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  1. 1. A Project Study Report On “Market Mapping Of Eicher Motors” Submitted To Mr. Satis tambi (Director, Tambi motors) Eicher Motors Ltd., Jaipur (In partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program)Shekhawati Engineering College Of Science And Commerce, Dundlod Railway Station , Dundlod-333702, Distt. Jhunjhunu, RAJASTHAN
  2. 2. PrefaceRealizing that practical experience is as important as academic for allround development of management personnel, as a part of the coursecurriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration, we have to undergoproject study for 30 days as practical exposure.This project report is prepared for partial fulfillment for the award of degreeBachelor of Business Administration.. This project report is undertaken in Jaipurcity and focus on the topic "Market Mapping of Eicher Motors. Ltd. Company.Theory of any subject is important but without its practical knowledge it becomesuseless particularly for the Management students. As a student of the BusinessAdministration, we have studied many theories in the classroom, but only aftertaking up this project work we have experienced & understood these Managementtheories & practices in its fullest sense, which plays a very vital role in businessfield today. The knowledge of Management is incomplete without knowing thepractical applications of the theories studied. This Project study provides goldenopportunity for all students, especially when the Management student does nothave perfect understanding of the working of a unit.The primary objectives of the project study are to make students familiarwith the organization culture and practical work environment. Moreover italso provides in depth knowledge of the topic assigned to them and linksthe theoretical inputs and their practical applications, which are essentialto keep pace with the dynamic environment.In our attempts, we consulted members from the concerned area atEicher Motors Ltd. to guide us. Members Of this Company were very
  3. 3. helpful in providing us with data in providing useful insights to myapproach. The Internet and the brochures at Eicher Company were arich source of information for our analysis.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express my sincere thanks to my project guide, Mr. R.K koul ,designated as General manager in Tambi motors ,Jaipur, guiding us right form theinception till the successful completion of the project .I sincerely acknowledge him forextending their valuable guidance, support for literature ,critical reviews of project andthe report and above all the moral support he had provided us with all stages of theproject.We would also like to thank the supporting staff Department, for the help andcooperation throughout our project. Vinay KhatriAbout EicherEicher Motors Limited Eicher Logo.svgType Public
  4. 4. Founded 1948Headquarters Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaKey people Sidhharth Lal (MD)Revenue र. 1 bil l ion (2005) .7Em oyees pl 2,400Websit e www.eicherworld.comEicher Group is a conglomerate of the firms Eicher Goodearth Ltd., Eicher Ltd., Eicher MotorsLtd., Eicher International Ltd., and ECS Ltd., based in New Delhi, India. The Eicher company hasaround 2500 employees located in four manufacturing facilities and 49 marketing and areaoffices around India. The group has around 600 suppliers of components and sub-assemblies.The group’s products are supplied by a network of around 381 dealers distributed across India.Eicher is present in over 40 other countries.Eicher Motors was founded in 1982 to manufacture a range of reliable, fuel-efficient commercialvehicles of contemporary technology. The unit manufactures and markets commercial vehicleswith Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ranging from 5-25 tons.Today, Eicher Motors is one of the leading manufactures of commercial vehicles in India with a33% market share in the 7T-11T segment. The success and growth of this unit is a result ofvarious customer-driven strategies. The manufacturing facility is situated in Central India –Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Eicher Motors has stepped into the Heavy Commercial Vehiclesegment with its state-of-the-art HCV, the "Eicher 20.16", the first commercial vehicle designedand developed indigenously.Eicher Motors functions through a strong three-tier service network consisting of authorizeddistributors, service centers and company trained private mechanics. The vehicles are sold andserviced through a network of over 576 Authorized Contact Points all over India, supported byservice centers and over 4500 company trained private mechanics, who are close at hand on allmajor highways throughout India to provide initial "first aid" to the vehicles if required.In 1986, Eicher Motors entered into a technical and financial collaboration with MitsubishiMotor Corporation of Japan to manufacture the Canter range of vehicles. The technicalassistance agreement with Mitsubishi ended in March ‘94 after successful transfer of technologyand on achieving total indigenization with only a few parts sourced globally.
