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Parkend development initiative


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An overview of proposed sustainable development and community initiatives in Parkend and potential . business models for community purpose.

Published in: Business, Technology
  • The term People-Centered Economic Development derives from the work of Carl R Rogers and his advocacy for a person-centered approach to therapy. Given access to the necessary resources, he believed, people could resolve their own problems flourish and grow. People-Centered economics is therefore about inserting these ideas into business and economics. Each community needs access to information resources (hyperlocal networks) and resources for creation of community funding enterprises for profit, with profits to be applied to social needs in addition to private wealth creation (social business) The core concept is a business which uses its profit to stimulate a given local economy, as described in a 1996 white paper. In this paper, it was reasoned that by creating money based on imaginary numbers, real human beings had been disenfranchised, considered disposable..The way forward would depend on changing the way we do business and sharing information. First deployed in Russia, it was used to source an experimental development initiative for USAID in the wake of Russia's economic and currency collapse of 1998. This became know as the Tomsk Regional Initiative, a project which left behind a flourishing community development bank and thousands of micro enterprises.. In a people-centered local economy, we move way from the 21st century form of economics based on production, profit maximisation and scarcity toward local economies which are sharing and people-centered. The focus is on people, particularly those in greatest need. An economics for humanity For example, local food and energy production with distributed local manufacturing. In the Forest of Dean where it was introduced in 2006, it's the model being applied to create a community renewable heating initiative. Surplus revenue is invested in further social purpose for the benefit of the community.
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Parkend development initiative

