body cavities feedback system physiology anatomy bifurcate belly back axilla articulation appendages apex aperture posterior anterior defination homeostasis body fluid compartment human body system level -structural organization scope of anatomy & physiology loose connective tissue dense connective tissue reticular elastic collagen axon blood bone fibres columnar cilliated cuboidal stratified epithelial tissue compound epithelial tissue simple epithelial tissue nervous tissue muscle tissue epithelial tissue connective tissue tissue prophase metaphase telophase anaphase g0 phase g2 phase s phase g1 phase interphase sexual reproduction asexual reproduction meiosis mitosis binary fission prokaryotic cell eukaryotic cell cell division cell cycle chromosome somatic cell muscular system cardiovascular system endocrine system reproductive system nervous system urinary system respiratory system digestive system integumentary system basic anatomical terminologies branch of science body systems level of structural organizati basic life processes body fluids scope of hap phagocytocis pinocytocis factors affecting carrier mediated diffusion simple diffusion bioequivalance parenteral oral route disadvantages advantages factor affecting metabolism excretion biotrasformation biotrasportation distribution of drug bioavability factors affecting absorption absorption route of drug administration pharmacokinetics schedule y epa guidelines oecd guidelines ich guidelines regulatory toxicology general toxicology toxicology function of different cell organelles difference between plant and animal cell different organelles of cell plant cell animal cell
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