  5. 5. Eicher Motors has acquired formidable expertise in designing and developing commercialvehicles. It has a world-class R&D centre manned by a team of brilliant engineers and equippedwith latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering facilities likeNASTRAN, FEM analysis packages. Leveraging its in-house expertise, this unit has successfullydeveloped a wide range of commercial vehicles to meet varying customer needs. The productrange includes Trucks : Eicher 10.50, Eicher 10.75, Eicher 10.90, Eicher 11.10, Eicher 20.16 &30.25; Buses: Eicher Skyline, Eicher Cruiser and Eicher School Bus range of buses. Besides thebasic models, it offers over 85 models of ready-to-use custom-built vehicles for variousspecialized applications. Eicher Motors’ products have been well accepted in the market. This isalso demonstrated by significant sales of its commercial vehicles in export markets where thecompany competes with reputed international brands.Group structureThe Eicher Group has diversified business interests in design and development,manufacturing, and local and international marketing of trucks, buses,motorcycles, automotive gears, and components. Eicher has invested in thepotential growth areas of management consultancy services, customizedengineering solutions, and maps and travel guides.The activities of the group are divided into the following business units: Eicher Goodearth Limited Eicher Motors Limited Eicher Motors – Commercial vehicles Royal Enfield – Motorcycles Eicher Engineering Components – Gears Eicher Limited – Investments in group companies Eicher Engineering Solutions – customised engineering solutions Good Earth Publications – city maps and travel guides ECS Limited – management consulting
  6. 6. About VOLVOAB VolvoVolvo logoType Publicly traded Aktiebolag (OMX: VOLV B)Industry Commercial vehiclesFounded 1927 by SKFHeadquarters Gothenburg, SwedenArea served WorldwideKey people Louis Schweitzer (Chairman), Olof Persson (President and CEO)Products Trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial powersystems, aerospace components, financial servicesRevenue SEK 264.75 billion (2010)Operating income SEK 18.00 billion (2010)Profit SEK 10.87 billion (2010)Total assets SEK 318.01 billion (end 2010)Total equity SEK 74.12 billion (end 2010)Employees 105,260 (end 2010)[1]Subsidiaries Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, UD Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment,Volvo Buses, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Aero, Volvo PentaWebsite volvogroup.com
  7. 7. AB Volvo is a Swedish builder of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses andconstruction equipment. Volvo also supplies marine and industrial drive systems,aerospace components and financial services. Although Volvo was incorporated in 1915as a subsidiary of AB SKF, a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer, the auto manufacturerconsiders itself officially founded on 14 April 1927, when the first car, the Volvo ÖV 4series, affectionately known as "Jakob", rolled out of the factory in Hisingen,Gothenburg.Volvo means "I roll" in Latin, conjugated from "volvere", in relation to ball bearing. Thename Volvo was originally registered in May 1911 as a separate company within SKFAB and as a registered trademark with the intention to be used for a special series of ballbearing, but this idea was only used for a short period of time and SKF decided to use"SKF" as the trademark for all its bearing products.In 1924, Assar Gabrielsson, a SKF Sales Manager, and Engineer Gustav Larson, thetwo founders, decided to start construction of a Swedish car. Their vision was to buildcars that could withstand the rigors of Swedens rough roads and cold temperatures.This has become a feature of Volvo products ever since.The company AB Volvo had no activities until 10 August 1926, after one year ofpreparations involving the production of ten prototypes, was set up to carry out the car-manufacturing business within the SKF group. AB Volvo was introduced at theStockholm stock exchange in 1935 and SKF then decided to sell its shares in thecompany. Volvo was delisted from NASDAQ in June 2007, but remains listed on theStockholm exchange.In 1999, Volvo sold its car division Volvo Cars to Ford Motor Company for $6.45 billion.The Volvo trademark was shared between Volvo AB, where it is used on heavy vehicles,and the unit of Ford, where it was used on cars. Volvo stopped posting profits in 2005and in 2008, Ford decided to sell its interest in Volvo Cars; in August 2010, Fordcompleted its sale of Volvo to the parent of Chinese motor manufacturer GeelyAutomobile for $1.8 billion.HistoryThe Volvo Group has its origin in 1927 when the first Volvo car rolled off the productionline at the factory in Gothenburg. Only 280 cars were built that year. The first truck, the