  1. 1. Parkend Development InitiativeIssues:LocalisationFunding ModelsSustainable EnergyLocal Broadband and EmploymentAffordable HousingLocal TransportImproved LeisureStrengthen Community
  2. 2. Parkend Development InitiativeThe Economics of HappinessGoing local is a powerful strategy to help repair our fractured world – our ecosystems, our societies and our selves. Far from the old institutions of power, people are starting to forge a very different future...
  3. 3. Parkend Development InitiativePeople-Centered Local EconomiesMeans:- People at the centre of local development- Business investing in community- Local food, energy, resource, manufacture- Those in greatest need have first priorityLink: People-Centered Economic Development
  4. 4. Parkend Development InitiativeThe Parish and Community PlanIdentify what local people want to keep/changeConsultation processQuestionnairePriority for local authority developmentLink: :Parkend and Whitecroft website
  5. 5. Parkend Development Initiative Community Plan Consultation Form What’s good about living here? What could be improved? What don’t you like? How do you see the future?Link: People-Centered Economic Development
  6. 6. Parkend Development Initiative Hyperlocal information Ongoing discussion Changed conditions and new concerns Who’s doing what? Where can I find a service? Where can I get help?Link: People-Centered Economic Development
  7. 7. Parkend Development InitiativeBlogging for community
  8. 8. Parkend Development InitiativeLocalisation: The Localism Billnew freedoms and flexibilities for local governmentnew rights and powers for communities and individualsreform to make the planning system more democraticand more effectivereform to ensure that decisions about housing are takenlocally
  9. 9. Parkend Development InitiativeNew freedoms and flexibilities for local governmentThe Bill will:-give local authorities everywhere the formal legal ability and greaterconfidence to get on with the job of responding to what local people want-cut red tape to enable councillors everywhere to play a full and active partin local life without fear of legal challenge-encourage a new generation of powerful leaders with the potential toraise the profile of English cities, strengthen local democracy and boosteconomic growth- reform the governance of London so that more power lies in the hands ofelected representatives who are democratically accountable to London’scitizens
  10. 10. Parkend Development InitiativeNew rights and powers for local communitiesThe Bill will:-make it easier for local people to take over the amenities they love andkeep them part of local life-ensure that local social enterprises, volunteers and community groupswith a bright idea for improving local services get a chance to changehow things are done-give people a new way to voice their opinions on any local issue close totheir heart-enable local residents to call local authorities to account for the carefulmanagement of taxpayers’ money
  11. 11. Parkend Development InitiativeReform to make the planning system clearer, moredemocratic and more effectiveThe Bill will:-place significantly more influence in the hands of local people overissues that make a big difference to their lives-provide appropriate support and recognition to communities whowelcome new development-reduce red tape, making it easier for authorities to get on with the job ofworking with local people to draw up a vision for their area’s future-reinforce the democratic nature of the planning system - passing powerfrom bodies not directly answerable to the public, to democraticallyaccountable ministers
  12. 12. Parkend Development InitiativeReform to ensure that decisions about housing aretaken locallyThe Bill will:- enable local authorities to make their own decisions to adapt housingprovision to local needs, and make the system fairer and more effective- give local authorities more control over the funding of social housing,helping them to plan for the long term- give people who live in social housing new ways of holding theirlandlords to account, and make it easier for them to move
  13. 13. Parkend Development InitiativeUK Community ModelsCooperativeCommunity Interest CompanyLimited Liability PartnershipCommunity Benefit SocietySocial Business
  14. 14. Parkend Development InitiativeCooperativeLong established and provenConsumer and producer modelsEqual share and voting rightsMember funding and share of surplus
  15. 15. Parkend Development InitiativeCommunity Interest CompanyLimited by Shares or GuaranteeConventional loan funding65% profit or more for community
  16. 16. Parkend Development InitiativeLimited Liability PartnershipPartnership agreement to share investment and rewardFinancial, IP or sweat equityPublic & Private partnersReturns in product or sale equivalentTax transparency
  17. 17. Parkend Development InitiativeCommunity Benefit Societies Social objectives for business/trade Run and managed by their members Fundraising via community shares Can be established as charities Link: Community Benefit Societies
  18. 18. Parkend Development InitiativeSocial businessFor people and planetNo dividend distributionA primary social objectiveLink : Social Business and For Benefit Corporations
  19. 19. Parkend Development InitiativeSustainable local energy- Solar PV- Solar Water- Biomass Heating
  20. 20. Parkend Development InitiativeSustainable energy: Solar PV
  21. 21. Parkend Development InitiativeSolar PV for community buildings2 x 8kw installationsInvestment £40-60kGeneration + feed in tariffAnnual payback £6k25 year return > £100kGrant potential?
  22. 22. Parkend Development InitiativeSolar PV future investmentResidents buy into future production and fund new installations
  23. 23. Parkend Development InitiativeSolar waterInvestment £2k (DIY)Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)500 “free” showers (Worc. Bosch)
  24. 24. Parkend Development InitiativeBiomass heatingLocal logsRenewable Heat Incentive (RHI)Investment 10k+ (Eco Angus)Shared residential heatingLink: RHI calculator
  25. 25. Parkend Development InitiativeBiomass heating - 80kw + 1500ltr +
  26. 26. Parkend Development InitiativeLocal EmploymentCommunity broadbandMicro enterprise supportTraining for renewable industryIT skills developmentInvestment in CDFIsLink: BBC Village SOS project
  27. 27. Parkend Development InitiativeAffordable housingShared asset development (LLP)Localism Bill rightsNatural growthEco developmentLink: Capital partnerships
  28. 28. Parkend Development InitiativeLocal TransportCycle track campaignCommunity bus serviceCar poolingLift sharingLink:
  29. 29. Parkend Development InitiativeEnhanced leisureCommunity Plan responseCreate new activitiesExtend community building useFunds from community companyCollaborate with Dean FS Centre
  30. 30. Parkend Development InitiativeStrengthen communityMore events and activitiesShared investment and rewardGreater inclusionTrust
  31. 31. Parkend Development InitiativeTrust, as a currency“He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted” – Lao Tzu
  32. 32. Parkend Development InitiativeCompassionPeople-Centered Economic Development is a Charter forCompassion partner.“Economics, and indeed human civilization, can only be measuredand calibrated in terms of human beings. Everything in economicshas to be adjusted for people, first, and abandoning the illusorynumerical analyses that inevitably put numbers ahead of people,capitalism ahead of democracy, and degradation ahead ofcompassion.Each of us who have a choice can choose what we want to do tohelp or not. It is free-will, our choice, as human beings.”Link: Principles of People-Centered Economics