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Liar press kit


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Liar press kit

  1. 1. ‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm Page 1 LOGLINE: SYNOPSIS: THE LIAR is a story about choice set at the turn of the 20th century. Lucas and Gabriel are criminals trying to escape the law through a forest path, but quickly find themselves off the path and lost for days. After joining a mysterious Man who offers to show them the way out of the forest, Lucas and Gabriel come into conflict on a trajectory towards violence. What choices do we make in the absence of authority given the temptations of free will? It is the turn of the 20th century. Two criminals on the run are traveling to their safe house through a hidden forest path. Lucas is a headstrong veteran criminal, but his younger accomplice Gabriel is a novice and easily spooked. They quickly find themselves wandering deeper into the forest and off the path they initially set out to follow. Mysterious circumstances abound for the first few days. On the second night Gabriel discovers a camp nearby with a shotgun and much needed supplies. As the criminals are about to leave with the stolen goods, a Man dressed in black reveals himself and offers to help escort them out of the forest. Lucas wants to kill the Man but Gabriel insists they give him a chance to help lead them out of the forest. True to his word, the Man takes them back to the path by the third day. At night Lucas goes to sleep early and the other two men sit at a campfire. The Man suggests that Gabriel join him and that they leave Lucas behind. Gabriel considers it but fears treachery. The Man goes to sleep and Gabriel sneaks the safe house keys from Lucas. The next morning Gabriel wakes up alone. He searches down the path for Lucas and the Man. Finally Gabriel finds them, and he sees that the Man has now tried to provoke treachery in Lucas. After a few words Lucas shoots Gabriel and kills him. When Lucas approaches Gabriel’s body, the Man mysteriously disappears. Lucas heads to the forest exit, but feels in his pockets and realizes the keys are missing. He plunges headlong back into the forest in a mad rage. But Gabriel's corpse is nowhere to be found. Finally Lucas turns back to look for the exit but the woods now extend as far as he can see. Produced over four days on a budget of $11,500, THE LIAR is an evocative and suspenseful period drama with a burning central question. In uncertain times, who will you choose to trust? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Running Time: 22 Minutes Language: English Genre: Period Drama Camera: RED Scarlet Exhibition Formats: DCP, Blu-Ray, ProRes 422 Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, Stereo Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (SCOPE) Press Kit
  2. 2. Press Kit ‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm Page 2 ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: THE LIAR is the latest short film from Writer/Director Remsy Atassi and Producer Rami Atassi, a Chicago based filmmaking duo who explore stories of trust, spirituality, and human agency. The idea for THE LIAR was originally conceived by Remsy in 2010 as part of a feature project. When development slowed the story was shelved. But in early 2012 the idea was ressurected as a short form period drama, written in just a few weeks, and launched into pre-production. Knowing that their aim was larger in scale than their previous short‘Boxer’(2010), the Atassi Brothers planned for a $5,000 budget to be raised via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. They decided to document their pre-production processes on the internet in order to help generate awareness and support for THE LIAR. This involved sharing concept art, story ideas, and pre-production videos to over 1,000 followers on Twitter and a production blog before beginning to fundraise. At the same time, they assembled their key Chicago collaborators on the project. Chris Mickens enlisted her skills as Concept Artist, helping shape the look and feel of the film early on. Additionally, she painted five original artistic depictions of the film, later given as rewards for Executive Producer backers on Kickstarter. Since the film is a period drama, production design was going to be essential. The Atassi Brothers recruited Lauren Adel Klich, a Chicago based expert designer with experience in the period of THE LIAR. After several sessions of auditions, the SAG/AFTRA cast was decided on, featuring Ted LeBlang, Jordan Brown, and Shannon Parr in the lead roles. Director of Photography Trevor Kodat rounded out the early team, and he brought in additional camera support and resources to help shape the films stunning cerebral visuals. The Kickstarter campaign was completed on September 28, only three weeks before production. The Preliminary Concept Art by Chris MIckens brothers raised $5,452. Despite this, production costs were steadily increasing and additional financing was raised outside of Kickstarter. By the final day of shooting the budget had increased to $8,500. ‘The Liar’shot for two very rainy weekends in October 2012. Three days and one night of filming took place at and around the Indiana State Dunes. Since all of the scenes took place in forest exteriors, the team had to deal with the elements in creative ways. In one moment of serendipitous filmmaking, the films’ dramatic conclusion was rapidly shot during a tornado warning. This added to the urgency of the performance, and the reality of the production! Though the day ended early these shots in the eye of the storm proved essential.Remsy Atassi directs a night scene behind DP Trevor Kodat