  8. 8. "Series 1", debuted in January 1928, as an immediate success and attracted attentionoutside the country. In 1930, Volvo sold 639 cars, and the export of trucks to Europestarted soon after; the cars did not become well-known outside Sweden until after WorldWar II.Marine engines have been part of the Group almost as long as trucks. Pentaverken,founded in 1907, was acquired in 1935. As early as 1929, however, the U-21 outboardengine was introduced. Manufacturing continued until 1962.In early models, Volvos have also been known to explode due to the engine being tooclose to the gas tank and igniting the tank. This myth was very popular during 1940s.The first bus, named B1, was launched in 1934, and aircraft engines were added to thegrowing range of products at the beginning of the 1940s. In 1963, Volvo opened theVolvo Halifax Assembly plant, the first assembly plant in the companys history outside ofSweden in Halifax, Canada.On 28 January 1999 Volvo Group sold its business area Volvo Car Corporation to theFord Motor Company for US$6.45 billion, with the resulting group largely set oncommercial vehicles. Volvo Cars was then sold to Chinas Zhejiang Geely Holding Groupin 2010. On 2 January 2001, Renault Véhicules Industriels (which included Mack Trucks,but not Renaults stake in Irisbus) was sold to Volvo, which renamed it Renault Trucks in2002. As a result, former mother company Renault is AB Volvos biggest shareholderwith a 20% stake (in shares and voting rights).The last ten years the company has undergone rapid growth in the service area with, forexample, financial solutions supporting the sales of the manufacturing business units. In2006, AB Volvo acquired from Nissan Motor Co Ltd, 13% of the shares in the Japanesetruck manufacturer UD Trucks former Nissan Diesel, and became major shareholder. In2007 the Volvo Group took complete ownership of Nissan Diesel to extend its expansionin the Asian pacific market.BusinessThe S80, one of the best-selling cars under the Volvo brandThe Volvo B7RLE in Chennai. Many of these buses are extensively used in publictransportation systems.
  9. 9. Volvo Groups businesses are conducted in several companies—among them thesesubsidiaries: Volvo Trucks (midsize-duty trucks for regional transportation and heavy-duty trucks forlong distance transportation, as well as heavy-duty trucks for the construction worksegment) Mack Trucks (light-duty trucks for close distribution and heavy-duty trucks for longdistance transportation) Renault Trucks (heavy-duty trucks for regional transportations and heavy-duty trucksfor the construction work segment) UD Trucks (midsize-duty trucks) Eicher Volvo Construction Equipment (construction machines) (previously Volvo BM, seealso AB Bolinder-Munktell) SDLG Volvo Buses (complete buses and bus chassis for city traffic, line traffic and touristtraffic) Volvo Penta (marine engine systems for leisure boats and commercial shipping,diesel engines and drive systems for industrial applications) Volvo Aero (high-tech components for aircraft and rocket engines as well as servicesfor the aircraft industry) Volvo Financial Services (customer financing, inter-group banking, as real estateadministration)Volvo TrademarkVolvo Trademark Holding AB is equally owned by AB Volvo and Volvo Car Corporation.
  10. 10. The main activity of the company is to own, maintain, protect and preserve the Volvotrademarks (including Volvo, the Volvo device marks (grille slash & iron mark) VolvoAero and Volvo Penta) on behalf of its owners and to license these rights to its owners.The day-to-day work is focused upon maintaining the global portfolio of trademarkregistrations and to extend sufficiently the scope of the registered protection for theVolvo trademarks.The main business is also to act against unauthorised registration and use (includingcounterfeiting) of trademarks identical or similar to the Volvo trademarks on a globalbasis.[edit] Brands Volvo Renault Trucks UD Trucks Prevost Mack Trucks Eicher Volvo Penta Volvo Aero SDGL Prevost Nova Bus Our brands
  11. 11. About Volvo Eicher collaborationCompany Profile: -Basic InformationCompany Name: VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors jointventure)Business Type: ManufacturerProduct/Service(Eicher Sells): Gears, Gearbox, Transmission, Agriculture Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox, Axle,PTO Gearbox, Worm GearboxProduct/Service(Eicher Buys): forgings, Gear CuttersAddress: S.V.RoadNumber of Employees: Above 1000 PeopleOwnership & CapitalYear Established: 1971Trade & MarketMain Markets: North America1. South America 2. Eastern Asia . 3. Southeast Asia . 4. Africa.Total Annual Sales Volume: Above US$100 MillionFactory InformationManagement Certification: ISO 9001:2008 ISO/TS 16949Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer LabelOfferedOverview
