season 5
AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Episodes     8.30pm Thursdays          PR CONTACT             MOVIE NETWORK CHANNELS CONTACT          ...
Episode 1A Little Kiss, Part1On the streets of New York,                     And with Don’s 40th birthday fastAfrican-Amer...
Episode 2A Little Kiss, Part 2In the wake of Don’s surprise party, Megan’s     And to beat Roger at his own game,sexy sere...
Episode 3Tea LeavesFeeling far from her glamorous days,              And at dinner, the Heinz executive issuesBetty is des...
Episode 4Mystery DateA group of nurses in Chicago meet a grislyend, capturing the attention of the nationand many in the S...
Episode 5Signal 30Lane turns a social engagement into an           And Don’s not the only one full of surprises.opportunit...
Episode 6Far Away PlacesPeggy is left in charge of the Heinz pitchwhen Don announces he’s heading off onan impromptu busin...
Episode 7At The Codfish BallMegan’s parents come to town to attend theAmerican Cancer Society dinner, which isset to honou...
Episode 8Lady LazarusThe phone box outside Sterling Cooper            There’s a mixed reaction to Megan’sDraper Pryce gets...
Episode 9Dark ShadowsAs Don and Megan’s relationship goes from       Roger convinces Jane to pretend they arestrength to s...
Episode 10Christmas WaltzLane finds himself in hot water when hisattorney in England reveals he owes £2,900for back taxes....
Episode 11The Other WomanThe Jaguar account takes centre stage at      And, on the home front, Pete tells Trudy heSCDP but...
Episode 12Commissions and FeesOne moment, Lane’s star looks to be on the    And, back at the office and tired of ‘piddly’r...
Episode 13The PhantomThe SDCP wives each face their own               Meanwhile, Roger makes a move on Megan’schallenges: ...
Don DraperCreative Director and Partnerat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce                                    Actor:          ...
Betty FrancisDon’s Ex-WifeBetty’s new marriage to            Actress:politician Henry Francis           January Jonesprove...
Pete CampbellPartnerat Sterling Cooper Draper PrycePete continued to feel              Actor:underappreciated by the      ...
Peggy OlsonCopywriter                                              Actress:                                              E...
Joan HarrisDirector of Agency Operations                                     Actress:                                     ...
Actor:                                               JOHN SLATTERY                                               One of th...
Lane Pryce                           Actor:                                     Jared HarrisPartner                       ...
Megan DraperCopywriterMegan is Don Draper’s wife             Anxious to make up for herand a copywriter at Sterling       ...
Ken CosgroveAccounts ExecutiveOriginally passed over to join    Actor:the new agency, Ken was           AARON STATONrehire...
Harry CraneHead of MediaHarry continued at the new            Actor:agency as head of the one-            RICH SOMMERman T...
Bertram CooperFounding Partnerat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce                                  Actor:                     ...
Sally DraperDaughter of Don Draper and Betty FrancisSally continued to struggle with    Actor:the changes in her life brou...
Stan RizzoArt DirectorStan Rizzo is the Art Director at Sterling Cooper   Despite the surface antagonism,Draper Pryce. Sta...
MATTHEW WEINER                                                                                              ANDRÉ & MARIA ...
JANET LEAHY                                                                                                  MICHAEL SALTZ...
ERIN LEVY                                                                                                      JOSH WELTMA...
JONATHAN IGLA                                                                                                 DAN BISHOPSt...
JANIE BRYANT                                                                                                  TOM WILSONCo...
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
Mad men s05   press kit-final
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Mad men s05 press kit-final

  1. 1. season 5
  2. 2. AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE Episodes 8.30pm Thursdays PR CONTACT MOVIE NETWORK CHANNELS CONTACT SHAUNA MOORE (Nixco) CHLOE HANCOCK (02) 8399 0626 (02) 9433 1057
  3. 3. Episode 1A Little Kiss, Part1On the streets of New York, And with Don’s 40th birthday fastAfrican-American protesters carry signs in approaching, Megan plans a decadentsupport of equal opportunity employment surprise party, which she promises Peggy– but Y&R employees prove less than “will inspire everyone to have sex.”sympathetic when they drop water bombs Everyone, it seems, except Don.from their office windows above.Tensions also run high in the Sterling CooperDraper Pryce office. Pete is convinced Rogeris out to steal his clients when he crashes ameeting with Mohawk Airlines, while Peggyfeels let down by Don when he fails to backher during a pitch to Heinz.Meanwhile, new mother Joan is cravingthe freedom of her old life and job. Whileher mother wants her to be content asa housewife, Joan has her heart set onreturning to work. She doesn’t want to breakher promise to return and insists the agencyneeds her – but does it really?
  4. 4. Episode 2A Little Kiss, Part 2In the wake of Don’s surprise party, Megan’s And to beat Roger at his own game,sexy serenade is the talk of the agency – Pete plays dirty when he asks Clara to pencilbut the only thing on Pete’s mind is swapping in a fake Coca-Cola meeting for 6am onoffices with Roger to impress the executives Staten Island.from Mohawk. Will Roger play ball?Meanwhile, in the back of a taxi, Lane findsa wallet and is immediately taken with thegirl in the photo inside. And, at home, Joan’smother reveals Sterling Cooper Draper Pryceintends to replace Joan, offering up a wantedad as proof.Back at the office, Megan rants to Peggyabout the office’s negative culture and, fedup with work and Don, leaves early. Is Donset to lose yet another woman in his life? Incontrast, the agency gains lots of interest inthe equal opportunity position advertised.
  5. 5. Episode 3Tea LeavesFeeling far from her glamorous days, And at dinner, the Heinz executive issuesBetty is despondent as she struggles with her Don quite the challenge – to enlist the Rollingincreasing weight. A visit to the doctor for Stones for a television ad. With the rockersdiet pills instead reveals a suspicious lump in in town, Don and Harry get backstage ather throat – will it be cancerous or benign? their concert to pitch the idea. But can theyBetty turns to Don for comfort as she waits to seal the deal while distracted by two teenagelearn her fate. groupies?Over at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce,Pete does a back flip on the Mohawkaccount. Close to signing them, he announcesthat Roger will handle the account onceonboard. Plus, Peggy is enlisted to hirean extra copywriter – a male – with Stanadvising her to hire someone less talented orrisk the new guy becoming her boss.
  6. 6. Episode 4Mystery DateA group of nurses in Chicago meet a grislyend, capturing the attention of the nationand many in the Sterling Cooper DraperPryce office. To Megan’s dismay, Don alsocontinues to be the centre of attention, thistime with former colleague Andrea. But willher infatuation end badly for Don?Meanwhile, Greg is due home from his tourof duty and brings with him some unsettlingnews for Joan and baby Kevin.At the office, Ginsberg – the new guy – putsa foot wrong when he eagerly pitches anidea to Butler Footwear that Don earliercanned. And Peggy milks Roger for all he’sworth to work over the weekend on theMohawk account, where she discovers Dawnsleeping on Don’s couch.