  3. 3. The first germ of a story idea for THE LIAR came from an unlikely place. I was making one of many failed attempts to read James Joyce’s Ulysses, and came onto a passage at the end of first chapter: The image of a man standing by the sea, and the idea that he was there to deceive . Sometimes that’s all it takes. I became so entranced by these two concepts that I began writing a feature script. But it was slow going, and I wanted a project to work on. In early 2012 I had a flash of inspiration to transpose these ideas to a short film set at the turn of the 20th century. Thus THE LIAR was born. “A voice, sweettoned and sustained, called to him again from the sea. Turning the curve he waved his hand. A sleek brown head, a seal’s, far out on the water, round. Usurper.” My writing always seems interested in questions of personal choice. Conflicts of choice resonate in both our own lives and the nature of compelling drama. But part of all choice is partially beyond our control. Whether it is a design of fate or driven by randomness, learning to reconcile this inevitability is an important aspect of the human experience. THE LIAR puts its’characters and their choices to the ultimate test. Their lives are in very real danger, but there is also the looming reward of riches nearby. And while neither of the criminals sets out to deceive the other, their encounter with the Man raises the stakes and reveals greedy insecurities. This is an American story, encountered countless times in our history. That was what attracted me to the period. But it is also a very personal one, as every choice ripples outward shaping our future selves. - Remsy Atassi Press Kit Page 3‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm The film entered post production immediately upon completion, with Remsy Atassi editing the film under the pseudonym Tony Sebaccus. A final round of fundraising was conducted on IndieGogo bringing the total budget to $11,500. Next the picture lock was sent to ARU Chicago for post audio. Sound Designer / Composer Tom Haigh’s work at this stage proved invaluable, crafting moody and ambient soundscapes to mirror the characters‘ spiritual descent into the forest. Meanwhile, Color Correction and Finishing was performed by Elliot Rudmann at NOLO Digital Film in Chicago, rounding out the filmmaking team and completing the release print by July 2013. Over a year in the making, THE LIAR is the Atassi Brothers’largest and most ambitious project to date. It is a powerful period narrative of choice, spirituality, and betrayal. The brothers are excited to share the film at festivals and are eagerly looking forward to their next project. Sound Designer / Composer Tom Haigh works through an ADR session DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT
  4. 4. Press Kit Page 4‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm CAST BIOS: Ted LeBlang Lucas After a distinguished professional career in health care law, Ted LeBlang returned to his true passion: acting. He has acted in over 25 short and feature length films, including roles as Lazzario in THE RISE AND FALL OF THEIR AMERICAN DREAM and Joe Lucci in FALLEN SOULS. Most recently, Ted played Rick Tullivan in YES, YOUR TIDE IS COLD AND DARK, SIR, an official selection at the Chain NYC Film Festival 2013. Jordan Brown Gabriel Born in Kansas City, KS, Jordan attended the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts to study Drama. He then moved to New York, where his credits include River Valley Rep's THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, Oberon Theatre Ensemble's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and an episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS for CBS Television Studios. Since moving to Chicago, Jordan has played Young Scrooge in A CHRISTMAS CAROL at The Goodman Theatre and is currently playing  Chad in the world premiere of Neil LaBute’s revised play IN THE COMPANY OF MEN at Profiles Theatre.  Shannon Parr The Man Shannon Parr began acting in Chicago theatre in 1995 working with Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Oak Park Festival Theatre and the late Center Theatre Ensemble where he continued his post college training. He also appeared in Clubland at New York Fringe Fest. In Film Shannon worked on the features the Going All The Way, Chi-Girl, Mercury Rising and Fortunes. After taking a break from acting for about 10 years, Shannon returned to the Chicago stages. This spring he can be seen in the Chicago Premier of Howard Korder’s play In A Garden at A Red Orchid Theatre directed by Lou Contey. He and his wife Anna live in Chicago and have three beautiful little girls.
