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Internship presentation with SEDF


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internship with sindh enterprise development fund

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Internship presentation with SEDF

  2. 2.    The Government of Sindh has created Sindh Enterprise Development Fund to provide legal as well as institutional mechanism to agricultural entrepreneurs. It aims to provide opportunities for value addition in the agriculture sector. It also seeks to introduce farm level interventions to improve efficiency and profitability.
  3. 3.   My internship was based at sindh enterprise development fund, finance department, Sindh government. I completed my 6 weeks of mandatory internship by serving SEDF as management trainee and Coordinator & PRO to CEO for projects on banana and development of plant tissue culture lab.
  4. 4.    I worked to develop my skill sets and interest in research in product development, by following SEDF vision and mission. I worked to prepare guide book of banana for farmer, entrepreneurs, exporter and students of agriculture ,to provide benefits to agriculture sector by providing technical assistance to agriculture sector. I also collected basic information and required formalities and facilities to develop PTCL.
  5. 5. During my mandatory summer internship, I had the honor of working under the supervision and guidance of MR MEHBOOB UL HAQ Chief Executive Officer, Sindh Enterprise Development Fund Contact Number: 021 99207512-99207514 Email Address:
  7. 7.     To provide technical assistance to growers ,exporter in Oder to over come pre and post harvest problems and export as well. To spread awareness regarding importance of banana and plant tissue culture lab. To persuade entrepreneurs to invest in banana and plant tissue culture sector. To increase production of agricultural commodities.
  8. 8.    To spread awareness about cool chain of banana for extension of shelf life of banana and gain some status in international markets. To spread awareness about value chain of banana. To spread awareness about investment opportunities and job creations in banana and plant tissue culture sector.
  9. 9.       Pre and post harvest management of banana. Health benefits of banana. Codex standards of banana. International market status of banana. Cool and value chain of banana. Analysis of business operation of banana in pakistan.
  10. 10.   Required facilities and formalities of plant tissue culture lab. Prices of different equipments of plant tissue culture lab.
  11. 11.    To arrange and attend meetings for projects at different offices like TDAP,TCP, DHA PLANT TISSUE CULTURE LAB,HEJ KU,CENTERILIZED SCIENCE LAB ,KU,SBI. To do desktop research on banana & plant tissue culture & lab before going to attend any official meeting. To make questionnaires for meetings and discussions..
  12. 12.    To do discussions via Telephone and E mail with different growers, exporter, researchers of sindh & punjab, and sindh agriculture university, faislabad agriculture university, company owners & sales executives. Daily meetings and discussions with supervisor in order to provide my work progress on going projects of company. To make meeting’s reports in order to maintain office record.
  13. 13. These are few challenges which I faced during internship.  Difficulties in arranging meetings.  Lack of office equipments and staff.  Late response by growers and others of e mails.  Meetings with supervisor due to schedule conflict and I had to manage all the work alone.  Transportation due to CNG strikes and law and order situations.
  14. 14.     BANANA is the 4th largest crop of the world. Banana is staple food for more than 70 million people in sub sharan africa. Banana is extensively grown in the lower part of Sindh(pakistan). The total share of Sindh province alone in its cultivation in the area is 87 per cent and 89 per cent in production.
  15. 15.   The area under banana cultivation at the time of independence was only 117 hectares and the production reported was 368 M tons. According to “Pakistan Statistical Year Book 2011”,out of 34,8000 hectares 32,2000 hectares were grown in sindh province.
  16. 16.    Sindh produced 127.4000 tones of banana. The average yield per hectare was 3957 kg in sindh . Average cost of production in sindh is RS 80,000 to RS 150,000.
  17. 17.     Bananas do not grow on trees. The banana plant is classified as an arbores cent (treelike) herb . The banana itself is actually considered a BERRY. The correct name for bunch of bananas is a HAND of bananas; a single banana is a FINGER.