  7. 7. Episode 5Signal 30Lane turns a social engagement into an And Don’s not the only one full of surprises.opportunity for Sterling Cooper Draper Running into Ken and his mystery man in aPryce when he dines with a Jaguar Cars diner, the next morning, Peggy is surprisedexecutive. Keen to take the lead on securing by Ken’s confession – and secret life. As histhe account, Lane takes strategic advice from secret is revealed, Roger calls Ken into hisRoger – but will all go according to plan? office and suggests he turn his back on this ‘distraction’ from work.Meanwhile, Pete struggles on both the workand home fronts. While Trudy is at home withbaby Tammy, Pete flirts with teenage Jennyduring Drivers Ed, then enjoys the companyof an escort when out with the agency boys.A seemingly reformed man, Don dishes upmarital advice to Pete. Resisting the escorts,Don has family on his mind. After an eveningspent at the Campbell’s, and seeing littleTammy with her Mum, Don tells Megan hewants a baby.
  8. 8. Episode 6Far Away PlacesPeggy is left in charge of the Heinz pitchwhen Don announces he’s heading off onan impromptu business trip to an upstatehotel. But the pitch doesn’t go well – Peggyopenly disagrees with the client after thepresentation.Taking Megan with him on the jaunt, Donlearns how important Megan’s job is to heras she frets over abandoning her co-workerson the Heinz account. Their ‘love leave’ soonbecomes heated as an argument flares upover dinner. Don storms out, leaving Meganin the hotel’s car park. But when he calmsdown and returns to collect her, she’s gone.Meanwhile, Roger reluctantly attends adinner party with Jane where the hostesshands out LSD. Back at home and stillhigh on the drug, the pair admits that theirmarriage is over. The next morning, though,will Jane remember and set Roger free?
  9. 9. Episode 7At The Codfish BallMegan’s parents come to town to attend theAmerican Cancer Society dinner, which isset to honour Don for his anti-smoking letteragainst Lucky Strike. Emile, Megan’s father,immediately takes a disliking to Don, whileMarie seems eager for Don’s affections.Meanwhile, Megan becomes the toast of theoffice when she comes up with the winningpitch for Heinz. Surprisingly, Peggy is excitedfor Megan and her first taste of success.But she’s not so happy after Abe insists onmeeting for dinner at Minetta Tavern – Peggythinks he’s about to break up with her. Joansays he’s going to propose.And Sally gets to spend more time with Donafter an accident sees Pauline laid up with abroken ankle. Initially excited about attendingthe Ball with her Dad, Sally’s opinion of thecity soon changes…
  10. 10. Episode 8Lady LazarusThe phone box outside Sterling Cooper There’s a mixed reaction to Megan’sDraper Pryce gets a workout as both Megan departure. Joan believes Don marriesand Pete make secret phone calls. a ‘type’: the type that has a failing career and rich husband; Roger thinks she wantsMegan’s mystery call soon sees her resigning babies; and Pete says women do whateverfrom the agency, while Pete’s leads to great they want…frustration: demonstrated when he smashes achampagne glass against a wall at theHotel Pennsylvania. What’s got him so upset?Meanwhile, Don feels his grip on theadvertising world slipping as he questionswhen music became so important tothe ad process. And Peggy grows frustratedat Megan’s nonchalant attitude to stickingwith advertising: “There are people killing toget this job.”
  11. 11. Episode 9Dark ShadowsAs Don and Megan’s relationship goes from Roger convinces Jane to pretend they arestrength to strength, Betty battles with her still a happy couple for a client dinner injealousy – and her weight. Her attempts to exchange for a new apartment – but will theuse Sally to get between the pair backfire acting spill over into real life?miserably.Pete similarly struggles to make an impactin his work and personal lives but hopes aninterview with the New York Times about ‘hipagencies’ will spell the difference and catchthe eye of Howard’s wife.Meanwhile, Don and Ginsberg go head tohead on a pitch for Sno Ball – will Ginsbergshow up his superior, or will the experiencedad man prevail? Peggy is unimpressed withRoger when he gives Ginsberg extra work towoo Manischewitz wines.
  12. 12. Episode 10Christmas WaltzLane finds himself in hot water when hisattorney in England reveals he owes £2,900for back taxes. Unable to come up with themoney, he convinces SCDP’s bank managerto authorise a $50,000 credit extensionand helps himself to company funds.In the meantime, Jaguar comes calling but– to Pete’s frustration – Don lacks enthusiasmover the lucrative account. After Joan receivesnews that gets her blood boiling, Don takesher away from the office and with him for atest drive. Will their harmless flirting lead tosomething else?And Harry meets Paul Kinsey for coffee ata Hare Krishna gathering where he meetsthe lovely Lakshmi. Having written a scriptfor Star Trek, Paul asks Harry to pass it on toNBC. But does Harry have more luck with thescript or with Lakshmi?
  13. 13. Episode 11The Other WomanThe Jaguar account takes centre stage at And, on the home front, Pete tells Trudy heSCDP but, despite the team’s best creative wants a city apartment, Joan argues with herefforts, success hinges on arranging ‘an mother, while Megan is prepared to move toevening together’ between a member of the Boston for three months to pursue her actingselection committee and Joan. Will Joan dream.agree? And can the agency afford herasking price?Meanwhile, Don puts Peggy in chargeof all other accounts including ChevalierBlanc. When the client wants to pull an ad,she spontaneously comes up with a twistthat keeps them happy. But Peggy is lessthan impressed when Don informs her thatGinsberg will take over when he’s finishedJaguar. Will Peggy stay with SCDP or moveon as Ted from Cutler Gleason and Chaoughsuggests?
  14. 14. Episode 12Commissions and FeesOne moment, Lane’s star looks to be on the And, back at the office and tired of ‘piddly’rise and, the next, it’s in free-fall. accounts, Don instructs Roger to tee up aThanks to his fiscal track record, Lane is meeting with Dow Chemical – despite Ken’sasked to become head of the Fiscal Control reluctance to do business with hisCommittee for the 4As – the American father-in-law. Can Don convince the chemicalAssociation of Advertising Agencies. giant to take a chance on SDCP?But then his forged cheque is discovered atSCDP, which leads to his dramatic exit…Meanwhile, to Betty’s frustration,Sally chooses to be dropped off at Donand Megan’s over going on the family skivacation. A ruse to spend time alone withGlen, Sally soon ‘becomes a woman’.Will she turn to Megan or Betty for advice?
  15. 15. Episode 13The PhantomThe SDCP wives each face their own Meanwhile, Roger makes a move on Megan’schallenges: Megan is struggling to be mum, Marie, inviting her to a rendezvousdiscovered as an actress, Beth is set for at the Stanhope; Howard discovers Pete’selectro shock therapy, Rebecca has learned connection with Beth; and Don – pained byof Layne’s infatuation with Delores, and Trudy an aching tooth – is haunted by his deadtires of Pete’s “doom and gloom”. brother, Adam.At the agency, clients begin to notice Peggy’sabsence while, at CGC, she revels in her newfound autonomy. Despite losing Peggy to thecompetition, revenue is up 34% and, coupledwith Layne’s insurance pay out, SDCP is set tomove to a new office.