  5. 5. Page 5‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm DIRECTOR & PRODUCER BIOS: Remsy has a passion for images that tell a story. He is a hands-on director, taking an active role in the writing, cinematography, and editing of his films. His work explores themes of spirituality, trust, and human agency. THE LIAR is Remsy’s first professional short, but he’s been making films since his early teens. He has a growing library of original screenplays, both short and feature. Remsy’s passion for film is comprehensive, including both narrative and technical elements. His expertise in digital film formats was recently featured on When he’s not writing or directing films, Remsy is a commercial director and editor, based in Chicago with clients all around the country. Remsy Atassi Writer / Director Rami’s passion is building creative teams around a focused artistic vision. As a producer he dives deeply into in every aspect of the filmmaking process, from building an audience through production and post. His network of collaborators and studios was instrumental in bringing THE LIAR to life. Rami’s multimedia producing experience gives him a unique approach to modern film production, combining crowdfunding and web marketing alongside a more traditional production approach. He connects it all with a drive to tell powerful stories. When he’s not making films, Rami produces websites at EDUCO Web Design. He’s an avid musician, composer, and guitar instructor in Chicago. Rami Atassi Producer Press Kit
  6. 6. Chris Mickens Concept Artist Chris’s creative mix of hand-drawn illustration, graphics, and digital design played a critical role in art direction for THE LIAR. When she’s not drawing, Chris builds custom websites and applications. As lead UX designer and partner at EDUCO Web Design, she has designed interactive experiences for hundreds of clients. You can see more of Chris’s art at Page 6‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm Press Kit KEY CREW BIOS: Trevor Kodat Director of Photography Trevor’s sharp eye has brought countless film and video productions to life. His recent DP credits include WHERE THERE’S A WILL (2013) and DECENT MEN (2011). He has directed music videos for numerous Chicago artists, including Model Stranger, Toxic, and Daddo. Or you can find him working as a day player for bigger productions around Chicago. You can view Trevor’s work on the web at Lauren Adel Klich Production Designer Lauren’s design work has appeared in a wide range of film, television, and print publications. As the production designer for The Onion’s web series Sex House (2012), her work was featured in Gawker and Filmmaker Magazine. Her interiors have appeared in Metropolitan Home, INStyle, and Ebony. You can see more of Lauren’s work at Tom Haigh Sound Designer / Composer Tom’s unique blend of sound design and music composition has earned him a strong reputation in the Chicago production scene. His original composition work was recently featured in Reel Chicago. Tom’s sound design credits include TWO DAYS IN FEBRUARY, DRIVER’S ED MUTINY, and many more; his compositions have been featured in numerous national advertising campaigns. Learn more about Tom at
  8. 8. 1st Assistant Director SEAN GRAVES 1st Assistant Camera CARLOS GINARD Gaffer CURT ROCHON Sound Recordist PHILL LEONARD Data Manager ANDREW JUHL Swing Electric VALERIE MUCH Swing Electric KEVIN OSTERHAUT Set Photography MARTY VERNON Production Assistant BTS ADRIENNE THOMAS Production Assistant NICK WELKIE Sound Design & Re-Recording TOM HAIGH Mixed & Recorded at ARU CHICAGO Colorist ELLIOT RUDMANN Colored at NOLO DIGITAL FILM COPYRIGHT ATASSIFILM 2013 Page 8‘The Liar’- AtassiFilm Press Kit