  12. 12. VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a 50:50 joint venture between the Volvo Group(Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML). It is a partnership that brings together Globalleadership in technology, quality, safety and environmental care, along with the deepknowledge and understanding of the Indian Commercial Vehicle (CV) market. VECommercial Vehicles Ltd. (VECV) owes its inception to the compelling intent of drivingmodernization in commercial transportation, in India and other developing markets.Key Facts VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a 50:50 joint venture between the VolvoGroup and Eicher Motors Limited, and is headquartered at New Delhi. This joint venturecame into effect in July 2008. VECV is a leading full-range commercial vehicle player in India. ETB, completed 25 years of operations in India in the month of June 2011. The firstEicher truck was rolled out from its manufacturing plant in Pithampur, Madhya Pradeshin 1986 and over the past 25 years, the products have got endorsement from happycustomers of over 300,000 vehicles.Dec 2007: Signing of Letter of IntentDec 2007: Signing of Letter of IntentJan 2010: Launch of VE-series of Eicher HD trucksJan 2010: Launch of VE-series of Eicher HD trucks Volvo Trucks India: Sales and after sales support of Volvo trucks in India: Volvo Trucks in India is synonymous with the mining and the construction industries.They have been tried and tested for operations in extreme conditions, reliable androbust performance and maximum productivity. Over the years Volvo Trucks has built
  13. 13. up an elite customer base having over 100 vehicles in their fleet operating at variousmining sites across India. The customers vouch by the high reliability and productivityand have expanded business operations at a fast pace with quick return on investments.Being the customer’s best business partner, Volvo Trucks extend support to customers’right through the life-cycle of the products with a wide network of service and partscentres and on site assistance. Eicher Trucks and Buses (ETB) has a strong presence in the L/MD segment with adominant share in the 5T-12T truck segment. Eicher’s 21-69 seater buses have a growingpresence in the LD school bus, staff and route-permit segments. ETB has also madestrong inroads into heavy-duty trucks segment of 16T-40T with their “VE” series of FuelEfficient heavy-duty trucks. Eicher Engineering Components (EEC), the automotive component division ofVECV,came into existence in 1992. Eicher Engineering Solutions (EES) was set up in 1997, as a center of excellence toprovide design, development and consulting expertise in the field of engineeringservices. It has two main business areas – EES Inc. (US) and EES Gurgaon (Delhi). The state-of-the-art plant in Pithampur has access to top line manufacturingprocesses which includes cab weld shop with robotic welding, CED paint shop,integrated testing facilities, 100% hot test facility for engines and a lean and scalablemanufacturing set up. The plant has an annual production capacity of 48,000 units. In 2010, in a global first initiative, VECV announced an investment of 2,880MINR(million Indian rupees) in its Pithampur plant for the production and final assembly ofthe Volvo Group’s new global VE Powertrain. The manufacturing set up in Thane houses state-of-the-art machines which includeGleason Conifex machines for straight bevel gear, Pfauter, Liebherr, Mitsubishi (CNC)and Cleveland Hobbing machines, latest heat treatment facilities and CNC bore andCylindrical grinding machines. The Plant in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh houses technologically advanced machines andequipment which includes a battery of Mitsubishi CNC Hobbing machines, fellowshaping machines, Reishauer Gear Grinder RZ400, Shaving Cutter Re-sharpeningmachine from Gleason Hurth, state-of-the-art Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace (from
  14. 14. Aichelin) – fully PLC controlled with robotics for Press Quenching and PLC ControlledSealed Quench Furnaces (with hot oil quenching for reduced distortions). VECV has over 3000 employees across its different divisions in India.Vision & MissionVisionTo be recognised as the industry leader driving modernization in commercialtransportation in India and the developing world.MissionVECV aims to continuously improve transportation efficiency in India and developingmarkets, thereby reducing logistics costs for goods and people – leading to higherenablement of specialisation in manufacturing, agriculture and services, therebyincreasing the nation’s economic activity and productivity. We choose to do this in a sustainable manner by having the safest, most durable andefficient products in the market; We care for our customers holistically by offering not just trucks and buses, but alsothe best service and soft products to enable him to be most profitable; We work with the driver community to enhance their productivity and overall workingenvironment; We ensure a level of quality and innovation that will continue to set standards in thecommercial transportation industry;We work with professionalism, passion and the greatest respect for all individuals.
  15. 15. Going ForwardVECV aims to emerge as an Industry leader in driving modernization in commercialvehicle transportation in India and the developing world by bring about improvement intransport efficiencies.In the near course, VECV will strengthen each of its product brands as leaders in theirrespective segments through innovative products and expansion of its existing networkspanning the geographical expanse of the country.Company descriptionVE Commercial Vehicles Limited owes its inception to the compelling intent of drivingmodernization in commercial transportation, in India and other developing markets.
