E-learning at Tomsk State University


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E-learning opportunities at Tomsk State University
More information on our site: http://ido.tsu.ru

New program "Russian as foreign language"! Study Russian language with us: http://ido.tsu.ru/en/education/edu2/Culture_and_cross-cultural_communication/russian-as-a-foreign-language-online.php

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  • E-learning at Tomsk State University

    2. 2. E-learning environment at TSU:  Automated system of distance learning "Electronic University"  Automated system of monitoring of additional educational programs  The designer of electronic educational resources  Library of electronic educational resources  The system of online testing "Accent"    The system of conducting webinars based on Adobe Connect Pro and video conferencing  School portal "University Avenue“ @ IDE TSU 2013
    3. 3. Automated system of distance learning "Electronic University" http://edu.tsu.ru Tasks of the system:  implementation of educational programs using distance learning technologies  organizational and methodological support of the educational process  electronic flow of documents  organization of educational communications  placement of electronic educational resources  monitoring the quality of educational programs and resources @ IDE TSU 2013
    4. 4. Structure of system of distance learning "Electronic University" The modules of support The modules of support the learning process the learning process Information modules Information modules Webinar Blog Chat Forum System of personal messages Gradebook Bbulletin board System of communications Bank of tests User Database Bank of educational resources Bank of educational programs Monitoring system @ IDE TSU 2013
    5. 5. Design principles of distance education programs  systematic  modular structure  competence-based approach  application of modern educational technologies (portfolio, case studies, projects, etc.)  creation of individual educational trajectories  accumulative education system @ IDE TSU 2013
    6. 6. Distance educational technologies  video conferencing, webinar, Skype  IP-broadcast satellite  remote access to equipment and laboratory settings  work with digital learning resources  blog  forum  chat  e-mail  working with tutors @ IDE TSU 2013
    7. 7. The system of online testing "Accent" http://accent.tsu.ru/ The system allows you to: create questions of different types;   program the conditions of the tests; determine the time of the test; generate a random sample of test items; consider the level of task complexity. @ IDE TSU 2013
    8. 8. The system of conducting webinars Adobe Connect Pro http://webinar.ido.tsu.ru/ The webinar provides an opportunity: working together with the board, electronic documents; "Live" video and audio; file sharing; recording sessions; collective discussion; surveys and votings. @ IDE TSU 2013
    9. 9. Automated system of monitoring    Input questionnaire Output questionnaire Automated data processing @ IDE TSU 2013
    10. 10. The designer of electronic educational resources http://shkola.tsu.ru/eor/ Designer provides the ability to: store and edit resources directly on a Web server; provide access to network resources through a browser on the link; export a network resource to the local computer as a file; to work with a network resource off-line; copy and post network resource on other websites; recording a network resource on a CD-media. @ IDE TSU 2013
    11. 11. In TSU were developed more than 1 600 e-learning resources: multimedia courses networking tutorials virtual labs testing programs experiments with using laboratory and computer systems of remote access information-search systems databases museum collections electronic chrestomathies toolkits curriculums and programs Access to electronic educational resources organized by TSU is provided by TSU educational portal "Electronic University» (http://edu.tsu.ru), portal of the Federal Resource Center of the Siberian Federal District (http://sibrc.tsu.ru) and the electronic catalog of the Scientific Library TSU (http://lib.tsu.ru/). @ IDE TSU 2013
    12. 12. Developed at TSU: distributed network structure of professional development on the university base; normative-methodical documentation; more than 30 networked PC programs together with specialists of 24 universities in Russia and Kazakhstan.  Education for joint professional development programs passed more than 1,500 teachers and researchers from 87 universities and research institutes from 43 regions of the Russian Federation (8 federal districts). @ IDE TSU 2013
