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Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Overview - metabolic balance is the fastest growing weight management program in Europe. The system is built on a foundation of your health makeup and lab blood work, providing you with a tailored program to help you either lose, gain, or maintain your weight.

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Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Overview

  1. 1. <No.> metabolic balance® Metabolic Restart!
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  3. 3. <No.> Each individual is able to produce hormones and enzymes, which are needed to create a balanced metabolism. With a balanced metabolism, each individual is able to select foods containing the nutrients the body needs through inner signals (appetite and dislikes). The foundation of the method
  4. 4. <No.> 312 lbs 143 lbs What is possible through metabolic balance® ?
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  10. 10. <No.> What to Expect from Metabolic Balance? • wt. loss and improved energy • improved immune function • reduction or elimination of need for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medication • better sleep and improved moods, less bowel and stomach problems
  11. 11. <No.> • reduced allergies • benefit for sufferers of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and many other health conditions • less joint inflammation and pain • Save $$$ on your weekly grocery bills (program pays for itself in just a few months) • No excessive or heavy physical workouts needed to achieve wt. loss and fat burning What to Expect from Metabolic Balance?
  12. 12. <No.> Which Approach for Weightloss ? •Low-fat diet •High-carbohydrate (60%) diet •5-6 meals divided through the day •Low-calorie diet No fear of fat Fewer, high quality carbohydrates Only 3 meals divided through the day Normal calorie diet
  13. 13. <No.> Michelangelo’s David after a 2-year visit to the USA His Proud Sponsors:
  14. 14. <No.> Time (h)0 1 2 3 4 5 0 50 100 150 200 Ingestion Blood sugar Concentration • Blood sugar levels and short chain carbohydrates CARBOHYDRATES Blood sugar level (mg / 100 ml) Insulin (% of normal) Ravenous hunger
  15. 15. <No.> Source: Deutscher Ärzteverlag 2001, Gesundheit Fatty Tissue Meal Meal Meal Meal Meal Meal Blood sugar levels with 6 meals a day
  16. 16. <No.> Lasting Satiety Time(h)0 1 2 3 4 5 0 50 100 150 200 Ingestion Blood sugar concentration • Blood sugar levels and long chain carbohydrates CARBOHYDRATES Blood sugar level (mg / 100 ml) Insulin (% of Normal)
  17. 17. <No.> Blood sugar levels with 3 meals a day Source: Deutscher Ärzteverlag 2001, Gesundheit Fatty Tissue MealMealMeal Insulin Cork Insulin Cork Insulin Cork Burning of fat Burning of fat
  18. 18. <No.> pancreas High blood sugar concentration Low blood sugar concentration Glucagon release Insulin release = Everything else is blocked while the Insulin is active. Glucose uptake by fat and muscle cells Glucose release from liver Normal blood sugar concentration Blood sugar regulation
  19. 19. <No.> Insulin Cholesterol Triglyceride = Fat concentration in the blood DHEA = Builts all the other hormones Adrenalin = Stress hormone HGH = Human Growth hormone Fat builds up Fat breakdown Cortisol = Stress hormone Melatonin = Sleeping Hormone • Elevated insulin leads to the following changes: CARBOHYDRATES
  20. 20. <No.> Nutrition Pyramid METABOLIC BALANCE®- Few sweets, No soft drinks Occasional cereals, cereal products, potatoes, red wine or beer Milk products, fish, meat, poultry, eggs, tofu Fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, prepared with healthy oil, rye bread, potatoes in the skin Enough water!
  21. 21. <No.> Individual plan creation HOW DOES METABOLIC BALANCE® WORK? Individualized Nutrition Plan Personal Information Foods in the Nutrient Database
  22. 22. <No.> Phase 4:Phase 3:Phase 2:Phase 1: 4 Phases Only foods on the individual‘s food-list are allowed. Foods may be re- introduced that are not on the plan All rules for ‘diversions’are followed!
  23. 23. <No.> The 8 rules Rule 1: Eat only three meals a day. Do not eat more or less than the plan prescribes. Rule 2: Ensure there is a five hour break between meals. Rule 3: Make sure each meal lasts no longer than 60 minutes. Rule 4: Begin every meal with one or two bites of the protein portion (meat, fish, cheese or yogurt, for example). HOW DOES METABOLIC BALANCE® WORK?
  24. 24. <No.> Rule 5: Be sure to have only one kind of protein at each meal, and to have a different kind of protein with each of your three meals. Rule 6: After 9:00 PM, you should not eat any more if at all possible. Rule 7: Drink the quantity of water calculated for you divided through the day (rule of thumb: 35 ml of water per kg of body weight). Rule 8: Eat your fruit portion (including an apple every day) at the end of your meals. The 8 rules HOW DOES METABOLIC BALANCE® WORK?
  25. 25. <No.> 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Valine Leucine Isoleucine Threonine Methionine Lysine Phenylalanine Tryptophan The utilisation capacity of dietary proteins depends on the smallest fraction of essential amino acids Egg = 100 Cow milk = 91 Soybean = 76 White bread = 44 Biological value of proteins
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  30. 30. <No.> Cost Comparison HCG Hormone Diet= $600 - $800 Visalus Kits= $600 - $3000 per year Isagenix= $382 and up per month
  31. 31. <No.> Interested in Investing in Your Health? The program investment is less than the cost of one takeout lunch per day. (Less than $9 per day for 90 days) … and FREE for the rest of your life! =PRICELESS.
  32. 32. <No.> Thanks! Questions? • • Jane Durst Pulkys • 416-529-6326 •