just completed shooting a role in Working Dog’s co-production for Southern Star, shot on location in Sydney, latest feature film, Any Questions for Ben? Singapore and Germany. Since he began his career at the age of 14, Rob has Other credits include a guest role in the season two finale of the appeared in over 15 feature films, most recently in Ten Network drama Rush, and the lead in the recent short film PJ Hogan’s Mental and in Strange Bedfellows with Golden Girl, directed by Grant Scicluna for Film Victoria. Australian comedy icon Paul Hogan. Rob wrote, co- directed and starred in the short film Carmichael & Shane, which won Tropfest 2006. Rob also won the award for Best Male Actor. Rob’s successful television production company, Shadowfax TV, produced two series of the award- winning comedy Chandon Pictures, seen on Movie Extra and the ABC in Australia. He co- directed the project and also takes creator, writer and acting credits in the series. Chandon Pictures now plays in over 15 territories around the world, including the U.S. and U.K. As a writer, Rob won an AWGIE Award for Chandon Pictures.
  26. 26. 26Oriana de la Force Tom Ormond Oriana is a colourful, high-profile criminal lawyer, famous for defending As Tom Ormond, Cal’s father, died in a hospice a week before the action begins, he notorious criminals against very serious charges for very high fees. She is only seen in flashbacks. He was a successful journalist—a charismatic, dynamic grew up in poverty with her brother Kelvin, and Vulkan Sligo. Like and impulsive man—which made his slow death all the more painful for his wife and Sligo, she was determined to claw her way up the ladder. Sex, lies and children. Tom and Emily had a good marriage, but both carried the wound of their lost blackmail were her currency. She’s brilliant, aggressive and flamboyant baby son Samuel (who reappears as Ryan), Cal’s identical twin. Before Tom’s death, in a high fashion way and loves all the attention this gets her. In private, he was researching a story in Ireland on Australian families with Irish heritage. At this she’s given to terrifying icy rages that can reduce grown men, like her time he discovered the centuries-old family puzzle known as the Ormond Singularity, lover Jake or younger brother Kelvin, to blubbering wrecks. At some and became obsessed with solving it. Before his death, he used all the family’s money, point on her journey, she changed her name to Oriana—a term the unbeknownst to Emily, to buy the Ormond Jewel. Elizabethans used to refer to their queen—because she is obsessed with Elizabeth I, and believes she is descended from royalty. This obsession is what has led her to the Ormond Singularity and Cal. Uncle Rafe Julia Zemiro is ORIANA Rafe, 45, is the identical twin of his minutes-older brother Tom. Where Tom is a good- looking and popular man, Rafe is curiously off-putting and there’s something quite The popular host of SBS’s Rockwiz moved to Australia at two and a cold about him. He’s quiet, withdrawn, humourless and self-absorbed, though he puts half, later attending school and university in Sydney before moving on a public front, seeming honest, decent and caring. Rafe is an architect, the solitary to Melbourne to attend the Victorian College of the Arts. Upon nature of the job suiting his personality, and he has a secret hobby pursuing botany, with graduation, she found work touring with Bell Shakespeare Company a particular interest in toxic plants. He’s a pessimist, where Tom was an and featured in short films, winning the Tropfest Best Actress optimist. Rafe has always been in love with Tom’s wife Emily. Now that Award in both 1997 and 2000. Tom is dead, and Cal has gone on the run, Rafe relishes the chance to step in and help Emily get back on her feet. Julia trained extensively in Theatresports, which comes as no surprise to fans of her improvisational wit on Thank God You’re David Whiteley is Here. She has played lead roles on stage at MTC and the UNCLE RAFE and TOM ORMOND Malthouse and has gone on to win a further legion of fans as a commentator for the SBS broadcast of the Eurovision Song David Whiteley most recently appeared in the feature films Killer Contest. Elite, alongside Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert DeNiro; the soon to be released Australian sci-fi feature Crawlspace; and Julia’s extensive television credits include Talking ‘Bout My the arthouse feature Exit. His other screen appearances include the Generation, Good News Week, Totally Full Frontal and as U.S. fantasy/adventure series Beastmaster, as well as Ponderosa, winner of Australia’s Brainiest TV Star. She has toured The Man from Snowy River and a number of Australian television Australia and Edinburgh with Spontaneous Broadway, the programs such as City Homicide, Stingers and The Hollowmen. improvised musical. She is delighted to be playing Oriana de la Force.  David has also appeared in numerous stage productions at Red Stitch Actors Theatre—of which he is artistic director and a founding member—including Rabbit Hole, Bug, and the award- winning productions Howie the Rookie, Red Sky Morning and Harvest.