    13. 13. Network projects in the field of VET (2010-2012)  "Building on the basis of universities, introducing innovative educational programs of distributed network structure of the professional development of teachers and university academic staff of implemention the results of innovative educational programs and the use of new educational technologies“  Within ASOU: “Distance educational technologies in the innovative activity of university" (TSU, Pavlodar State University).  ROSNANO: Professional development program "Methods and techniques of formation of interfaces borders and multifunctional nanostructured metallic coatings" (TSU, LLC "Sibspark", Siberian Federal University, Feng Chia University (Taiwan)).  Supercomputer project: "Introduction to the supercomputer technologies", "Parallel computing on clusters" (TSU, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk State University, Siberian Federal University, ASU, Kemerovo State University, KrasGPU, Omsk State University). @ IDE TSU 2013
    14. 14. Russian-Swedish programs of professional retraining  E-business  Project management in innovation Developers: Tomsk State University, Folkuniversitet (Uppsala, Sweden). Part-time education with the use of distance educational technologies. The program provides summer school based on Folkuniversitet (Uppsala, Sweden). After completion of training, students receive a diploma of vocational retraining of Tomsk State University and a diploma of additional education of Folkuniversitet. In the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 academic years successfully trained three groups of students who received Russian and Swedish diplomas and passed internships in enterprises in Gothenburg and Stockholm (Sweden). @ IDE TSU 2013 http://ido.tsu.ru/en/education/edu2/Business_education/electronic-business.php
    15. 15. During 2010 - 2012 years in leading international and Russian scientific and university centers were organized 1206 internships, including: 2010 - 366 internships (of which 211 in the leading Russian scientific and university centers, 155 - in foreign) 2011 - 479 internships (of which 209 in the leading Russian scientific and university centers, 270 - in foreign) 2012 - 361 internships (including 104 in the leading Russian scientific and university centers, 257 - in foreign) http://ido.tsu.ru/niu/index.php#forms @ IDE TSU 2013
    16. 16. The main areas of work with pupils  Preprofile and profile education  Education on the basis of e-learning resources (for certain courses)  Preparing for the Olympics at various levels  Research projects  Network contests, competitions, conferences @ IDE TSU 2013
    17. 17. Open profile schools at TSU  Correspondence Physics and Mathematics School http://ido.tsu.ru/schools/physmat/  Correspondence School "Young Chemist" http://ido.tsu.ru/schools/chem/  Correspondence School "Young Biologist" http://ido.tsu.ru/schools/bio/  Correspondence School "Young Manager" http://ido.tsu.ru/schools/man/  Correspondence "School of Young Journalists" http://ido.tsu.ru/schools/journ/ @ IDE TSU 2013
    18. 18. Distance schools of National Research Tomsk State University in the following areas: Humanitarian, natural sciences Humanitarian, chemical and biological Humanitarian, physical Physical, natural sciences Mathematical, physical http://ido.tsu.ru/distance_schools/ @ IDE TSU 2013
    19. 19. School portal of TSU "University Avenue“ http://shkola.tsu.ru/ TSU School portal brings together pupils in an online community, involving them in a single educational communicative and development internet space. Main directions of work:  The organization of after-school activities on the Internet.  Conducting network Olympiads, competitions, quizzes.  The joint project work of pupils with leading TSU teachers.  The development of the creative potential of pupils.  The development of communications.  Formation of communities by interests. @ IDE TSU 2013
    20. 20. Implementation of blended learning Organization of independent work of students using information-communication technologies, the combination of full-time and distance forms of communication (FGOS). Main directions of work  Development of electronic educational resources and their use in the learning process (Master's programs)  Using the system of distance education "Electronic University and system of online testing "Accent“ in full time studying process  The creation of educational blogs (teachers)  The organization of e-learning through social networks  Using webinars to create video content  Co-creation of learning content (teacher + student) @ IDE TSU 2013
    21. 21. Programs of professional development of emploees in the sphere of E-learning PC User  E-learning in university  Modern technologies of development of electronic teaching materials and their application in the educational process in university  Distance education technologies in the educational process of the university in terms of the FGOS implementation  Information technologies in the humanities and social researches and education  The use of specialized software packages and Internet tools for modeling of physical processes.  Modern educational technologies and new directions in teaching of philology in terms of he FGOS implementation  @ IDE TSU 2013
    22. 22. IDE TSU http://ido.tsu.ru fav@ido.tsu.ru +7 (3822) 52-94-94 THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! @ IDE TSU 2013