  16. 16. Don DraperCreative Director and Partnerat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Actor: Jon HammDon Draper struggled with Jon Hamm’s nuanced portrayal of the high-powered, philandering advertisinghis new identity as a divorced executive Don Draper has firmly established him as one of Hollywood’s mostman and as the increasingly talented and versatile actors, and earned him numerous accolades, including therenowned figurehead of 2008 Golden Globe® Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama, as well as the 2011 Television Critics Association Award for Individualhis newly formed upstart Achievement in Drama and the 2011 Critics’ Choice Television Award for Leadcompany, Sterling Cooper Actor in a Drama Series. Additionally, Hamm has been nominated for four Emmy®Draper Pryce. Awards for Lead Actor in a Drama Series and for four Screen Actors Guild® Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.As his career notoriety hit a He has also joined with the entire cast to win the Screen Actors Guild® Award forhigh point, winning a Clio Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for three years running.award, his personal life sunkto an all-time low of risk-taking On the big screen, Hamm will next appear in Friends With Kids,behaviour, drinking and wanton for writer/director Jennifer Westfeldt, in which they both star opposite Adam Scott,sex. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Megan Fox. He most recently appeared in the award-winning hit comedy Bridesmaids with Kristen Wiig. His previous film creditsUltimately, Don made a move include Ben Affleck’s The Town, Zack Snyder’s fantasy thriller Sucker Punch, Howltowards self-knowledge and with James Franco, Shrek Forever After, in which he voiced the character ‘Brogan,’ The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Westfeldt’s Ira & Abbyredemption through pursuit of and Kissing Jessica Stein, and We Were Soldiers.a relationship with psychologistFaye Miller, who accepted his Hamm has also appeared on the Emmy®-winning comedy, 30 Rock, for which hetroubled past and personal has received two Emmy® nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedydemons. Then, he shocked his Series, and has hosted Saturday Night Live three times to critical-acclaim.colleagues and the world with Hamm first came to audience’s attention in the NBC series Providence. Signed for a cameo role, he impressed the producers so much that he ended up with ana last minute engagement to his 18- episode run on the series. Additional television credits include IFC’sbeautiful and charismatic young The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, The Division, What About Brian,secretary, Megan Calvet. The Unit, Numb3rs and CSI Miami, among others.
  17. 17. Betty FrancisDon’s Ex-WifeBetty’s new marriage to Actress:politician Henry Francis January Jonesproved rocky at the start as she January Jones’ portrayal of the ‘perfect’ 60’s wife and young motherendeavoured to let go of her has garnered the attention of critics and viewers alike and earned heremotional connection to Don. two Golden Globe® nominations and an Emmy® Nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama. She has alsoSally’s increasing misbehaviour joined with the entire cast to win the Screen Actors Guild® Award fordrove Betty, with Henry’s Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for three consecutive years. Jones hasencouragement, to seek an extensive film career in addition to her work on Mad Men, and wasprofessional help for her most recently seen with Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce in Seeking Justice,daughter; ironically, Betty directed by Roger Donaldson, and as Emma Frost in the latest installmentbegan to lean on Sally’s of the X-Men series, X-Men First Class. She also appeared alongside Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger in Unknown, directed bychild psychologist for support Juame Collet-Serra, and opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman and Kennethand advice about her own Branagh in The Boat That Rocked, written and directed by Richard Curtis.problems. Her emotionalcatharsis culminated in a Jones first came to critics’ attention for her performance in the film Threeconfession to Don that things in Burials of Meliquiades Estrada for actor/director Tommy Lee Jones, whichher marriage aren’t perfect. debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and also starred in the critically ac- claimed festival hit Swedish Auto, and in the McG-directed,Unfortunately for Betty, the We Are Marshall opposite Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey.moment was inopportune; on Additional film credits include roles in American Wedding; Anger Management alongside Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson;the eve of selling the Draper Love Actually with Colin Firth and Keira Knightly; Bandits withhouse, Don revealed to her Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis and Cate Blanchett forhis newfound happiness with director/producer Barry Levinson; and Full Frontal directed byMegan. Steven Soderbergh.
  18. 18. Pete CampbellPartnerat Sterling Cooper Draper PrycePete continued to feel Actor:underappreciated by the Vincent Kartheiseragency’s name partners despite Vincent Kartheiser first came to television viewer’s attention as ‘Connor’his success at bringing in new on the hit series, Angel, and has also had roles in many other series,business. He parlayed Trudy’s including Sweet Justice and ER.unexpected pregnancy intocoercing his father-in-law, Most recently seen alongside Justin Timberlake in the science fictionTom Vogel, to give SCDP the thriller In Time, Kartheiser has appeared in over a dozen feature films including, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia directed by Rob SchmidtVicks account. He romanced a opposite Monica Keena; Larry Clark’s Another Day in Paradise oppositelucrative defense contract from James Woods and Melanie Griffith; and Dandelion oppositeNorth American Aviation, only Taryn Manning which screened at Sundance in 2004, and was directedto have the situation turn into a by Mark Milgard.crisis when security clearanceissues threatened to revealDon Draper’s past.Pete sacrificed the account,and his own reputation asan account man, in order tocover for Don’s transgressions.Pete was repaid for his effortswhen the partners were askedfor cash collateral to keep theagency in business, and Doncovered Pete’s share.
  19. 19. Peggy OlsonCopywriter Actress: ELISABETH MOSS As Peggy Olson, the ambitious yet naïve secretary who has evolved to a junior copywriter, Elisabeth Moss has received two Emmy® Award nominations, a Golden Globe® nomination, and two Screen ActorsPeggy wrestled with her creative ambition Guild® Award nominations for outstanding Lead Actress in aand her rising place in SCDP, which Drama Series, as well as an Emmy® Award nomination forthreatened to eclipse her chance at outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.happiness in her personal life. As a young She has also joined with the entire cast to win the Screen Actors Guild® Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Seriesperson experiencing the tide of social for three consecutive years. Prior to Mad Men, Moss playedchange, she met and fell in love with ‘Zoey Bartlett,’ daughter to Martin Sheen’s president, for sevenheadstrong political writer, Abe Drexler. seasons on Aaron Sorkin’s critically acclaimed and award-Peggy broke through a personal wall with winning drama, The West Wing.Don during a pivotal all-night work session On the big screen, Moss will next be seen inin which she expressed her resentment Lawrence Kasdan’s Darling Companion, oppositeover his inability to acknowledge her Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline, as well as in Walter Salles’scontributions to the agency, then helped adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac novel On The Road.him weather the loss of his friend, She is currently filming the lead role in Top of the Lake,Anna Draper. Jane Campion’s highly-anticipated six part miniseries for the BBC and the Sundance Channel.She effectively saved the agency when, Moss’s additional film credits include Did You Hear About Thetogether with Ken Cosgrove, Morgan’s?, Get Him To The Greek, The Missing,Peggy brought in the first piece of Girl Interrupted, Mumford, A Thousand Acres and Virgin, fornew business since the dry spell which she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award forafter losing Lucky Strike. Best Actress.