  16. 16. As a 5050 joint venture between the Volvo Group (Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML), VECommercial Vehicles (VECV) incorporates unique abilities to be able to do so. The organizationbrings together global leadership in technology along with deep knowledge and experience ofthe Indian commercial vehicle (CV) market.As a company, VECV includes the complete range of Eichers commercial vehicles, componentsand engineering design businesses as well as the sales and distribution of Volvo trucks. Thus,each of its business units is already well-established and backed by a sizable customer base.VECVs portfolio of commercial vehicles includes two product brands with absolutely differentmarket positions yet complementing segment synergies. Eicher Trucks & Buses have a wideoffering in the mass market, 5T40T range while Volvo Trucks command a strong presence in thepremium, high-performance, heavy duty segments from 25T49T. With a formidable presence inthe existing light and medium duty segments, VECVs main focus is on increasing the penetrationand market share of its heavy duty products. Thus, its investments in design, development,manufacturing, systems, distribution and services are largely oriented towards creating astronger position in the heavy duty market.VECV is going all-out to gear itself in becoming a proactive solutions and service providermeeting all customer needs. This it will do by strengthening each of its product brands asleaders in their respective segments. In the near course, VECV will offer an even moreinnovative lineup of technologically advanced and ergonomically aesthetic products. Volvoswidespread distribution network will facilitate the export of these products to countries worldover and will help VECV bolster its presence in more than 26 countries to where it currentlyexports. With an improved thrust on retail network development and after sales service, VECVwill soon come to be recognized as a lean organization capable of setting new benchmarks inresponse times.It is important for VECV, that its growth must also have a positive influence on the industry itserves; ensuring that the industry becomes more efficient, environment friendly, offers saferproducts and manufactures products that are driver friendly. And this dictum of being thedifferentiator not only reflects in VECVs approach in the market place but also in its internalworkplace moving it to becoming a preferred employer in the industry.VE Commercial Vehicles has over 4000 employees with a sales & support network that spreadsacross more than 300 points across the country. Companies industrial base includes anintegrated commercial vehicle factory in Pithampur producing Eicher trucks & buses along withfactories in Thane, Gurgoan and Dewas dedicated to manufacturing gear boxes and gear boxassemblies.VECV is jointly managed by Volvo and EML with shared management and equal representationrights on the board of Directors. All management positions are appointed by the board. Mr. ParOstberg (Chairman, Trucks Asia, Volvo Group) is VECVs chairperson while Mr. Siddhartha Lal isthe Managing Director and CEO.
  17. 17. Operational since July 2008, VE Commercial Vehicles is headquartered at New DelhiBusiness areas of Volvo Eicher Motors LimitedEicher Motors Limited comprises of the automotive businesses of the Eicher Group . Thebusiness activities of the company are carried out by its constituent Business Units, eachcovering a product category as described below.Business Area ProductsVE Commercial Vehicles Ltd Eicher Trucks & Buses, Volvo Trucks, Gears & ShaftsMotorcycles Royal EnfieldVE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES LTDIt manufactures a range of commercial vehicles with GVW of 5 to 11 tons. It has beenoutperforming the industry for the past six years. The sales growth in its LCV segment has beenhigher than that of the industry. In technical and financial collaboration with Mitsubishi MotorsCorporation of Japan, EML started manufacturing the CANTER range of vehicles in 1986 at itsplant at Pithampur in Central India. The plant is a "state-of-the-art" facility with an integratedcapacity of around 20000 vehicles per annum.ROYAL ENFIELD
  18. 18. Royal Enfield, manufacturers of the renowned range of Bullet motorcycles, has pioneeredmanufacture of motorcycles in India. It has a wide range of high powered bikes in its stable todeliver a ‘unique motorcycling experience’ to its rider. Presently Royal Enfield is producing sixdifferent models ranging from 300cc to 600cc.All the products are manufactured indigenously inits manufacturing plant in Chennai, which has an annual installed capacity of manufacturing39,000 motorcycles.We had completed our 30 day training in VE Commercial vehicleLtd. at Tambi Motors , Jaipur under the guidance ofMr. Satis Tambi (Director , Tambi Motors),Mr. R.K koul (General Manager, Tambi motors).The report is prescribed below.Key Topics:- Market segmentation Market survey Customer FeedbackMarket Segmentation:Different Customers have different and specific types of needsand demands in the market according to which they acts in themarket .Customers need and demand differs in the sense of sex,