  27. 27. 27Emily Ormond Gabbi OrmondEmily, an architect, is in her late 30s. In flashbacks we see the strong, Cal’s little sister, Gabbi, is eight years old. She’s a bubbly, smart,warm, vivacious woman Emily used to be before Tom’s illness and death. imaginative tomboy who adores her big brother and always forgivesShe and Tom were seen as the perfect couple, made for each other. Emily his moods and rejections. Gabbi is still numb from her father’s still haunted by the kidnapping (and presumed death) of one of her Tom was her hero and she really can’t believe she’ll never see himtwin sons 15 years earlier. When Rafe and Gabbi are attacked, Emily has again, but his absence makes her need Cal all the more.little choice but to believe the damning DNA and fingerprint evidence,and descends into a fog of grief and confusion. Mietta White is GABBIKate Kendall is EMILY Mietta was just five years old when she blew the judges away with her solo song and dance routines on the first season of Australia’sMulti-award-winning Kate Kendall has had an extensive career in Got Talent, landing her a place in the grand final. Mietta’s othertheatre, television and film, though she is probably best known in television credits include a guest appearance in City Homicide forAustralia for her ongoing role as Detective Angie Piper in the Nine the Seven Network and her short film credits include the lead inNetwork hit television series Stingers. Her most recent television work I’m The Lion, directed by Bill Irving, and Jelly, directed by Altheaincludes the U.S. television series The Starter Wife, the ABC black Jones. Commercial experience includes Target, Axa, WorkSafe andcomedy The Librarians and the U.S. drama series The Pacific. More the infamous ‘gay dad’ Freedom Furniture television commercial.recently, Kate has had guest roles in popular Australian series such as Mietta has been dancing and singing from a very young age and isTen Network drama Rush and the Seven Network’s City Homicide. exceptional in jazz, tap and ballet, gaining a high distinction grade for her RAD Grade 2 ballet exam. She has also been studying dramaKate’s formidable slate of theatrical work includes productions such as and musical theatre at Centrestage Performing Arts School. NowThe Red and the Black, Next to Normal, Dust, Chicago, Miss Julie, Into almost nine, Mietta is thrilled to be playing the role of Gabbi inthe Woods, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Secret of Salvador Dali, CONSPIRACY 365. The Vagina Monologues and Art & Soul. In 2010, Kate played the leading role of Ulrike Meinhof in the Melbourne International Arts Festival production of the controversial performance artwork Richter/ Meinhof-Opera. In 2004, Kate was nominated for Most Outstanding Actress in a Television Series at the Logie Awards for her work in the television series Stingers. In 2007, she was nominated for Best Solo Performance in the Green Room Awards’ for her work on The Lover. Kate’s film work includes King of the Mountain, On the Beach and more recently, the leading role of Katherine in the film Belladonna. In 2009, she filmed the feature film Matching Jack withRichard Roxburgh. In 2011, she shot Dee McLachlan’s (The Jammed)controversial spoof Eliminated.
  28. 28. 28Detective McGrath BrunoA dogged, dedicated senior detective in charge of the manhunt for ‘teen Sligo’s chief enforcer/attack dog. Ex-con. Smarter than your average thug. Afugitive’, Cal Ormond. Rigid and authoritarian, McGrath’s blind spot is rev-head, Bruno drives a black Subaru WRX. Bruno met Sligo in jail 10 yearshis obsession with wayward, violent teenagers, due to his having been ago when he was put away for a long stretch after a string of violent armeda victim of teen violence in his past. Nevertheless, he is unfailingly robberies. Bruno commands respect from the people around him—includingcourteous to Emily and kind to Gabbi, and genuinely feels for them Sligo. And as long as that continues, Bruno’s loyalty will never waver. But likeboth. a dog, the inner mongrel is always there and if Bruno isn’t happy with the way he’s being treated, he has no qualms about biting the hand that’s feeding him. Bruno is suspicious of Winter and can’t understand why Sligo can’t see throughRyan O’Kane is DETECTIVE McGRATH her. He treats her with ironic ‘respect’.After completing a B.A. in Psychology at Otago University, Ryan’sintention to study medicine was interrupted by his passion for acting. Sachin Joab is BRUNOHe enrolled in drama school, but found his studies yet again put on holdwhen he won one of the lead roles in the TVNZ drama The Insiders Sachin Joab was born in Melbourne and graduated from the NationalGuide to Love. His success in this role led to further film and television Theatre Drama School in 2008. As an actor, he has been involved inwork, including roles in New Zealand cop-show-with-a-twist The film, television and stage productions, and is also a contemporaryHothouse and award-winning feature Out of the Blue. dancer and an R&B singer. Over recent years Sachin has spent a significant amount of time in the U.S., winning roles in independent films. He also undertook further acting study in New York. His vocal diversity has enabled him to perform in a wide variety of roles using various foreign accents including American, Indian, English and South African. Coming from an intensely athletic upbringing, Sachin has also studied human movement, which assisted him in the physicality of stage roles such as the rough-and-tumble Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire and the twisted body of Shakespeare’s Richard III. Sachin has appeared in Australian feature films including My Year Without Sex, Big Mamma’s Boy and the soon to be released Who Wants to be a Terrorist, and in television shows City Homicide, Rush and Neighbours.