  20. 20. Joan HarrisDirector of Agency Operations Actress: CHRISTINA HENDRICKS Christina Hendricks’ flawless portrayal as brash and sassy office manager Joan Harris, has earned her critical acclaim, including two Emmy® nominations for Outstanding SupportingJoan struggled to make peace Actress in a Drama Series, and the 2011 Critics’ Choice Televisionwith the disappointment of her Award for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She has alsomarriage to Greg, accepting his joined with the entire cast to win the Screen Actors Guild® Awarddecision to deploy to Vietnam as for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for three consecutive years.a military surgeon. In a moment Hendricks began her career as the opportunistic, career-climbingof weakness and vulnerability, intern on Showtime’s Beggars and Choosers, which led to ashe succumbed to Roger production deal with John Wells. Additional television creditsSterling’s advances and later include starring with Taye Diggs in the comedy Kevin Hill,learned that she was pregnant the TNT original series The Big Time, and ABC’s The Court in whichwith his baby. she starred opposite Sally Field. Hendricks had a recurring role on the extremely successful drama series ER and also recurred onJoan decided to terminate the Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Life and Notes From the Underbelly.pregnancy, but backed out at Additionally, Hendricks has guest starred on some of primetime’sthe last minute. Disillusioned by highest rated shows including Body of Evidence, Cold Case, andRoger’s inept behavior with the Without a Trace.loss of Lucky Strike, she ended Hendricks film credits include her startling role alongsidethings with him and allowed Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in the critically acclaimed Drive,Greg to believe the child was his. directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, as well as I Don’t Know How She Does It opposite Sarah Jessica Parker and Greg Kinnear, and Life as We Know It for director Greg Berlanti. She recently began work on Bomb, alongside Annette Bening and Elle Fanning with director Sally Porter and completed work on the independent feature Leonie, for director Hisako Matsui and The Family Tree for director Vivi Friedman. Additional film credits include La Cucina, South of Pico and Driving Lessons with Dermot Mulroney and Hope Davis.
  21. 21. Actor: JOHN SLATTERY One of the most respected actors in the Hollywood community, John Slattery continues to win audiences over with his stellar scene-stealing work in television, film and on stage. For his work as Roger Sterling, he has earned four Emmy® nominations and a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and as a member of the Mad Men ensemble joined with the entire cast to win the Screen Actors Guild® Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series for three consecutive years. Recently he also added the title of director to his list of credits, having directed two episodes of Mad Men, in the fourth season and one for the upcoming fifth season.Roger Sterling On the big screen, Slattery will next be seen in Liza Johnson’s Return, alongside Linda Cardellini and Mi-Partner chael Shannon, and in Brian Savelson’s In Our Nature, opposite Gabrielle Union, Zach Gilford and Jena Malone, which premiered at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival. Slattery was last seen on the big screen inat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Universal’s The Adjustment Bureau, with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. His additional film credits include Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers, Mike Nichols’ Charlie Wilson’s War, Terry George’s Reservation Road, Mike Newell’s Mona Lisa’s Smile, opposite Julia Roberts, Thomas McCarthy’s The Station Agent, Joel Schumacher’s Bad Company, and Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic. Slattery is currently in production on Lance Edmands’ Bluebird, an ensemble drama that was part of the Sundance Directing Lab which co-stars Amy Morton and Margo Martindale.Outshined by young rainmakers PeteCampbell and Ken Cosgrove, Past television credits include Desperate Housewives (for which he shared a SAG nomination forRoger Sterling faced a crisis of relevance “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble”), Homefront, Ed, HBO’s K Streetat the new agency when their biggest and the drama Jack & Bobby. He has also been seen in highly memorable guest appearances on Sex & The City, Will & Grace and Judging Amy.account and his only important client,Lucky Strike, left SCDP. In denial, Rogerhid this news from his partners and Joan,even pretending not to know when KenCosgrove learned the truth and revealed itto the others.Don and Roger became at odds over theloss, which was exacerbated by Don’spublic letter denouncing tobacco accountsfor the future. Even writing a book ofhis memoirs as an ad man proved anexercise in failure for Roger; he wasforced to self-publish a tome only his wife,Jane Sterling, was interested in reading.
  22. 22. Lane Pryce Actor: Jared HarrisPartner A classically trained stage actor and former member of London’s famed Royalat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Shakespeare Company, Jared Harris’ prolific career continuously showcases his chameleon-like ability to morph from one character to another. Harris’ extensive film career includes his recent turn as Professor James Moriarty alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law for director Guy Ritchie in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. He also appeared opposite Harrison Ford andLane’s personal life became Brendan Frasier in Extraordinary Measures, and with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchetttumultuous as his foothold in David Fincher’s critically acclaimed film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Harris made his film debut in 1989’s The Rachel Papers, which was the directorialin the agency grew. As their debut of his brother Damian, and since then has gone on to appear in over fiftyfinancial officer, he enjoyed films in a wide array of roles, including a riveting portrayal of Andy Warhol inthe sheen of being associated the acclaimed I Shot Andy Warhol, and the sleazy Russian cab driver, Vladimir,with a dynamic new company, in Todd Solondz’s Happiness, for which the cast received the 1999 Nationalbecoming sexually adventurous Board of Review Acting Ensemble Award. Additional credits include Last of theand open to the possibilities for Mohicans, Natural Born Killers, Sylvia and Ocean’s Twelve among others. Most recently, Harris completed work on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming filma single man in New York. Lincoln, in the role of Ulysses S. Grant.He engaged in a love affair In television, Harris has accumulated an impressive list of credits in bothwith a Playboy bunny and England and the U.S., including a highly acclaimed performance asresolved to let his troubled Henry VIII for the BBC production of The Other Boleyn Girl.marriage disintegrate.However, these plans were Additional BBC credits include the mini-series To The Ends of the Earthcrushed by a visit from his and the starring role in Coup! Stateside, Harris has been seendictatorial and abusive father. in recurring roles for both The Riches and Fringe and has guest-starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, andLane’s initial tension at the Without a with Joan morphed intoa friendship, and he initiated apromotion for her, albeit withoutpay after the loss of Lucky Strikeand firing half the staff.