  18. 18. 1 banana = 1 finger 5-7 fingers = 1 cluster 15-20 fingers = 1 hand 8-14 hands = 1 bunch(200 banana)
  19. 19.         Major districts in Sindh where banana is grown are Thatta Hyderabad Badin Mirpurkhas Sangar Nawabshah khair pur and sukkhar.
  21. 21.  Grand naine  William hybrid
  22. 22.     Work is being done on three Chinese cultivar in PARC, islamabad PISHANG B-10 W-11
  23. 23.     Free of cost.(Suckers) Initial extra care is required in tissue culture varieties. Increased cost of production in case of TC variety. Chances of damages, during transportation. (TC variety)
  24. 24.    Banana being perishable fruit needs careful handling, quick transport, sound packing and completions of operations on time. There are several factors which influence the efficiency of fruit marketing ,it includes rotting of products, seasonal viability ,quality , price and location. Banana producers avoid marketing because of perishable nature and unreliable prices.
  25. 25.     Lack of modern technology and machinery. Only few big farmers are using new technology. Farmers feels hesitation for the use of new machines. Sad but true there is no research institute in sindh to solve the problem of growers.
  26. 26. STRENGTHS:     Availability of cheap labor. Fertile land. Interest of farmers and landowners in this sector. Availability of local and international markets.
  27. 27. WEAKNESSES:     Lack of awareness Character of middlemen and contractor. Bad infrastructure. Lack of information about new technologies.
  28. 28. OPPORTUNITIES:     Increasing demand locally and international markets. Introduction of new technologies New research and development in this sector. New research and techniques to control disease.
  29. 29. THREATS:     Perishable product. Viral diseases. Post harvest handling. Plantation of unhealthy plants.
  30. 30. PLANT TISSUE CULTURE:  Plant tissue culture is a method or techniques to isolate parts of plants(protoplasm, cells, tissues and organs)and grow them on artificial media in aseptic conditions in a controlled space so that parts of these plants can grow and develop into complete plants.
  31. 31.    In each laboratory where plant tissue culture techniques are used must have a number of facilities that include among others. The laboratory conditions should be highly sterilized and aseptic. The explants should be sterilized before propagation.
  32. 32.      Outdoor media preparation, sterilization and storage Washing room Media preparation room Water(distilled water) Transfer space (laminar air flow)
  33. 33.      Culture room Glass wares Microscope Shaker Autoclave chamber
  34. 34.     Tools dissection (spatula, scalpels,(tweezers)forceps, scissors) Shade or green houses Computer for record keeping AC
  35. 35.      No NOC is required to run the lab. 2 to 3 persons can run the lab, but they must be technically well informed. No extra qualification is required to run the lab. 2 years are required for technical back up from lab. No specific rules and regulations are required.
  36. 36.  Varieties are not being developed in pakistan, only varieties of different plants are being introduced in pakistan.
  37. 37.      I have to learn a lot. I am figuring out I am not as good at some things as I thought I am. I am trying to get better at many skill I considered myself to already have. Our both sectors banana and plant tissue culture need attention of authorities. Institutions are not working properly.
  38. 38.      I Have become quite skill full to arrange official meetings for an organization. I have become able to write meetings report. I have developed stronger relationship with different officials, growers, technical managers, exporters. I have become quite able to maintain office record. I have become quite able to take interview or to discussions with different officials for research and various purposes.
  39. 39.     Writing more reports on different agricultural commodities and official meetings. More interaction with different officials of government ,private sector ,exporters, growers , researchers, teachers ( I still feel quite uncomfortable and I want to over come it ) I want to attend and arrange more official meetings for learning and discussions. I want to do more research on banana.
  40. 40.      I Would like to thanks prof DR SALEEM SHAZAD. I Would like to thanks MR FAISAL FAROOQUE. I would like to thanks MR ZUBAIR MOTIWALA . I would like to thanks MR MEHBOOB UL HAQ I would like to thanks all the officials, researchers , growers and all those who co operated with me during my internship .