  29. 29. 29Kelvin JakeKelvin is Oriana’s younger brother and a flash dresser, donning heeled snakeskin Formerly Oriana’s younger personal trainer, now her lover andcowboy boots. Kelvin is just a little soft and not bright enough for what Oriana thug. He’s a strong, well-defined specimen who rarely speaks, butrequires of him. He has often been in trouble with the police, although he has no constantly needles and puts down Kelvin. Close-cropped hair, tattsserious convictions (Oriana grudgingly gets him off). Kelvin has a gambling and is ripped under his clothes, but more is a gym rat on steroidsproblem, which has put him in debt to Bruno. Treated like an idiot and a burden than a genuine body Oriana, he is nevertheless eager to please her or to prove he’s as clever asshe is. The tracking device implanted in Cal’s shoulder is his idea, but he hasintermittent problems in making it work. Kelvin is the most interesting of the James Sorensen is JAKEmuscle boys: he has a conscience. James is best known for his work on Neighbours, joining the cast in 2007 in the role of Declan Napier. His character became hugelyAndrew Curry is KELVIN popular with fans, and as Declan fell in love, married, became a father and then a widower, viewers experienced the highs and lows Andrew Curry has been involved in the Australian film and television alongside him. industry for over 20 years as an actor, writer, director and producer. Andrew grew up in a family of accomplished entertainers, and has After four years on Australia’s longest running drama, James left appeared in many top-rating television shows, including The Secret to pursue a career in the army. This stint was unfortunately short- Life of Us, Blue Heelers, The Games, and Neighbours. In the early lived due to injury. James’s work on CONSPIRACY 365 marks 2000s, he co-hosted the Ten Network entertainment news program his return to Australian television. Premiere, and has written and performed in sketch comedy shows James made his professional acting debut as a teenager in the like Flipside and Let Loose Live. Andrew then moved on to feature feature film Hating Alison Ashley, opposite Delta Goodrem. roles in well-loved Australian television dramas such as City Soon after, he scored a main role in the teen hit Blue Water Homicide, Satisfaction, Rush and the highly anticipated TV1 crime High, for Southern Star and the ABC, which amassed him a drama, Killing Time. strong fan base. Other television credits include Showtime’s Andrew has appeared in several feature films, including The Satisfaction and Wicked Science for Jonathan M. Shiff Merchant of Fairness, Mick Molloy’s BoyTown and Simon productions. James is a strong sportsman and a talented Wincer’s soon to be released The Cup. In 2002, Andrew played photographer whose work is regularly exhibited. Currently, he is the lead role opposite Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell in the acclaimed studying nursing and running his own personal training business sci-fi feature The Inside Story. in between filming commitments. He has moved into production in the past few years, and has written, directed and produced many short films, television commercials, music video clips, corporate videos and documentaries through his production company, iCandy Productions. Most of 2010 was dedicated to a Film Victoria-funded short film, Spider Walk, and also saw him producing a documentary on animal cruelty in India, a number of short films, and finding time for his wonderful wife and kids.
  30. 30. 30Eric BlairEric is in his 40s, a photojournalist who accompanied TomOrmond to Ireland and almost died from a ‘mysterious virus’.Previously a neat, cheerful and organised man, and a trustedcolleague of Tom’s, he is now diminished and fearful, and hismemory is bad as a result of the virus. Initially, in his crazedstate, he warns Cal of the curse of the Ormond Singularity; laterin the series, he recovers and helps Cal as much as he can out ofloyalty to Tom.Dion Mills is ERIC BLAIRDion Mills’s physically electrifying performances on stage havemade him one of Australia’s most sought-after stage actors.After training at NIDA, Dion took on the recurring role ofdeadly hitman, Conrad, in season 6 of Stingers, before returningto his first love of theatre. In 2003, he joined Red StitchActors Theatre, one of Australia’s leading independent theatre companies. He has appeared in many and varied roles, to great critical acclaim. In 2010, he played the part of Sir Ranulph Fiennes opposite Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro in Killer Elite.
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