  23. 23. Megan DraperCopywriterMegan is Don Draper’s wife Anxious to make up for herand a copywriter at Sterling mistake, Megan asks to stayCooper Draper Pryce. late to learn more about the adA native of Montreal, Megan business. Don quizzes Meganis originally hired as SCDP’s about her background. “You’rereceptionist and comes to Don’s in my head all day,” she says, Actress:attention when she participates “and you don’t know anything JESSICA PARÉin Faye Miller’s focus group for about me.” Moments later thePond’s Cold Cream. When Sally two have sex on Don’s sofa. A native of Montréal, Jessica Paré began her acting careerruns away from home and pulls there at the age of 17, working on the miniseries Bonnano. Megan accompanies Dona tantrum rather than leave with Months later she was handpicked to star in the celebrity satire, and the kids on a CaliforniaBetty, Megan comforts Sally, Stardom, and since then has continued to turn heads in a vacation after Betty fires theirsucceeding where Faye Miller variety of films, series and mini-series, throughout Europe, nanny Carla, and Megan’s easehad failed. Canada, and the U.S. with his children endears him.Megan becomes Don’s Don and Megan have sex one Pare’s film credits include Hot Tub Time Machine in whichsecretary after Miss Blankenship night in her room. Afterward she co-starred with John Cusack and Rob Corddry, Lost anddies. Early in her tenure Megan, he asks if Megan thought this Delirious for director Léa Pool, and Bollywood/Hollywoodunaware of his secret past, might happen. She did, she with director Deepa Mehta. Her television credits include theprecipitates a crisis by filling out confesses. Don comments that tele-film Lives of the Saints alongside Sophia Loren and Krisand submitting an inaccurate Megan doesn’t know anything Kristofferson and a recurring role on the series Jack & application. about him. “You have a good Paré recently completed filming Red CoatJustice for director heart,” she answers, “and I S. Wyeth Clarkson and is on the festival circuit promoting two know that you’re always trying Canadian films she has roles in, The Trotsky directed by Jacob to be better.” Tierney and Suck directed by Rob Stefaniuk.
  24. 24. Ken CosgroveAccounts ExecutiveOriginally passed over to join Actor:the new agency, Ken was AARON STATONrehired as an account executive Aaron Staton is a 2004 graduate of Carnegie Mellon Uni-by Lane Pryce and brought versity with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. Staton’s filmchoice clients with him from credits include roles in August Rush, directed byMcCann. Kristen Sheridan and The Nanny Diaries, directed by Shari Berman and Robert Pulcini. Additional television cred-Pitted again opposite Pete, the its include a recurring role on The Good Wife, andtwo of them struck a tenuous appearances on Law and Order: SVU and Without A Trace.truce and decided to worktogether, until Don, Roger andPete pressured Ken to bring inhis father-in-law’s company,Dow-Corning, as new business.Ken refused, rekindlingresentment and forging adivision between himself andthe rest of accounts.Ken’s working friendshipwith Peggy, however, provedstronger than ever.
  25. 25. Harry CraneHead of MediaHarry continued at the new Actor:agency as head of the one- RICH SOMMERman Television Department Rich Sommer’s extensive stage credits include ‘Todd’ in Farand enjoyed his growing Away; ‘Mike’ in A Lie of the Mind; and ‘William Gibbs’ inimportance in the company Off the Map. Sommer will make his Broadway debut thisas television became a more summer in Roundabout’s production of Harvey.significant outlet for advertising.He flaunted his connections to On the small screen, Sommer has appeared in numerous commercials and had roles in some of television’s moststars and producers. popular series, including The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm,His lascivious pursuit of Law & Order, CSI, and Burn Notice. Sommer made hisa beautiful young actress feature film debut as Anne Hathaway’s drinking buddy ‘Doug’ in The Devil Wears Prada and recentlyprovided the lead for Topaz completed work on Fairhaven opposite Sarah Paulson andhosiery, the client that broke Chris Messina and The Giant Mechanical Man withSCDP’s losing streak. Jenna Fischer and Topher Grace. A student, performer and teacher of improvisation, Sommer received his training and experience with The Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.
  26. 26. Bertram CooperFounding Partnerat Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Actor: Robert Morse One of the few actors to have won Tony® Awards for both Best Actor in a Play and BestPatriarch Bertram Cooper Actor in a Musical, Robert Morse’s impressivecontinued to offer guidance to career has spanned more than six decadesthe SCDP partners. and includes notable roles in television and film projects in addition to his stage work.Cooper faced mortality with the Morse’s musical award came in 1962 with hisdeath of long-time employee, unforgettable performance as ‘J. PierrepontMiss Blankenship, then Finch’ in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Frank Loesser/Abe Burrows/Bob Fosseexploded when Don’s anti- musical of “How to Succeed in Businesstobacco letter in the New York Without Really Trying.” The dramatic nodTimes humiliated the partners came in 1990 with his triumphant portrayal ofby omission. Truman Capote in the tour de force, one-man show,“American Playhouse: Tru.” The PBSAfter declaring Don Draper a presentation of “Tru” later earned Morse amonster, he resigned from the 1993 Emmy® Award as Outstanding Leadagency. Actor in a Miniseries or Special as well. Morse made his film debut in 1956’s The Proud and Profane, and in addition to reprising his Tony winning role in the 1967 film version of How to Succeed in Business, for director David Swift, Morse also appeared as Walter Matthau’s philandering buddy/ advisor in the Gene Kelly-directed A Guide for the Married Man and in the cult favorite The Loved One. On television, Morse appeared in a continuing role in the medical drama City of Angels, and in an Oliver Stone mini- series Wild Palms, among various memorable television guest appearances.
  27. 27. Sally DraperDaughter of Don Draper and Betty FrancisSally continued to struggle with Actor:the changes in her life brought KIERNAN SHIPKAabout by her parents’ divorce, Now in her fifth season as Sally Draper,Betty’s sudden remarriage, Kiernan Shipka is at the beginning of whatand Don’s erratic bachelor is sure to be a long and successful, all in the wake of her In addition to her work on Mad Men,burgeoning puberty. Shipka has also appeared in guest roles on a number of other television seriesShe became increasingly including, Don’t Trust the B--- in Apartmentrebellious and acted out with 23, MADtv, Cory In The House,both Betty and Don. Heroes and Monk. Her feature credits include Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of KittyHer friendship with Glen Bishop Galore, as the only human who could hearand reliance on his advice, the animals speak opposite the voices ofeven over that of her therapist, Alec Baldwin and Bette Midler, and roles in Land of The Lost and Lower Learning.Dr. Edna, helped get herthrough difficult transitions inher family life. Betty becamejealous when she caughtSally and Glenn secretlymeeting, and punished themby announcing that the familywould move away fromOssining.