  19. 19. age, geographical regions, climatic conditions etc.... Forexample: - In hilly areas a customer will prefer a bus havingpowerful engine rather then having better speed.Market Segmentation can be defined as similar needs, demandsand characteristics regarding a particular type of product.Selecting any particular type of customers havingHence to identify a specific group of people having similarcharacteristics , needs and demands at any particulargeographical region , market segmentation is important .It seemsmuch effective technique rather then working randomly for theidentification of the target market. During this process we identified the market where we canproceed to survey and can get valuable information from thetarget market, so that the facts and figures can be collected andfarther can be used for the marketing purpose.Areas which we segmented from the market are1. Transport nagar 6.chandi kiTaksal2. V.K.I 7.Chandpole3. Muhana Mandi 8.ChottiChoppar4. Automobile Nagar 9.Sansarchandroad5. Jalupura 10.Sindhi Camp
  20. 20. Market Survey:In this field we had collected facts and figures of commercialvehicles in the Market of Jaipur and make conclusion on the basisof this.Market explanation:Transport Nagar Transport Nagar is widely depressed market for transportcompanies having a less number of potential customers of Eichermotors. Companies like Ashock Layland ,Tata motors dominates inthis field .According to survey report Eicher motors lagging behindbecause of the following reasons:-1. Coastally spare parts2. Lack of authorized workshops of Eicher motors3. Frequent Maintenance requirement.4. Resale price is lessAutomobile Nagar We had surveyed about 60 companies in the AutomobileNager. There are potential customers of heavy vehicle, mainly of
  21. 21. trucks. But there is a need to grab the opportunity by EicherMotors in the market, as the goodwill of the Tata motors in themarket is seems to be better. Customer are mainly focused on ordemanding trucks which can bear overload , fuel efficient ,lessmaintenance , easy availability of work shops.V.K.I industrial area V.K.I industrial area has a large and scattered type of patternof transport companies. According to the market survey it is abigger market of heavy commercial vehicles, especially of trucks.A large number of transport companies locates here and henceplays an important role in the commercial vehicle market of Jaipur.It includes road number 1 to 15. According to the survey ofmarket, most of the transport companies owns the Product ofTata and ashock layland and in future also they interested in thesame .Eicher seems to be at back foot because of two maincommon reason among all i.e.1. Eicher Trucks are less able to bear overloading in comparisonto Tata and trucks of Ashock Layland.2. Having less number of workshops is the Jaipur area is themajor drawback.Muhana Mandi/Sanganer
  22. 22. The transport companies in the Muhana Madi are situatedon the basis of Mandi market .Sabji Mandi of Muhana marketalways needed transporters to transport eatable materials.Muhana Mandi is a market of large and heavy as well as smallcommercial vehicles. There were customers of trucks but less innumbers. Some transporters had just purchased the trucks andsome are still interested in purchasing.Other areas In other areas of Jaipur like Chand pole, Jalupura, sansarchand Road and Badi Choppar there is a large number oftransport companies situated and hence create a market forcommercial vehicle industry. There are hot as well as coldcustomers to whom we meet and get the information regardingtheir transport vehicle.We collected information regarding the commercial vehicle theyowned and vehicle which they want to buy in the future .weconcluded about their reactions and experiences in the marketregarding the commercial vehicles .We come to know that TataMotors is in leading role in Jaipur area in trucks and buses. Themajor reason behind this success of Tata Motors is customersatisfaction by maintaining quality at reasonable price.Customer feedback:-1. About spare parts : - 25 customers had complaint regarding
  23. 23. this. -Spare parts of Eicher trucks and buses are not easilyavailable -Spare parts are costly2. About Average and mileage:- -Eicher Trucks and buses provide better average andmileage3. Fast Trip, Acceleration and space in containers are the positivepoints of Eicher trucks5. Eicher trucks are seems to be best suitable for caringagricultural equipments and machineries.4. Goodwill. - EICHER product has goodwill in some areas of jaipuraccording to our survey. - Tata is leading in this goodwill factor5. COST. -Customers expects better discount from Eicher Motors -According customers Tata is providing better services totheir values spend.6. MAINTENANCE. - Maintenance required is more than Tata in Eicher trucks.7. Service centers:-About 35 customers complained regarding this.
  24. 24. -Lack of service centers of Eicher motors in the areaTable of Survey report of some transport companies for feedback Customers Costly Spare Lack of Bear less ENGINE FINANCE Parts WORKSHOP OVERLOADING capacity SCHEMERathore transportcom.VRL LogisticsNew Goldentransport com.JAIN transport com.New Shekhawatitransport com.Geetangali Toursand Travels