Mistakes you must fix


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Mistakes you must fix

  1. 1. Yousef Al-Khattab March 7 at 9:13am PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists...self employedAtlantic Cape Community Collegechef poissonnierAcademy of Culinary ArtsTétouan AreaAcquaintancesGo BackAlhumdulilah Allah has blessed me with another day of life and bestowed on me the sound knowledge that Allah exists w/o a place,He is the Creator NOT the creation,He is not in need of His creation. He created His Aarsh and existed before it.There is nothing similar to Him. May Allah bless me with the opportunity to annihilate the mujasimah mutishebiha ideology of the evil Wahabia or as the rhetorically and falsely proclaim themselves today Salafi/ASWJ,Sahwi,Ahlul Hadeeth,Atharis. Fiamanillah● Like · · Unfollow Post · Share ○ Yasin Daud, Jamie Lee, Bilal G. Court-Mali and 19 others like this. ■ ■ Wadee Uthman ■ It is obligatory to declare that Allah is distinct from His creation, established over His throne without modality or likeness or examplarity. It is disturbing to hear anyone claiming Allah is on throne, or above the throne. The six directi...See More ■ March 7 at 9:50am · Like ■ ■ Babak Darvish ■ There is a difference between Allah being the creator rather than the created in the Wahabi sense that degrades God, however, the idea that everything is a part of God is different. Meaning that God is not a man to sit on a throne, however the universe is a part of it. God is neither male nor female, yet includes both. God is not something we as mere mortals can explain with out limited capabilities. We can only see its signs in everything, because everything is a part of it. ■ March 7 at 10:00am · Like · 1 ■ ■ Yousef Al-Khattab it can not create it. ■ March 7 at 10:01am · Like ■ ■ Yousef Al-Khattab He created it. ■ March 7 at 10:02am · Like ■ ■ Babak Darvish There is no distinction of he or she in regards to God, it is not a human. ■ March 7 at 10:03am · Like ■ ■ Yousef Al-Khattab When II say He I mean ofcourse Allah ■ March 7 at 10:04am · Like ■ ■ Yousef Al-Khattab whowah ■ March 7 at 10:04am · Like ■ ■ Yousef Al-Khattab II =I on espresso ■ March 7 at 10:05am · Like · 1
  2. 2. ■■ Babak Darvish Yes, the biggest issue I see among feminists who misunderstand Islam, is that they think we worship a male mysogynist God...however in Islam Allah has not sex, neither do its Angels. Meaning that they are above our animal nature of male/female. (Expresso...good stuff, I try to find Turkish coffee when possible as well) :)■ March 7 at 10:06am · Like■■ Babak Darvish The English language or human language is limited, there needs to be a word that means God+Goddess(Unisex)= Allah...He/She/God/Goddess will not describe Allah correctly. Even in Arabic "Al-lah" (The God) is not very accurate, that is why we only have 99 characteristics of God and the 100th true name that we can only understand after leaving our animal vehicle will we understand.■ March 7 at 10:09am · Like■■ Yousef Al-Khattab ‎Ata Abdulbari■ March 7 at 10:11am · Like■■ Wadee Uthman■ HE is a linguistic form of addressing, not that He is in likeness to human, IT sounds not a fitting word for Allah subhanawatala. Linguistically speaking we refer IT to something less than human.■ Since Allah is Undying, Compassionate, Forgiving, Patient, Loving, etc.■■ Gender doesnt apply to Allah, He is infinitely merciful than a loving mother, but we still dont use SHE as a form of addressing, though Allahs attibure is compared to a feminine.■■ There must be a Hikmah in using the word HE to address Allah subhanawatala. It must also be noted that Allah subhanawatala addresses (Himself) as WE, that should point us that He/Him doesnt represent anything as in similitude to human.■ March 7 at 10:13am · Like · 1■■ Babak Darvish■ I think "We" or "It" comes closest in a good description in the English language and would help facilitate the real view of Islam and that of "God" who can not be contained in a box. Recently I have had many people ask why I believe in a God that I made up, thinking that we believe in a Jesus like God that sits on a throne etc. which is obvious mythology, however the Islamic perspective does not give a time or place to God so it is not something you need to believe in...in order to exist itself. God exists regardless if we believe in him or not, we only benefit from following Gods path and believing in him, not the other way around.■ March 7 at 10:16am · Like■■ Ata Abdulbari■ It is degrading to refer to Allah as "it" based upon genuine understanding of the English language - which is a thoroughly christianized language - and thoroughly Shakespearan. If we were having discourse in Greek then you could possibly use a respected neuter to refer to Allah - but "it" is never capitalized nor is "it" understood within the framework of the Quran either.■■ The problem with the premise of your argument is that if Allah taalaa saw fit to use a neutered word HE would have created it in His last Revealed text: the Quran. Allah taala refers to HIS essence with "huwa" = and no one ever had a problem with it until today. The feminazis can get over it - their worldview is failing humanity anyhow and women are starting to realize - including intellectual feminazis - that their academic critiques of patriarchal societies can also be applied to their
  3. 3. matriarchal societies too. Just sayin! ■ ■ "Allah - there is no deity except Him (huw), the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great." ■ March 7 at 12:03pm · Unlike · 1 ■ ■ Ata Abdulbari feminazi anachronistic thought blocks real theological discourse! ■ March 7 at 12:04pm · Unlike · 2 ■ ■ Abdel Rahman Al-Khattab ‎@Badak ■ Your statement "however the universe is a part of it", if by it you are referring to Allah (Subahanhu wa Taaala) is blasphemy. ■ Nothing in this world is part of Allah (Subhaanahu wa Taaala). ■ Allah (Subhaanahu wa Taaala) created this universe and is not in need or part of it. ■ March 7 at 12:36pm · Unlike · 2 ■ ■ Abdel Rahman Al-Khattab neither is the universe part of him* ■ March 7 at 12:36pm · Like ■ ■ Mohan Muzzammil Hussain please destroy wannabe gangsta wajdi aktari first! if u see gim chuck some bidati rotten eggs at him! ■ March 7 at 1:01pm · Like ■ ■ Mohan Muzzammil Hussain u get me akhiiiiz! ■ March 7 at 1:01pm · Unlike · 1 ■ ■ Mohamed Omar Huuuuuuuuu .... ■ March 7 at 3:31pm · Like ■ ■ Mo Cuba Nice one!!!! like ■ March 7 at 7:30pm · Unlike · 1 ■ ■ Mo Cuba like ■ March 7 at 7:30pm · Like○