  28. 28. Stan RizzoArt DirectorStan Rizzo is the Art Director at Sterling Cooper Despite the surface antagonism,Draper Pryce. Stan comes to the agency from Stan occasionally comes on to Peggy.DDB, where he was involved with an anti-bigotry Taking advantage of her nervousness beforecommercial for Lyndon Johnson’s presidential a presentation for client Playtex, Stan leadscampaign. Peggy in a deep-breathing exercise that ends with him kissing her. Peggy pulls away. “WhyPeggy Olson teams up with Stan on Vicks do you keep making me reject you?” she asks.and other accounts, but the two clash over Stan takes revenge by not revealing to Peggyhis working methods and his taunts that she’s that her lipstick is smeared during an importantsexually repressed. “Why is it so hard for you presentation for Playtex accept that man’s natural state is nude?” asksStan, who flirts with female staffers and reads Actor:Playboy magazine for inspiration. JAY R. FERGUSONWorking late one night, Peggy calls Stan’s bluff A native of Dallas, Texas, Jay Ferguson moved toand begins removing her clothes. “You’re lazy Los Angeles and embarked on his acting career at age 14and you have no ideas,” she says, challenging when cast in the role of ‘Ponyboy’ in the series adaptationhim to “get liberated.” The two strip naked, but of the feature The Outsiders, and has been working steadilyStan is uninspired creatively and eventually puts in television, film and stage roles ever since.his clothes back on. “You win,” he says, calling Ferguson’s feature credits include Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me and John Singleton’s Higher LearningPeggy the “smuggest bitch in the world.” and he will next be seen in a lead role opposite Zach Efron in the The Lucky One, based on the best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel for Oscar-nominated director Scott Hicks. His extensive television credits include series regular roles on Judging Amy, Sleeper Cell, Surface, Easy Money and Evening Shade as well as guest appearances on Castle, Burn Notice and The Ghost Whisperer
  29. 29. MATTHEW WEINER ANDRÉ & MARIA JACQUEMETTONCreator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director Executive ProducersMatthew Weiner is the series creator and executive producer of the critically acclaimed award-winning Now in their fifth season of Mad Men, the writing team of André and Maria Jacquemetton has workeddrama Mad Men, currently in its fifth season on AMC. One of television’s most honored series, Mad Men together and stayed married for nearly two decades. Don’t ask them how they do it. André was born andjoined an elite group this past September when it became only the fourth drama to be awarded four raised in Lyon, France, and studied creative writing at Wake Forest University and Loyola Marymountconsecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. Additional honors for the series include; University. Maria grew up in suburban Boston, where she earned a Masters in Film from Bostonthree consecutive Golden Globe® Awards for Best Television Series - Drama; a Peabody Award; three University College of Communication.Producers Guild Awards; four Writers Guild Awards; two BAFTA Awards; the 2008 Royal TelevisionSociety Award for International Program; five Television Critics Association Awards, including Program of The Jacquemetton’s have written for numerous television drama series includingthe Year, and being named four years running to AFI’s Top 10 Outstanding Television Programs. Star Trek: Enterpriseand Highlander.Since the series premiere in 2007, Weiner has been nominated for a total of nine Emmys® forOutstanding Writing for a Drama Series. He won the Award for the series pilot, as well as for thesecond season episode, Meditations in an Emergency, which he wrote with Kater Gordon, and for VICTOR LEVINthe third season episode, Shut the Door. Have a Seat. which he wrote with Erin Levy. Additionally, he Co-Executive Producerreceived Directors Guild nominations for his efforts behind the camera on Meditations in an Emergencyin season two and the season three finale, Shut the Door. Have a Seat. In January, 2012 Weiner was This is Victor Levin’s first season on Mad Men. Levin began his career as an advertising executive in hisawarded the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award which is given annually to television professionals who native New York, working at several top agencies and earning two Clio Awards and the Cannes Lion deexhibit extraordinary passion, leadership, independence and vision in the process of creating television Bronze for his work. Relocating to Los Angeles, Levin began working in series television, writing for “Theprogramming. Larry Sander’s Show and Dream On before joining the staff of Mad About You, where he wrote some of the series most memorable episodes and served as the executive producer for the sixth and seventhPrior to Mad Men, Weiner served as an executive producer and writer on The Sopranos. seasons of the show.The show won the Emmy® in 2004 and 2006 for Outstanding Drama Series and also garnered Weineran Emmy® nomination with Terence Winter for Outstanding Writing in the 2004 episode Levin’s feature credits include the scripts for Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, Then She Found Me, whichUnidentified Black Males. He earned another Emmy® nomination in 2007 for writing the episode he wrote with Helen Hunt and Alice Arlen, the adaptation of the Korean romantic comedy My Sassy GirlKennedy and Heidi with David Chase, and won a 2007 Writers Guild Award for the series and three and We are Family with Daniel Shere and Yuri Korotkov which is currently in production. Levin will makePGA Golden Laurel Awards for Television Producer of the Year in Episodic. his feature directorial debut with his script 5 to 7, which is being produced by Mockingbird Pictures.Before working on The Sopranos, Weiner wrote for various television series, includingThe Naked Truth, Becker, and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. He also wrote and directed theindependent feature, What Do You Do All Day? BLAKE McCORMICK Producer Blake McCormick has been with Mad Men since the first season. He began his career as a productionSCOTT HORNBACHER assistant at MTV in New York, followed by a stint at ABC News as a desk assistant before relocating toExecutive Producer/Director Los Angeles and working on numerous series’ in both production and post-production capacities.Now in his fifth season as executive producer of Mad Men, Scott Hornbacher has also directed four McCormick then joined Warner Bros. Television Production as a manager and remained there for 11episodes: Wee Small Hours in season three; Waldorf Stories in season four and two episodes for the years, eventually rising to vice president before shifting to the studio’s television development division,upcoming fifth season of the series. He is the recipient of four Emmys® and three PGA awards for where he served as a development executive for two years. McCormick then re-entered the world ofBest Drama for the series and was part of the directorial team awarded the 2008 DGA Award for postproduction to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for a post-production services company untilOutstanding Directorial Achievement in a Dramatic Series for the pilot episode, beginning his association with Mad Men.Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.Prior to Mad Men, Hornbacher served for five seasons as co-producer of The Sopranos.
  30. 30. JANET LEAHY MICHAEL SALTZMANConsulting Producer Consulting ProducerBorn and raised in Burlingame, CA, Janet Leahy graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA’s School of Film A graduate of Yale University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism,and Television and sold her first television script to the half-hour comedy Newhart. She soon landed a job Michael Saltzman began his television, writing career on Anything But Love, starring Jamie Lee Curtisas a story editor for the acclaimed series Cheers, for which she received her first Emmy® nomination for and Richard Lewis before moving onto Wings where he served as co-producer and created the characterwriting. Leahy went on to write and produce television comedies for over 20 years on several successful of Antonio Scarpacci, played by Tony Shalhoub. Additional credits include executive producer ofshows, including The Cosby Show (where she eventually became executive producer), Roseanne, Grace Murphy Brown and The Naked Truth, co-executive producer of “DAG” and creator/executive producerUnder Fire, Love and War and Living in Captivity. of Baby Bob.A transition to one-hour episodic television led Leahy to Gilmore Girls. She then served as executive Additionally, Saltzman wrote the script for The Pink Panther film starring Steve Martin and directed byproducer on Boston Legal, which earned a Peabody Award, as well as an Emmy® nomination for Shawn Levy.Outstanding Drama Series and then launched and executive produced the series, Life Unexpected. Saltzman is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Saltzman also serves on the board of The Jester and Pharley Phund. Established as an offshoot from the best-selling children’s book, The Jester Has Lost His Jingle, written and illustrated by Saltzman’s brotherFRANK PIERSON David, who died of Hodgkin’s disease in 1990, the organization is dedicated to bringing hope and comfort to ill and special needs children and promoting literacy and charity to all children.Consulting ProducerA former Time magazine correspondent, Academy Award®-winning screenwriter, Frank Pierson beganhis screen career as a story editor on the popular 1960s television series Have Gun Will Travel. LISA ALBERTHe went on to also write for Studio One, Alcoa Goodyear Theatre, Route 66 and Naked City beforewriting the feature script Cat Ballou in 1965, for which he received his first Academy Award® Consulting Producernomination. Pierson received a second Academy Award® nomination in 1967 for Cool Hand Luke and Lisa Albert has worked as a writer/producer on numerous television shows including Major Dad,in 1975 won the Award for his finely observed script for Dog Day Afternoon. Additional feature credits State of Grace and Beautiful People.include adaptations of Scott Turow’s bestseller, Presumed Innocent and Bobbie Ann Mason’s novel,In Country.Pierson made his feature directorial debut with The Looking Glass War in 1970 and subsequently helmed MARCY PATTERSONthe 1976 Barbra Streisand-Kris Kristofferson remake of A Star Is Born as well as 1978’s King of TheGypsies, all of which he also scripted. Co-ProducerAdditional television directing credits include The Neon Ceiling, Citizen Cohen, Truman, Dirty Pictures Currently in her fifth season on Mad Men, Marcy Patterson began her producing career with theand Conspiracy, for which Pierson received the Director’s Guild Award, a BAFTA, awardwinning short Band Camp, which circulated numerous festivals and also aired on IFC as part ofthe Peabody Award and an Emmy® nomination. their shorts program. A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television and the DGA Training Program in New York, Patterson worked on numerous television productionsPierson is a past president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and has twice including The Sopranos, Law & Order SVU and Law & Order Trial By Jury, as well as the featureserved as president of the Writers Guild of America/West. films Stay, Lord of War, Annapolis, and In Good Company. Patterson also served as a 2nd AD on the television series Heroes and Miss Guided and the film Vicious Circle before returning to her producing roots in 2007 with Mad Men.
  31. 31. ERIN LEVY JOSH WELTMANCo-Producer Co-Producer/Advertising ConsultantErin Levy joined Mad Men in the third season after being tapped by her former writing professor, Advertising Consultant, Josh Weltman, has been with Mad Men since the show’s first season.Matthew Weiner, to join as the writers’ assistant. She went on to co-write the season finale episode His job is to work with Matthew Weiner and the series writers to ensure that the business stories play trueShut The Door. Have a Seat with Weiner, for which she won an Emmy® for Outstanding Writing for a to life and that the show accurately depicts the process of creating ads and servicing clients.Drama Series. Levy also has three Writers Guild Awards for the series, joining along with the writing He also creates most of the original advertising seen on the show, and in real life, is a working creativestaff for the third and fourth season wins for Best Drama and winning the Episodic Drama award for her director.fourth season episode The Chrysanthemum and the Sword. A twenty-year veteran of the advertising business, Weltman has created commercials and ad campaignsA graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television, Levy previously worked for KIA Motors, Carl’s Jr., BMW, Taco Bell, Doritos, Microsoft, Whole Foods Markets, MSN, Earthlink andat HBO and other production companies before serving as team coordinator for President Obama’s Green Burrito and has authored everything from online guerilla marketing efforts for small clients likeLos Angeles campaign and field organizer in New Mexico, and also served a stint on the series Cirque Berzerk, to national campaigns for global automotive companies like KIA Motors.In Plain Sight. Weltman graduated from Otis/Parsons Art Institute of Design with a BFA in Illustration and Communication Design and has been cited by The International Advertising Festival, The American Advertising Federation, and The Advertising Club of Los Angeles for excellence in his work.SEMI CHELLASCo-Producer BOB LEVINSONAn accomplished screenwriter, Semi Chellas was the co-creator and executive producer ofThe Eleventh Hour, the two-time Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television winner for Best Series, Co-Producer/Advertising Consultantwhich also garnered Chellas (with Tassie Cameron) the Canadian Academy’s Award for Best Writing. Bob Levinson earned his bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in Beloit, WI in 1960. FollowingAdditional Canadian television writing credits include her adaptation for Of Murder and Memory for graduation he went on to work at BBDO Advertising in New York, where he started as a mediaCTV and the award-winning teleplay Dead Aviators for CBC, which aired in the U.S. as Restless Spirits. trainee and rose through the ranks to ultimately become senior vice president in charge of televisionChellas has written a number of literary adaptations including, Carol Shields’ Pulitzer prize-winning programming, and in 1977 was appointed to the company’s board of directors.The Stone Diaries, Michelle Richmond’s New York Times best-seller, The Year Of Fog, Susan Choi’s Levinson left BBDO in 1979 to work for Highgate Pictures, a small production company based inPulitzer short-listed American Woman and novels by Michael Ondaatje, Miriam Toewes and Robert New York. He then moved on to the world of talent agencies, working at Sy Fisher before transitioning toGoolrick. She is currently adapting Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor’s best-selling memoir My Stroke of Insight. Chellas ICM in New York, where he served as head of the television department for two years before transferringalso wrote the screenplays for the independent films, Picture This starring Juliet Lewis and Gina Gershon, to the Los Angeles office in 1989. In 1993, Levinson left the agency for two years to produce two telefilmsand The Life Before This, featuring Catherine O’Hara and Joe Pantoliano. for NBC before returning to ICM, which is where his connection to Mad Men began. He was given aAs a director, three of Chellas’ short films have premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival: copy of the pilot script to read and, having worked in the advertising world during the time that the seriesGreen Door, written by Barbara Gowdy; Trouser Accidents, included in the Best Canadian Short Films is set, Levinson felt connected to each of the characters and was amazed at how accurately series creatorShowcase; and Three Stories From the End of Everything, which was nominated by the Canadian Matthew Weiner depicted that era. In 2008 Levinson left ICM, where he had served as executive viceAcademy for Best Live-Action Short. Her latest short film, One Tomato, won the Gold Kahuna at the president of worldwide television, and since then, in addition to his work with Mad Men, has consultedHawaii Film Festival. with a number of broadcast companies. BRETT JOHNSON Story Editor This is Brett Johnson‘s second season as a writer for Mad Men and his fourth with the series. He joined the show in the second season as the script coordinator and in the third season co-wrote the episode The Grown Ups, with Matthew Weiner for which he and Weiner were nominated for a Writers Guild Award.
  32. 32. JONATHAN IGLA DAN BISHOPStaff Writer Production DesignerThis is Jonathan Igla’s first season as a writer on Mad Men. He joined the show in the fourth season as Production Designer Dan Bishop’s interest in design and how it relates to dramatic literature beganthe writers’ assistant, and with Matthew Weiner wrote the season finale Tomorrowland. Additionally, Igla with his introduction to live theatre and continues in the medium of film. His preference for projects thatalso joined with the writing staff to receive the 2010 Writers Guild Award for Best Drama Series. explore the nature and character of people, their regional cultures and histories, and the environments they live in, has directed him towards numerous period projects for both film and television. He and hisA graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television, Igla currently lives collaborators at Mad Men have garnered four consecutive Art Directors Guild Awards for Excellence inin Los Angeles with his wife. Production Design and three Emmy® nominations for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series. Now in his fifth season with Mad Men, Bishop’s credits also include designing A Single Man forCHRISTOPHER MANLEY, ASC director Tom Ford, and the pilot for the series Parks and Recreation. He also previously lent his talentsDirector of Photography to designing for both Big Love and Carnivale for which he won an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Production Design.Now in his fourth season with Mad Men, Christopher Manley was nominated for an Emmy® in 2009 forhis cinematography on the second season episode The New Girl, and again in 2010 for the third season Additional film projects include Lone Star, Passion Fish and City Of Hope for director John Sayles;finale Shut the Door. Have a Seat. Additionally, he was nominated for an ASC award in 2011 for his King of California for Mike Cahill; Thunderheart and Blink for Michael Apted; Panic for Henry Bromell;work on the fourth season episode Blowing Smoke. The Education of Little Tree for Richard Friedenberg; Gridlock’d for Vondie Curtis-Hall; and Mystery Train for Jim Jarmusch.Manley has filmed over a dozen independent movies including The Big Empty with Jon Favreau,the critically-acclaimed Dahmer, and Gracie starring Dermot Mulroney and Elisabeth Shue and directed Bishop received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and an MFA from New York University,by Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth). both for Theatrical Design.His extensive television credits include the pilots for Homeland and Revenge, as well as the hit seriesPrison Break. He has also shot several television movies and mini-series including Tough Trade andThe Phantom Eye, an original movie for AMC which earned him an Emmy®. In addition to his CLAUDETTE DIDULMad Men nomination, Manley was also nominated by the ASC for his episodic television work on Set DecoratorThreat Matrix and CSI: NY. Claudette Didul is in her second season with Mad Men. Didul’s previous credits include serving asManley studied filmmaking at Temple University in Philadelphia, before earning his MFA in assistant set decorator on the films Donnie Brasco, Catch Me If You Can and Seabiscuit, and as a buyercinematography from the American Film Institute (AFI), where he was awarded the Eastman-Kodak on the upcoming fourth installment of the Spider-Man films, The Amazing Spider-Man. Her televisionScholarship Award. His AFI thesis, My Mother Dreams the Satan’s Disciples in New York (1999), credits include set decorating duties on Undeclared and The Bernie Mac Show.won the Academy Award® for best live-action short film. He was inducted into the American Society ofCinematographers in 2007. Didul received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.
  33. 33. JANIE BRYANT TOM WILSONCostume Designer EditorEmmy® Award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant has received national and international praise for Dallas native Tom Wilson is in his third season with Mad Men as a full-time editor. He attended filmher work on Mad Men, and caught the attention of fashion icons such as Michael Kors and Tom Brown, school at the University of Texas and spent eight years in Austin. Upon moving to Los Angeles he landedwho have designed collections inspired by the fashions from the show. Bryant’s numerous accolades a job cutting sports highlight videos for a company that contracted with college athletic programs andand awards for her work on the series include two Costume Designers Guild Award’s for Outstanding went on to work as an apprentice and then an assistant editor for the HBO series, Rome. Wilson joinedCostume Design for a Television Series-Period/Fantasy and three Emmy® nomination’s for Outstanding Mad Men in the series’ first season as an assistant editor and went on to cut two episodes during theCostumes for a Series. Additionally, in 2008 Bryant won the award for “TV’s Most Stylish Show” second season and has also served as assistant editor on Castle.presented by Hollywood Life Magazine.In addition to her work on the series, Bryant is the author of the style advice book, The Fashion File andrecently partnered with Banana Republic in two Mad Men inspired collections. In 2010 she released DAVID CARBONARAtwo eponymous capsule collections for QVC and worked with Mattel on the designs for the Mad Men ComposerBarbie® collection.In 2009 Bryant partnered with Brooks Brothers to design a men’s suit line. As a film composer, Carbonara’s credits include Working Title’s British comedy hit, The Guru (starringBryant’s previous credits include her work on Deadwood for which she received critical attention and Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei), for which he artfully mixed traditional Indian instruments into anumerous prestigious nominations and awards, including three Costume Designers Guild Award western ensemble. Also internationally, he scored two French produced films for director Amos Kolleck,nominations for Outstanding Costume Design for Television Series – Period/Fantasy, and three Emmy® Queenie in Love and Fast Food, Fast Woman, which premiered at Cannes, as well as Brazilian directornominations for Outstanding Costumes for a Series, taking home the coveted Award in 2005. Ana Carolina’s Amélia. Other U.S. credits include David O. Russell’s critically-acclaimed Spanking the Monkey, Nick Smith’s Monumental and James Ryan’s award-winning The Young Girl and the Monsoon. For television, Carbonara scored the pilot Elizabeth Street forCHRISTOPHER NELSON, A.C.E. executive producer Martin Scorsese, and director Miguel Arteta and Jon Sherman’s My Sexiest Mistake. Carbonara has also composed music for theater, scoring productions at the Atlantic Theater CompanyEditor and Playwright’s Horizon in New York City and The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge.Now in his fifth season with “Mad Men,” Chris Nelson’s career as a film editor began on the miniseries As a music editor, Carbonara worked on the films, License To Wed (starring Robin Williams) and onThe Captains and the Kings in the late ‘70s. Soon after, he began editing pilots such as Bob Odenkirk’s directorial debut, Let’s Go to Prison (starring Dax Shepard and Will Arnet).The Greatest American Hero, for Stephen Cannell. Nelson has received Best Editing Emmy® nominations In 2006, he worked on The Lake House (starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves), which was hisfor Lost, Six Feet Under, China Beach, and The Greatest American Hero pilots. He also received an fourth time working with Academy Award®-winning composer Rachel Portman. Carbonara was theAmerican Cinema Editors nomination for editing the pilot for The West Wing and Lost. music editor on the two Oscarnominated scores Portman wrote for director Lasse Hallström’s films,In addition to his Mad Men duties, Nelson also recently worked on the television series Undercovers The Cider House Rules and Chocolat, as well as on her score for Jonathan Demme’sand has over 50 television movies and pilots to his credit, including; the three hour Showtime movie The Truth About Charlie. Carbonara has also worked as a music editor for directors Ron Howard, M.Thanks of a Grateful Nation, the PBS special I’ll Fly Away, the pilot for China Beach, the pilot for Night Shyamalan, David Mamet, Milos Forman, Stanley Tucci, Steve Buscemi and Robert Benton and forThe West Wing, and the HBO pilot Six Feet Under. Academy Award-winning composers Michel LeGrand and Howard Shore. A former jazz and touring trombonist, Carbonara has a bachelor degree in film scoring from the Berklee College of Music.LEO TROMBETTA, A.C.E.EditorThis is Leo Trombetta’s second season with Mad Men as a full time editor, but he is familiar to the showas he edited two episodes in 2007. Most recently Trombetta served as editor for the HBO series “Luck”and the telefilm Temple Grandin, directed by Mick Jackson. Additional film credits include Little Children,directed by Todd Field, Northfork, directed by Michael Polish and New Best Friend, directed by ZoeClarke-Williams.Trombetta’s television credits include work on the HBO series’ The Pacific, Big Love, and Carnivale.